Curiosity Wins Out

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The listing on read as follows:

Hello! I am a 31-year-old professional in the West Charlotte area. I am very happily married and straight, but very curious about trying some bi stuff. I have played with a guy once, but it was years ago. He was an old friend of mine. We were both married and curious and briefly played orally. I moved shortly after that, which is why we never tried again.

So, I look forward to playing with and sucking on a guy’s cock until it gets nice and hard. I want to stroke it until you explode with cum. I want to feel that cum shooting through your cock, watch it shoot out, and feel it cover my hand. Later, I also want to experience you exploding in my mouth. Reciprocation is welcome but not required.

I prefer that you be married or otherwise attached to a woman. I would feel more comfortable if you are in a similar situation and not wanting to change. If you have a place to play, that would be great. But, I realize that you may not; so, we can discuss other possibilities.

Physically, I am HWP. I am 5’10” tall and weigh 170. I am also very clean, DDF, and wanting to stay that way. So, you be too.

Over the past several weeks, when Greg was bored at his computer, he had occasionally been looking at the Craigslist M4M personals. He hadn’t even realized there was such a thing until a couple of months ago when he was looking to buy some used landscape equipment through the site. Greg saw the Personals listing and decided to click on it and check it out. Though he was happily married, he had had a curiosity about guys too. Greg admired guys that were in good shape and starting during his high school days, couldn’t help “checking out” some of the boys in the locker room.

While the various offers for a BJ, and the like, were somewhat enticing, the “dark” world of the Craigslist personals was just not something Greg could see himself responding to. His wife would suck on him occasionally, but it was usually halfhearted at best. There were actually listings from guys practically begging for a hard cock to blow. Sometimes he wondered what the appeal was for these “cock suckers”. What would a hard penis feel like in his mouth? How would it be different jerking another guy off? What would an “expert” blow job feel like if he was getting one?

When Greg first saw the listing from the “married professional”, his reaction was different. It felt like the listing was addressed personally to him and for the first time, he thought seriously about responding. Greg could feel his cock stiffened some as he thought about the possibility. A day went by and his mind drifted back to the listing several times. He even got back on line a reread the listing a couple times too. Feeling a little nervous, but excited, Greg decided to reply.

Saw your posting. Like yourself I am a happily MWM guy in my early 30s. I live in the West Charlotte area too. I have really no experience with other guys. I am curious to do something with a similar guy. Maybe try and see what giving a BJ might be like or getting a guy off with my hands. I do not like the idea of kissing etc… Clean, DDF and discreet are paramount.

I am 5′ 9″, weight 150 and am in very good condition. It might be hard for me to host as well.

Greg also attached a small photo of himself hiking in the mountains. He cropped his head out of the photo, but thought it would show that he was a “real” person responding to their listing.

Greg hit the send button. He checked his email for a reply several times that evening. The next morning he saw that there was reply waiting for him.

Sounds good! Like you, I am not looking to kiss, hug, cuddle, etc. After hours, I could possibly host in my office. I have included a couple pictures of myself. Could you please tell me a little more about yourself and maybe send me another picture as well? Let me know.

Regards, Peter

Greg was surprised by how excited he was to get a reply and clicked on the attached images. One image showed Peter clothed from behind. Greg couldn’t tell much from the image, other than the brand of jeans he wore. The other picture was more interesting. It showed a guy from the neck down, with a bare chest and a bath towel wrapped around his waist. If the image was recent, he looked in good shape with just a little bit of chest hair. The towel was riding low enough to see that he had a distinctive v-line running from the top of his hips down his pelvis. It certainly got Greg curious as to what he looked like beneath the towel.

Greg wasn’t sure why, but he liked that Peter was not very hairy. In many ways he looked a lot like Greg, though just a little more “filled” out, as he was 20 pound heavier.

Greg figured he would reply with images similar to those sent to him. He put on his favorite pair of jeans. Greg had a nice round butt, which his wife always said was his sexiest asset. Greg wanted to make sure it was evident in the shot from the rear he took. With his shirt off, he took a selfie in front of the mirror. At 32, you could still see Casibom the faint outline of a “six pack” on him and his “v-line” was more pronounced than Peter’s, as he had a slimmer more athletic physique. Greg did a little photo cropping and editing to the images to make him look thier best.

