Daddy’s Good Girl

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Thank you for all of the kind words and encouragement, not to mention the constructive criticism. I’m glad so many of you enjoyed my foray in to erotic literature (Gee, using fancy words and EVERYTHING). To answer your most asked question before starting my next story, nothing ever happened between Daddy and me after that afternoon. That doesn’t mean I haven’t had a lifetime of inappropriate fantasies since then, in all of which I was 18 years or older. Such as…


It was a hot sultry Carolina night. Daddy was sitting at the kitchen table doing his budget and bills for the coming month. All my life, I’ve been able to describe him as organized and responsible and this was the epitome of who he was. Yes, I still love him and idolize him very much to this day. And I still call him Daddy.

He was in decent shape for his age (45). He took care of himself: ate right, ran a couple times a week, went down to the Y twice a week to play pick-up basketball, those sorts of things. Yeah, he had a little bit of a gut, but not much. Overall he was fit, 6ft-1, brown eyes, black hair with some “salt” mixed in and grey wings at the temples (which I still find very attractive in men).

He was sitting in a pair of khaki shorts and plain white tee. The kitchen got stuffy even with the windows open so his clothes were starting to stick to his body which only served to accentuate his form.

Now it was getting to be that time of the month that I was hornier than normal and seeing him like that got me to thinking about “that afternoon” which in turn started me thinking more inappropriate things about him. The logical response, of course, was to go up and get changed for bed.

I went to my room on a mission. Yes, I DID close my door this time. I immediately started undressing. For those that haven’t read my first story, allow me to recap. I’m 5′-10 with shoulder length red hair, brown eyes and freckles. I’m a competitive swimmer so I have a lean fit body. I wear a 36C bra (plus or minus) which I believe is a big reason I’m only an “average” swimmer—streamlining and all that.

My door had no sooner shut than my shirt was off and tossed in the corner with my other dirty laundry. I was so aroused by what I was thinking and what I was about to do that I could see my nipples pushing through my bra as I unhooked it and slipped it off my shoulders. I miss being 18 sometimes. Especially when I think of how firm and perky I was then compared to now. Gravity: it IS a bitch.

I have the classic eraser sized nipples and slightly larger than quarter sized areola. As I always did, and still do, I lifted my boobs up to let some air to the underside and caressed them after freeing them. This time however, I followed that by pinching and twisting my left nipple. The sharp twinge of pain felt wonderful.

Standing in front of my dresser, I hooked my fingers over my panties and shorts and pulled them to the floor before kicking them to the corner. Naturally, I was aware of just how wet I was, but I still reached down and traced my finger the length of my swollen lips. I whimpered and my body shuddered from just that fleeting caress. It took all the self-control I could muster not to keep stroking myself and more, but instead I opened up my underwear drawer and started digging through to the back.

Like many girls, my drawer wasn’t so much organized as much as it was just a pile of underwear on one side and my bras on the other with the newer and more often worn pairs on top. Making a mental note to organize and toss out the things I don’t wear anymore (now-a-days I’d probably sell them on Craigslist or something but it didn’t exist back then), I found an old pair that I probably hadn’t worn in a couple years that would work.

It was a pair of white cotton bikini style with little pink flowers on it that was a little thinner than they were when they were new. I pulled them on and up my legs on to my hips. They were definitely a size or two too small and a little tighter on me than was comfortable. Which is exactly what I wanted.

I repeated this process through my t-shirt drawer, finding an old threadbare t-shirt with some boy band or another that I used to like (don’t judge!) and pulled it over my head. This was once an oversized shirt that was still long enough to cover my ass (admittedly by only a couple inches) but show my hard nipples through it. Then, just for good measure, I grabbed my brush off my dresser, calmed my hair a bit and put pigtails on the sides of my head. After a quick look in the mirror and a deep breath, I went back downstairs.


“Aaaand that takes care of THIS month. Might even be able to put a little bit extra away. With luck.”

Closing my eyes, I rubbed them through my eyelids. “I hate to admit it, but it might be to the point that I need glasses now,” I thought to myself. Still rubbing my fatigued eyes, I hear April come down the stairs and in to the Kitchen, her bare feet slapping Esenyurt Escort on the linoleum.

