Daddy Came in My Room

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***everyone in this story is at least 18 years old***


It was the day of our family annual picnic at our house. We spent all day cleaning and cooking getting everything ready for the family to arrive. Finally everyone came, all the aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents.

I was wearing the new outfit daddy bought for me, you’re very strict about my wardrobe and it’s always you who buy my clothes not mommy. I love everything you pick out for me. And I love the pretty bras and panties you started to buy for me last year when my breast started to grow. I’m so thankful I have such an amazing daddy who takes such care of me since mommy only cares about herself. You told me to wear the short shorts, something you’ve never bought me before, the tight tank top with the pretty purple bra and matching panties.

I was so excited to see my cousin Mary, we were so close before her family moved away last year. But the moment I saw her I knew it wasn’t going to be the same. Mary grew up, she was four inches taller and her breasts had grown and she lost a ton of weight. She was every guys wet dream and it made me feel ugly and fat. I watched as all the uncles kept talking to Mary and staring at her. I even saw you looking at her when I was looking at you.

Finally everyone started to leave, everyone but mommy’s sisters who always stay to “clean” but they really just drink and bitch about their husbands and kids. I went up to my room to sulk.

You came in, you never knock you told me daddys don’t knock on their baby girls room. I was sitting in the edge of my bed when you cupped my face and turned it up. You could see the tears running down my face ruining my mascara.

“Why are you crying baby girl?”

I was looking down, “everyone was looking at Mary and talking to her and giving her all their attention. It was like I wasn’t even there.”

“Baby girl, what does daddy always say about looking me in the eye.”

“That I need to look at you when we’re talking, it’s a sign of respect.” I look up at you.

“Good girl.” You stroke my face. “Did you want everyone looking at you?”

“I don’t know daddy. But Mary is so different now. She was telling me about all the guys she dates and all the things they want to do to her and what she lets them and it just made me feel like a baby!”

“What kind of things has she done with these boys?”

“Daddy, I can’t tell you that.”

As soon as I say it I realize the mistake I made. I must always tell you the truth when you ask me a question. Your hand tightens on my face and you jerk my chin up stretching my neck.

“I asked you what kind of things has she done with boys.”

“She says they want to touch her and she lets them. She lets them out their fingers in her private area and their penises in her mouth.”

“And you want to do that with boys?”

“Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do on dates daddy?”

“Baby girl you’ve never been on a date. You’re not allowed to date, right?” My eyes dart to the left and of course you notice, daddy notices everything. “Baby girl, have you been on a date.”

“Once” I whisper.

Your grin tightens and I can see your whole body clench.

“When. With who.”

“When I slept at Tessa’s last month with her cousin.”

“And what happened? Did he put his fingers in your escort bursa private area and his dick in your mouth?”

“No daddy…”

“But there’s something you’re not telling me.”

“I touched his penis daddy, and then all this stuff slipped out and he tried to put his fingers in my special area and it hurt daddy. It hurt so much.”

“Baby girl stand up.” You step back.

I stand up, trembling. Afraid of what comes next.

“Do you know what happens to little girls who disobey their fathers?”

I want to look at the ground, but I know it will be son much worse if I do. “They get punished daddy.”

“Right. Take off your shorts.”

I don’t question you, I can already see how you’re holding back the anger. I unbutton my shorts and push them down now standing in front of you in my tank, bra and panties.

You sit on the edge of my bed.

“It’s been so long since I’ve had to punish you baby girl.” You grab my hip and pull me closer. “And I’m sorry for what’s going to happen, it’s going to hurt, but you broke two of my rules. Three if we count not looking me in the eyes. But you agree you deserve what’s going to happen right?” I nod my head knowing I deserve it because I was naughty. “Now tell me what you did to earn this punishment.”

“I went on a date. I touched a boy and let him touch me. And I didn’t look you in the eye. Daddy?”

“Yes baby girl.” Your play with the strap to my panties.

“I also didn’t tell you something the first time you asked.”

You let my panties snap back into place. “You’re right baby girl, and since you pointed it out I won’t punish you for it, but don’t think that will make this punishment less.”

“I knew daddy. I broke the rules, I deserve to be punished.”

“Lay across my lap.” When I’m how you want me you brush my hair off my neck and message it. “Now baby girl tell me why I’m doing this.”

“Because I didn’t follow the rules and good baby girls always follow daddy’s rules so you need to punish me so I remember for next time.”

“How many spankings do you think you deserve?”

“However many daddy wants to give me.”

You rub your hand on my ass. “Good girl. I don’t think I’ve had to spank you since you were little, but I remember how.”

Your hand comes down hard on my asscheek.


You spank me again. “Baby girl you know you’re not allowed to cry. You deserve this.”

“Yes daddy.”

You keep spanking me, slapping one cheek then the other, never in the same place twice. My ass gets redder and redder. Soon your forget why you’re doing this.

I start to squirm. You stop with your hand midair.

“Why are you moving?”

“Daddy, something is wrong.” I all but moan.

Now that I’ve brought you back down you realize that while you’ve been beating my ass my breathing has grown heavy and you can feel wetness on your legs. It dawns on you that baby girl is starting to enjoy her spankings.

You slam your hand back down on my ass and I let out a loud moan. You start to rub my ass your hand moving further and further south until your fingers find the pussy juice leaking out of my virgin pussy.

“You little slut.”

“What daddy?!” I try to get up but you grab my neck and push me back down.

“No wonder Mary’s cousin hurt you when he tried to finger you. You bursa merkez eskort like getting spanked.”

“No daddy I don’t.”

You push a finger in me with ease. I moan. “That tells me otherwise baby girl. You’re soaking wet and so hot.” You pump your finger in and out of my tight little hole. “And so tight baby girl.”

