Dad, I Hate Men Pt. 01

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It is late on a Thursday afternoon and I am off for the weekend if I can get out of here. I live with my twenty three-year-old daughter. She feels she must stay home and care for me since her mom just walked out the door five years ago. Karen took a job at a local business as a secretary. It pays well and living at home saves her a lot of money. I told her to save eighty percent of her paycheck and use the rest for her daily activity’s, I also gave her the BMW I bought my wife, she never drove it. Karen loved having the new car.

I didn’t mind Karen being around, she doesn’t look like her mom, she is about my height six foot one. Long black hair, that she always makes look like a horses tail. When I say that she chases me around the house with my cast iron, ten pan. Gives you an idea of her strength. She is busty like her mom was, no idea how big. I have seen her nipples when she wears her white bikini, and they do make me turn my head. She always smiles at me as I do.

She would say things like, “What’s wrong dad can’t handle the heat.” I would grab her and spank her butt. She would laugh and tell me more please.

As far as I knew she wasn’t dating, which upset me, I was hoping to be a grandfather already. I prayed she wasn’t a stiff board like her mother, all talk no movement. Karen was the only joy that came from my wife I having sex. Karen had gray eyes and I have a very big weakness for them. This is one thing she had in commend with her mom.

I was finally on my way home from work and had the urge for Pizza or Chinese.

I called Karen; she was still at work. “Smith’s this is Karen, how may I help you?”

“How about ordering Chinese or Pizza for tonight?”

“Hi Sexy, I ordered Chinese for six PM.”

“How do you always know?”

“I guess women learn these things as we grow up.”

“Thank you dear, I hope you’re home at six.”

“I’ll be there before you.”

“Okay see you then.”

After I hung up one of her workmates came up behind her and made probably the biggest error in his life, he reached around and cupped her breast. She did some judo move sending him over her cubicle, in doing so he ripped her shirt and tore her bra. She didn’t care she was going to destroy him. A bunch of her workmates came to her rescue covered her and called the police.

She had no idea why he grabbed her while at work. Plus, everyone knows she knows Judo. Her boss came running from a meeting, he gave her his suit jacket and gave her water. The police came he was arrested for aggravated assault.

Her Boss, a super nice guy, told her to go home and take the next day off with pay if she needed it. He would also arrange counseling if needed.

Two Bolu Escort of her female friends walked with her to her car. They were laughing at how she sent him flying. Karen was pissed, this is the second time this had happened to her.

Karen and I arrived home same time. “Well, I guess you are wrong, I arrived at the same time.” I opened her door and I saw her face and the tears. When I went to help her out, I saw the torn clothing.

“Dad I hate Men; all Men are pigs.”

I lifted her up and carried her to the house. When we got in, I made her some tea. I asked if she was hurt.

“Dad I love you, you’re not a pig, sorry I said that.”

“It’s not funny what happened, and there is blood, let me get the first aid kit.”

“Dad it’s just a scratch, I’m okay.” I laughed at my dad, he has always been so caring and loving.

I returned to Karen while she was drinking her tea, her breast was hanging out with blood on it.”

“Karen your breast, it has blood on it.”

“Dad I can take care of it, it’s just a scratch from the idiots fingernail.”

She told me what happened, I was ready to kill.

“Dad I’m a big girl, I can take care of myself.”

“Dad, are you aware of what you are doing?” Instinct hit me and I just started cleaning her breast and placed a bandage on her.


“You’re holding my breast and cleaning the wound, now you’re putting a band aide on a little scratch.”

I pulled my hand away and couldn’t breathe, “I just touched your breast.”

I had to laugh as he fainted on me. I helped him to the couch and laid him down.

I couldn’t stop laughing, not only did he faint but he had a major erection.

The doorbell rang and I covered myself and answered the door. It was dinner, I had already paid, but had a nice tip for the delivery guy.

Of course, as I reached for my purse, my boob slipped out. He was so red.

“I am so sorry, please forgive me.”

He smiled and almost fell as he ran to his car.

I stripped off my shirt and bra and put on a crop t-shirt.

Dad was awake when I returned.

“What’s wrong?”

“That shirt isn’t hiding much, and I think I have seen enough tonight.”

I laughed and told him to come eat.

“Dad, I wear this and others around the house all the time, you never said anything before.”

“I try not to be an old crab.”

“Do you like me in clothing like this?”

“Karen, don’t ask me a question like that.”

I sat back and watched her; every time she took a mouth full the bottom of her breast would show. Not to mention those beautiful nipples always pocking out.

“Dad, you are staring at me?”