Greg replied with the photos and a few more words about himself. Two days later he heard back from Peter.

My wife is out of town this Thursday evening, do you think you could come over and we could get better acquainted?

Greg replied back that Thursday would work fine. Peter shortly replied with a time and his address. Greg was a little surprised and nervous, as it looked like “this” was really going to happen.

Greg had to admit, he was excited all week thinking about having his first “bi” encounter.

After diner on Thursday, Greg took a quick shower to get all cleaned up. Then he drove over to Peter’s house, which was about 15 minutes away. Greg was actually shaking a little with anticipation and his palms were sweating. Peter’s home was a nice, ordinary middle class suburban house, about like Greg’s.

Greg was very nervous going up to the front door, knowing that this was really going to happen, and rang the bell. A few moments later, Peter answered the door. He greeted Greg with a smile and a warm handshake. He ushered Greg into the kitchen and offered him a beer, which he gladly accepted. They did a little bit of chit-chat about the weather and sports…

Peter was about as he described himself. He was a handsom, and looked 30-something with a nice head of brown hair, cleanly shaved and dressed in business casual attire.

Greg was clean shaved too, had dirty blond hair, blue eyes and had on jeans along with a button down shirt. He looked young for his age (didn’t start shaving every day until he was 22), but no one was asking for his id at the bar anymore either.

“I have to admit I am a little bit excited and nervous about this,” Peter announced after a while.

“That makes two of us,” Greg said.

Peter said, “I thought a good way for us to break the ice might be for me to start out giving you a little massage.”

As fidgety as Greg felt, that sounded like a good idea to him and told Peter so.

“Why don’t we go to my guest bedroom and you can lie down on the bed,” Peter stated.

Greg followed Peter down the hall into a small bedroom with a full size bed. Peter had already spread a couple towels out on the bed and the lights were down low. Peter suggested Greg take his shirt off, which he readily concurred would be a good idea. Greg slipped his shoes off, unbuttoned his shirt, took it off and placed it on a nearby chair.

Peter tried not to stare. He had started this whole “thing” several weeks ago when the desire to act on his Bi urges, which he had had for several years, seem to become stronger and stronger and, he just felt compelled to act on them. Now here he was, standing in his guest bedroom, as a guy he never met before, was getting undressed.

“Why don’t you lie face down across the towels and I’ll get your back some,” Peter exclaimed as he motioned Greg over to the bed.

Greg lay face down across the bed and then glanced over at Peter as he poured some lotion, he assumed to be for massages, onto his hands. Peter placed his hands on Greg’s upper back and firmly moved them over his tight muscles. Greg felt the large masculine hands flow over his entire back, shoulder and neck area.

Greg remarked, “You were right; the massage is a good idea. You have great hands.”

“I am glad you are enjoying it,” Peter said. “I had been very reluctant to put a listing up on Craigslist. I thought about it for a month before I finally got up enough courage to write and post it. I received a number of replies but either the guys were too old, too ugly, too aggressive, or interested in doing things I was just not comfortable with. Your reply was the only one that seemed just about what I was looking for.”

“Well I know how you feel, yours was the first listing I had replied to.”

While Greg had no interest in kissing or cuddling another guy, having Peter massage him felt very enjoyable and a little sensual too.

While Peter was enjoying the talk, he was also anxious to move things along. After working his back over for a while, Peter asked Greg if he would like him to massage my legs too as this felt like the next logical progression. He didn’t want to freak Greg out by being too aggressive.

Peter smiled when Greg answered, “Should I remove my pants?”

“Sure, whatever you are comfortable with,” Peter eagerly responded.

Greg sat up, removed his jeans and lay back down with just his underwear remaining. Peter applied some more massage lotion and started in on Greg’s legs.

“You have a very nice body,” Peter commented as he continued massaging. “That picture you sent me of your backside was nice, but your ass is even better in person. Do you bicycle or work out?”

While it felt a little “queer” to Greg getting this Casibom Giriş compliment from a guy, he had to admit he secretly really appreciated it. Greg thought, while guys are telling their wives or girlfriends how nice they look all the time, its rare, at least for me, to hear my wife or some other girl exclaim about my physical features.

“I do bike some and play tennis,” Greg responded.

