Crystal Gives Roger Her Cherry

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Author’s Special Note: The author wishes to express his great appreciation to Patrick Armagh for his invaluable hard work in editing of this piece and his unique professional contribution to the story which has greatly added to quality of this work.


My name is Roger Cook; an average 18-year old high school student with a high “C” average academic record. At five foot ten, and 170 pounds on a normal frame, I am the epitome of an average male high school student. Even most of my friends are average, just like me with similar academic records. I have dated some in high school but I never found a girl that really excited me all that much. Probably because I was just average and not the proverbial, “Tall, Dark and Handsome” guy that most girls were looking for. I was never really considered a “hunk” by any of the popular girls in Woodlawn high school.

Although I knew a lot of the girls in my classes, I was somewhat friendly with most of them and I knew most of them by name. They in turn knew me by my name as well but, they did not think of me as date material. In short, I was just not part of the “in crowd” in high school. I even knew some frumpy girls who were book worms and wore frumpy looking clothes. They really did not date because most of the guys in school wouldn’t consider them because of their appearance or the guys were intimidated by their intelligence and their academic achievements or both. Most, if not all, of the frumpy girls were always on the honor roll in high school, and they were considered to be “brains”.

One of those frumpy girls that I thought was very nice was Crystal MacDonald. She always wore big round glasses, oversize blouses and baggy skirts that came down to or below her mid-calf. Even I as “Mr. Sophisticated” knew that girls’ skirts that came down to a girls’ mid calf or lower were well on their way out and long gone by the late ’50s and early ’60s. That was long before I was in high school and most girls were wearing their skirts just above or just below their knees. But, I was always friendly with Crystal when I saw her on campus or in class. She was always very reserved and not very outgoing as she pretty much kept to herself and a few of her girl friends. Most of the guys and many of the girls thought that she was a really mousy girl. I really did not like it that most guys did not treat her very well. In fact, they treated her very poorly.

One of my friends, Gary Miller, once asked me, “Roger, she is just a frumpy little girl. Why the hell do you even talk to her? What do you even see in her?”

I responded, “I don’t know Gary. Maybe it’s because she has always nice to me; and my Mom has always taught me to treat people the way I would like to be treated. Give her a damn break, man, and quit looking down your damn nose at her like she’s some kind of leper. She is a damn site smarter than either you or I are. She’s on the honor roll every semester. When was the last time either you or I were on the honor roll, man?”

He kind of scoffed at me and said no more. I knew that he was always chasing some of the in crowd girls but, I didn’t know how much success he was having with them. He probably wasn’t getting along with them any more than I was which was zilch. I just thought, knock you lights out, Gary, see how far that gets you!

Maybe it was because beneath those big “Barney Google” glasses Crystal wore and her tousled blond hair; she had a very pretty face. I figured Gary just couldn’t see beyond superficial appearances, but her intelligence still kind of intimidated me. Crystal held the academic achievement of being on the honor roll all through our high school years. I didn’t see much of Crystal during my junior year and even less of her during my senior year.

Although I did see Crystal at graduation but, I didn’t get a chance to talk to her and congratulate her on the academic honors recognition she received. She had been surrounded by teachers and some of her girl friends talking to her and I said to myself do I really want to get mixed up in that melee? I thought there might be another time. If and when I would see her again I sure as hell didn’t know. However, later it did seem to be some kind of a self-fulfilling thought.

I graduated from high school and hadn’t yet decided what I was going to do with the rest of my life. I found a job that paid fairly well for a teenager, however, I knew this job wouldn’t support me well in my future life, and it certainly wouldn’t be enough to support a wife and kids. This made me realize that I had to make a major decision regarding my future and likely very soon. I worked most of the summer, taking as much overtime as possible, and saving most of my pay with the thought of possibly attending a college in the fall. Despite all the money I was able to save, I didn’t think it would be enough to get me through much more than my first year in college, if it even got me that far.

