Curious: The Beginning

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Although I was a happily married straight guy, with a nice car and a good job I spent far too many hours looking at pornography on the internet. I don’t know why but I was always attracted to the BDSM type of websites and would download image after image of people helplessly tied up in various different types of bondage.

One night, while surfing the net I stumbled across a Female Domination site that dealt with ‘forced’ feminization. Instantly I was hooked. The idea of a respectable, straight male being forced into female attire and made to perform sexually with another male turned me on more than anything else I had ever seen. After this I scoured the internet on an almost daily basis, finding every story, picture and message board relating to the subject. I also became fascinated with transvestites and shemales and occasionally, while my beautiful wife slept in the next room, I would even jerk myself off to photos of hardcore gay sex. Afterwards I would always feel guilty and ashamed, but before long I would be at it again.

I began to crave sex with another man. I wanted more than anything to take a large cock in my mouth and suck on it until I got a mouthful of thick cum. I even began to go off sex with my wife, preferring instead to masturbate while looking at pictures of big cocks. Eventually, the craving got too bad. All day long I could think of nothing except sucking on a huge cock and I knew I had to actually do it for real. Although I knew that the reality would probably be much different to the fantasy I knew there was only one way to find out. I needed to suck cock.

I began placing adverts on personals sites on the net. Ideally I was looking for a local transvestite who would let me suck ‘her’ cock. I figured that this would not make me as ‘gay’ as if I sucked a man’s cock. I soon realised however that 99% of advertisers on these sites were timewasters and after a few contacts that looked hopeful I was still no nearer to getting a hard cock in my mouth. Broadening my search, I started advertising on gay sites and before long I was contacted by a local guy by the name of Steve. Judging by his photo he was about the same age as me and although he was gay he recalled how nervous he was when he first went with another guy. He promised that he would take it gently with me and just let me explore my craving at my own pace. We arranged to meet the following Friday evening at his place on the other side of town. The days went by slowly and I kept looking at the photograph of his cock which he had emailed to me. I wondered what it would taste like in my mouth? What would it feel like when my lips wrapped around it for the first time? Would I be able to swallow all of his cum?

Friday came and I was very close to backing out. Did I REALLY want to do this? I made up some excuse to tell my wife, and drove over to the neighbourhood where Steve lived. I was so nervous that I drove around for ages before finally parking in Steve’s street. I knew that if I went through with this that it would change my life forever, but I also knew that if I backed out now I would always be asking ‘what if?’ Slowly, I walked up the steps and knocked on Steve’s front door.

Steve looked exactly like his photo and was wearing nothing but a robe as he opened the door and invited me inside. I looked nervously around as he led me into the living room and gestured for me to take a seat. As he took my coat and went to get some drinks my heart was pounding in my chest. What was I doing here? I’m not gay! I’m a married man for Christ’s sake! My hard cock however told a different story and throbbed painfully as Steve came back in with the drinks.

He was so easy to talk to and for a while we made idle chit chat as a gay porn film played on the TV. The talk soon got around to sex and Steve began to ask me about my fantasies. As I began to tell him my innermost desires I started to feel gaziantep escort dizzy. The room began to spin and I suddenly realised that I had been drugged! Angrily I stood up to leave but my legs gave way beneath me and with my vision blurring I passed out on the floor.


I don’t know how long I had been unconscious but as I slowly started to come round it was obvious that I was no longer in Steve’s living room. Cursing myself for getting into this situation my heart sank as my eyes began to focus on my surroundings. I was in some kind of dungeon. Manacles, chains and whips hung from the walls and a vast collection of sex toys in all shapes and sizes stood on a table against the opposite wall. Starting to panic I tried to move. I was going to get the hell out of here! How could I have been so stupid! Again my heart sank as I realised I was going nowhere.

I was in a set of stocks. My head and hands were tightly secured and my body was bent over with my legs spread wide apart, apparently locked to some kind of spreader bar. Looking to my left I could see myself in the large full length mirror that decorated the wall. My God! I couldn’t believe what I saw. I was naked apart from a black suspender belt and a pair of fishnet stockings. My feet were teetering in a pair of very high heeled black stilettos and I had bright red lipstick thickly applied to my lips. I began to get really worried as from behind me I heard a door open and someone enter the room.

