Curious No More Ch. 02

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Your feedback was awesome and I really appreciated it – good or bad. I apologize to those I didn’t email back as there was a lot of emails almost all good! I ‘d really love to hear feedback from women if there are any out there reading the gay male section…Most importantly, ALWAYS USE A CONDOM! I was lucky…


Ch. 2

When Sean came out of the bathroom, I was lying on the bed, leaning up against the headrest. I was exhausted yet still very energized by all that had happened as it had been an incredible experience and I was looking forward to more. He lay down on the bed beside me, both of us naked. He was on his side and had one of his legs over mine. We talked for a while, discussing everything from politics to sports and eventually, tired from the intense experiences we had just gone through, we ended up falling asleep for about an hour.

When we awoke, so did our “hunger”. We lit up another joint and passed it back and forth. I would take a hit and blow the smoke into his mouth, which would always end up a very deep kiss and our tongues entwined. He did the same back to me and after we had smoked the whole joint, a very nice high fell on us. He started to play with my cock again as he asked me whether I wanted him to stay just for tonight or should he add another?

“I think my cock is telling you how I feel,” I responded with a smile on my face.

“You know how I like to hear you say it,” Sean said as he squeezed my cock very firmly. “Tell me what you want…”

“I want you to stay tomorrow night too.”

“Why?” Sean asked, “What do you want to do?”

“I want to have some more fun…”

“That’s not good enough.” Sean squeezed my cock again. “Tell me what you really want…”

Sean started to massage my balls, which caused me to start taking very deep breaths.

He gently squeezed them as I began to speak, “I want you to stay so we can fuck some more.”

“We? So we can fuck some more?” said Sean, putting the emphasis on the word “we” as he continued to massage my cock from head to balls. “Why don’t you really tell me why you want me to stay an extra night…”

He had me again. My cock was hard as steel and even though I had cum huge amounts already, I was starting to leak and Sean would squeeze it out and rub it on my cock head, making me gasp.

“I want you to stay so you can fuck my ass again…So I can suck your cock again…” It was easy to say it – it was true.

“Is that all? You can have anybody fuck your ass now. Why do you want me?” Sean kept upping the ante every chance he could. He was using every chat session we had ever had against me now and I loved it. He knew it too…My cock was getting harder and I wasn’t sure how much longer I could handle it. I had my hands running through Sean’s hair pulling him towards me so we could deep kiss between words.

“I want your cock. I want it deep sikiş izle in my ass because you own my ass.”

“Are you a cock slut?’

“Yes!” Just saying the words made me almost shoot another load. Sean was starting to play with my ass now and I was pushing my hips into him.

“Whose cock slut are you?” Sean asked as he grabbed one of my ass cheeks hard with one hand while fingering my hole with his other.

I was starting to lose it. I was almost yelling when I responded with, “I’m your cock slut! I fucking want your cock!”

We kissed deeply, out tongues wrestling deep inside each others mouth.

“Do you want my cock now? Do you want me in you again?” I was now lying on top of Sean, our cocks rubbing together. I started to slide up Sean and felt his cock pop up and rub between my cheeks.

“YES! I want you to fuck me!” I breathed and without even hesitating, I went for it all, “I want you to breed my ass…for real! Bareback!”

We both paused – we had chatted about bare backing and how great it would feel. I felt I knew Sean, but this was really taking things to a new level. We had always used protection with our other relationships, but we were both very curious about having a real bareback experience.

He pulled me down to his mouth and deep kissed me again very roughly before asking, “Are you sure?”

“I want your cock to breed my ass! I want to ride you and have you flood my guts!”

We both moaned and he had his answer! I tried to let his dick push into my ass, but I couldn’t get it in. I sat up and straddled on his legs, both of our cocks standing straight up. I reached over and grabbed the lube, but before I applied it to his cock, I leaned down and sucked on that beautiful cock of his.

He started to talk to me again, “You are my cock slut. I’m going to make you give up pussy and just crave cock. I know you already want cock more and more, don’t you?”

I moaned around his cock. I lathered the lube all around his meat stick and crawled forward, leaning into kiss him again as I reached under me to guide his dick into my ass. I pushed and breathed out as he entered me, slowly working my ass down onto his cock. He had his hands on my ass and hips slowly pushing and pulling me on his cock. The feel of his cock entering into my ass was electric. My ass felt like it was dripping wet and as hot as it felt the first time he fucked me, fucking bareback was by far the most erotic thing I had ever done. It slipped into me much easier as my ass was now getting used to his cock and I had lots of lube still in me from the previous time and I made sure he had more than enough on his cock for me to ride him as long as I could.

His cock felt so much hotter than the first time and I could feel every bump, ridge and vein as I slowly dropped my ass down until I felt like he was all the way in. As I rested my ass on Sean, he slowly brazzers pushed up and I could feel him hit that magic spot again. I slowly lifted my ass up an inch and then down until I could feel him grinding my prostrate. I swear I could see stars shooting. He started to push up and down to match my slow rhythm and I again leaned down to let our tongues go as deep as they could reach.

