Cuckold at a Cocktail Party

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When I was a young, naive, immature man or maybe I should say boy, I was engaged to be married to a very beautiful, sexual, voluptuous, full figured girl. She had full puffy lips, large rounded breasts, curvy hips with full rounded buttocks. I introduced her to my boss. He was an old wise man and she must have made an impression on him because a couple of days after meeting her, he was still thinking of her and he said to me,” You know Jack, your girlfriend is a very beautiful and very sexual girl. When you’re married and you make love to her, I suggest that you get a couple of men to help you out.” Then he laughed a little.

I smiled back at him, not really knowing what he was trying to say but now looking back, I can see that he knew she was too much woman for me.

It was after a year into our marriage when it became evident, that I was not meeting my wife’s sexual needs, so, against my objections and protests, my wife made me her Cuckold.

No one told me that I had been made a cuckold but rather I very quickly came to realize it. The first sign was my wife avoided sex with me. She kept her body covered from me and away from me. At night when getting into bed, she would first, turn out the light, then take off her robe so I could not see her naked body.

Even though we had not had sex in a long time, she would put me off, saying that she was too tired. Laying in the dark, on her side, facing away from me, she would pretend to be sleeping as she listened to the rhythmic, squishy sounds of her husband masturbating. Then she would feel the bed softly vibrate as her husband climaxed. She could now drift off to sleep knowing that he would not be bothering her.

After a while, she found that it was much easier for her to just masturbate me and that would put me into a deep sleep, leaving me satisfied for a week or two.

She always has to maintain the chaste, devoted wife image. Every Sunday morning, she is in church receiving communion. She has no guilt about her infidelities, in fact, she feels it is her God given right to take a lover whenever she wants but when it comes to me, she demands absolute fidelity. She has threatened me with death if I was ever unfaithful and I know that she means it.

When I’m in the company of a man who has cuckold me, it is the most emasculating and humiliating experience I have ever felt. No matter how many times it happens to me, I can never get use to it. He embarrasses me and makes me feel so inadequate, so ashamed, so helpless, and worthless. He strips me of my manhood, leaving me feminized with homosexual feelings.

On top of that, there is the anxiety of knowing that he is bragging to his friends about fucking my wife. Telling them what a good fuck she is. Men who take other men’s wives are egotistical and they have to brag about their conquests.

Do my friends know? I only have to walk into a room filled with them and everyone falls silent. My friends, men and women, don’t know what to say to me. They begin talking to me and treating me like I’m a woman. That’s just the way it feels when you’re emasculated.

Now my wife can go for about eight or nine months without a boyfriend and our marriage is happy and normal like any other married couple. Then after about eight or nine months, my wife will start to get annoyed and critical of me. I notice that she begins to get very sexual, in her actions and her dress. When she avoids having sexual relations with me, preferring to masturbate me instead, then I know, she has probably taken a lover.

Another tell tail sign that she has taken a lover is the way she talks to me. She will become very considerate of me, so much so, that she will talk to me like I was her little boy. This is usually after she has returned to me after being with her lover. It’s almost like she is saying, “Oh, I know Mommy’s little boy doesn’t want to be a Cuckold but this is the way it has to be. Mommy knows was best for you and it’s good for our marriage. It makes Mommy so very happy that you are her Cuckold.”

When I anticipate that a man is going to fuck my wife, I get a sick feeling in my stomach. I become depressed and filled with anxiety. I know that she wants him and I want her to be happy so there is nothing I can do to prevent it. I’ll think of him fucking her and I’ll get an erection. Even though I’m in an aroused state, there is that awful feeling of dread. I know that it’s wrong, another man should not be fucking my wife but I can’t help myself. The thought of him fucking her causes me to become very aroused, I then masturbate which leaves me feeling ashamed and submissive.

Unlike me, my wife is an extrovert and she seeks out men who are aggressive extroverts. Men who know what they want and will take her roughly, while I am gentle, timid and passive.

She prefers to have long term relationships with her boyfriends, like a year or two, meeting them on a regular basis. While she is in a relationship, her vagina is off limits to me. It belongs to Casibom her boyfriend and I am not permitted in any way to have sexual intercourse with her. She doesn’t want to feel like she is cheating on her lover by having sex with me which adds to my anxiety.