Looking up I was greeted by the sight of Steve who walked around and stood in front of me. He was completely naked and the cock which I had previously only seen in the photo now bobbed half erect just inches from my mouth. The last thing I wanted to do now was suck it and Steve just stood there in stony silence as a shouted at him to let me go. I squirmed nervously as he interrupted my tirade of abuse. He explained to me exactly what was going to happen and I listened in quiet disbelief. He knew my name, my address, my phone number, credit card details and everything. He had obviously been through my pockets while I was unconscious. Damn! He had already taken several photographs of me in my current predicament and if I did not comply with his wishes then these photographs would quickly end up in the hands of my boss and my wife. I knew I had no choice but to go along with him. There was no way I wanted my wife to see me looking like this, and if my boss ever got hold of those pictures I would never live it down. I sighed and told him to get it over with.

Moving towards me I could smell his sex as he positioned the tip of his cock against my lips. “You wanted to suck a cock” he said, “well now is your chance!” The tip pressed against my still closed lips and he reminded me that I had no choice but to do what he wanted. Reluctantly I slowly opened my mouth and for the first time in my life I took a cock in my mouth. For a moment he kept just the head inside my mouth and I felt my own cock harden as he began to push forward. I gagged a little as he grabbed my hair and began to slowly piston in and out of my sucking mouth. I sucked harder, rapidly starting to enjoy the experience. Steve laughed and called me a cocksucker as he continued fucking my mouth. I could feel his cock pulsating in my mouth and I guessed he was very near to cumming. My God, my own cock throbbed with excitement as I realised I was soon going to taste a hot load of cum when suddenly Steve pulled his cock from my lips. I looked up at him in he told me to beg him for his cum. At first I refused but as he teasingly rubbed the tip of his cock on my lips I kept trying to suck it all in and before long I did as he asked. “Please Steve, I want you to cum in my mouth! Please let me finish sucking you!” He laughed and then obliged. Pushing his cock back into my mouth he pumped a few more times before I felt his cock tense up and with a groan he started to shoot his thick cum into my hungry mouth. With him still holding the back of my head I had no choice but to swallow his load and I gulped down every drop from his spurting cock. When he had finished he slowly withdrew his cock from my mouth and I could still taste the sticky cum clinging to my tongue. “So did you like it?” he asked as he walked out of sight behind me. “Let me go!” I yelled and instantly regretted it as he grabbed hold of my ballsack and squeezed and twisted it as hard as he could! “Aaaaargh!” I yelled as again he asked me if I had enjoyed sucking his cock. Not daring to argue with him I meekly said “Yes, I enjoyed sucking your cock!” and was relieved as his hand let go of my aching balls.

“Good!” he said and I could hear him moving around behind me but could not see what he was doing. Suddenly I felt a cold sensation on my exposed asshole and I knew straight away that it was some kind of lubricant. I had fingered my anus myself several times in the past but the feeling of another mans finger pushing inside was totally different. “What are you doing?…” I nervously asked, not entirely sure that I wanted to know the answer. I could feel a finger pushing all of the way inside me and again I began to protest. Suddenly the finger was pulled out and Steve slapped my ass with his hand….hard! As I grimaced in pain he then went over to the table of sex toys and I knew straight away what the item was that he picked up. It was a dildo gag and he wasted no time in securing it to my head. The thick rubber cock filled my mouth and I could only utter stifled grunts and groans as he went back to work on my asshole. I felt his fingers start to fill me and before long he was fucking my ass with three fingers, stretching my lubricated hole as he pushed in and out. With his other hand he started to jerk me off and even in my current predicament I was soon on the verge of cumming. Suddenly he stopped and took his hand off my cock and slid his fingers from my asshole. Again he went towards the sex toys on the table and he began looking at some of the dildos which ranged from very small to extremely large. My eyes grew wide with horror as he selected the biggest dildo I have ever seen in my life. It was about 18 inches long and had a diameter of at least four inches. I struggled frantically in the stocks but to no avail. I felt the lubricated tip of the dildo touch my puckered anus. Slowly and gently Steve began to push the dildo against my hole. Because his fingers had already been in there, it started to open up around the monstrous cock head and I tried to relax as the dildo started to stretch me open. I was in agony as he pushed and pushed but eventually my sphincter yielded and the giant cockhead forced its way inside me. With a groan my anus clamped around the shaft as Steve continued working the dildo into me. Slowly he kept going and I felt like I was going to burst as inch after inch slid into my body. Looking into the mirror I could see that at least 10 inches were now buried deep within me and I was relieved when Steve stopped pushing.