I felt a sudden sense of “oh shit! What am I doing” but that quickly passed when Sean’s cock hit my magic button again and again. His cock felt like it was as hot as the sun and the rawness of what we were doing made me feel like a complete cock whore and Sean must have been tied into that feeling when he said, “I’m not even going to touch your cock, cause I know you’ll cum just by my cock. Right? I’m right, aren’t I you cock slut!”

“Yesss,” I moaned before I really started to ride his cock, going all the way up until his dick almost came out before slamming down and feeling my prostrate be hammered. The more I rode him, the more natural it felt and the hotter it became. His natural lube was helping things along and I would lie chest to chest on him, kissing him, throwing my ass down onto his cock, before rising my ass up and grinding down again, squeezing my ass even tighter around his cock.

We were both slack jawed and totally lost in the moment. My cock was leaking a puddle of precum onto his stomach and we were far from talking now.

It was just pure moaning and groaning as we lost ourselves to the lust of it all. My cock started to swell and I could feel Sean’s cock getting bigger. I was riding his cock, moving my ass as deep and fast as possible onto his cock, letting it massage my prostrate.

We were lost in the moment and I don’t know if we had been fucking for 5 minutes or 5 days when stars started to go off in my head and I could hear our moans getting louder and louder. Sean let me know he was about to unload deep in my ass, “I’m going to shoot…oh shit! I’m going to shoot it deep in your ass…I’m going to Breed you…Oh Fuck!” I already knew. I could feel his cock get even larger and it seemed we were so in sync, that I was also getting ready to unload as he was about to pop.

My hands were resting on his shoulders as pulled ground my ass deeper on to him, my cock flopping around as hard as it’s ever been, “FUCK…FUCK…OH FUCK!!!! I’M GOING TO CUM! OH FUCK!!!!!! OWN ME! BREED ME!”

“Take it…take my load!” he yelled when his first shot went deep into me, pushing his hips even more into me. It felt like his cum was going right through me – every shot he unloaded into me, I would then shoot out onto him. My first eruption came out as a huge spurt that exploded all over his chest and neck followed by 3 huge white ropes that coated his stomach.I was moaning incoherently, “Unnnnnnnhhhhh….unhhhhh…unhhhhhh,” and I couldn’t believe fake taxi porno after all the sex we had so far, that I was still shooting such a huge load.

This was pure sex, nothing more to it. Skin to skin and all about rawness and pleasure. I kept bouncing on his cock and I kept cumming, although now it was just dribbling out of my cock. I hadn’t touched myself the whole time I had Sean in me.

We finally started to come down from the sexual high. Even after we had both finished cumming, I kept riding his cock, slowing down ever so slightly. I leaned down again to lick my cum off of his neck and chest and I kept my ass slowly riding that beautiful cock. My ass was so wet and I could feel his sperm leaking out of me. Every time I moved my ass up and down, I could feel a little bit more of his juice leak out. I sucked up as much of my load off of his chest and kissed him. He eagerly accepted.

Both our cocks were still very hard when he started to speak.”Oh…my…God. That was fucking unreal!” he said as he tried to refocus his vision. “I can feel our juices leaking down onto my balls! I fucking breed your ass…you loved it.”

I still had his cock in me and I could feel it start to go soft. I had my head resting on his shoulder before I leaned back and smiled at him. “You bet I did, I can barely see or talk,” I laughed. “That was crazy. Look at my cock, it’s still throbbing.”

My cock was now semi hard and lying on his stomach and it had a string of cum hanging from it while it throbbed on Sean’s shaved pubes. My legs were starting to get uncomfortable and so I lifted my ass up off of Sean. His cock slipped out of my ass as I pushed myself off and his cock was still semi hard and I could hear it flop on to his stomach. I felt even more empty than I did the first time but now I could feel his load leaking out of me – it was an incredibly sexy, slutty feeling.

We were both glowing, basking in a glow that you can have only once. I was seriously wondering if I would even want to be with a woman after this experience, so intense it was. We were now lying side by side on the bed, and still breathing heavier than normal.

“You Ok?” Sean asked.

“Oh god, yes,” I responded, “You?”

“Oh yeah.”

He started to roll over to get out of bed, “We better clean up?”

I agreed and we both went into the bathroom, turning on the shower and started to wash. We were both quiet, partly from exhaustion and partly from going further than I’m sure either one of us had planned. The hot water felt good, but we were both quiet so I was unsure whether we had gone to far. That feeling didn’t last long when Sean reached over and started to soap up my cock and ass. He stepped forward towards me as I had my back to him. I leaned back into him and reached back around to his ass to pull him tight to me.

“Cock slut,” he said into my ear.

I laughed, “Maybe we need to make sure some more later?” Neither of us was getting hard, but it still felt great.

Finally, just to make sure that there was no awkwardness, Sean asked “Would you want to ever do a threesum again?”

Stay tuned for Ch. 3!

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