During these times, my wife will say, “Oh Honey, we can’t have intercourse, I have that yeast infection again. Give me the vaseline and I’ll take care of you.”

All the while that she is masturbating me, she is whispering in my ear, telling me how much she loves me. That she is faithful to me and I have no right to accuse her of infidelity because I have no proof. After she has brought me to climax, I become calm and passive for a week or two.

Unlike sexual intercourse, where after I climax, a few minutes later, I get another erection. Her hand jobs leave me so completely drained and sexually gratified, that I will not get another erection for a week or two. I know the effects are psychological and not physical. Each time that she masturbates me, it leaves me feeling emasculated. I know I shouldn’t allow her to do this to me but I cannot help myself.

It was about fifteen years after she had made me her Cuckold that this incident happened. It was Labor Day and we were at a summers-end cocktail party. I heard my wife’s laugh, looking across the garden, I saw her laughing at a strangers joke. She had her hand on his shoulder as she was laughing and it gave me a jealous feeling. I don’t know why but I get jealous when I see her laughing with another man.

He was tall, trim and handsome. He looked to be a couple of years younger than my wife. She was standing against him and he was slowly rubbing his hand up and down her back as he was talking to her. They seemed to be very friendly. I could tell that he was very interested in my wife as he had lust written all over his face. After all she was only thirty two, very sexual, voluptuous and always came across to men as being very available. When she wants to, she can give a man the impression that she needs to be fucked.

She saw me and beckoned me to her. As I got near, she said to him, “David, this is my husband Jack.”

Even though I was now standing in front of them, he continued feeling her back like he owned her. He seemed arrogant and he completely disregarded my being there. He treated me like he knew my wife was sexually starved and that I could never keep up with her sexual needs. Some men just naturally know when a woman is not being sexually satisfied. I’m sure in the short time that they were together, my wife gave him all the signs he needed to know, that she was available.

“How do you do, David?”

“Honey! Dave is a tennis player and he invited me to play with him on Friday. Would you please get me another wine? Maybe Dave would like another one too.”

“Yes! If you don’t mind Jack?”

“Two white wines, coming up.” As I turned to go I heard him say to my wife, “I hope your husband doesn’t mind that I asked you to play tennis?”

“No. No, don’t worry about him. He’s harmless. He will do whatever I say.”

That night we were getting into bed and she had been going on and on, talking about this new guy, so I asked her,”Who is this guy?”

“Oh, he’s a friend of Gail and Larry’s. He’s recently divorced and he plays tennis. He’s a salesman and he is off on Fridays so he asked me if I wanted to play a couple of sets with him. I know you wouldn’t mind. Would you?”

I felt a little sick in my stomach. He seemed to think that he already owned my wife. He was egotistical and filled with self confidence. He knew that he was going to fuck her and there was nothing I could do about it. He could take her away from me. I expressed my concerns to her.

“Honey! I don’t think it’s a good idea to get involved with him. He’s single and has no ties. I just don’t think it’s a good idea. How long have you known him?”

“I just met him today at the party. He saw my tennis pin and asked me about it and from there, we just hit it off together.”

“Well, I think you should cancel your tennis date.” When I said that, she became angry.

“Oh! You never fuck me. Then some good looking stranger comes along, who shows an interest in me and you get all possessive.”

“Don’t say I never fuck you. You never let me.”

“You always want it at the wrong time. I’m not going to get involved with him? It’s just a game of tennis. Do you think he would want to fuck your little wife? Just the thought of it gives you a hard on. Doesn’t it?”

“No it doesn’t.”

“Yes it does. You have an erection just thinking of him fucking me. Don’t you. Look at it.

It was true. I was standing there naked and I didn’t realize that I had gotten an erection. I couldn’t hide it. My emotions betrayed me.

She went on, “Your all excited just thinking of him fucking me. Aren’t you? I know you. You love it when another man wants to fuck me. Don’t you? Admit it. You love the excitement of another, much Casibom Giriş bigger cock, taking me while you just sit there with your little wiener and jerk off.”

