Daddy’s Diary

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Daddy has a black silk hood and a cane in his bedroom closet. He always threatens to use them for punishment of me when I’m naughty, just like his mommy did with him.

“But I know my daddy.” She giggled in her mind.

“Why, he wouldn’t harm not a single solitary hair on my sweet innocent little head.” smiled Mandy to herself.

It was late afternoon, and Mandy was laying on her bed dreaming, her long slender fingers up the leg of her shorts, gently rolling the semi-erect head of her clitoris, slowly, between her thumb and index finger: Caressing the sticky tips of her outer vulva lips, and running her pointed, finely manicured nails through her delicate, sensitive, steamy inner labial wings, sending shivers up her spin; raising the hairs on the back of her neck, mushrooming her dark-red nipples turgidly off of the surface of her firm young breasts: Fetching her fingers up periodically, to her nose, breathing her own scent deep into her lungs, intoxicating her senses, titillating her sexuality; tantalizing her inner burning desire, with the promise of naughtiness, and vulgar fulfillment.

Mandy lay there quiet, lazily painting her lips with her pungent creamy fluid, coaxed out from between her legs by nimble probing fingers. The savory sweet pang of her sex-balm illuminating her taste buds. The smack of saline-tinged cream, leached from sticky fingers, heightening her arousal. Her palate basking in the sweet, peppery, honey-cinnamon musk, tinged with subtle aftertastes of citrus, and dried urine, mixed in with a hint of lightly broiled tuna steak. As she threaded her fingers through her parted lips, the tip of her tongue rooting insistently under her nails for a greater concentrate, she had the feeling of being loved — mostly by herself.

Mandy stretched out leisurely on her back, drinking her own particular essence, daydreaming of men ravaging her body; inserting their things into every one of her holes; picturing unthinkable carnal acts being committed against her pristine, angelic, naïve form, and she, forced to pretend to be a willing, and eager, accomplice — forced to act as if she liked it — when she knew all along she fucking loved it!

Finally, rolling over onto her side, curling up into the fetal position, one hand up her blouse, under her bra, rubbing and pinching her aching rigid nipples, the other hand inside her shorts, flicking her stiff little clitoris wildly, her back arched, her neck bent backward; mouth open wide, lower jaw protruding, tongue cupped and curled back into her throat; her little body shaking and quivering involuntarily, as wave upon wave of powerful orgasm cascades throughout her body–Zoom! zoom…zoom, ZOOM…ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOM…zoom, zoom…zoom…ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOM…OMG!…OMG!…OMFFFG!…zoom, zoom…zoom, zoom, zoom…ZOOM, ZOOM!–ZOOMzoomZOOMZOOMZOOMZOOMzoom — she came — zoomZOOMzoomZOOMzoomZOOOM! OMG! OMFFFG!

“Mommy, I’m afraid…!” she blurted.

ZOOMA–ZOOMA–ZOOOMA–ZOOOMA–ZOOOMA–ZOOOOOOMA! ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOOOOOOM! Zoom, zoom…zoom, zoom- ZOOM-ZOOM!…zoom, zoom, zoom…. She came again screaming, and squirting into her panties and shorts.

Her mother knocked on the door, and asked if she was okay. Mandy gulped down a larger breath and answered in a shaky voice,

“Yes, mom, I’m fine…”

Her mother popped her head around the door. The air in the room was thick of Mandy’s scent. Her mother picked the fragrance up immediately. She looked at Mandy’s crotch. It was wet and stained a light yellow color.

“Mind you change your shorts and panties before coming down for dinner. I don’t want your daddy to see what you have been doing.” said Mandy’s mom.

“I haven’t been doing anything mom.” lied Mandy.

“Okay young lady, just wash up before dinner, that’s all.” reproached her mom.

Mandy complained, “Mommy, I am 18 you know, I do know what needs to be done. I am not a child any more. I just wish you and daddy would realize that. You will have to sooner or later…” she warned.

Her mom closed the door, and Mandy cuddled up on the bed sucking her coated fingers.

“My daddy loves me!”, she reassured herself.

Throwing her head to one side on the pillow,

“…and I think I love him too, well — at least as much as anything else that I love, I guess.” she compromised.

Mandy slipped her fingers back up the leg of her shorts, going for more of the tasty stuff again.

She stopped rolling her clitoris for a moment to think.

“I love my — computer?” she pretended.

“…and I love my friend Sarah too.”, she sighed inwardly – emphatically, “…especially as she does me with her sister’s strap-on when I stay over at her house for slumber nights.”