I am so lucky to have such a wonderful daughter. Some people at work complain about how much trouble their teenagers give them and I just smile with sympathy; not because I empathize with them but because she’s never given me a reason to.

“I’m done doing bills, Sweetie. You wanna’ watch a movie or something?” I asked as I opened my eyes. If I had something else to say, it disappeared as soon as my eyes focused on my beautiful offspring.

I saw her standing next to the refrigerator up on her tip toes reaching up in to the cabinet over it grabbing the microwave popcorn. Her t-shirt was riding well up her back showing long toned legs leading up to her young ass. An ass that was “covered” by a pair of white panties that was too small for it. The lower third of her cheeks were visible below the elastic in the legs.

The way the elastic was barely cutting in to her only served to accentuate how firm that ass was. Another effect of the too-small panties was how low the waistband sat on her hips. I hadn’t realized just how firm her abs were as she seldom wore anything that bared her midsection.

“That sounds fun, Daddy.” She said with a sudden smile as she looked over her shoulder at me. I immediately felt guilty for staring at her.

How many daughters would be so happy to sit and watch a movie with their father? And there I was looking at her half naked form and remembering what her fully naked body looked like with her fingers… No! I’m not going to go there. I waited for her to turn back to the cabinet before standing up to go to the living room. The last thing I needed was her to see my shorts tented because of her.

I turned on the TV and put it on the History Channel to get my mind thinking about something else. A show about the Vietnam War was just what the doctor (sex therapist?) ordered. By the time I heard the microwave beep, everything was settled down and good to go.

She came in and sat in the recliner across from me while I was putting a movie in. Sitting back on the sofa, I started to say something to her as I looked across at her. And my brain froze. I could have been in the MIDDLE of the war and not be able to think about anything but what my eyes were met with.

Instead of sitting to recline like I would expect, she was sitting with her legs folded under her (my 40-plus year old knees twinging in pain just looking at her). Her shirt wasn’t long enough to cover anything so I have a perfect view up between her legs.

I could see those white cotton panties stretched taut over her mound. I believe the kids call it “camel toe” these days. Whatever it was called, I had a front row seat. I couldn’t be sure, as it was kind of shadowed, but her crotch panel seemed a little darker than the fabric around it, like it was wet.

Realizing that I was staring at my own daughter’s most intimate area, I tore my eyes away and looked at the popcorn bag. Yeah, that would be safe. Only, right above that, I could see that my little girl wasn’t wearing a bra. And she was young enough yet that she could get away with it.

Looking at the shirt, I couldn’t remember the last time I had seen her wear it. It had been so long ago I would have sworn she had thrown it out years ago. It was a cheap (quality, not price, as I recall) concert shirt that allowed me to see her stiff nipples poking out and the dark circles around them. I don’t know for certain if I saw some color in her cheeks before I looked away completely and back at the TV.

My dick had come back to life from that little show but the way I was sitting my shorts were binding me up and it was extremely uncomfortable. Unlike some men, I couldn’t just reach down and “rearrange” in front of a woman, especially my daughter who, ironically, was the reason I needed to in the first place.

“OH! I’m so sorry, Daddy. I made this for both of us but I’m sitting over here eating all of it myself” she said as she hopped out of the recliner and came over to sit beside me on the sofa. Like a cat, she nuzzled under my arm like she did when she was a little girl. Putting the bag on my lap, she put my arm around her and rested her head on my side with a content sigh.

It would have been a very sweet moment except for the thoughts I was having about her. Her legs were tucked under her again and her shirt had ridden up, baring her hip and ass. Her young flesh looked so firm but smooth and inviting at the same time. And “inviting” was the LAST thing it should have been.

Maybe it was my guilty imagination, but her skin felt so hot against my leg. Next, I realized the dilemma of where to rest the arm she draped over herself. With her shirt where it was, anyplace I placed my hand on her leg would have been on bare skin, whether on her knee or somewhere on her thigh where my fingers would be tracing the inside. Putting my hand on her midsection Esenyurt Escort Bayan placed it uncomfortably close to an area I was trying desperately not to think about. Higher on her body was obviously out of the question so I contorted my arm so I could rest my hand on her shoulder.