“No. I don’t want another man fucking you. Especially him. You’re my wife. You’re all mine. I saw the way you were looking at him and I saw his hands feeling you. He was feeling you up and you encouraged him.”

“So he felt me a little. It felt good. You know what I think? I think that you’re jealous.”

“Oh! So you think I’m jealous of Dave.”

“No. I think you’re jealous of me. I think that you would like Dave to feel you up. I think you would like Dave to fuck you or you would like to suck his cock? That’s what I think.”

“That’s ridiculous.”

“Did you marry me to hide the fact that you’re a homosexual?”

“No! I’m not homosexual.”

“Yes. You are, my little sissy. I saw you checking him out.”

“No. I was just admiring the way he was dressed.”

“You were admiring the front of his slacks. You’re a homosexual. You can’t hide it from me. Do you know, that when you’re reading the newspaper, you always linger for the longest time, looking at the advertisements for men’s underwear. I see you drooling over the models in those ads.”

“No. That’s not true.” I could feel my face getting red from embarrassment.

“Yes it is. Admit it.”

“No. I have nothing to admit. You know what your problem is? You were born and raised around men who were rough, aggressive construction workers and now you’re living with a mild, refined gentle man and you can’t handle it.”

Her mood changed as she got into bed. She pulled the covers away from her, exposing her nude body to me. She posed herself, so beautiful, so warm, voluptuous, so sensual, so soft. Her legs were slightly parted, revealing her open pussy. That wonderful warm, moist place, where I find so much comfort and pleasure. I could see her moist pussy lips glistening in the light, waiting to part and caress my penis as I push into her. I love hearing her moan in pleasure as I pound into her and bring her to orgasm. I love the feel of my cock when I’m pushing all the way into her and planting my seed deep into her womb. It gives me such a powerful feeling of male dominance but those feelings of dominance are only if my wife allows them.

The bed is my wife’s domain. She dictates what activities go on and how they go on. She opened her arms and in her sultry voice she said, “Come baby. Come lie down with me.”

How I love getting into bed with her. I wanted to lie on top of her and push my erection between her legs but that was not to be. As I started to climb on her, she closed her legs and rolled on her side saying, “No baby. I don’t want any jumping around tonight. Just lie quietly next to me. Just lie still in Mommy’s arms and I’ll take care of your little stiffy. That’s it, now turn out the light my baby.”

Now my erection is normal, six inches long but she always refers to it as my little stiffy or little peter. It’s her way of belittling me. To make my penis insignificant.

I turned out the light and rolled on my side facing her. I wanted to caress her, to feel her breasts and push my cock against her but she rolled away from me. There in the darkness, I heard the drawer of her night stand slide open and the rustling sounds as she got out her jar of vaseline and opened it. There was some silence as she applied some jelly to her finger tips and then she rolled back facing me. I felt her hand push on my shoulder as she whispered, “Lie on your back. That’s it. Flat on your back.”

Not wanting to soil the bed sheets with vaseline and my semen, she pulled the covers off of me, exposing my nude body but keeping her body covered. When she has me in this fashion, I always feel like a sacrifice, laying nude on her sacrificial alter. While she has me in this position, she will perform a simple procedure; using her oiled hand to stimulate my sexual pleasures, all the while whispering her needs into my ear. When she is finished, I will associate my sexual pleasure with her needs.

I felt the coolness of the lube as she began caressing my erection. I lay there on my back, feeling the pleasurable sensations of her hand as she slowly began masturbating me. She whispered in my ear,”Hmmm, I love stroking your little peter. You know, you’re making too much of this tennis game. Don’t think of Dave fucking me because he’s not. Just think of us as playing tennis and that’s all.”

While she was stroking me, she placed her other hand on the top of my head and pushed me down to her breast saying, “Here, suck on my tit. That’s it. Suck on the nipple. Oh yes.”

Her breathing became very heavy as she became aroused, thinking of David and in her sultry voice, she whispered, “Suck it like it was a cock. Pretend that it’s David’s cock. I know you’d love to suck his cock and have him cum in your mouth. Oh, your little peter is getting so hard and hot.”

