Daddy’s Little Nurse – The Neighbors

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“Hello? Ah yes dear, I was just calling to see when you would get home.” I spoke to my wife on the phone. “Another week in New York? Well, I’ll see you later. Bye honey.” I hung up the phone as I parked the car in front of my house.

As I got out of my car and started walking up to my front door. I could have sworn that I heard faint moaning from the neighbors house, but I must’ve been imagining it. I heard the shower running as I entered the house, I guess my son of eighteen years is in there. This gives me an open window to jack off since the wife hasn’t been home for a month. I haven’t done it in weeks and I nearly creamed my pants today in the office when my boss squeezed his tight ass against my cock to get by in a tight spot. I’m certain he felt my dick, but he didn’t say anything. I was tenting my pants just thinking it. I know I shouldn’t be. But I am.

If he had just gotten in the shower, that should give me about 45 minutes to jack off, because I’m certain he’s cumming in the shower.

Sometimes I sneak up to his room while he’s showering to steal a old pair of his underwear to jack off too, his musk smells so good. And that’s what I’m doing right now.

Clothes line the floor all the time, and this time was no different. I picked up a pair of used underwear with noticeable Previn stains, slid my solid cock out of my pants right there in his room and started pumping away. Moaning with not a care in the world. Bringing the sweaty damp cloth to my face, and down to rub my cock. But I stopped when I noticed something glistening on the windowsill. I quickly shoved my cock back Gaziantep Onkoloji Escort in my pants, though at an awkward angle for sure, and made my way to the window.


It was cum that was glistening on the sill. My sons cum. And I know what he was looking at when he orgasmed.

The neighbor and his boy were lying naked in what looked like piss soaked sheets. I put his underwear back and waited for him to exit his bathroom.

As time passed, I got increasingly impatient, horny, and… well, just EXTREMELY horny. I touched my finger to his cum, still warm. My sons batter. The slightly bittersweet smell entered my nose as I brought it to my lips. The taste sent my body into slight convulsions. I groaned, and my cock seemed to get a little stiffer.

“Daddy? What are you doing in my room?”

“Colben, I was just coming to tell you that your mother won’t be in for what looks like another week,” I paused and turned to the window. “Until, I saw something wet and sticky over here on the window.”

He looked horrified, covering his groin, even through the towel around his tiny waist covered his manhood. His chest, glistening with water on his faint hair, was raising rapidly as he breathed harder.

“You should really know your mother wouldn’t like you leaving your cum lying around. Personally, I don’t care, but we better clean this up..” I lowered my face to the wood, and licked my sons spunk up with my tongue. His eyes widened.


“It’s okay son, I have had my fair share of cum in my mouth.” I spoke as I licked the rest off the windowsill. “Come sit over here Col, come see what you’ve done to your father.”

He walked over and sat next to me on his bed. I looked down at my throbbing crotch, and he did the same. “Your Daddy is all hard now son. What did your cum have in it?”

“I don’t know daddy. I just got super hor… hard when I looked out the window and saw the neighbors.”

“I know son. But next time, can you wait till I get home. A man has his needs, an mom hasn’t given me anything since you were born.”

“You’ve had to jack off my entire life? I could have helped sooner daddy. We could have been buddies and came together.”

“But I’m your father, I shouldn’t have even taken your cum.” I stared across the window to the neighbors house. “But, it doesn’t seem to be bothering them. And your spunk is so fucking hot son.” I pulled him onto my lap and brought my scruffy face to his. He sucked in my scent as our lips locked together.

He moaned into my lips as my tongue twisted with his. We separated and gasped at the lack of air.

His towel fell from his small waist, revealing his ass and his small cock and balls cradled by his smooth thighs.

“Hey son, how are you so hairless? Do you shave?” I asked him as he ran his fingers through my hairy chest, pinching my nipples as will making me moan into him.

“I don’t know daddy. I just never grew hair. Except under my armpits.” I admired his hairless cock. It looked so smooth I just had to put my hand there.

His dick was warmer than a freshly baked pie. And wet with pre cum soaking his cock head.

“Can I make love to you son? I’ve been wanting to make love for months.”

He only moaned into me as response. My cock seemed to jump out of my pants and into his ass. I moaned, he nearly screamed in pain and pleasure.

“Daddy…” my son moaned as I cradled him in my arms. Sweat dripped off our bodies, and plastered my hair to mine. I grunted as I forced my cock deeper into my son, who only could make sounds at this point.

He was soaked in sweat and pre cum glistened on his cock, which was now hard, but still inches smaller than mine.

“Col! Your ass is so tight. It’s gonna make me,” I grunted into his neck and pulled his head back my his hair. “CUM!” I exploded into his tight boy pussy. Near the end I was still pumping as my cock was growing ever more sensitive. I was nearly screaming as he clenched his tight hole together as I pulled my cock out. “THATS IT LITTLE BOY. MILK YOUR DADDY!” I pulled him close and moaned into him more. “My boy. I love you.”

I get his wet pecker against my stomach. “Let’s take care of that” I payed him down and swallowed his cock in one gulp, all the way down his shaft.

“Fuck dad..Daddy. Your gonna make me… bust!” He creamed into my mouth. I took it all and licked his cock clean.

I cradled him on my lap after and looked out the window to see the neighbor and his boy looking and jerking to us.

“Say Col, how would you feel about doing this again sometimes. It seems we have fans.”

“Yes daddy.” He licked sweat from my chest and briefly sucked on a nipple. “I love you.”

“I love you too, you are my little boy. No matter your age. I need you to be happy.”

“And I need the cream that made me.”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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