I was feeling quite proud of my solution. Right up until she reached in to the bag that she set in my lap. Reaching in to get herself some popcorn her hand inadvertently (?) rubbed along my dick. Even though the popcorn bag, my shorts and my boxers separated us, it responded as if her hand was grasping me directly.

My shorts were still binding me and the full hard-on she gave me was just too painful.

“Sweetheart, I need you to move so I can get up.” I said to her as I handed her the popcorn bag and struggled to stand. Turning my back to her, I reached in to my shorts and rearranged myself giving my dick some relief and room to grow.

Of course, now as soon as I turned back to her, she could easily see the bulge in my shorts. With me standing and her still sitting on the couch it was RIGHT at eye level when I did. Sitting back down next to her (a little hunched over), I decided it was time to put an end to this situation.

“I’m sorry, Sweetie. I’m really embarrassed by this.”

“That’s OK, Daddy. It’s not your fault. I’m in High School, remember? I know boys can’t always control it.”

“Boys can’t, but I’m an adult and I should. But at the same time I need you dress a little more… appropriately around the house.” Her face flushed in what must have been embarrassment and she opened her mouth to respond but I kept going.

“You know how much I love you, Honey, but a father shouldn’t have these kinds of thoughts, never mind reactions, to his daughter. At the same time, though, you’ve grown to be a VERY beautiful young lady that I can’t NOT see this way. So I think from now on that shirt is done and, in fact, shorts would not be out of the question. Fair?”

Taking a deep breath, she licked her lips, stood up and came over to sit on my lap (pulling her shirt down at least). Putting her arms around my neck, she looked me square in the eyes and said, “I love you too, Daddy. And I know you would never EVER do anything to hurt me. If you want me to dress differently for you, I will. But maybe I dressed like this because I wanted to.”

And she leaned forward to give me a kiss, which I returned in a fatherly manner. She broke that kiss, smiled, and gave me another deeper one. Her lips parted and I felt her tongue start probing for mine. For a split second that felt like eternity I responded in kind. I came to my senses and pulled back from her. She left it at that, stood up off my lap and went up to her room.

“G’night, Daddy.” She called back over her shoulder.

I wanted so much to see my little girl going up those stairs just one more time, but all I could see was the long legs and tight ass of the woman she grew in to. God help me.


I got to my room, closed the door, and leaned back against it my heart absolutely pounding. That I could be so . . . brazen was unbelievable. That really wasn’t me. Though I knew how wet I was, I reached down to feel those old panties were soaked. That I wasn’t literally dripping down my legs was a surprise. The elastic cutting in to my legs and hips was starting to hurt so I peeled them down my legs and stepped out of them.

I turned off my light and made my way to my bed. This was much more than an “itch” that needed scratched. It was an absolute ACHE that my whole body was screaming to be relieved. I lay back on my bed with my legs spread and my knees bent so that my feet were flat on the mattress.

I ran my hands up my body lifting my shirt over my breasts. I jumped a bit at the sensation of the bottom of my shirt catching on and flicking my stiff nipples. While I didn’t need the help getting turned on, I rubbed and caressed my breasts. I pinched and lightly twisted both my nipples before moving one hand down my taut abdomen to my young needy pussy.

Whereas I would normally tease myself and slowly build to my climax, my young body was screaming that I needed to cum NOW. Not able to hold back, I immediately plunged 2 fingers in to myself. An involuntary moan escaped my lips drowning out the wet sound of my fingers pushing in to my swollen depths.

Being right on the edge for that entire time I was with Daddy, It took less than a minute of pumping before I felt that characteristic flutter in my stomach. I pushed my thumb against my clit and rubbed and pressed it in time to my fingers to take me over the edge. As my orgasm washed over my body I pinched and twisted my nipple with my other hand as hard as I could. The pain alongside the ecstasy was amazing. My back arched off of the bed as if the release was lifting me up. My inner muscles clamped down on my fingers allowing only my thumb to continue the assault Escort Esenyurt on my womanhood, which it did.