“I am, because Bolu Escort Bayan I am thinking why you aren’t dating, or married? I mean you are a very sexy and beautiful women, that shirt alone should draw men to you. I always enjoyed your smile the most.”

“Thank you, Dad. I have not found a man that draws me to him, I guess I am just being very picky. No one can beat you; I have been alone with you for five years. You have been so good to me, always the gentleman even when I wish you would make a move on me.”

“You wanted me to make a move on you? Why me and not some young stud your age?”

“Because I love you.” She covered her mouth and ran off to her room crying.

I didn’t know what to say, she is so beautiful, I have tried so hard to never look at her inappropriately. Even when I would see her in the shower, or half off her stark naked sleeping.

I got us both a glass of wine and went to her. “Karen, could you join me on the couch to talk?”

“Okay dad, let me freshen up.”

She came down with a sweatshirt on and a thong.

She sat next to me and curled up. I handed her the wine, and she sipped it.

“Karen I am sorry we are at this point, I never wanted to make you feel uncomfortable around me, I have tried so hard to be a good father and never hurt you by touching you, other than our wrestling matches.”

She said nothing, sat up and placed our wine on the table, she lifted her leg over me and sat on my lap. She held me tight.

I had a massive erection and feared she would be bothered by it; I know she could feel it. She pulled away and kissed me. It became a wet kiss, and she was grinding against me. She pulled away again, then looked down, she smiled at me.

“I have always loved you dad, I hated what happened to you. I would sneak into your bedroom at night and lick your penis. I even watched you cum one time. I ran to my room so I wouldn’t be caught. You never said anything, so I continued until one day I decided to suck your dick, I figured if you woke up what could you say? A few days ago, I decided to mount you, I went slow, because I was a virgin.

“I thought for sure I would wake you because I was crying from the pain. I kept going until you came in me. I cleaned you up and and kissed you goodnight.”

“Don’t worry about me getting pregnant, I’ve been on the pill a couple years. The night before I just sat there looking at you, naked in bed. I decided I was going to do this.”

She reached down and pulled my cock out. She mounted me and slid down. I was in lustville and wanted to bang her so hard. But she had another idea in her head, she kissed me again,

“Dad I love you.”

She Escort Bolu rode me so her clit was being robbed, she was filled with tears, I wiped them off then I kissed her. She came and relaxed a little, then she leaned backward, and rode me in a way I have never seen, but it worked for her she came a few times smiling.

Then she came one last time falling back on the bed. She was smiling, as I rose over her. I kissed her, then sucked on her nipples. They were so much fun, and I played with them. She finally seemed to relax enough to laugh at me playing with her perfect nipples. I then went lower to her pussy. I played with her nicely trimmed bush, then fingered her.

“Dad, oh dad, it feels so electrifying, I’m coming again.”

Her legs were shaking, like she was freezing cold. I put my finger inside her, and she screamed “YES. Please”

I smiled as I reached for her g-spot and clit, I wanted to see her roused like never before. She was puffing and gasping as I rubbed her hard, her legs still shaking, now her breast. I sucked on her nipple and she was almost in tears again. A few minutes later she screamed and had a marvelous orgasm, one that had her in full spasm. I held her down so I wouldn’t lose her nipple, or her clit. She came again, this time she grabbed my hair and pulled me down to her.

“Dad please eat me, Please all of me.”

I was over her, and rolled her on top of me, I stuck my tongue as far in her I could, I then licked her from anus to clit, she was still shaking and now sucking my cock. I sucked her little clit into my mouth she screamed again, but I had no idea what she said. She had a grip on my balls and sucking me hard and fast. I lapped up her juice, and once again I started to nibble on her clit. She sat right up and came she was stiff as a board, then she calmed and returned to my cock. The grip on my nuts hurt, but the suction on my cock had me, I was going to come. I couldn’t say anything, I just held her breast and bit down hard on her clit as I came.

She was sucking hard as she swallowed my cum. I laid there licking her, the idea she was a virgin just days ago was making me hard again. She sat up, then turned to me, laid in my arms. She kissed me and said yummy.

I laughed, “You like the taste of your own cum?”

“Mix that with yours and I could eat all night.”

“I don’t know us men kind of get grossed out eating our own cum.”

“That’s odd, you loved mine?”

“Yes, you are fresh, smell wonderful and taste like honey.”

She scooped some of her own juice and sucked her finger.

“Doesn’t taste like honey to me.”

She started to laugh and sat on my lap and curled into me.

“Daddy, do you feel what we just did is wrong?”

“Yes and no. Yes, because you should be with a hot young man so he can enjoy your hot body and mind. No, because I love you and always have, always will.

“Then it’s settled you and I should get married!


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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