Daddy’s Little Sacrifice

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Warning: this story contains scenes of Incest, horror (demon related), breeding and non-consensual or reluctant sex. Some aspects of this story are anatomically impossible – I need to reiterate, this is a fantasy/fiction. All fictional characters are over the age of 18.


It had been years since Ruby had been home, 3 long years to be exact.

After her Mother had passed away there had just been herself and her father in that big old empty house. He had gotten heavily involved with his church, becoming more and more an absent father. When he was around, he was domineering and brutal. Despite his absence and cold cynicism, he was always her daddy, the austere, out of reach, calculated man. He always wanted her to do great things, always wanting her to succeed in school and in social circles. He had high expectations for her, that at times, she felt like she would never be enough for him.

When she finished school she left for college as soon as possible, getting away from the small town, and her father. Ruby spent years establishing herself as an independent young woman, building positivity, creating, and setting her own unique style and personality. Her father had raised her, but in his absence, she had found herself. She never did stop missing their bond, and she never did stop wanting his guidance and approval. He had let her go, under protest, allowing her to pull away.

Their estranged relationship took a turn when he called her out of the blue only two months ago.

Her life had been looking up, newly graduated she was looking for an editorial position in the big city. Over the next few weeks, with no new positions in sight, her father had convinced her to come back to Riverwood for a visit. He wanted to reconnect, stating their distant relationship needed to change. He wanted to hear about his daughter’s accomplishments and achievements, to hear about her new life away. Ruby, still wanted to please her father, still desperately wanted his approval and confirmations, and the prospect of reigniting their relationship was too appealing to pass up: the job could wait.

“Daddy,” she sighed into his welcoming embrace at the airport. She was unsure of how they could repair their relationship, knowing that she was partly responsible for the distance. She held him for a long time during their embrace, feeling the strength of his firm body. He and Mum had had Ruby young, and now he was barely a man of 45. He was fit, firm, and muscled, with wavy brown hair, and a full beard that now rubbed her check affectionately. She had been a little surprised to see how he hadn’t aged a day, and scandalised at her strange thoughts — why was she noticing these enticing things about her Dad? Shrugging off the intrusive sexual thoughts she smiled up at him, happy to be in her Father’s arms.

“Ruby, you’ve become a beautiful young woman during your time away.” He said,

“You’re positively glowing! It’ll be good to have you back home, in the house. With your visit, you’ve brought life back to your old man.”

“You’re hardly an old man Daddy,” she returned appraisingly, once again observing his young, lithe body. Stop it, she thought.

“What do you have planned for us whilst I’m here?” she asked, changing her train of thought.

Her welcoming was everything her heart desired, to be doted on and loved by her father. She easily slipped back into her childhood role; a young girl desperate to please her father, desperate to be loved and protected. They spent the trip to the house catching up, telling him stories about her internships, her successes, her new apartment and good friends. He told her about his church group, and the Chevy Impala he as doing up.

When they reached the old house, a wash of old memories and emotions assailed her. The place hadn’t changed in years. This was the house where her Mother raised her, baked for her, sung her to sleep, this was the house where her Father had taught her to swing a baseball bat, taught her to change a tire, and helped her do her homework. This place held years of good memories.

“Since you’ve had a long day, lets order in some pizza, have a few drinks?” he suggested as she put her bags down.

“That sounds perfect.” She said, surprised her Dad was willing to spend a casual night relaxing with her. Ruby didn’t really know what to expect from him, usually he was all business, and all formality. This was a side of him Etiler Escort she hadn’t seen before. He was changing for her, trying to make her comfortable with him again.

Once she had gotten settled, she joined him in the living room. He handed her a beer that tasted strange, and she couldn’t help but wince.

“New local blend from the brewery. Abit young I’ll admit, I swear it normally tastes better.” He said

“It’s not too bad.” She lied, drinking it down. She didn’t know how he could drink this, but she wanted to please him – If he liked it, she would certainly make an effort to as well.

They continued catching up, talking about the future, her career, and even love lives.

“I’ve been focusing for so long on my career and my studies, I really need to focus on my family and finding a partner.”

“I’m sure it’ll be easy for someone as personable and alluring as you.” He commented, his comforting hand petting her thigh. Alluring?

“You’d be surprised by the lack of interest.” She said, hesitating, unsure of how honest she could be with her father.

“People are threatened by a driven woman, and I think they don’t know how to approach them. ” She added.

“A headstrong woman is a hardy warrior; she needs an equal and will not settle for anything other. You’re selective, that’s nothing to be ashamed of. It is rather impressive that you’d rather wait for those that are worthy. Commendable even.”

“Selective,” she exclaimed with a sigh, feeling like her father was reading a lot more into her words than she had anticipated.

His gaze was understanding, knowing even. She couldn’t help the shiver that passed through her.

“I’m not worried for you baby, you know what you’re looking for. You’re just waiting for the right opportunity.”

