Cuddling with Mom

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Hey, I’m Brian Robbins. I wanna tell you how I fucked my mom.

I was in the middle of my junior year at college. Not entirely willingly, I was going to spend the Christmas break (nearly a month in late December and January) at home in Illinois. A large part of the reason for my reluctance would be that I’d be alone with my mom the whole time. You see, she and Dad had split up about a year before—Dad cheated on her, and so Mom basically ordered him out of the house. She’d been pretty miserable since then, and I kind of dreaded coming home for the long break. I mean, she can be a real downer sometimes.

I’m pretty sure Mom hadn’t even gone on any dates during the past year. She was getting to be something of a manhater after she learned of what Dad had done. But now, when I visited her this time, I could tell that she was getting sort of antsy. I’m no great physical specimen, but the mere fact that I was there—and I’m a real-live full-grown man, twenty-one and counting—was making her act rather strange. She would give me these looks out of the corner of her eye, and sometimes she licked her lips as she gave me the once-over.

Could she really be wanting me? Was she so sex-starved that she’d be willing to do it with her own son?

I gotta tell you, she’s quite a looker. She’s just about my height (five foot eight), but real slender and shapely. Nice boobs (so far as I could tell—hadn’t seen them uncovered, of course) and a cute little butt. She dresses pretty well, too—knows exactly what kind of clothes set off that nice figure of hers. Can’t believe why Dad wanted to stray, or why other guys hadn’t gotten into her pants. I guess she scared them off.

Anyway, I figured I might as well try to do something. What’s the worst that could happen? I mean, she couldn’t spank me or anything. She might get mad, but she’d get over it. I’m an only child, so I’m all she’s got right now.

I thought of just the right time to make my move. During weekdays Mom—her name is Flora—naturally gets up early, takes a shower, and toddles off to her job. But on weekends she likes to sleep in: I end up making breakfast for both of us, around ten a.m., and then she gets in the shower. So it was one Saturday, and we’d finished breakfast and she’d trotted up to the upstairs bathroom to take a shower. When she finished, she wrapped herself in a towel and hastily rushed into her bedroom. I was in my own bedroom, and I saw her shuffling down the hall. She gave me a nervous look and a little “Oh!” of embarrassment, kind of like she was a schoolgirl.

I waited a few seconds. Then I stripped and just went into her bedroom and opened the door.

Of course she was naked.

And, oh, man, what a sight! She’d only towel-dried her hair, and it was tousled all around her head. She had these incredible boobs, really big and firm, and nice curves around her hips and butt. And there was this thick bush covering her groin.

The moment she saw me she let out a little squeal and tried to cover her boobs and delta with her hands. But her eyes were really fixated on my own groin.

You see, I’m pretty big down there. About eight inches.

And I was rock hard. My cock was pointing almost straight up. I mean, I’d been thinking about this whole thing for more than a week, and the moment she’d turned that shower on I’d pictured her naked, lathering herself up in soap and letting the water pour all over her body. But the reality was even better than my fantasy!

Of course she cried out, “Omigod, Brian, what are you doing?” But I didn’t pay any attention. I just came right up to her, pinned her against the wall, and pasted a big wet kiss on her mouth.

The funny thing is that, even though she pretended to resist, making more squealing sounds from deep in her throat, she actually wrapped her arms around me. It’s like women are trained to hug and kiss a guy when they get kissed—they can’t help it. But I tell you, the best thing about it was not putting my lips on my mom’s, nice as that was, but rubbing my cock against her belly. Man, I thought I’d explode right then!

I pulled my lips away from her mouth—but only so I could kiss her cheeks and forehead and neck and shoulders. She kept saying, “Oh, Brian, please stop!” but I knew she didn’t mean it. She didn’t try to pull away or anything; in fact, she held me tighter, and she actually seemed to thrust her hips toward me, as if to get a better feel for my cock.

Now I could tell that she was getting hot. And so I took the advice that some guy in college had given me. He’d said, “The best way to get a girl to go along with you was to make her come first.”

What a smart guy! Of course, I first had to feel those amazing breasts, and they were as firm and delicious as I’d thought. I pawed them all over, and my mom’s cries turned to moans and gasps—especially when I twirled her nipples with my thumb and index finger. Man, did that get her going! But pretty soon I let my hand slide Beylikdüzü escort down her body and reach her groin.

