Crotching Tiger , Ridden Dragon Ch. 08

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The class was standing at attention as Tiger walked around them slowly. He glanced at Little Dragon and nodded and she went into the back room where the supplies were kept. This was a new class full of beginners. The usual first day jitters were present in most of the students.

“The White belt is the first belt you receive. It represents purity and freshness. A new beginning as that of freshly fallen snow. It also represents The Crane.” Tigers arms were folded behind him as he walked slowly around the studio’s mat.

Little Dragon came running back with the sheet in her hand, smiling. She always enjoyed the lesson of the Crane. The first experience of the first day in a karate dojo. All the students eyes widened with curiosity at the large white sheet. Tiger bowed to her and took the sheet in hand.

“The Crane, is no match for a Tiger. There is no comparison to their abilities to fight head on. So the Crane must use evasive tactics to survive an attack from such a creature as the Tiger, Serpent, Jaguar and Dragon.” Tiger looked at Little Dragon and smiled. A student near the back raised their hand.


“What’s the sheet for?” A young boy asked with curiosity.

“I’m getting to that.” Tiger snickered. “Every creature on this Earth has something the others don’t. Do you know what the Crane has to help it in a confrontation?” Tiger asked. Little Dragon was the only one to raise their hand. Tiger gave her a half hearted smile. But being the only one to raise their hand. “Yes, Dee?”

Little Dragon giggled, “A wide wing pan!”

“Yes, the Crane has a very long wing span which it can use to ward off attempts at mid body attacks. For example…you,” Tiger pointed to a student on the front row.

“Me?” The little boy asked nervously.

“Yes you, come bonus veren siteler at me and attack me.” Tiger said with a serious tone. The little boy looked around the room and swallowed deeply then took two slow steps forward uncertain what to do. Tiger whipped the sheet in the air and it covered the little boy fully. The boy was trying desperately to pull the sheet off him with several attempts before he got it removed. The class all giggled.

“The Crane can use it’s wing span to cloak its movements from its opponent. While getting away or taking flight. The wings flutter before the eyes of the tigers attack, the tiger closes it’s eyes and that is just enough time for the Crane to take flight.” Tiger looked at the little boy, “Thank you young man.” Then pointed for him to return to his position in line.

“You take away a persons sight for a split second or longer and that gives you an advantage for a brief moment. Then what you do with that moment is critical because the tiger will not fall for this to many times.” Tiger walked back and forth in front of the class while explaining the techniques of the Crane.

“Ok pair up and practice,” Tiger said while helping the students find a partner and begin using the movements needed to defend as a Crane would. Little Dragon helped several also while the class began to catch on and take turns doing their (Hol sin sols) movements.


That night, Tiger and Little Dragon were in the hot tub on the back porch of their home. Enjoying the steaming, warm, swirling water. Dragon had on a two piece bathing suit while Tiger was in his shorts. Little Dragon stood up and smiled.

“See the Crane,” she said laughing as she stood on one leg, raising her arms high and one leg pulled bedava bahis up out of the water.

“Oh Daniel San, you all wet behind the ears,” he said laughing. Dee reached up behind her and unfastened her bikini top and as it fell into her hands Tigers mouth dropped open with delight. Exposing her perky little breasts and hardened little nipples. “You no Daniel San,” he said with a snicker.

Little Dragon swung her arm wide as a Crane movement and her top went flying towards Tigers face hitting him square in the eyes. Dragon quickly fell on top of Tiger and by the time he got his eyes open again Little Dragon was kissing him as her hand rubbed between his legs.

“Oh my, the Crane is crafty,” Tiger said between kisses.

“The Crane likes the water,” Little Dragon said playfully while rubbing his cock to erection. Then reaching down and pulling his shorts off. Her smile grew and she whipped her pony tail behind her and dove under the water. Tigers eyes got wide as he felt her mouth envelope his organ and he melted into the hot tub seat where he sat.

She came up for a quick breath and dove back down again. Tiger was in heaven and laid his head back on the rim of the tub while Little Dragon once again took him in her mouth while submerged. When she arose again Tiger stood up and allowed her to freely engulf him without the interruptions of gasping for breath. Well, she still had to gasp for breath as she took him fully into her throat and swallowed him whole.

“Oh God,” Tiger yelled out with delight. “Good thing the Crane has a long neck.” And both Little Dragon and Tiger laughed at that response. She playfully licked him and stroked him till he was about to explode. Tiger pulled Little Dragon upwards and turned her around. Pulling her bikini bottoms off quickly deneme bonus and pressing her to bend over.

Little Dragon placed her hands on the tubs rim and wiggled her ass a bit. Tiger gripped her hips and steadied her while pushing into her slowly. She moaned out softly while he pushed himself in deeper. Then began to pump slightly in and out of her wet warm slit. Holding on to her waist he started thrusting harder and harder. Their strides became insync and their moans of pleasure grew louder.

Grasping tighter at her waist, Tiger began to hump feverishly while swelling fully inside Dee. She took her hand and run it around Tigers balls slowly then lightly pulled on them softly.

“Tiger’s tail is wonderful,” she whispered.

“I love to ride the Dragon,” Tiger gasped.

Tiger wildly thrusted himself at her ass while he exploded inside her. Dragons smile grew as she felt the warm surge deeply. He slowed his pace then stopped, jerking slightly from being sensitive. Then withdrew from her and sat back down spent.

“The Crane has tamed the Tiger,” Little Dragon said with a smile. Tigers eyes rolled while slightly shut. Panting lightly he pulled her into his arms and they melted into each other.

“They say cats don’t like the water,” Tiger started. “But this Tiger loves to play with the Dragon in the pool of passion.” They both smiled.

“Well, you know what I like,” Little Dragon said.

“Yeah I know, Crotching Tiger and Ridden Dragon,” Tiger said with confidence.

“Well, that too, but I was going to say, Steamy, hot, mad, passionate sex.” Little Dragon snickered then gave Tiger a deep kiss. They wrapped their arms around each other fully and settled into the pool of passion.

“I’m growing fonder of the way of the Crane,” Tiger said with a slight laugh.

“Yeah, well I’m growing fonder of you every day,” Little Dragon said with a huge smile. Their lips mashed tightly and their tongues twirled each others. The steam rose into the air as the crickets serenaded them into the night, at the pool of passion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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