Daddy Takes To Tennis

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Big Tits

He sat in the shade of the big tree on the lawn. Up on the tennis court to the side of the house his daughter was playing one of her friends. The two of them made a pleasant contrast, Sally blond and fuller figured and her friend dark-haired and slighter. Their white tennis skirts bounced up and down on their firm haunches and from time to time showed the white pants snug to their bottoms. He realised that made him see Sally in a different light – less as simply his daughter, more as a girl like other girls, as attractive as other girls, and for that matter with a bottom which was as appealing as her friend’s. It was pleasant to muse on this, whiling away an afternoon so hot that he had his legs parted in his shorts to cool them and a glass of chill white wine in his hand.

Time passed in a bit of a haze till the couple left the tennis court, the friend got into her car in front of the house and drove off, and his daughter crossed the lawn towards him. She parked herself on the ground in front of him, lying on one side with an elbow on the ground and her head on one hand. How her haunch mounted, swelled, he thought – a different view of the same feature he had enjoyed while she was playing.

-Claire had to rush off, she said. You seemed to be taking an interest – I saw you looking. I thought you weren’t interested in tennis?

-I’m not. It was a pleasant sight though.

-She’s attractive, is Claire.

-So are you.

-Am I? To you? That’s good to hear.

-Don’t you think I think you are?

-I don’t think you think about it one way or the other. If you do you never say so.

-Something in that. I’m sorry. You looked very attractive playing, so I’m telling you that, at any rate.

She sat upright, knees up and apart, ankles crossed. He noticed her short skirt fell between her thighs concealing her crotch, and noticed himself noticing.

-Well, thank you for looking. Maybe you should get yourself another girl friend. You could look at her all you wanted. It’s a long time since mother…

-I suppose I should. But I could say the same. You seem to have been out and about a bit, but if there’s a boy friend you’ve kept him very secret.

-There isn’t really. Not that I haven’t tried a few times.

-Not interested? Well, sometimes people aren’t, till they meet someone who…

-Not interested? I’m only too darned interested. It’s more that…

-That what?

-Hard for us to talk about it, isn’t it. Maybe if mother was still alive…

-As long as you’re interested, what’s the problem? After all you’re eighteen, you can trust yourself not to be stupid, so why not be interested? Lots of boys would be interested in you.

She shuffled about, indecisive or prevaricating.

-Glass of wine, incidentally? he asked.

-Yes. Cold, I hope.

He had brought out two spare glasses in case she brought her friend for a drink. He poured and passed. She bent forward to take one and then drank most of it, her brief skirt bunching up. When she sat back he could see the lower part of her white pants between her thighs. Could see, and looked. And swiftly took in details – the white pants cutting in across just below the cheeks of her bottom, holding and emphasising them, and then the seam at their edge vanishing at the two edges of the soft pouch between her legs, the top of which vanished from sight under her skirt.

-Dad, she expostulated.

Caught in the act he looked up at her face. She was blushing slightly, her eyes on him part surprised part reproachful part amused. She did not change the way she was sitting.

-It’s difficult, she said, holding his eyes so that her pants were now dim, at the edge of his vision, though he was still so aware of them.

-I mean, I can give it a go, she went on. I have, if I can tell you that. Only. Nothing lives up to, or has at all lived up to – well, what one imagines. Heaven knows I have the interest – only how to live it? With anyone? Unless they’re of a like mind? Pretty much exactly like my mind, in fact. A lot to ask.

-You’re very self-aware. Maybe too much for your own good, or at least your own ease in living.

-My father’s daughter, then. Living it too much in my own head.

-You think I do that?

-Come on, dad. Living here on your own. I know your books. I know what you get up to. Or can guess.

-Now it’s me who feels it’s hard to talk.

-Embarrassed? So’m I in fact. But why not get through it? When we’re alike but don’t say.

-I suppose so. Doesn’t get either of us any nearer a solution

-Why shouldn’t you look, she said unexpectedly. If you want to look. I don’t mind you looking. Why should I grudge you it? Why not share it? Two people wanting things…

With one hand she quickly bunched her skirt into her lap. He stared at the deep full soft pouch cased in white, her pants running tight down each side of it, forming and defining the shape of her hidden sex. Half a dozen stray straw-coloured hairs stuck out from the sides of her pants. Beylikdüzü escort Her bottom swelled firm and full beside the pouch, her unblemished skin an almost transparent pinkish white. He looked at the long insides of her thighs, the curve of the muscle under her skin.

