Daddy’s Anal Princess Ch. 01

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The heat was unbearable; the humid air had been hanging over the city like a tight blanket. Victoria, British Columbia, a quaint tourist city on Vancouver Island was in the midst of the worst heat wave in its history. Five record breaking days in a row and the thermometer was still rising. The thin red lines of mercury reminded Mike Davidson just how hot the days were as he gazed at the thermometer.

What didn’t help matters was the fact his wife had refused to have sex with him because of the heat, the tension headache felt as if it was splitting his head in two. Mike’s wife Betty was a pretty thing but never had really enjoyed sex all that much, if Mike got it more that once a week he would consider himself lucky. Now with the heat raising all the hot women were wearing less and less making Mike constantly in a state of arousal.

His shorts barely covered his thick penis as it stood half erect the past week. He decided to take a quick dip and lay around the pool before the morning was taken over by afternoon’s furnace. He went to the diving board and jumped right in, he didn’t even bother testing the water, the refreshing shock of the cooler water was what he was looking for. As he swam from one end of the pool to the other he noticed his 18 year old daughter, Stacy walk out to the pool. She was wearing one of her thong bikini sets that didn’t help the growing concerns in Mike’s shorts.

He knew it was wrong to stare; he was her father after all. But the lack of sex combined with the heat didn’t allow for much moral thought to take place. Mike noticed the hot pink triangle in front of her smooth legs, the small piece barely covered her youthful snatch. Mike thought she must shave her pussy bare to get away with wearing something Beylikdüzü escort so revealing. He watched as she bent over away from him to lay her towel on the patio lounger, the thin strap so sexy as it disappeared between her healthy globes of ass flesh. He could feel his cock come to full attention as her legs slightly parted from her movement, her young cunt just hung there for his gaze.

“Hey Dad, how’s the water this morning?” Stacy asked her father. She turned just in time to see her father ogling her. She knew he must have been gawking at her ass. She let in a little breath, heat jolted her pussy in hopes that he was. She would never have told her father but she had always had a secret crush on him and many times when she masturbated it was his image she saw, on top of her, thrusting his big cock deep into her pussy and ass.

Stacy had been sexually active for awhile but other than using her fingers no one had ever done her in her ass. Stacy held on to a slim hope that maybe she could get her father to take her anal cherry. Even though she knew his cock was probably much too big to fit in her tight hole. She had seen it once and it was huge! He wasn’t even hard. As she passed the bathroom her father had forgotten to close the door and Stacy watched as he gripped his heavy cock and took a piss. When he was done Stacy rushed to her bedroom and fingered her pussy thinking of the huge tool.

She knew her father and mother didn’t have sex much, it was pretty hard not too with the paper thin walls. When they did have sex though Stacy made sure to listen intently as her father slammed his thick meat into her mom. Stacy wanted to be the one in the bedroom taking that magnificent tool in place of her mother.

“Hun Beylikdüzü escort … Hun?” Mike called to his daughter.

“Yes, oh sorry Dad I was lost in thought! What did you want?” She asked.

“I was just answering you. I said the water was just perfect. What were you thinking about Sweetie?” Mike asked her.

Stacy loved it when he called her sweetie, “Uhhh nothing important.” Stacy said her words stumbling out. Her father had gotten out of the pool and Stacy stared at his hard body, his hard crotch caught her attention immediately and she felt wetness release from her pussy.

Mike walked over to sit by his daughter and catch some rays. As he made his way over he noticed her shiver then a dark wet spot form at her barely covered crotch. When he looked at his daughter he saw she was staring at his full erect cock, and a little tremble passed through his body.

“Dad do you think you could put some sun tan lotion on my back for me? I would really hate to burn?” Stacy knew he would and couldn’t wait to feel his strong hands all over the backside of her body.

“Sure Sweetie, I think I can handle that!” Mike said but knew deep inside he probably couldn’t handle the soft feel of his daughter’s body underneath his fingers. He shook his head to try to get the bad thoughts out of his head but nothing was working.

“When is Mom going to be home?” Stacy asked her father.

“Not till tonight, she went to some summer concert with her sister.” Mike said. He took the lotion and squirted it all over her back. The creamy liquid splashed over her ass, legs and back. Looking at gooey lotion he couldn’t help but wish that it was his own gooey liquid that was covering his hot daughter. He started at her shoulders and started Escort Beylikdüzü massaging in the oil. Her skin felt heavenly under his hands, his nasty thoughts caused him to shake, and he just hoped his daughter wouldn’t notice his unsteady hands.

“Mmmm, just you and me all day then! Ooohhh that feels so good!” Stacy cooed, hoping her father was getting her sexual overtones. Stacy could tell she was having some effect on her father; his shaky hands gave away his true feelings.

“Yep a total father and daughter day and I couldn’t have better company to share the day with!” Mike said to his daughter, he almost coughed up his words as he lowered his massage and watched as she spread her legs wider than needed. He could see her lips slightly bulging out from the sides of her sexy swimsuit. He felt his cock twitch and the precum soak into his trunks.

“Don’t forget to do the inside of my legs Daddy, and my butt. I don’t want to burn there, that would totally suck!” Stacy had her head turned to the side of the lounger that her father was on and could see his shorts as they suddenly went dark. Another rush went through her body as the realization of her father’s desire for her was no longer in question. The only thing left was to see if she could actually coax him into going for it! She let out a loud moan when she felt the touch of his hands graze her inner thigh.

“Uh baby … I’m going to go get a drink, you want anything?” Mike asked his daughter.

“But you aren’t done putting lotion on me yet!” Stacy protested.

“Well Sweetie, it is starting to get real hot and I just want to get one to cool down!” Mike said as he got up from the lounger. She told him she would take a lemonade and he went to grab one. He dove in the water to quickly hide the apparent wet spot on the front of his swimsuit. Mike didn’t know she had already seen it and didn’t want her thinking her father was a pervert who wanted nothing more than to fuck her right on the spot!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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