Mandy shivered, and crossed her legs unconsciously, and giggled out loud.

Her clitoris got very hard again, and she gasped and squirmed around on the surface of the bed like a large python slithering silently through the damp undergrowth of a dark slimy jungle forest: She kicked off her Avcılar Escort damp shorts and wet panties, and rolled over onto her back, her legs unceremoniously opened up wide, and folded up almost behind her shoulders. Mandy didn’t care what she looked like, as long as she could get at her vulva, and clitoris, that’s all she was concerned with.

She took her clitoris’s engorged quivering head between the soft pads of her fingers, and thrust her pelvis forward. Her girl-cock slid out from her prepuce’s nun’s headdress as she pushed the wet labial folds out of the way, exposing the full extent of her tiny little girl-penis; sticking it out proud and vibrant, a full three quarters of an inch: Mandy gently took hold of its little rigid shaft, just beneath the comparatively huge arrow-shaped clitoral-head, and wanked at it — just the way the boys do.

Mandy was making more noise than she was aware of, and her bed was shaking and creaking as she pumped her young, but sizable buttocks into the mattress, instinctively fucking the air with her open dripping cunt. She wanked at her clitoral girl-cock feverishly, and could feel herself building into another orgasm She fumbled around frantically in her bedside dresser drawer for her favorite hairbrush — the one with the long, thick, knobble handle. She found it and pushed the handle into her mouth to wet it, then centered directly over her oozing love-tunnel. Mandy got a little orgasmic wave as she felt the handle of the hairbrush touch her inner labial lips. It was like a small electric shock, and it threw her head back. She gasped and her eyes rolled back in her head — her eyelids fluttering erratically. She let out a sharp yelp!

Mandy’s mother was walking past her bedroom door, and heard the bed creaking and the loud, sharp yelp. She stopped and turned back toward Mandy’s bedroom. She stopped at the bedroom door, her hand on the door-knob, she tapped lightly on the door. There was no answer. She knocked again and called through the door.

“Mandy, are you in there…?”

There was no reply.

Mandy was in a world of her own, and didn’t, or refused to be distracted from her impending second orgasm, She recovered from the initial orgasmic wave, but now she had the taste for it, and brought her head forward, just long enough to see her hand bury the handle deep into her vaginal tunel, twisting it as it went in — all the way up to the hilt — all the way up her open cunt, until the bristles stung her vulva’s lips.

Another hot, potent orgasmic wave rocked her body, and flung her head back to one side onto her shoulder. She was wanking her girl-cock clitoris wildly, and pumping the hairbrush handle in and out of her foaming cunt-hole. She let out a long, low, loud, rasping moaning growl, and as she took orgasmic wave after orgasmic wave, she squirted jets of hot urine clear across the room each and every time she pumped the handle into her. It was her way of simulating the male ejaculation when she came.

Mandy’s mother turned the handle, opened the door, and entered the bedroom.

Mandy didn’t hear or see her mother standing there, her hand over her mouth in utter shock, shaking, as her clitoris grew stiff between her legs, and her nipples shot out of her tits so fast the she actually had to bend over at the hip and adjust her bra to accommodate the swelling. She gasped as her fingers brushed over her nipples, and she came to orgasm right there in the room.

Mandy’s mom slipped her hand up her skirt, into her panties and dropped to her knees, flicking her pert clitoris madly. She rolled over onto her back, her legs automatically raised up high and back over her head, she came violently, also squirting and pissing everywhere, up into the air so hard that the jets of piss hit the ceiling, and sprayed everywhere.

Mandy’s mom’s orgasm was very powerful, but short, and she was finished quickly. Mandy was just halfway through hers, wanking and pumping and squirting and screaming and moaning continuously.

She was totally oblivious to her mom’s presence, her head thrashing around on her shoulders, eyes rolled back in her head and eyelids fluttering like dying butterflies.

Mandy’s mom saw tow ways out for herself: She could run out of the room and hope Mandy hadn’t seen her, or she could go on the attack!

She decided that it was safer for her to take the offensive. Banking on the thought that if Mandy had seen her — even unconsciously — then a massive shock, and the ensuing guilt and shame, of a frontal attack of the situation would ensure that Mandy’s recall-memory would be sufficiently, if not permanently repressed.

Mandy’s mom, straightened herself up, as much as she could, her clothes soaked with her piss but, nevertheless; she approached Mandy, caught her by the ankle, pulled her up, almost off the bed, and screamed,

“MANDY..! You little whore…! You fucking little BITCH…!”

And slapped her severely on the buttocks!