When I placed it between her legs, I felt exactly what I expected to feel: she was all wet.

I parted those lips down there—aren’t they called labia?—and stuck a finger or two up her pussy. When I did that, a kind of choking sound came from my mom’s throat, and she actually opened her legs wider to allow me easier access. Then I touched that magic spot, the clitoris—and when I did that, she just about fainted. I could tell that her knees were getting weak, and I actually had to hold her up with my other hand around her lower back so she wouldn’t just fall to the floor. She was breathing real hard, and I just kept stroking and stroking. More and more fluid was coming out of her, some of it trickling down the inside of her thighs.

And then she came.

She let out this really sharp cry and kind of arched her back, rising up on her tiptoes. Now she was really pushing her hips against my hand, wanting me to keep on stroking her so that she could get the most out of her orgasm. It must have lasted for, like, five or ten minutes—I’d never seen anything like it! Meanwhile she was pressing her head against the side of my face, kissing my cheeks and neck and shoulders and once even giving me a little love-bite.

Then she seemed to collapse, like a balloon with all the air let out of it. I thought I might have to hold her tight against me, to prevent her from falling down. But then I realized what she was doing: she was going down on me.

She’d fallen to her knees, and her face was right at the level of my cock. For a while she just stared at it, as if she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Then she wrapped her hand around it. It was so stiff, it took her a little effort to bring it down to her lips. First she gave it a funny little kiss, right on the tip, then she shoved as much of it into her mouth as she could.

Man, the sight of my mom’s red lips around the shaft of my cock was really something! She seemed to want to get it all the way into her mouth; but after about six inches she started to gag, so she had to pull back a little. But then she got down to business, licking and sucking it with gusto, and sometimes taking it out so she could bend down and engulf my balls in her mouth. That was great, too! And she grabbed my butt with both hands and squeezed it over and over. Like most women, she had a thing for male buns. But mostly I just loved the sight of her head bobbing back and forth on my cock, her eyes shut tight.

I couldn’t take much more of this, so after a little while I just pulled her up by the shoulders, gave her a sloppy kiss on the mouth, and then—plunged into her, standing up.

We’re about the same height, as I said, so this worked pretty well. I’d pulled her away from the wall a bit so I could get my hands around her back, and I went into her all the way—not all at once, but little by little. I watched her face as I did that, and her eyes kept getting bigger and bigger and her jaw dropped lower and lower. Poor thing!—she hadn’t had a cock in her pussy for a whole year, and she’d gotten a bit out of practice.

When I was fully in her, another little choking sound came out of her, and her tongue stuck out of her mouth a little. It’s the cutest little tongue you’ve ever seen, man! Kind of thin and pink. I couldn’t help sucking on it as I started pounding her. By now she was clinging to me for dear life, and I was pawing her all over with my hands, fondling her breasts and her back and her butt and her thighs, whatever I could touch. She was making these grunting sounds in rhythm with my thrusts, and I guess I was too.

Well, I couldn’t hold out very long. In a couple of minutes I felt that weird tingling in my balls that signals—well, you know what. I held her even tighter as I shot my wad into her. I kept coming and coming—it seemed to go on forever.

So there it was. I’d just showered my mom with my seed!

We just stood there, clutching each other. I was still buried in her, and still hard as a rock; but after a couple of minutes I got soft and slipped out of her. Then some of my emission dribbled out of her, trickling down her thighs. Man, it was fabulous!

Maybe you think I was a virgin. I’m not—but I’d only had one girl before, and that was a kind of crazy thing at a frat party that lasted only a few minutes. Pretty unsatisfying. This was how sex should be. I didn’t care if it was with my mom—it was really a great experience.

Mom didn’t say much after it was over. After I slipped out of her, she tried to disentangle herself from me, but she couldn’t look me in the face. She muttered, “Brian, that was really naughty,” but I sensed that she was saying that only because she thought she should. I wasn’t going to let this be the end of things, though. I just swooped her up in my arms and plumped her on the bed. She landed kind of awkwardly, her legs Beylikdüzü escort splayed, and I could see my discharge—and maybe some of hers—slathered all over her pussy and thighs. That’s when the reality of it really struck me.