One evening after our family had eaten our supper; I sat at the table in the kitchen with my Escort parents and discussed my future plans. My Mom asked me, “Roger. What do you plan to do with yourself now that you have graduated from high school?”

“I haven’t decided just yet, Mom. I thought about working at the job that I have but, it doesn’t pay all that well and there is not much room for any advancement. In short, I reasoned that it is a menial and dead end job and it wouldn’t be likely take me very far if anywhere in my future life. I thought about going to college but, the money I have saved over the summer isn’t enough to get me through more than my first year in college if it’ll even do that. I really don’t want to but, I have even thought about joining the Marines. I think that a grunt marine is paid better than what I’m getting paid in this summer job.”

My parents didn’t think the military would suit me suggesting “You’ll be better off enrolling in college in the fall. You’ll get much more benefit getting your college education than joining the military, Roger. We’ll help you with your college expenses, provided that you agree to work during each summer and save as much of your pay for college each year. In addition, you’ll have to make sure that you kept your grades well above passing.” They also explained, “Our help is for you to go to school. If you are to quit, don’t get good grades, or if you get married that the money will stop, so they suggested you think it over, Son.”

After pondering the offer, which didn’t take very long, I finally thought that my parents bargain was a good deal for me to accept, so I talked to my parents. “Mom and Dad, after I’ve thought about it, I have decided to take you up on your offer to help me through college. I’ve already made enough money for a down payment on the first year of our bargain with this summer’s work that I have done so far. I also think that I can get this same job back next summer and that would help a lot, too but, if I’m going to get into college this fall I’m really going to have “shake a leg” to make my application immediately to the State College because fall admission is getting pretty close to ending.”

State college is located in another city a little over a hundred miles or at least a couple of hours drive from my hometown of Woodlawn, so I immediately set about getting all the paper work together ready for submission to the college for acceptance. My parents helped with my request for admission and they even took me up to the college to help expedite my acceptance for admission.

Due to the lateness of the summer, I was not accepted until the week after the fall classes had begun but was assured by the college administrator that I could join my classes starting on the Monday of the second week of the semester.

“You will not have missed that much and you can ask the professors to let you make up the missed work if there is any. It may only be reading assignments and any other work you should be able to make up with the professor’s approval and their permission.”

Upon my acceptance by the college I made a request for to stay in the dorms, but once again with fall semester having already begun, the residence halls were already fully occupied. Consequently, I would have to look for off campus housing. I was lucky, and my parents found an efficiency apartment with reasonable rent just a short walk of a few blocks to the dorms and campus. It was pretty small but it was all that I really needed.

I moved into my new apartment in time for the second week of the semester to begin. Having made such a late decision to gain admission, I hadn’t even talked to any of my old high school friends to see if any of them were attending the same college. In addition, I didn’t get the chance to go to freshman orientation either. Consequently, I was pretty much on my own finding my way around the campus, my classes, and the buildings in which my classes were held.

On my first day Monday of classes, I found each of my morning classes and attended them without problem. Then for lunch I went to the student union cafeteria to get something to eat.

After lunch, I headed to the building where my first afternoon class was to be held. As I turned to go up the sidewalk leading into the building, a cute, very shapely, blonde girl fell into step beside me. I silently thought it was a little strange that a pretty girl I didn’t even know would fall into step with me. And, why would she walk stride for stride beside me toward the building where I was going to attend my first afternoon math class.

Just as I made the turn to walk up to the building, the girl greeted me with a cheerful “Hello” and I responded to her with an equally cheerful hello back to her. When I failed to recognize who she was and call out her name she spoke my name, “Roger don’t you recognize me?”

I turned to look at her again and immediately and politely responded, “No, I’m sorry that I don’t recognize you, Miss. What is your name and do we know each other?” not wanting to be rude or condescending to her in any way.”

She replied, “I’m Crystal MacDonald, and we went to Woodlawn high school together.”