Mandy was instantly shocked back Avcılar Escort Bayan into reality, and said, in an innocent, surprised voice,

“Oh! Mommy, what are you doing here…?”

Mandy let go of the hairbrush, that was buried deep in her pussy hole.

Her mommy said in a harsh tone of voice,

“You naughty little strumpet…!”

And proceeded to beat the living daylights out of Mandy’s bare buttocks.

The shock, contracted Mandy’s tummy muscles, which shot the hairbrush out of her dripping cunt-hole, across the bedroom with so much force, that it splintered the dressing table mirror.

Mandy couldn’t stop coming, or squirting, and the more her mommy beat her buns, the harder she came, and the more she pissed.

Ultimately, Mandy’s mom realized that the harder she beat her daughter’s ass, the longer her orgasm, and the wetter they were both getting!

She dropped Mandy onto the bed, and stormed out of the bedroom, slamming the door behind her.

After her second orgasm, Mandy lay there twisted on her back, on the bed of he bedroom, sucking her fingers, absorbing the warm afterglow and residual orgasmic waves, rumbling through her body, feeling the heat from her roasting buns: Feeling the hot thick creamy discharge slowly flowing out of her vaginal hole, and running down between the close-valley of her buttocks; bathing her tight little dirt-hole, in its custardy caress.

In the gentle shadows of an evening sun, dancing rays intruding upon her room; play with motes of dust, dancing like angels for her in the light of her ever-forgiving God. Yes, God will forgive her, and so will mommy — eventually — especially when she had seen her mother rubbing herself off rolling over the floor of her bedroom, and pissing everywhere. What! did she think I was totally oblivious…?

“Yes!” she thought, “I’ll get her later, but I do love my daddy, no matter what, and I know he loves me too.”

Mandy squirmed, and laughed at the very prospect of it all.

“Why, I love him more than my computer, and almost as much as Sarah when she does me on sleep-over nights.” she fell quiet for a moment, contemplating the repercussions of what she just said to herself!”

“…And Daddy loves me more than anything else in the world.” she thought without a doubt in her soul.

“…Why, daddy loves me even more than mommy!” she said out loud under her breath-triumphantly.

“I made him say it to me, and I know he means it — especially since that day last summer, when I caught him — doing it to himself — in the bathroom…!” she though to herself, as a tear rolled out of the corner of her eye, and threaded its way down her cheek, and dropped into her ear.

“Yes. Daddy loves me alright, whether he wants to, or not! – right now. Huh! And mommy can’t do a thing about it…!” she laughed and sobbed and rolled over into her pillow and cried and cried until she fell fast asleep.

For a while, I was afraid of daddy’s cane and hood. It was all he took from his mamma’s house after she passed-on during a difficult birth some 18 years ago: The same year I was born. I never knew my real mom. Daddy said that we met only at my birth, but, of course, I can’t remember; I was just a little baby. After his mommy died, daddy didn’t want anything else from her house – just the hood and the cane. Daddy told me I look just like my mommy, and I look exactly like grandmamma too! There are no pictures of my real mother, only of grandmamma and daddy. I have grand mamma’s hair and eyes daddy says. I wish I had a picture of my mother though. Daddy said she was very beautiful.

Daddy is the disciplinarian in our home. He is such a softy he can’t even swat a fly. If I am naughty and he finds out, he doesn’t know what to do then. Daddy is the one who must punish me when I’m bad. He has a silk hood and a cane in his closet. He took them from his mommy’s home after she died. That’s all he asked for. That’s all he wanted. That’s all he got.

Daddy always pretends that he is going to get the hood and cane out of the closet when I’m naughty. I pretend to be afraid, and run off into my room. I lock the door, and listen to music, and rub myself. I can stay in my room for days, only coming out for food and to use the bathroom, or until he buys me something that I want. Then we are okay together again, and I love him, and kiss him, and flirt with him–and I wear my panties an extra day or two and leave them hanging about on the bathroom door-knob, or on top of the laundry basket, turned inside-out for him. I know he likes to smell them, so I rub the gusset into my pussy for him for three days, and squirt and I don’t wipe. I love my daddy, and he needs to have some sort of a release — besides what he gets from my step mom, that is.