I pretty much jumped on her, flinging myself on top of her and burying my head in her breasts. Man, I licked and nuzzled and kissed those breasts like nobody’s business. I wish I could say I remember being suckled by her as a baby, but of course I don’t. Still, I did try to suck on those nipples, wishing some milk might come out. But it didn’t! By this time Mom was past the point of objecting, and she just held my head against her breasts and let out little cooing noises.

Well, I got hard pretty quickly, and then I said, “Mom, I want to go into your butt.”

She gasped real loud, and her mouth fell open. “Brian, that’s incredibly naughty!” But I saw a little twinkle in her eye. I took that as a yes, and I so got up, rushed into the bathroom, got her jar of cold cream—someone had recommended that as the best lube you could get—and came back to the bedroom.

She raised her eyebrows and said, “Is that what you’re going to use for lube?”

I said, “Yup,” and took a big scoop of it in my fingers.

“You’re going to put it on?” she said. She looked more frightened at the thought of that than of the procedure itself.

“You bet I am!” I said.

I didn’t give her any time to complain. I just turned her over onto her stomach and coated her anus with the stuff. She laughed a little nervously as she felt that cold, slick substance there, and then she just lay there obediently while I got on top of her. I didn’t know if she’d done this before; somehow I got the impression she had, otherwise she’d have protested a lot more than she did. Had Dad done it? Or maybe some guy back in her wild college days? Who knows?

Anyway, I slipped right in. I didn’t go in all at once, of course. Even if she’d done it before, it had probably been a while—maybe a long while. Once again, as I went in inch by inch, her eyes got wide and her mouth fell open, and that cute little tongue started coming out of her mouth, and more choking sounds emerged from deep in her throat. Pretty soon I was about two-thirds of the way in, and I figured that was enough. So I got down to business. I just covered her entire body with mine, grabbed her breasts with my hands, and pounded her ass. She just lay there and took it, her eyes open and looking kind of dazed.

When I felt I was ready to come, I slipped a hand down to her delta and began fondling her down there. At that point she let out these little mews, like some cat in heat, and closed her eyes tight. When I came in her, it felt like I was establishing this really close bond with her—I can’t explain that, but it did. I don’t think I ever loved her more than at that moment. And I guess I rung her bell too, because she came out with these quick little gasps and moans that went on quite a while after I’d finished.

Finally we stopped, but I was still buried in her ass. I really didn’t want to come out, and I stayed hard for a surprisingly long time. In fact, I wondered if I could do her again, but then she opened her eyes and said in this quiet kind of voice, “Brian, please come out of me now.”

I did, but may have done it a little fast, because she winced a little when the tip of my cock plopped out of her.

“Sorry, Mom,” I said. “Did I hurt you?”

“No, not much,” she said, giving me a brave little smile. “It’s just—it’s been a while.”

“Yeah, I figured.”

Then she turned back into my mom and said, “You go wash now, okay? With soap.”

I said, “Yes, ma’am,” and trudged to the bathroom to wash.

And that’s how it started. We never really said anything about what happened, but we both assumed that this would be just the beginning. I began spending every night in her bed. We didn’t have sex every night, but I certainly plowed my mom a lot during that time! It was great, and she made it pretty clear she liked it too.

Something funny happened on a Tuesday morning. This was between Christmas and New Year’s, and my mom had that whole week off from work. We’d gotten up a bit late (we’d had some pretty frenzied action the night before), and we idled over breakfast. Mom was wearing just a nightgown with nothing underneath, and I could see the outline of her body as the sun poured in through the windows. Something about the way she looked just then—weirdly innocent, as if she was some kind of virgin, with her big eyes just gazing at me with a sort of shy, alarmed look—made me go kind of crazy.

I made her stand up, took her to the living room, whipped her nightgown off of her, and peeled off my own underwear. I was raring to go, and she looked at my cock with amazement, as if she couldn’t believe it was big and hard again. Even now, she tried to cover her boobs and groin with her hands, as if she was still embarrassed Escort Beylikdüzü at my seeing her naked. Instinct, I suppose.

I didn’t pay any attention to that. I told her to get down on her hands and knees right in the middle of the living room (it was thickly carpeted, so that was okay). I rubbed my cock against the crack of her butt: man, she had a beautiful butt, especially from this angle! I thought I might want to go into her anus, but there wasn’t any lube handy, so I just went into her pussy. I started slow, but then increased the tempo till I was pounding her pretty good. As before, she made these soft grunting sounds in rhythm with my thrusts.