-You look serious, she said.

-Of course.

-What do you want now then?

-Heaven knows what either of us wants, or can have.



-That’s what I want. It. The things. I think about them. And in a way I’ve had them. But with those tiresome boys. Anti-climactic.

-Not a lot I can do about it. Or you either I suppose.

-Why not? You’re serious. You can’t help it. And so’m I.

She was silent, then leant back supporting herself with arms behind her. She put her legs down and parted them, He looked between, at the white cotton bulge at the heart of her pink-white flesh. They sat, neither of them moving.

-It’s so hot, she said eventually, I think I’ll sun bathe.

She bent to unbutton and unzip her tennis skirt, twisting her body so that her full breasts pushed against the fabric of her T-shirt. She tugged off the skirt, lifting her bottom to get rid of it. She drew up the T-shirt and pulled it over her head. Her breasts looked armoured in a heavy white sports bra. Full enough to need one. Uncomfortable to have them crashing about when she was playing. Sloshing hither and thither.

She turned and lay on her front, head away from him. Her hands reached up, undid her bra, pulled the straps to lie beside her and leave her back naked. She cradled her head sideways on her arms, her eyes closed.

He looked at the soles of her tennis shoes, then her white socks, then the line and swell of her closed calves to the inside of her knees, pinkish and curiously vulnerable and untouched-looking, then up her thighs to the sudden full swell of her bottom in the white pants whose seam ran up the crease below her cheeks, the crevice between the cheeks slightly shadowed under the white. Then the plateau of her back, her backbone, the tenderness of the nape of her neck, her blond hair sprawled sideways over her ear.

He sat looking. She shuffled, breathed deep. Then parted her legs wide, canting her feet out to lie along the grass.

The act itself excited him. Exposing herself. To him. He stared into what was exposed, the gap between her thighs, half shadowed as the sun struck from one side. The edges of her pants sank deep on each side of the back part of her sex, showing how deep her lips were. Then they vanished into shade.

She lay still. He felt his cock come life, stroked it softly with one hand. It grew, and was constrained by his shorts. He half-stood, pulled at the ends of the legs to loosen them pushed his cock round, stroked it softly, looking, till it lay half-erect along the top of his thigh.

Abruptly she rolled over, holding her bra over her breasts, shuffled herself, lay with her legs closed again. He stared up them at the swell of her mount at their head. The white edge of her pants lay along the side of her mount, tucking into the crease between mount and hip. The top of her pants stretched across her stomach just below her navel, another part of her which looked vulnerable, unvisited.

Again she opened her legs. Now he could see so much, so well. The thick swell of her cunt held in her pants.

She threw her bra to one side. Her breasts lay there full, swelling out at the sides, their tops flattened, pink nipples in their disks of pale puckered brown.

He looked, felt himself softly. His cock stretched, pushed upwards like some living thing with a will of its own, lay against his stomach, sensitive and trembling.

She raised her head suddenly. Opened her eyes. Saw. Sat up. Shuffled forwards between his knees. Leant back against his right thigh. Stretched round to hold his cock with her left hand, where it lay under his trousers. Softly, not saying a thing, not looking at him, she felt it, half-pinched it between her fingers, stroked up and down each side of it. He grew fully erect, stiff, rigid, his cock lying up his stomach, pressing out from the material of his shorts. She wriggled a finger round its top.

Changing position slightly, she took both hands to the top of his shorts to unbuckle his belt.

-Sally, he said.

She said nothing, fussing on with the buckle.

-Sally. Think. Best to stop while you can. While I can.

-I have thought. What do you think I was doing, lying there?

She spoke quietly, still not looking at him, got end of the belt loose, pulled it through the buckle, undid the two buttons that secured the top, got hold of the zip. And steadily, slowly pulled it down.

He was being very passive – too much so? It would scarcely be fair on her for him to the one who moved things forward. But should he stop her? Could he, now?

She fished inside the vent of his boxer shorts for his cock, got her fingers around it. Extraordinary feeling – a long time since anyone else’s fingers Beylikdüzü escort had touched him, and then for the fingers to be hers.

She pulled his cock out through the vent, with some difficulty. She stroked it, stared at it. Then bent, put out her tongue, licked round the rim of his glans. His cock trembled, thrilled, stiffened further. Then she bent further and licked her way up the shaft in long wet savouring strokes. Then slipped her mouth over the top and licked and sucked at it. She started slipping it in and out between her lips and to the back of her mouth, lips and mouth, lips and mouth, licking and softly sucking. He stroked her hair. Twisted to lower his right hand to clasp her left breast, fondling it. So firm, hard almost – her young breast, naked, in his hand. Her nipple stiffened till he could flick it to and fro lightly with his palm.

