Cyber to Reality Ch. 03

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Cyber to Reality Ch 3. Fulfillment

I awoke feeling so warm and relaxed, not remembering where I was in those first few moments. Then I felt the warmth of a body behind me, the very sexy body of the man who made me his the night before.

Just a few hours before he had penetrated me and I now I belonged to him. I certainly owed him so much, I was a married guy who had always knew what really turned me on, but never admitted it. I never admitted it until I discovered the Internet and eventually cyber. Then I had to admit it, I craved strong manly sex, I craved a cock to pamper, I craved being at the mercy of a mans desire.

I was lying next to Steve, he had nurtured me through cyber, and then he taught me how to please him orally and finally last night his strong cock showed me absolute pleasure.

I lay facing away from him , feeling him breathe next to me, the heat of his body, the scent and allure irresistible. I slowly turned and manoeuvred myself around. He was laying flat on his back, legs slightly apart, so confident, so powerful, even in sleep. I was soon under his arm, taking in deep breaths of his musk. My hand slowly caressed his chest, ran circles around his nipples, my fingers digging under and pulling through the deep hairs on his chest. I think he knew I was there, he chose to ignore me. I spent probably half an hour tracing around his upper body and arms, very gently but deliberately ensuring I had touched every visible part between his neck and the bed sheet over his waist.

Steve lay there, controlling me even in his sleep and it felt wonderful. I found my lips kissing the side of his chest trying to get to his nipple unnoticed. I was now very aroused and found my hand slipping over his stomach, and under the bed sheet. My lips met his nipple as my hand fumbled into his flaccid cock. Steve readjusted escort osmanbey his position without moving a great deal, it was almost a gesture of approval, I took it as such.

I very gradually changed my body position so that my kisses could move down his torso and soon I was kneeling beside him my lips at the edge of the bed sheet. My hand eased the sheet up and I saw Steve’s sexy uncut cock almost pointing at me, a tiny dewdrop in the inner fold of foreskin. Just the very tip of my tongue crept up and touched the wetness. I almost exploded inside, spasms powered through me, I could have cum there and then if I allowed myself, but I wanted this to be Steve’s moment.

I instinctively licked my lips as my hand run down his cock and over his balls, they were warm and loose and so different to the taut hot balls that emptied into me the night before. I felt a dryness on him that I realised was his dried cum, it all reminded me so vividly of how good he was at screwing me. My lips moved over him, gently pulling back his foreskin and tasting him properly, at the same time his he started to fill out, gently at first, then more rapidly and with more purpose.

Steve shuffled in the bed; he knew I was there. I felt his hand move between my legs as if stretching. But he was aware of what he was doing, it came to rest directly under my balls as I knelt beside him. Steve was back in full control. I was totally absorbed with his now hard cock and my tongue lapped and tapped that irresistible vee shape under his wet tip. I felt his fingers enclose my balls tightly and squeeze, I knew I was pleasing him. Not a word had been spoken but we were communicating so well.

I knew exactly how Steve liked me to suck and lick his cock, I was back on familiar ground and he indicated very clearly where he wanted the attention by squeezing escort güngören my balls tighter when he felt me in the right place. It was not long before his strong throbs in my mouth moved to pulses at the base of his cock. Usually he held back from the brink a few times but this time the first pulse was followed by hot smooth spasms into mouth, the very best way to start a day.

Almost immediately, his hand dropped away from me and he told me to go make the coffee. I was still tasting him as I stood out of bed, I knew the blinds were open downstairs so my hand headed for his dressing gown. Steve shouted angrily for me not to touch, I stopped and quivered. He told me to put on the shirt he had discarded the previous evening. Steve was much bigger than me and the shirt was loose and covered everything it had to. As I went down the stairs, his power, his determination, the scent of his shirt, my vulnerability – all turned me on.

I started a fresh pot of coffee, and then quickly put everything back in its place around the lounge, gathering up the wine glasses from the previous evening. Everything was reminding me of how he took my virginity, the simple domestic chores all seemed to bare significance. I heard Steve in the bathroom above, he always pissed noisily into the water, even that seemed to emphasise his dominance.

I poured the coffee and made some toast and by this time Steve was on the sofa reading the newspaper. He was wearing his dressing gown. I seemed to be in another world where every small thing was adding to the buzz inside me. I served him his breakfast and he took it as if nothing had ever happened, continuing to read his newspaper. I returned to the kitchen and drank my coffee.

It must have been twenty minutes or more before he called me and asked me to take his dishes. As I picked up escort çapa the plate he touched my arm and said “I am very satisfied with you, you need to be used a few times but you will be very good”. Those words still echo through me, it was exactly what I wanted to hear, I had pleased him, I would please him again. I returned to the kitchen.

I was washing the dishes when I hear the blinds close and Steve came in to the kitchen. I turned. “No, carry on” he said. I returned to the dishes and for a few moments I knew he was there but not what he was doing. I wondered to myself how even this could feel sexy, but it did.

Then I felt his hand on the top of my leg, it moved up raising the shirt. His other hand slapped my arse cheek, quite hard but not vicious. I started to turn and he pushed me back, his hands now kneading my arse quite hard. He pushed on my shoulders so my arse pushed his way and I felt his hand slip between my cheeks and push on my newly liberated hole. I had not realised how hot and sore I felt until then. Then almost immediately his other hand joined in, but the sensation was the complete opposite. It was so cold, it applied lube to my hot hole. Then his one hand pushed on my back and I felt him undo his dressing gown cord. I was in heaven, his large cock was pressed against my buttocks for just a moment as his hands pulled my waist towards him and my arse up and open. He guided his hard cock straight to my pursed muscle and pushed past the lubricated pucker. I felt him slide deep into me, pushing my prostrate and rubbing against the soreness from last night. It was stinging but he was I control, he was taking me. He hammered into me, fast and heavy, I heard his balls slapping against me, I felt his strength stopping me move, I felt his power and sex everywhere. My arms were struggling to stop me hitting my face on the taps, I didn’t know how long I could last without collapsing like a rag doll.

He fucked me long and hard climaxing with a series of huge thrusts against and into me. Then he simply stood back and said “That was for me”.

He didn’t have to say it I knew.

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