I looked at her again wracking my brain trying to picture Crystal’s face from high school and I apologized to her saying, “I’m so sorry that I sure didn’t recognize you, Crystal. I guess I didn’t recognize you because your very pretty blond hair is beautifully styled completely differently from what it used to be when we were in high school. You are not wearing your large, dark rim (I started to say your Barney Google) glasses and you are wearing much more form fitting stylish clothes that show off your beautiful, shapely figure, too.”

She just blushed a little and said, “Oh thank you, Roger that is such a very nice compliment and I really appreciate your being so sweet.” I hadn’t seen or thought about or had any interaction with Crystal since our junior year in high school. Or it may have been even earlier than that. I don’t remember having any classes with her during our senior year in high school at all.

I slowly began to remember that in high school Crystal always wore loose fitting clothing that hid her shapely figure and many of the other high school students considered her to be a mousy book worm and a nerd even though she had a very sweet disposition and always treated others very nicely including me.

When Crystal told me her name I began to recognize the flawless creamy white complexion of her pretty face and her pretty, sky blue eyes. I thought to myself, Wow what a great transformation from what she looked like in high school compared to what her appearance looks like now!

Then I told her, “Crystal, I couldn’t understand why such a beautiful and shapely young woman like you would want to walk beside me but, I love having you walking with me anyway. You’re a real knockout pretty girl now with the changes you have made.”

She blushed again, thanked me, and she told me, “You were the only boy that had ever treated me nicely and with respect while we were in high school. I have always respected you very much for being so friendly and so nice to me because of that when we were still in high school.”

I began to remember her from high school as being a kind of nerdy bookworm girl who very seldom if ever dated. I had never heard of her having dated any of the guys in high school either. She was always studying as she made straight “As”. She was always on the school honor roll every semester for students with their high academic performance. As a result of her good grades in high school she applied for and was awarded a four-year academic scholarship to the university.

She sure was light years ahead of me as my grades in high school were barely good enough for me to be accepted to the university, and I was never on the honor roll in high school. Damn, she was not only beautiful but, she had all of those brains to go along with it. To top that all off she had a really sweet, gentle personality as well.

Her academic scholarship made it possible for her to go to college as her parents could not have afforded to pay her way through college by themselves. Since her scholarship made it possible for her to go to college, all she and her parents had to pay for was her dorm room. It may have been somewhat like what my parents were doing for me in helping me through college.

After her makeover, Crystal had a beautiful head of shiny, honey golden blond, well styled hair that came down to just above her shoulder. Her hair style really complimented her sparkling sky blue eyes that could melt ice. Those eyes nearly melted my heart. All of that and her beautiful smile could melt most guys’ hearts. She was about 5 Ft.-4 In. tall, and she had a beautiful 34C-24-36 inch hourglass figure.

I didn’t know just how she kept so trim and kept her beautiful figure so well hidden during high school but, she had a small 110 pound frame. Her figure really showed how attractive she had become with the changes that she had made to her appearance. I thought to myself, she could have her pick of the guys here on campus or anywhere else for that matter. Now she is a knockout with the transformation of her appearance.

I told her, “Crystal, I just can’t get over just how pretty you are and what you have done to change your appearance so dramatically? But, it sure is great and I really like it.”

She related to me, “My older, married sister told me last summer that I needed to get with the program and she is the one who helped me with all of these changes. My sister helped me with my hair style and that I’m now wearing contacts rather than those big dark rimmed glasses I used to wear. My sister also helped me pick out my new more fashionable form fitting wardrobe for college, as well. When Mom and Dad saw the clothes my sister helped me pick out they liked to have had a heart attack. But, my sister told them that was how all of the girls were dressed on college campuses these days. Mom and Dad had to swallow hard but, they didn’t push it any further.”