“Daddy what are you doing?! You shouldn’t do this!” I squirm but you just hold me down.

“I’m your father and I’ll do what I want. Anyways, you’re a slut, letting some boy put his fingers in you and touching his dick. If baby girl wants to be a slut she can be daddy’s slut.” You punctuate the words with hard thrusts of your finger. “Tell me this doesn’t feel good.”

“Daddy, please…”

“Please what baby girl.” You pull out of your finger and circle my swollen clit.

I moan louder. “Please don’t stop.”

“That’s what I thought.” You push me to the floor looking down at me as I’m crawling to my knees. You lick my juices off your finger. “If you want to be a slut, you’re gonna be daddy’s slut.”

You grab my hair and force my face into your lap. “You feel that baby girl?” You rub my face against your stiff cock.


“That’s what you do to me slut.” You push harder. “You think I would be looking at Mary when I have you at home. You stupid whore. I’ve been watching you for years. Waiting for you to fuck up so that I can finally do what I want with you. Make you daddy’s little whore. That’s what you want right? You want to make daddy happy. Isn’t that what you want baby girl?”

“Yes daddy.” I nozzle your cock through your shorts.

“Take it out baby girl.” I start to unbuckle your belt. “Look at me.”

I look up and unsnap your shorts and pull your belt off. “There’s my good girl.” You rub my hair. “You like being daddy’s good girl don’t you.”

“Yes daddy.”

“Good.” You stand up letting your shorts fall to the ground, you’re cock free from any underpants pops up and hits me on the cheek leaving a wet mark. “Show daddy.”

You can see the panic in my eyes. “Just touch me.”

I reach up and run my fingertips up and down the shaft.

You hiss through clenched teeth. You grab my hands and show me how to rub your cock.

“Daddy, it’s so soft and hard and warm.”

“You made it this way baby girl and when you make daddy hard it’s your job to make it better.”

“Daddy what’s that wet stuff?”

“That’s daddy’s precum it means daddy likes what you’re doing.”

“Can I taste it?”

“Yes baby girl.”

I slowly lick the drop of precum off your dick. “Daddy it tastes so good!”

“I’m happy you like it baby girl cause there’s more. If you suck and lick daddy’s cock like that popsicle you had earlier you’ll get more.”

I start to lick around the head of your cock and suck you into my mouth. I moan around your dick at how good you feel. I bob my head up and down.

“Baby girl, you do as daddy says and wants right?”

I nod my head, my mouth too full of dick to answer.

“That’s my good girl.” You grab my hair and force me down on your cock. I start to choke and struggle, pushing against you to breathe again. “Stop struggling slut, this is what daddy’s baby girl does.”

You pull my head down four more times. Making my mascara run for a different reason. You bursa sınırsız escort finally push me off your dick, but I scramble back trying to get it in my mouth.

“Get up and get undressed.”

I quickly remove the rest of my clothes standing completely naked in front of you. You push me on the bed on my back.

You slap my pussy. “That’s for being a slut. You said you’ve never sucked cock before but you’re too good to have never done it before.” Slap slap slap.

“No daddy I swear I’ve never done that before!” Slap. “Please daddy I swear!”

“Okay baby girl, I believe you.” You rub my pussy where you slapped it. “You must just be a natural cocksucker.”

You reach up and twist my nipples making me moan in pain. Then you lick the pain away and move onto the next one. You reach down to my pussy and collect my juices and smear it on my nipples and go back to licking and biting them; turning my moans of pain into pleasure.

“Since baby did such a good job sucking daddy’s cock she deserves a reward.” You climb down my body, bringing your face to my pussy. You breathe your hot breath on it making me squirm. You pull my pussy lips apart and attack my clit with your tongue. I scream and arch my back off the bed.

“Shut up slut or I’ll have to gag you with my cock again. If your mommy comes in here she’ll make us stop. Do you want that?” You ask as you insert a finger into my right pussy.

“No daddy. I’m sorry it just felt so good.”

“It’s supposed to.” You slap my pussy again this time hitting my clit making me jump.

You go back to licking around my clit and finger fucking me. “Pull on those nipples like a good little slut.”

I reach down and twist my nipples like daddy did. You go back to licking me, you can feel me growing wetter, you know what’s going to happen. You fuck your finger in me faster and faster and suck my clit into your mouth.

“Daddy, I don’t think… I don’t know… daddy.”

You can hear the uncertainty in my voice reassuring you this is my first time cumming. “It’s okay baby girl. You’re going to cum, it’s what supposed to happen.”

“Ohhhhhhhh!!” I bite my lip to keep from screaming. I cum hard, squeezing your finger with my pussy.

You watch my face as I cum and when I’m coming down from my high you sit on my chest and start jerking your cock over my face.

“Now good girls take their daddy’s cum. And I want to cum on your face. Open your eyes and look at me baby girl.”

I open my eyes and you can see the lust that’s still there. You can see you made me into your little slut and I will do anything daddy wants me to.

“Tell me you want me to cum on your face. Tell daddy you want his cum covering your slutty face.

“Please daddy, please cum on my face daddy. Mark me as your slut daddy.”

You start to cum and I don’t close my eyes, I watch your face as you cum. Once you finish unleashing all over my face you tell me to open my mouth and stick my tongue out. You drag the tip across my tongue getting it all off.

You look down at me and smile as I give your cock little kisses. You reach down and touch my hair. “You’re daddy’s good girl.”

“Thank you daddy.”

“Now, I think it’s time for baby girl to go to bed.” You get up and tuck me into my blankets like you do every night. Only this time I have your cum dripping from my face.

“Good night princess. Daddy loves his baby girl.”

“Night daddy I love you too.”

You lean down to kiss my head and you whisper “the next time I come into your room I’m fucking your little pussy baby girl. Sweet dreams.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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