She wetted her tongue and licked his cock slowly from base to tip with it. And again. And licked around and around the rim of his glans; And held his balls in a palm, squeezing them softly.

She pulled back.

-Lovedew, she said.

She pulled his boxers down enough till she get his scrotum out of the split. She cradled his balls in her hand, squeezing softly, looking down at the wet top of his cock. She hit the side of his cock lightly with one finger.

-Like a tuning fork, she said. Vibrates.

Suddenly and quickly she moved away from him, crouched on her knees with her bottom towards him, her head on the grass, her shoulders pushed down low. Her bum, presented to him, for him, in her white pants.

She reached her hands behind her, supporting herself with her shoulders. She pushed her fingers under the waist band of her pants and started to draw them back and down, very slowly. Over the curve of her bottom. Down in a straight line over her lower bottom. And stopped. Moved her hands to the cheeks of her bottom. Pulled them apart.

The elastic of her pants, pulled tight on the opened cheeks. And just above the line, in the crevice, in her crack, he could see her anus. Pink closure, wrinkles radiating from its centre – only a closed spot at the centre, no actual hole to be seen. Around it, an ellipse of brownish skin, blurring and fading back to flesh colour.

She held herself for him. Opening her crack, exposing her anus. Wiggled her bottom.

Making it obvious what she wanted.

It was the sudden grossness excited him. A daughter whose body he had not fully seen since babyhood, concealed from him, kept private – and here, abruptly, she was opening her bum for him, showing him her hole. Her most private part.

-Daddy, she said, her head resting sideways on her arms.

She had not called him daddy since she was a child. No child now, thrusting her bum towards him.

-Do you want me, she said.

-I want you.

-No you don’t. You don’t want me enough. What do you want, daddy?

He found it difficult at first to say. Inhibited. Her point.

-I want to fuck you.

-You want to fuck me Daddy?

-I want to fuck you

-Then fuck my bum first daddy. Fuck me up my bum. It’s my virgin bum. Fuck me up my virgin bum, daddy.

All this softly, languorously.

Quickly he knelt behind her, excited, carried away. Bent down, sniffed at the almost no smell of her pink hole close in front of him, a faint mustiness. Moistened and extended his tongue. Licked around. Explored. Ran it over the faint ridges of her hole’s wrinkles. Made a funnel shape with it and thrust as well as he could into the closed hole, around it, in and out, moistening.

He sat up, dropped his shorts and kicked them off, licked his palm, wetted the top of his cock with it. Bent it down. Placed it against the almost invisible orifice.

Pushed. No effect. Fortunate he was so stiff. Then suddenly he was through. The tight ring of her sphincter squeezing his cock just below the glans. And beyond that nothing, the void of her innards.

Slowly he pushed. In. Right in. Till his balls came up against her bum, against her pants that still covered her cunt. And his cock gripped tight round its base, barely feeling anything further along.

He fucked her, slowly, in and out.

-What are you doing daddy? Tell me what you’re doing.

-I’m fucking you. In your bum. I’m pushing my cock up your bum. Up your hole. Pushing my cock up your hole.

-Yes daddy, I like that, I like you saying it. I like you pushing your cock up into my shit, daddy. Wanting to fuck me where I shit, daddy, up my bum.

Slowly pulling out then pushing in. Easier now – some secretion moistening her ring, or the ring itself loosening as he fucked her.

In, slowly, and out.

She put a hand behind her, pushed his thigh away.

He withdrew from her. The difficulty as his glans came up against her ring from inside. The squeeze. Then out all of a sudden.

She put her hands behind her, pulled her pants right down, pulled back a leg to get it out of them, then the other, kicked the pants aside.

Withdrew Escort Beylikdüzü her hands, put her right hand between her legs from the front, slid a finger into her cunt, parting the pale hairs, then the lips, then her inner lips. Parted the outer lips, thick, plump, faintly covered in pale brown hairs, with the thicker hair of her bush sticking down between her legs where he could see it. Parted the thin bright pink inner lips to lie out pulled back against the outer like a butterfly’s wings. Spread the inner lips wide, a vivid pink. Held them open for him with her fingers.

