Cuckold Nite Out

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My name is Karen, I am the hot wife. I am 30 years old, a true blonde with a fantastic figure if I say so myself with pert 36 C cups.

I am Alan the cuckold husband. I too am 30 years old quite an attractive fellow but blessed with a submissive nature and small willy.

Introductions made let me start with the story.

I arrived home on Friday night to find Alan already dressed in his stockings, suspenders, bra, thong and high heels. He had started making dinner. I had to tell him to stop as I was going out. He looked at me as I explained my boss Len wanted me to call over and have dinner. He smiled as I told him that last week was not a one off it appears Len wants to see more of me.

I told Alan to run me a bath while I ran upstairs to strip off my day wear. I returned naked and stood with him in the kitchen watching him put away the cooking utensils and asked him if he wanted to drive me to Len’s.

He followed me into the bath room and knelt by the bath and started to wash me as he had done many times. I said get a new razor u can shave me for Len.

When I was with Len last week he mentioned he liked to see I was a true blonde but mentioned he favoured shaved.

I thinks it’s only right that he gets what he wants and Alan agreed if he wants shaved then I am willing to shave you for his pleasure after all he is a real man.

I told Alan he was right and went into a long explanation of why Len is a real man while he is a tiny cock wimp and sissy boy. Alan loves me to mock him.

When Alan had shaved me washed me and then patted me dry I told him to get down on all fours in front of my dressing table. I sat on his back while I dried my hair and applied my makeup.

I opened my draws and pulled out some hold up stockings and pulled them on. Then standing I pulled up my red dress telling Alan to zip me up.

He commented about no nickers or bra and stockings in such a short thin dress. I looked harsh at him and shook my head telling him Alan don’t question it’s for Len I want him to know he can have me how he wants as often as her wants.

I told Alan to get the car, he went to put on a shirt and trousers but I said no no Alan you need to drive me as you are. He looked a bit scared but I knew he would do as I told him so walked out of the house waiting for Alan to lock the house door and open the back door of the car for me.

Alan drove me to Len’s and pulled up a few doors Escort İstanbul down so as not to be seen. Has I moved to leave Alan said he would get seen sitting here waiting for me dressed so provocative.

I said OK I will put u in the boot. He handed me the keys jumped out as the street was empty and he lifted the boot lid climbed in and curled up as I lowered the lid on him he said have a good time. I replied o I will, don’t you worry.

I knocked on Lens door he opened it took my hand and led me to his car. Off we drove as he said I looked so sexy he needed to show me off in a few pubs then promised to take me to dinner.

In the first pub he flirted with me and told me how much he had thought about me since last week. He was so pleased having picked up the courage to ask me out again that I accepted.

In the second pub he flirted some more touching my bum and asked what nickers I had on as he could not feel any. I smiled at him blushed a little and said your hands tell no lies I have none on. he was impressed and made a low blowing sensation with his lips. I turned up the heat saying no bra and shaved too just the way you want me.

I could see him move with some discomfort he was getting hot under the collar and he was getting hard.

He asked if I was hunger. I said for you yes. We left the pub and when we reached the car he stopped and asked. Would it be ok if I could sort of ask to see and maybe look under your skirt. I have never asked things like this before but feel the need to be a bit course.

I looked intensely at him and said meaning every word. Len you are by far the best lover I have ever known and I listened to you saying you liked shaved pussy. please tell me what you want and I will try to do it for you.

He looked at me and said well lift your skirt and show me. I did as told and he liked what he saw he then got me in the car and drove me back home.

once inside the front door he grabbed me pushed me into he room and shoved me over the back of the sofa. he lifted my skirt up over my bum and I felt his fingers probe me. He said my god your ready for it and then I felt his hard cock nudge at me and slowly it opened me up.

I was cuming as he pushed into me and started to shove myself back onto him. he was soon up inside me and his massive size was filling me and again I was cuming and then he started to move and I cam again. He said my god Karen slow İstanbul Escort Bayan down. I screamed out I am so turned on and feeling you in me is just so hot.