Before they could further talk about her abysmal love life the pizza finally arrived.

They were watching a mindless romantic comedy when mid slice, a haze overtook her senses. That beer had been more than funny, maybe it had been completely off. Or maybe it was the pizza?

“Daddy? I’m not — ” she started to feel slightly panicked, as she slumped against the couch, pizza still in hand. She watched, frozen, drifting helplessly, as her Father leaned close to kiss her forehead, murmuring unintelligible words as she drifted off and her eyes flutter closed.


Ruby came to, feeling a particular shade of dizzy, she felt as if her body was humming.

“What -“she groaned, looking down at herself to find only nakedness. She could recall having dinner with her father — everything had seemed fine?

Her shackled hands were pulled taught, stretching above on either side of her head. Her knees rested somehow comfortably on a well-worn timber plinth beneath, leaving her precariously suspended in a big room. Her whole body was tingling, whether it was the cold or something else. She was incredibly groggy and starting to feel afraid.

“You’re awake” Daddy’s familiar voice greeted her, coming from behind in the darkness. His warm breath caressed the side of her neck as he approached. His presence comforted her, he would help her, he could tell her what was happening. He moved closer, till she felt the course fabric of his suit pressed against the length of her naked back. The questions that bubbled to the surface died away with the simple touch of him.

He was fully dressed to her entire nakedness, the rough texture sent shivers across her skin – not of fear or disgust like she thought, but of arousal.

Her confused thoughts had her shaking her head. Why was her father making her horny?

She struggled to remember what had happened before she awoke here. Hazy memories of a welcome home dinner with her Daddy, watching a movie on the couch, drinking beers, and eating pizza, and then this. Did her father drug her?

Without her consent his warm fingers crept around her hips, softly resting on the inside on her pelvic bone, sending electricity to her core.

Her breathing caught, her whole body was on fire, heart thundering in her ears. Her eyes helplessly drifted closed, unwillingly enjoying every exceptional detail.

“Daddy, what’s going on? Where am I? What’s happening to me?” She should tell him to get his hands off her. This was wildly inappropriate; this was her Father for Christ’s sake.

“Shh Ruby, you’re okay, Daddy will Fatih Escort take care of you. Thank you for staying pure all these years baby, untouched, a complete virgin. You made this so easy for us.” His warmth continued to cloud her mind, his deep voice intoxicating. How did he know she was a virgin? Why did her Father care? She vaguely recalled the conversation over pizza. Surely, he couldn’t guess from that one conversation that she was a virgin?

His light touch traced its way up to her heavy breast, lifting the soft globe, gently encircling the aroused buds of her nipples, and twisting. She couldn’t help letting out a soft mewl of approval, feeling the ache continue to grow deep inside. She tried to shrug off the growing arousal that her Father was creating in her, but the taboo sensations were pushing her higher, her arousal heating her very blood.

He layered feather light kisses along her neck, gently sucking the sensitive skin below her ear as his fingers laboured. This unusually high sensitivity was foreign to her, but in the moment, she gladly let it overwhelm her.

“It is time,” came a second voice, her eyes shot open in dazed horror. She could barely make out the figure in the shadows, but there was definitely more than one. She couldn’t focus well enough to be aware of her surroundings, though she struggled to now.

They were in some sort of chapel, made of heavy stones where a group of men circled her like hunters surrounded their prey. These must be the men in Daddy’s church that he talked about.

She felt no outrage, or embarrassment, in fact, the thought of multiple people watching her actually sent a wild thrill through her heated body, making her hips twitch in hunger. She couldn’t distinguish any of the faces in the dark, their features blurring into a mask of hard, delicious masculinity.

“Here we go Ruby baby, rest more on me now,” said Daddy, as he pushed her forward until she felt something brush against her thigh. From this angle she could make out a large obsidian like rock, in the shape of a huge male cock. It was monstrous, rivalling only what she had seen in porn. She had no idea if a virgin like her could take a size like that, but the agonising hunger growing within was making her brave enough to try.

As much as she was screaming to deny it, she was sopping wet with need.

“What’s happened to me? Daddy what did you do to me” she said in an unfamiliar, husky tone. Her head lent back, her cheek rubbing repeatedly against the exposed column of his neck.

“I gave you something to ease your journey, something to help you take Him” her father twisted her nipples in emphasis, rocketing pleasure through her core, making her cry out in lust.

“- you’ll need it for what is about to happen.”

Daddy’s fingers travelled down her bare skin, leaving a trail of fire. His hands skirted her freshly shaved mound, avoiding the area that truly needed his attention. She couldn’t stop the roll of her hips, desperate for her father’s attention to move to her hot core. She pressed her nose against his neck, bathing her senses in his scent. She desperately wanted to taste his skin, feel it against her tongue, but he was just out of reach.