Standing back to admire his handiwork I could see that Steve was erect again. I was surprised when he turned and left the room leaving me with my ass full of dildo. I don’t know how long he was gone but when he came back he had what looked to be a very good quality digital still camera and he proceeded to take lots of pictures of me in suspenders with my anus stretched around a huge rubber cock. I groaned at the thought of my wife seeing those pictures and groaned again as Steve began to slowly east the gigantic dildo out of my abused asshole. As it slipped out I could feel my anus slowly close and although I felt relief that the giant intruder was out I also felt a strange kind of emptiness. Before I had time to recover, I felt something else touch the puckered lips of my sore anus and guessed straight away that it was Steve’s cock. I had never wanted to be fucked by another man. To me that would make me gay and I tried to move to prevent the cock gaining entry but Steve violently grabbed my ass cheeks and with one long, hard stab he thrust his cock all of the way inside me. Because the dildo had loosened me up I was shocked to find myself starting to enjoy being fucked in the ass by another man! Steve grabbed hold of my hips and was fucking me like a bitch and with my own cock throbbing in pleasure I found myself thrusting back to really feel him inside me. As he pumped harder and harder I became more aroused than I ‘d ever been before in my life. Here I was, a straight man, being fucked in the ass by a complete stranger and I was enjoying it! As Steve pumped faster, I knew I was going to cum and as I felt the first spurt of his spunk splattering my insides I also felt my own orgasm approach and within seconds I was groaning into the gag as I shot my load all over the floor. Looking in the mirror I saw Steve slowly pull his cock from my asshole and a string of cum fell out of me as he withdrew.

Suddenly I felt ashamed and abused and started straining at my bonds to be released. Steve told me that he would let me go when I had calmed down and left the room for a while leaving me to collect my thoughts. How long had I been here? What do I tell my wife? Am I gay now? My mind reeled and as Steve released me and handed back my clothes I was no longer angry towards him and instead I just wanted to get back to the safety of my home. As I dressed Steve told me that I had done very well and I couldn’t look him in the eye – this MAN had fucked me!


I breathed a sigh of relief as I heard him shut the door behind me. As the night air hit my face I slowly walked back to my car. It actually wasn’t that late and I hoped that my wife was already asleep by the time I got home.

I drove around for a while to gather my thoughts and I could feel my asshole trying to recover from the nights assault. I slipped quietly into bed beside my sleeping wife who had no idea that her husband was laying next to her with 2 loads of cum inside him. My mind was still racing and eventually I drifted off to sleep with my cock once again erect at the memory of what had happened.

The next day I struggled to act normal in front of my wife and when I checked my email that evening I was surprised to see that my inbox had several messages from Steve. I didn’t want to read them but curiosity got the better of me and I had to have a look. I didn’t like what I saw.

The message read as follows:

Dear Fuckboy

So how did it feel to act out your fantasy? You got a bit more than you bargained for didn’t you? Well theres plenty more to come. As you know I have in my possession several photographs of you in an extremely compromising situation. What you don’t know is that my dungeon room is equipped with several secret video cameras. I have footage of last nights events which, believe me, you do not want to fall into the wrong hands. Remember when you begged me for my cum? Remember that huge dildo up your ass? Remember how you enjoyed me fucking you so much that you shot your load yourself?….How could you forget? I have contact details for your wife and your boss. From now on you are my property Fuckboy. If I call you and tell you to do something, then you will do it! I hope you understand. Reply to this message saying that you do and then wait for my call. It could be tomorrow, it could be next month. Just think how exciting it will be for you know that anytime now your phone could ring and once again you are going to feel hot cum inside you.

My heart sank. The other messages were pictures and still frames obviously taken from the secret cameras in his dungeon. Images of me in fishnet stockings with a cock in my mouth. Images of my anus stretched around that huge dildo. Images of Steve fucking me and my hard cock showing just how much I enjoyed it.

From now on, I knew my life was going to be different.

To be continued?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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