Listening to her words Casibom Güncel Giriş as I was sucking on her nipple, I could feel myself getting ready to cum. I began to shake as she continued her narrative, “That’s it baby. Suck Dave’s cock. Let him cum in your mouth. Let Dave fill your mouth with his cum and then swallow his juice. Is my little homo going to squirt. Oh yes, such a big squirt. Squirt some more, fill my hand. Oh! You’re cumming so much and so quickly.”

I came in the palm of her hand and it made me feel so ashamed and inadequate. She does such a good job of keeping me emasculated. I wanted to be her man on top but I was more like a woman. I had to apologize for my sorry state, “Oh Honey, I’m so sorry. I came so quickly and I haven’t helped you. Let me do something to get you off.”

“No! Don’t worry about me. I’ll get what I need real soon. What I need, is for you to come with me tomorrow and help me pick out a new tennis outfit. I want to get something real sexy but not slutty. Will you help me?”

“Yes.” I hate myself for always giving into her passions.

And so for the next nine months, every Friday morning, while I was at work, my wife would get the kids off to school. Then Dave would pick her up and they would play tennis until about eleven in the morning, after which they would come back to my house and shower in my master bath. Then for the rest of the day, he would fuck my wife in my bed until just before the kids came home from school.

On those Friday nights when I came home from work, my wife would be so relaxed and calm as she always is after someone has fucked her. She would be so considerate of me, in fact she would be so considerate of me that she would treat me and talk to me like I was her little boy. I asked her, “How was your tennis game?”

Looking at me with a sexy smile and placing her hand on my chest she answered, “Tonight when you’re in bed, Mommy will tell you a bed time story.”

That night after we got the kids settled we went to our bedroom. I could smell his scent in the room. The room smelled of sex, like the back room of an adult book store. Looking at our bed, I got that sick feeling in my stomach. That feeling of dread that only a Cuckold can know. Only a few hours earlier my beautiful bride was ravaged and fucked by a young, handsome, aggressive and exciting man.

As my wife was getting undressed, I saw her glance over at my nude body. Here I was, her husband, so predictable, so passive and so sad. Her eyes fell to my erection and I could tell that she wasn’t interested. She was so sexually sated and tired. She just wanted to sleep but she knew that she had to try to relieve some of my anxiety and melancholia.

As we were getting into bed she said, “Leave the lamp on and I want you flat on your back.”

I lay there listening to the familiar sounds of my wife getting her vaseline. Once again she pulled the covers off of me, exposing my nude body. This time she propped herself up on her arm and leaned over my face so she could look into my eyes. I gazed up into her face as she studied mine. Her bare breasts hanging down with their nipples just touching my chest. I felt the cool lube as she began spreading the jelly all over my erection, getting it ready for her skilled hand.

Her face was above mine only twelve inches or so as her eyes studied my facial expressions. She was considering what to say or how to say it. She was tired of lying to me. She wanted to be honest but she wasn’t sure if I could handle the truth. She knew that I loved her unconditionally and now, once again, she was going to test that love.

I felt her hand slowly begin to stroke my penis as she whispered, “This morning, Dave thought he had died and went to heaven. I gave him a blow job and he started cumming and cumming and I just kept swallowing and swallowing. His cum tasted so sweet.”

She studied my face to see the impact of her words. She saw the anger in my face as my penis went limp in her hand. How could she do this to me? How could she be so sadistic?

When we were first married, I tried numerous times to coax her into sucking my penis. She refused, saying, “I don’t do that. I’m not that kind of a girl. It tastes awful. It makes me gag like I’m going to throw up.” My requests always broke the mood, so I gave up on asking her.

Looking into her face, I had to confirm the words that she had just spoken. I asked, “You gave him a blow job?”

“Yes. I always give my men blow jobs. I’m very good at it.”

“But you’ve never sucked my cock.”

“That’s right. And I never will.”


“If I ever gave you a blow job, then you would want that all the time.”

“No! That’s not true.” I was getting so angry, I felt like punching her.

“You’re my husband, I love you very deeply and that makes you special. Because I love you so much, I could never debase myself like that in front of you.”

She saw the anger in my face but she was determined to confess it all no matter how much it was going to hurt me. She had to get it all off her chest. She went on, “With other men, there’s no love. It’s just sex and I don’t care what they think of me but you, you’re special and this penis is very special.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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