I caught daddy rubbing his thingy and sniffing my panties once. He must have forgotten to lock the bathroom door, and I didn’t knock. We have a very large old bathroom, and the toilet is off to the side, and some 12 Escort Avcılar feet away from the door. He was rubbing his thingy furiously as I walked in on him. He had my panties over his head with the middle of my stained gusset over his nose and lips. He was sniffing deeply, panting, and licking my gusset with his tongue. He has a huge thingy! He had his thumb and index finger of his left hand wrapped tight around the base of his thick hard rod, and he had pulled his balls through between his index and the middle finger, squeezing tight again, pinching his sack hard, and pushing his balls up and out; they looked swollen, and they had turned a deep red color, almost purple. They were shaking around wildly as he did it to himself, sitting there on the pan, with his pants and shorts down around his ankles.

He was putting his right hand under my panties that he had over his head, and spitting into his palm, then rubbing the huge purple shinny head of his cock , alternating between short fast rubbings and long full-length ones, then back again to spit in his palm.

He was sitting there, his pants and jockeys down around his ankles, leaning back against the toilet cistern, His ass slightly forward on the seat, his tummy muscles rippling like an ocean’s waves, and he was thrusting his pelvis up and down as if he was fucking the air, or the palm of his hand.

His head was thrown back at the neck to where his entire face was pointing directly up at the ceiling, and slightly behind too. He was making a terrible racket, groaning and moaning, and puffing and panting, and muttering things like,

“Oh! Yes, baby fuck me good…”, and “Yes, baby, rub your stinking cunt into daddy’s face baby, Ahhh! Yesssss, baby just like that.”, and, “Come to sugar-daddy baby, let daddy lick your pooh-pooh hole clean for you honey, oh! Yesssss, just like that baby…Oh–hhh Ahhhh, yes, yes…Yesssss! Baby!”

Daddy must have a good imagination I thought to get all of that going sitting on a cold toilet seat sniffing and licking my panties?

I walked in further, and stood directly in front of him, arms akimbo, tapping my foot on the ground, my head cocked to one side. OoOoOoOW! I was furious! I needed to go pottie, and he was going to make me late! Sarah, my friend, and I were going to the mall, and I was supposed to be at her house already.

“OMFG! What is taking him so long…!” I thought.

Daddy was puffing wildly under my panties, and they were inflating and deflating like an anesthesiologist’s oxygen balloon, and his tongue was flashing around licking the goo from my gusset like a landed eel. His balls had turned a dark magenta-purple by now, and a huge blue vein meandered and throbbed the length of his shaft all the way to the bursting shiny hot helmet.

Hell, I am so, so, glad I was born a girl. Geesh! All of this trouble, fuss and halabaloolia, just to blow a nut…! I would have been working on my sixth or seventh orgasm, and been halfway through a box of soft creams, rubbing my nipples in the afterglow watching Ophra by now!

He began mumbling incessantly again – something about fingers and asses?

“Fuck me, Oh! Yes baby come to daddy and do it to him, Oh yessss, baby stick your finger into daddy’s ass hole, Oh yesss, honey, just like that…!” he ranted.

I was mad, and I couldn’t wait any longer.

“Excuse me daddy, but are you going to be much longer…?” I asked, in my sweetest , but demanding voice.

Daddy froze, and there was the most awkward silence.

“It’s not fair”, I whined, “I have to meet Sarah, we are going to the mall this afternoon, shopping, and well, daddy, I’m dreadfully late as it is, and if I don’t go pottie soon I am going to do it in my panties, Oh! Please daddy I need to go…!” I said in a pleading tone, dancing on the spot with my legs crossed. Daddy was silent, and rigid…and he had stopped breathing altogether I think?

“Oh! Daddy stop playing around . It’s not funny daddy, I have waited all week for this, I just have to have that dress I saw last week at Macys. I’m going to wear it to the Prom daddy, yes, THE PROM! And if I don’t get it then I’m not going, and it will be all your fault daddy. Yes, and I’ll tell everyone that you made me miss the Prom daddy, or I might just run away because you are being so, so, mean right now daddy…!”


“Right daddy, now you’ve done it, OoOoOW! I’m so, so mad now…!” she said stomping her foot on the ground.

Mandy decided to take things into her own hands. She pulled her panties over her vulva and tucked the gusset in the side of her groin. She opened her legs wide, took two fingers and pushed them deep inside herself, then rubbed them through her labial lips to get the best smell. When they were wet, and stinky, she bent over and thrust them deep into her pooh-pooh hole. She pulled her fingers out of her ring, and sniffed them, she jumped back with a start! Wow! They were really, really, stinky!

She knelt down between her daddy’s open legs, and slapped his hands hard. He let go of his rigid shaft and blue balls; both arms fell down limp at the sides of the toilet.

Mandy took her stinky fingers and pushed them under the panties that covered daddy’s head. She rubbed them in his nose, then pushed them deep into his mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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