As Peter massaged him, Greg slowly spread his legs a little further apart, inviting Peter to massage his inner thighs. Greg enjoyed the sensation as Peter working his way up his body with his strong hands, squeezing and caressing his willing muscles. Peter strokes moved still higher as he massaged Greg’s gluteus over the top of his briefs. Greg quietly moaned approvingly.

The suspense for Peter was building. He wanted to see this man naked. He had been thinking about this very situation for some time and now it was finally coming to pass. Without a word, Peter started tugging on Greg’s shorts. Greg reflexively raised himself slightly off the bed to facilitate their removal. Peter slid them all the way down Greg’s legs, leaving him completely nude.

Peter admired Greg’s fine buns and looked over the male specimen laid out before him. Peter could make out Greg’s balls nestled between his athletic legs and admired his firm nearly smooth ass as he massaged it.

“I wish my wife’s ass was this nice,” Peter remarked.

Greg just smiled to himself, enjoying the body worship he was receiving.

“Why don’t you roll over on your back and let me give your front some attention,” remarked Peter.

Greg had managed to keep himself “calm” in spite of the comments and physical attention his body was receiving. He was more than a bit curious about seeing more of Peter’s assets. Greg ask Peter if he wanted to get a little more “comfortable” too as he rolled over onto his back.

“Sure, I’d love too,” Peter responded.

Greg watched as Peter undressed in front of him. His body was like the photos. He was in good shape and had a small amount of light brown chest hair. As Perter removed the last of his clothing Greg could feel his mouth go dry and his own cock involuntary twitch as he looked over the nude man he had met less than an hour ago.

Peter was already semi hard from the excitement of massaging and rubbing his hands over another man. He had trimmed his pubic hair shorter just that morning. It made him feel sexier and he though it made him look bigger too. His penis was cut and smooth and in its current state was beginning to thicken and lengthen, making evident to both of them Peter’s growing arousal.

As he disrobed, Peter was looking over Greg’s nude body, laid out on the bed, which was waiting for him to continue his exploration. Peter thought Greg had a beautiful slim athletic frame, with a little more chest hair than he. His cock lay flaccid to one side with his smooth ball sac clearly in view. Peter thought Greg didn’t have a lot of pubic hair either and guessed that he probably trimmed it some, like he did.

Though he felt a bit awkward, Greg told Peter he had a nice body. Peter instructed Greg to just sit back and let him explore his body some more. Greg lay back on the pillow and closed his eyes and felt Peter sit down on the bed next to him. Peter placed his hands on Greg’s chest and massaged his breasts, such as they are on a man, and his fingers ran over his nipples. It was a new sensation for Greg and he could feel his member stir in reaction to the touch. Peter moved lower to the abs and then back again to play with the nipples, which Greg found very erotic.

Greg could feel Peter’s leg against his and glanced over at him. Peter genuinely seemed to be enjoying this as much as he was.

“I can tell you like it when I play with your nipples,” he said. Greg just smiled in agreement.

With his eyes shut, Greg heard Peter open a bottle and poured more massage lotion on his hands. He rubbed it onto Greg’s abs and then moved lower to the tops of his legs. As Peter moved close to his package, Greg’s cock began to grow stiffer, and started to straighten from its previous limp state. Peter stared, fixated on the cock hardening in front of him, as his hands closed in on his target. Ever so lightly, Greg felt a finger run over his sac. More fingers joined the first as Peter delicately explored him and softly teased his balls. Greg’s erection was now pointing straight towards his head and was so stiff that, though he was lying down, it no longer rested on his abdomen, but hovered above it, on full display, waiting anxiously for Peter to touch it. Greg opened his eyes and looked over at Peter who was fully consumed with his exploration.

Peter moved his right hand off Greg’s leg. His hand was shaking with nervous excitement as he anticipated touching another man’s hard penis. Peter slowly wrapped hand around Greg’s cock and began to explore its texture and hardness.

“You have a really nice cock,” Peter exclaimed.

Greg felt spoiled and more than a little titillated Casibom Güncel Giriş by the admiration he was receiving. “What do you like about it?” He sheepishly responded, hoping for more verbal adoration.