“Well, you sure do look beautiful, Crystal. Every guy on this campus will be foaming at the mouth to take you out anytime that they see you here on campus or anywhere else for that matter.” Crystal had graduated not only from high school last spring; she had also graduated her appearance from the ’20s to the early ’80s in one summer with the help of her sister.

I told her again, “You really look beautiful, Crystal, your sister is a really smart chick and she has really helped you with your appearance. I’ll bet that you probably even feel really good about yourself, too, and you seem to be more outgoing and more self-confident, too, Crystal.”

Crystal just blushed and said, “Thank you for the compliment to me and to my sister, Roger. I’m so very happy that you like my new appearance.” with a pretty smile on her face and laughter in her pretty blue eyes.

“Every guy here on campus and elsewhere will like your new appearance, too, Crystal. You’ll probably have to beat them off with a stick.” I quickly replied with a broad smile on my face.

Crystal then asked me, “Where are you going right now, Roger?” I replied that my next class, Integral Calculus, is in this building and I only have a few minutes to get there.”

“I’m in that same class and may I walk with you to our math class?

I quickly and eagerly consented, “Yes, you certainly may. I’d be happy to have you walk with me.” as we continued on our way into the building and to our math class. When we got to the classroom she chose a student desk next to the one I chose to sit in. After our class both of us had a free hour and I offered to buy her a drink at the student union cafeteria. Crystal happily accepted and we sat in the cafeteria and talked before we each had to go to our next class.

Crystal asked me, “Did you attend classes last week, Roger? I hadn’t seen you here on campus before today?”

“No, I was late in registering and gaining admission to the college. I was late in getting my class schedule and I missed last week’s classes. That is why we had not seen each other before today.” We both started to leave for our next class and I told her, “I’ll look forward to seeing you tomorrow in class, Crystal. Maybe you can fill me in on what the class assignments were from last week.”

“Okay, I’ll look for you before class tomorrow after lunch.” as we each departed for our next afternoon class.

As I walked across campus for my next class I thought to myself, “I must have died and gone to heaven to have found such a beautiful young girl to make friends with here on campus. I had barely known her previously and I was happy to make friends with her my first day of classes on campus.” The next day as I approached the building and as I walked down the sidewalk I saw Crystal standing there in front of the building with her sparkling blue eyes and her bright smile on her pretty face obviously waiting for me to arrive in front of the building.

Again I thought to myself, “My God, what a beautiful young woman she is and she’s waiting to walk with me, “Mr. average Joe”, to walk with me and sit beside me in our math class! Hell, maybe I did die and go to heaven after all. If I didn’t it sure as hell is a damn good substitute for it.”

It became obvious to me that she was going to be waiting there for me each day. With her bright smile and her pretty face she greeted me with her usual cheerful, “Hello, Roger. I have been waiting for you.”

I responded with an equally cheerful, “Hello, Crystal, and a how are you this afternoon?” She just fell into step with me and walked stride for stride with me as we walked to our class. After class we again went to get a drink during our free hour at the cafeteria and we talked. That pattern continued throughout the week. Crystal was waiting for me each day before our class, to sit together with me and we went for a drink at the student union cafeteria during our free hour between our classes.

About mid week of my second week of classes knowing that she was very bright and an excellent student I mentioned to her, “Crystal, we probably ought to study together and work on our homework assignments for our math class together. Would you like to study together with me?”

Crystal immediately replied, “Sure, I’d love to study with you, Roger. I think that it would be really helpful for the both of us. We could study in the student union cafeteria during our free hour between our classes. That would be the best use of our time.”

At the end of my second week I asked her, “Would you like to go to a movie with me on Saturday night, Crystal?”

She quickly replied, “No, I can’t go this Saturday, Roger, because I already have other plans. However, I can go with you the following weekend if the invitation still stands.” I agreed and she told me which dorm she was living in. She also gave me her dorm room telephone number (This was before cell phones.) and we agreed on the time for me to pick her up that Saturday night. I asked her, “Is 7 o’clock Okay with you, Crystal?”

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