He lay down, resting on his elbows, raising his head. He licked her. Licked up and down with all his tongue against the inside of her cunt. Almost flavourless but excitingly not quite, salty, faintly fishy, like shellfish. Took one of the lips into his mouth, thin as a wafer and sucked it in, licked at it in his mouth. Then did the same with the other.

He shifted lower, to lick down over her clitoris. Flicked over the lump of the button with the tip of his tongue. Then flicked it sideways, across and across her clit from the small base half lost in the junction of her lips to the thicker bit near the tip, and then over the button of the tip half sheltered by its tiny hood of skin. He was totally absorbed, taken over – the feel, the taste, the intricacy of her bits, her womany bits, excited and wet and flowing.

She was panting and groaning a little. Yes, daddy, she said, deeper voiced now. Lick me daddy, lick my cunt, I’m getting so wet daddy, so excited, with your lick, I like your lick, lick at me, taste me, eat me.

He licked and savoured and almost drank. Her cunt was sopping.

He took his tongue away, held the cheeks of her bum open, bent and licked at her arse hole again, softer now, easier to get his tongue in a little. Bent his nose to sniff at her arse hole again, smellier now, smell of her shit, exciting not disgusting he was so excited himself. The back to lick her cunt, licking up the cunt juice, sucking and eating at her vagina to get the juice.

He sat up again, he slid one finger up her vagina, and his thumb up her ass. Looked down at her more detachedly. Her bum, her cunt, her arse, and his finger and thumb pushing in and out of her, she wanting it all, inviting it, taking it.

Suck me again daddy. This suddenly, urgently.

He got back down, sucked.

-Suck. Suck. I’m going to come. Lick. Suck. I’m coming. Oh daddy suck my cunt, suck my cunt, suck my cunt, oh you cunt sucker, cunt sucker, cunt sucker, I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming, oh, come, come, I’m coming, I’m coming, I’ve come, I’ve come, oh daddy, I’ve come, oh daddy, you cunt sucking daddy, oh, oh . He gave a few last cosseting licks over the whole surface of her cunt. Eased, took his fingers out of her, stopped. Knelt up. She moaned and shuffled. They paused.

She spoke again in a quieter voice, intense.

-Daddy. Fuck me now daddy. I want your spunk, daddy. I want you spunking my cunt, daddy. What do you want to do to me daddy?

-I’m going to fuck you Sally. I’m going to put my cock in your cunt. Shoot my sperm in your cunt.

He slipped his cock between her cunt lips, bending it down to her clit.

-I’m wetting my cock, he said. I’m wetting it in your juice. Sliding it up and down in your cunt juice.

-Wet your cock daddy. I want it nice for me. I want it now. I want it up my cunt. Please daddy. Give it me. Now, daddy, now. Shove it up. Shove your cock right up me. Up my cunt.

He shifted, let his cock spring back up from her clit, held his cock and felt with its tip to find her vagina, her hole, the hole of her cunt. Nestled the tip of the cock into he soft moist opening. And slowly pushed.

She was so moist, so close, held him so soft and all over and gentle and took his cock into her.

-Darling, he said. It’s lovely. So soft.

-It’s lovely daddy. Do it to me. You’re so stiff. You’re right up at the top.

He slid in, then out. Outside, his tip between her lips. Then parted them fully again to slide back into her. Deep unhurried thrusts.

He looked down at her, her tennis shirt down around her neck, her backbone, then her bum swelling out in front of him, her anus pink between her open cheeks. He put a forefinger up her anus, pulled her back onto his cock then away again, and again and again, relaxed.

-Oh daddy I love your cock. Your cock right up my cunt. Oh daddy. Your finger up my arse, it’s lovely. Do it hard now daddy. Do it hard. Hard daddy, hard. Hit me. Hit me. Hit we with your balls. I like it, your balls, they hit me. I’m going to come again. Come too daddy. I’m coming again. I’m coming. Come daddy. I want your juice up my cunt. Come, come, now, up my cunt, up my cunt.

As she shouted he speeded, hit. His hands on the sides of her bum, holding her cheeks wide open, his finger in her arse, his cock banging her cunt, his balls thudding into he bush, his thighs hitting hers. In and out, harder, faster, his cock thrilling, the tip trembling and thrilling.

-Fuck, fuck, fuck, he said with each speeding stroke. Up your cunt, up your cunt, up your cunt.

-Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.

He felt the pressure suddenly growing. Then the throb, the burst, the release, the long flow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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