Then the front door opened.

In walked this cute Japanese woman, probably in her early thirties. She was pretty small, maybe only about five feet tall, and she had a lot of cleaning supplies with her. She was my mom’s maid! Later I learned she came in once a month to clean the house from top to bottom. Mom had forgotten she was coming today: we’d been having such a good time, it had just slipped her mind!

Well, you can imagine what this woman’s response was. She dropped her tub of cleaning supplies and let out a little shriek. I thought she might just turn around and bolt from the place, but she just stood there, frozen in amazement. Meanwhile, I kept on pumping Mom from behind as if the maid wasn’t there.

Finally the woman found her voice. “My God, ma’am, what is going on?”

Mom looked up at the woman and said, as calm as could be, “Oh, hi, Keiko. This is my son, Brian. Say hello, Brian.”

I dutifully said “Hi” while still pounding Mom’s butt.

“Your son!” Keiko shrieked. “But ma’am . . .”

“Oh, Keiko, just calm down. Anyway, you’d better take your clothes off. You’re next.”

Keiko’s jaw dropped. She really couldn’t believe her ears. But it’s funny: I guess she was so used to taking orders from her clients that, even as she stared at us, she began unbuttoning her blouse, kind of like she was in a dream. She tossed it away, then focused on her jeans. She peeled them off and then stood there in her bra and panties.

“Go on, Keiko,” my mom said. “Get undressed—all the way.”

Keiko shivered a little, but did as she was told. In seconds she was totally naked.

I’ve heard that Asian women sometimes aren’t as well-endowed as other women—but man, Keiko was a dish! She had these really great boobs, large but firm, and she also had nice flaring hips and a fine tuft of fur covering her delta. Good, strong thighs too.

She stood there like a mannequin, naked and lovely, until Mom said, “Come over here.”

Keiko walked stiffly toward us. Remember, all this time I was keeping on thrusting into my mom from behind. Because of our action the previous night, I wasn’t really close to coming; but I was getting pretty excited, seeing these two gorgeous naked women in front of me. Keiko now stood about a foot away from us, and, following further orders from my mom, sat down in front of us, her legs spread.

My mom plunged her face into Keiko’s pussy.

Gee, that gave me a kick! I had no idea Mom was inclined that way—maybe she didn’t either. Anyway, I could see that Keiko’s pussy was already pretty wet; and as she looked at my mom eating her up, more of her stuff started pouring out of her, and she craned her neck back in a kind of bewildered ecstasy. Mom also took Keiko’s butt in her hands and squeezed it: guess she liked women’s butts almost as much as men’s.

Well, that was it. I couldn’t hold it in anymore, and so I came violently, pouring my seed into Mom’s pussy just as Mom herself—and Keiko too—had their own orgasms.

It was incredible, but I knew this wasn’t the end. Even though we just lay there on the floor for a while, I could sense that Mom wanted more. And so, after giving me only a few minutes to recover, she said: “All right, Keiko, it’s your turn.”

She ordered me to lie flat on my back. Then she had Keiko squat over me: she was clearly supposed to put my cock into herself and ride me. Keiko did that, again acting as if this was some kind of dream. Her pussy was tight, but it was sopping wet, so I slipped in pretty easily. Keiko’s eyes widened as the full length of my cock got into her, and I loved to see it disappear entirely into her pussy as she squatted on top of me.

Then my mom came up to us, stood over me with her legs on either side of me, and thrust her pussy into Keiko’s face. Obediently the Japanese woman took hold of Mom’s butt with both hands and began licking that wet pussy for all she was worth. From my vantage point I could see my own discharge—mixed with Mom’s—leaking out of her, and Keiko just lapped it up as if it was the most expensive wine on earth. Meanwhile she bounced joyfully on my cock, moaning and gasping while continuing to lick my mom clean. Mom held Keiko’s head to her groin to urge her on, and in only a few minutes the three of us again had a simultaneous orgasm.

We were all pretty exhausted by this time, so Mom gave Keiko a little time to rest up—before she had to start cleaning the house! But Mom, gazing warmly at her, said, “You did well, Keiko. I’ll give you a big tip when you’re done.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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