He picked up his pace and fucked me hard and fast cumming deep inside me again this made me cum again and again as he squeezed every drop into me.

We stayed in this position and felt him going a little soft but every now and then he would make his cock twitch inside me making me jump with joy .

Eventually he pulled out and I felt our cum running out of me as I stood. He said he was going to the bath room to clean up. I took his hand and he lead me up stairs. once at the bath room door I knelt before him took his cock in my mouth and sucked him clean.

I told him to wait in the bedroom while I freshened up. I thought where’s my cum licking hubby when I need him, then remembered he was still in the boot. I smiled thinking he will be as stiff as a board by now.

I joined Len who was now naked and on the bed he looked at me and watched me strip naked. He pointed at his cock and said would I mind getting on top.

I was on the bed leg over him and cock in me in seconds, as soon as I sat lower down on it I was cumming again. He commented at how quick I cum and when I told him I had not cum for ages he asked why. I explained it must be a size thing I must need length and width to make me cum.

He asked what about Alan and I snapped he’s very short and thin. I used a thumbs up sign to indicate Alan’s length and width. Len laughed saying no wonder I accepted his invitation I was on a starvation diet.

I knew I had him now and as I was cuming again muttered weekly feasts I hope. He said every Friday night from now on and some time mid week, I may even fuck you at work.

I was cuming again and said I loved dirty talk he checked how dirty and I said as dirty as he liked.

He stopped moving and said honest u sure I said yes. He said could I swear at you call you names. I was still moving on his cock and asked him such as.

He said whore, slut, cum bag, fucking bitch, my married fuck buddy etc. I started fucking his cock hard raising up and down slapping myself hard down on his cock and moaned o yes any names you want even cruder if you want.

He rolled me off pulled me to the carpet and got behind me and started doggy fucking me. I was now frantic with cuming and moaning and was so into his fat cock fucking Anadolu Yakası Escort me. He then pulled out as I was cuming and frustrated me, he kept doing this every time I got close to cuming.

I told him to fuck me stop messing with me he responded saying take dirty back to me and beg me to fuck you.

I backed onto his cock saying please fuck me please fuck me now. he pulled out saying who do you want to fuck you. I said I want you Len to fuck me with your massive cock and make me your cock whore. He fucked me hard saying that’s better.

I was just about to cum when he pulled away. I put my hand back between my legs trying to find him and pull him into me. he said who’s the boss. I replied you are Len, you’re the boss, tell me what to do and what you want, just fuck me now.

He asked what’s the best fuck you ever had and from who. I said now and you boss. he asked even better than your husband. I screamed as he pushed right up me Your the best Len by miles Alan never makes me cum I am yours Len . I am your fuck mate.

He pulled out frustrating me to hell and said I am going to cum now do you want my cum. I pleaded yes yes please fill me now.

but first do you agree to be my whore .Yes. Do you agree to keep shaved. Yes. Do you agree to never were nickers when with me. Yes. Do you agree to dress like my whore, Yes. I kept crying yes to his every demand and eventually he entered me and after 2 or 3 pushed we both came together. It was fantastic even when left laid exhausted on the carpet I was twitching with pleasure as the pulses waved through my body.

Len returned with a glass of wine and we sat together drinking and eventually Len said I had better get back home before Alan noticed I was missing. I agreed as we wanted to carry this on every week.

Len offered me a shower but I said no I wanted to smell him on me. He asked about Alan but I said I would tell him to sleep in the spare room and would shower in the morning.

I left Len with a kiss at his door and lifted the back of my skirt to show him my bare bum as I left down his path.

I opened the boot lid and there was poor Alan I had to help him out as he was stiff having spent 4 hours in the same position in the boot space.

Alan drove us in the direction of home and pulled into a picnic area saying he could not wait.

He put a car rug on the table top and I sat putting my feet on the bench legs wide open. Alan stepped over the bench and sat down his face at my shaved pussy. I told him what happened in every detail as he licked at me lapping up Lens cum

Alan was shocked but excited about what we had done so far and over the moon that it would happen again next week.

and it did

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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