His gentle guiding fingers caressed the soft skin of her inner thigh, gently pressuring them to open further, using his finger to spread her swollen lips to the room. She was opening herself up to the obsidian cock, giving the other men quite a view of her bare and aching need. The gentle rolling of her hips increased, she needed release. If Daddy just moved his finger a little bit, he could rub her, sink his fingers into her. She needed him now, uncaring that it was the man who fathered and raised her that drew these lust filled thoughts from her.

Hands that were not Daddy’s started caressing her body – a hand cupping a swollen breast, a tender kiss to a rigid nipple, to an encouraging hand helping her to roll her thrusts. No one else laid a hand near her pussy, further heightening the torturous need building within. Daddy’s fingers held her lips spread wide, surely feeling the slippery mess his touch had created.

She felt the head of the obsidian cock manoeuvred to gently kiss her slippery, hungry lips.

The hands on her hips continued to rock, teasing the rigid head up to her needy clit and back down to her trembling opening. The hands began Halkalı Escort to draw away when she began to rock her hips freely to the rhythm created. It was her own eagerness that caught the bulbous head at the beginning of her channel. With the next downward thrust she slipped the head in a few inches further, feeling the head reach the tense barrier of her hymen. She could feel Daddy’s heavy breathing on her neck as massaging hands returned to her aching nipples, tugging. She couldn’t help an invasive thought – If only it were a real cock in her pussy, if only it were Daddy’s cock filling her up.

On her next downward thrust he twisted her rigid nipples painfully, and bit into the skin of her neck. In response she thrust herself down hard on the huge cock, feeling it tear apart her hymen.

Hot pain sliced through her in a second, which was quickly replaced by a deep hunger to take the cock deeper, and deeper into herself.

“Yes Ruby, you are so sexy right now, taking His length inside you.” Daddy whispered into the shell of her ear, as he moved to suckle and lick her new bite mark. His voice was heavy with lust, a slight tremor betraying his complete arousal.

The helping hands were back, pushing down on her hips, helping her sink down onto the obsidian length inch by endless inch.

When would It reach the end? It was splitting her in half.

The rock was strangely hot, inhumanly so, and it felt like the length was almost vibrating inside of her depths, driving her mad with lust. It reached the end of her tight channel before It’s full length could be swallowed entirely, leaving multiple inches of glorious obsidian unsheathed. She could feel the head twitching against her cervical entrance, as though it was excited at being so deep within the young woman.

She couldn’t help imagine it was really her father’s meaty cock splitting her open, chaotically twitching as it was buried deep inside her, inside his daughter.

Those guiding hands began to lift her quivering hips, rocking her up the solid hot length, sinking the woman back in a rhythm that she quickly adopted. Before long she was desperately slamming herself down onto the length, crying out with every thrust as the cock hit her deep inside. The length brushed against that secret place within that sent tingles through her whole body with every drive. She felt the hot length hitting the mouth of her cervix with every stroke, the phallic rock positively pulsating inside her as the young woman felt her orgasm drawing closer.

“Take Him deep inside you, embrace Him, and accept Him.” She heard a voice call out. The group of men touching her increased their caressing, their petting, their rubbing, their torture, to help her reach her much anticipated peak. She thrust herself viciously down onto the hot length, feeling the stone stretch apart her tiny cervical mouth. Daddy’s cock would burn this much, he would fill her so, she would take him entirely, and he would stretch her apart. Just, SLAM, like, SLAM, this, SLAM.

Thrust after thrust she let the pleasure consume her as she slammed herself down once more, screaming out her father’s name in ecstasy as the biggest orgasm she’d ever had, crested, and crashed down upon her frenzied body.

Her whole body was vibrating, as the boiling hot cock seemed to spew hot warmth deep inside her, past the dilated mouth of her cervix and deep into the welcoming embrace of her defenceless womb. Her clenching pussy rippled impulsively around the turgid length, suckling the spewing cock, drawing the sensuous warmth up into her body.

With her orgasmic thrusting weakening, the group of men continued to press her deeply onto the rigid length. With some sanity returning, she could feel how the molten tip now bulged against the opening of her cervical mouth, pulsing boiling warmth into her needy core, pressing deep. Somewhere deep in her mind, she knew that should be impossible, if horrifically painful, yet the pleasure was almost overwhelming. With the last shudders of her orgasm, she could almost feel her cervical mouth sucking on the tip of the turgid head, her channel massaging the obsidian length, desperately pulling the last dregs of heat from the pulsing length.

The pleasure continued for several minutes, as she lay in Daddy’s arms; sated, weak, and unashamed. His warm hands continued to caress his little girl, following her curves, stroking her soft skin.

“You did so well Baby, Daddy is so proud of you.” He said in that husky voice, “He will reward you for your service today.” He said, a smirk twisting his whisper.

As Ruby drifted off into unconsciousness, her pussy still quivering with the aftershocks of her violent orgasm, she wondered for only the first time, who this ‘He’ was.

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