Curiousity Cured

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Just before I turned 40, I realized that I had a real curiosity about being with a woman. Once I made the decision to pursue a sexual experience with a woman, my hormones went crazy. I joined an adult website, to keep some anonymity, but to meet like women. I spent an entire year on the site with no success. I met a few women but no experiences came to fruition. As my membership was ending, I started chatting with a woman from the website on Y instead of the adult website. This one had true potential. She had experience, was willing to be a teacher and with each chat session got me hotter and juicier. During one of our chat sessions, she asked me if I would be interested in a threesome. I was willing to try anything so I agreed – enter “H”.

“H” and I started chatting online, trading emails and talking on the phone on a regular basis. Our next step was to find a time to meet – our schedules were so busy, it took longer than we expected to find a block of time. The weekend before Christmas, we found that block of time. We live about an hour away from each other – I agreed to drive to her house. Our plan was to have dinner and get to know each other. The entire drive, my mind was in imagination overload – what would she be wearing when she opened the door, what would we do, would I get my first girl kiss. I was so excited; there were moments that I had to take deep breaths during my hour drive.

I can’t explain the feeling of walking up to her door, ringing the doorbell and waiting for her to appear. She opened the door and her beautiful smile welcomed me into her home. If I had any jitters, they all vanished as soon as I walked through the threshold. Her presence immediately made me feel comfortable – like we had been friends bursa eve gelen escort forever. I got a small tour and we discussed what we would do for dinner. In my mind, I wanted to skip dinner and just take her into my embrace but we decided to pick up sandwiches and bring them back to the house. As we ate dinner, the conversation flowed very naturally; the television was on for background noise. She cleaned up our dinner plates, refreshed our drinks and sat back down on the couch. As if she was asking me what time it was, she asked “Can I kiss you”? I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

She got up from where she was sitting, removed my glasses and straddled my lap. She bent her head down and gave me my first kiss by a woman. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. Her lips were soft and sweet and she made these cute little moans, the sounds you make when you’re enjoying a really good dessert. She tried to pull away but my arms were wrapped around her waist and I pulled her closer. After I few more minutes, I let her get up from my lap to sit next to me.

That was just the beginning of our kissing. She remained next to me; the energy between us was electric. She reached over to fondle by breast, my nipple became hard as soon as she brushed over it. We kissed constantly while she continued to fondle me. Eventually, H slid her hands under my shirt to rub my nipples. She lifted my shirt to just above my bra, pulled my breast out and started sucking on my nipple. I was in Nirvana. I had no idea that this would feel so good. She spent a few minutes sucking on my nipple, put my breast back into my bra and pulled my shirt down, smoothing the shirt like she was tidying up the area. She continued this bursa escort routine about every 5 minutes – we’d kiss, she’d pull my shirt up, suck on my nipple, pull my shirt down, smooth out the shirt; repeat.

I was ready to join in on the action. I pulled her back on to my lap – the kissing was awesome – but now her breasts were at eye level. It was my turn to pull up her sweater but I pulled it off instead. Her beautiful breasts were staring at me. What a sight. Both of my hands cradled each large breast, my thumbs sliding over the fabric of her bra. H reached in her bra and pulled out one of her breast. My evening just kept getting better and better. This was another temptation test – my first nipple. It was so delectable – I put both hands around her breast and my mouth engulfed her large nipple. My tongue circled her nipple; I could feel it start to harden just as I started to suck on it. H had her hands behind my head to hold my mouth to her breast. I reached behind her to remove her bra – I wanted to taste the other breast. I had to have all of her. I switched back and forth from the left to the right, right to left and in between, stealing kisses.

Somehow, we ended up horizontal on the couch – she got me on my back – I was between the back cushions and her body. Her top still off, my top still on – in between kisses, she would let her breast hang over my mouth. Of course, I’d pull it into my mouth for another nibble. Her kisses had gotten me so wet. I could feel her hands move down to the button on my jeans. She unbuttoned my jeans, pulled down the zipper and put her hand inside my panties. OMG – another first – she had her hand in my panties! I knew that I was soaked and as her fingers görükle escort rubbed between my pussy lips, you could hear the juiciness. Her movements started slow, letting me get use to her hand in my panties. Her fingers explored my womanhood, eventually finding their way to my entrance. Her rhythm was slow and steady, my body started to react to her motions. I didn’t want her to stop; it felt so good to have her fingers in me. She moved her fingers from my pussy to my clit. Her fingers were moving in a circular motion then up and down – that’s when I started to really squirm. My hips were gyrating with her motion, as the waves of orgasm were building. I could feel the heat rise in my body. Her fingers were doing unbelievable things to my clit. As my orgasm was getting closer, she increased the rhythm of her fingers over my clit, until it crested and exploded like July 4th fireworks. I could no longer talk, walk, form a sentence or think about anything other than the pleasure swirling though my body.

I’m sure that I had a goofy grin on my face as my body returned back to normal. Her smiling face looked down at me. I pulled her down for yet another kiss. As I recomposed myself, I whispered in her ear “Can I have a taste”? She had a surprised look at first, and then a wicked smile spread across her face. We switched places – she had her back against the back of the couch while I unbuttoned her jeans. I slowly pulled her jeans down, savoring the moment and then removed her panties. My very first, up close and personal, view of a woman’s clit – it was an amazing sight. I wasn’t quite sure what to do so I just started with a lick. A lick turned into a suck and the sucking turned into an orgasm – for her this time.

The night ended with a kiss which went directly to my clit. My drive home was an hour of reminiscent bliss. I was smiling and talking to myself the entire time. I was in a trance – repeating a mantra – what took me so long, what took so long, what took me so long? I couldn’t wait for the next time we got together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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