The pleasure was so intense that I couldn’t utter a sound as I came over and over again; I’m sure my mouth was open in a silent scream. I almost couldn’t breathe for the sensations that were overwhelming me. Finally I felt my orgasm subsiding and I started to come down off my high. I wouldn’t say that I “passed out”, but I can definitely say that the experience exhausted me to the point that I fell right to sleep as soon as my body relaxed enough to let me collapse back on to my bed.

I was awakened some time later by the hallway light flooding in to my room. My eyes barely open, I saw a large familiar silhouette in my doorway. He walked around the foot of my bed to stand behind me for I don’t know how long before laying down beside me and draping his arm over my midsection. My sharp intake of breath told him that I was awake. I immediately remembered that I was still bare under my shirt which only made my heart beat harder and faster.

“Are you sure this is what you want, Babygirl?” he whispered.

I answered by reaching back to find his boxers and grabbing and squeezing his dick through them.

Daddy moved his hand up to grab my breast through my shirt. His large hand encircled it-roughly squeezing and massaging my young firm flesh. My nipple immediately responded and stiffened, pushing in to his palm begging for attention. His hand went from mauling my whole breast to pinching and tugging on my hard nip. The sudden shock of pain through my body was exquisite. I moaned and started stroking my hand and his silky boxers up and down his hardness.

Letting go of my breast, his hand started sliding down my tummy to my soaking bare pussy and my heart raced even faster than it already was. He stopped when he reached the hem of my shirt and instead slid back up inside of it to resume fondling my tits, unaware of just how much he just teased me. My frustration disappeared when his rough hands resumed their attention. He grabbed my aroused nipple and pinched it hard and started twisting it. My God, no one had ever abused and mauled my tits like that and it was so much more arousing than I ever could have imagined.

I released the outside of his boxers and slid my hand under the elastic waistband to grab and feel the cock that made me. His head was covered in slick pre-cum that I coated on my hand before wrapping it around and stroking him properly. Rather, I should say, TRYING to wrap my hand around it. He was definitely larger than the couple that I had experienced to that point.

Daddy let out a guttural moan as I started jacking him off. He started to squeeze and pull on my breasts in time to my stroking and it felt so . . . powerful. I sped up and so did he. His breathing was growing faster and heavier against my neck when he suddenly let my breast go and reached down to grab my hand through his boxers and stop me.

“I need you to stop, Babygirl. I don’t want to go off yet. I want to enjoy you some more.” He growled in to my ear. He let go of my hand (but I didn’t let go of him) and put his hand on my shoulder. He pressed against me to signal me to roll over so I did. Daddy got up on his knees and sat there looking at me laying there on my back wearing only an old ratty shirt.

“You are so beautiful, Baby. How did I get so lucky?” He reached down to grab my shirt and started pulling it up over my head. I had to shimmy a bit to help him but we got it off in short order. He leaned over and took my breast in his mouth. At first it felt like he was trying to pull all of it in to his mouth then he released a bit until just my nipple was held in his teeth. He flicked his rough tongue over and round it and all I could do was arch my back in pleasure.

He took my other breast in his hand and traced his finger around my areola a couple times before pinching and twisting that nipple in his amazing way. He released it and started tracing his finger down over my tight stomach to my little cunny.

He immediately found how wet I was and slid 2 fingers deep in to me and pumped them a couple times. Now it was my turn to moan. I swear I could feel his smile as he continued to suck on me. He pulled his fingers out of me and brought them up to smell and slide in to his mouth.

“So young and sweet…”

Climbing off my bed, I watched him take his boxers off before climbing between my legs. He placed his swollen cock against my hungry pussy lips. “Last chance, Sweetheart. There’s no going back.”

I wrapped my legs around him trying to pull him in to me. “Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck your Babygirl.”

And with that he pressed down and drove that enormous cock all the way in to me. We both moaned in pleasure as he held it there while my pussy adjusted to this huge intrusion.

“Have you been taking your pills on time and regularly, Baby?”

“Yes, Daddy.

“Good girl.” He answered and started to pump in and out of me. He started slow and deliberate, and I was relishing the feeling. It didn’t last long though. He started speeding up and grunting with every thrust until he was practically jackhammering me.

“Oh my God, Baby. You’re so fucking tight,” he said breathlessly.

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