“It’s such a nice size, and it’s so hard and straight. I can’t imagine your girl not getting hot and bothered just looking at it. I like your smooth balls too”. Peter guessed Greg’s cock was a little more than 6 inches, wasn’t really super thick or thin, with a helmet shaped tip. He was surprised by how turned on he felt. He took the massage lotion bottle and slowly poured some out directly over the length of Greg’s hardon. He spread the lotion over Greg’s cock and balls and began jacking him off.

Greg was enjoying the illicit hand job he was the recipient of. Peter’s large strong hands felt much different than his wife hands which were small and delicate. Peter’s other hand traveled up Greg’s chest and began squeezing and teasing his nipples.

“That feels really great,” Greg murmured. This time it was Peter’s turn to smile. He had been fantasizing of this “hookup” for a long time. He continued slowly moving is hand up and down over the length of Greg’s cock, pausing sometimes at the crown and pressing his thumb along the more sensitive spot.

“I want you to cum for me. I want to feel your hard cock explode in my hand,” Peter urged.

Greg could feel the sensations starting to intensify as Peter expertly work his hard shaft. He involuntarily started to trust his hips upward meeting the downward strokes of Peter’s fist. Peter began jacking him faster and tightened his grip around his erection.

“That’s it; I know you want to cum for me. You’re so fucking hard!”

Greg could feel he was almost at the point of no return as the sensations in the tip of his cock grew more and more intense. Peter increased his tempo still further, and Greg knew he was about to explode. “I’m cumming!” Greg grunted as his body stiffened and head lifted off the pillow. Peter stared, as the first rope of cum ejaculated from Greg’s cock and landed near the top of his chest. Three more ropes squirted out, though smaller and with less trajectory than the first.

A gleaming pool of cum, on Greg’s chest, is what remained as he calmed down. Peter grabbed a hand towel and gently cleaned Greg off.

Greg just lay there for a minute recovering, as Peter continued to towel him off.

“That was great,” Greg exclaimed. “I think it’s my turn to return the favor”.

Greg got up off the bed, his cock returning to its softer state. Peter rearranged the towels some and took Greg’s place, laying face up, on the bed.

Greg sat down next to him, and reached for the massaging lotion Peter had provided. He poured it out into his open palm and rubbed his hands together to warm the lotion. Greg felt his heart beat faster as he turned his attention to pleasuring another man for the first time. He laid his hands on Peter’s chest and began to explore his body. Greg used long firm stokes as his slickened hands moved from Peter’s chest down through his abs and back again. He used his fingers to work the lotion into Peter’s nipples as he drew circles around and over them.

Greg switched positions and moved to the foot of the bed, where he started massaging Peter’s feet, and slowly worked his way up his legs. As Greg progressed up the legs, Peter’s cock began to stiffen. Greg moved onto the bed knelling between Peters spreading legs, allowing him to reach the tops the legs more easily. His massaging hand then proceeded past the legs and over the abs and back down again. As he repeated this, Peter’s member grew a little longer until he was completely hard. Greg placed his palm at the base of Peter’s manhood and slid it up its entire length. Then he curled his fingers around the head and gently kneaded it with his gingers. Peter felt intense erotic pleasure flow though his body from Greg’s exploration of his hardness. Like any man, Greg had touched his own hard cock countless times as he pleasured himself but, masturbating another man felt entirely different. It was familiar, but foreign at the same time. Other than pictures, Greg couldn’t recall ever seeing another man hard.

From his squirming and little moans, Greg could tell Peter was enjoying this. While Greg could give himself a hand-job, and he had received several over the years, he had a real curiosity about sucking a cock. He badly wanted to see what it was like but was still hesitant to cross that line. He was fixated on Peter’s member as he stroked it, trying to decide if he should “go for it” or not. Peter’s cock looked appealing to him, maybe because it was a lot like his own. His reluctance held him back for several more minutes, but his desires won out as he leaned over and brought his mouth to Peter’s erection. He placed the tip of it just past his lips and squeezed the head with his lips and tongue. Greg pressed the tip deeper into his mouth and was surprised how full he felt after taking only half of him. His awkwardness showed as he tried to make sure his teeth stayed out of the way. Greg pressed his tongue into the hard shaft and attempted to bob his head up and down, trying to take more of it. Greg could see why many women, especially with smaller mouths, found taking a hard cock into their mouth a challenge.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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