Daddy’s Little Virgin Ch. 02

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As I drove home from my appointment with Dr. Rob, I had a million things to think about.

For example, should I shave my pussy ahead of time, or let Daddy and Dr. Rob shave me at my female exam on Thursday? What was I going to do to tease Daddy between now and then? What panties should I wear to my exam, and, which clean ones should I bring with me? What was going on between Dr. Rob and his daughter? What was Dr. Rob going to do with the panties I gave him today? What was Dr. Rob going to say privately to Daddy on Thursday before my exam was done? How long would I be naked in front of Daddy and Dr. Rob during the exam? Were they going to put their fingers, or, something else inside me? Inside my butt? What would Daddy think when he sees my hymen? For that matter, what will Daddy think when he learns I want him to take my cherry? What kind of ‘homework’ will Dr. Rob prescribe for me and Daddy after my exam?

As each minute passed, I thought of a new question that didn’t have an answer. However, I quickly realized that some of the questions had an easy answer once I thought about it. The shaving question was easy — I’d just trim myself really close so Daddy’s first glimpse of me won’t be that obscured by my pubic hair. Then, I’d get to enjoy displaying myself, with my legs in the stirrups while Dr. Rob taught Daddy how to shave my pussy before the really interesting part of the exam begins.

The panty questions were easy, too. I’d wear my brand new white, silky panties to the appointment because Daddy hadn’t seen them yet, and I’d bring my pink mesh panties for the extra pair. I had no idea what the extra pair was for, but, the pink ones were almost see through, so if I was going to wear them, they should show me off nicely — especially if I was shaved.

As I pulled into our driveway, I finally decided there were too many questions I didn’t have answers to, and rather than frustrate myself over them, I decided to just let them go. That is, except one. How was I going to tease Daddy between now and Thursday afternoon?

As I walked into the house, Daddy was busy in the kitchen working on our dinner. “It’s about time,” Daddy said, looking at his watch, “I was beginning to worry. It’s almost seven!”

“I know.” I replied. “I had the last appointment of the day and Dr. Rob was running late.”

Then, walking up to him and putting my arms around his waist, I gave him a hug and told him I was sorry for making him worry. Feeling his strong arms wrap around me, I pushed my breasts into his chest and took a big breath, forcing the little nubs on my chest into him, and smiling to myself at my naughtiness.

To my surprise, Daddy tightened his hug and pulled me into him, and I swear I could feel a bump in the front of his pants. Could Daddy have an erection because of me, I wondered? The thought of it not only excited me, but, it amused me and I giggled silently thinking it might be easier than I imagined to tease Daddy for the next few days.

“Dinner will be ready in two minutes.” He said, pulling away from me.

“Okay,” I replied, “I just want to change out of these clothes, and I’ll be right down.” I reached up and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and turned to leave.

“What was that for?” He said, rubbing his cheek as I was half way to the stairs.

“Just because.” I said, smiling back at him.

Turning into my room, I started to reach back and swing the door shut when I remembered Dr. Rob’s suggestion about teasing Daddy. “No time like the present!” I said to myself. Then, intentionally leaving the door wide open, I reached down for the hem of my t-shirt and pulled it over my head. Standing there in my jeans and bra, I turned to face the door way and reached back to unhook my flimsy bra and let it slide down my arms. I stood there for a minute, topless, listening to see if I could hear Daddy in the kitchen, or perhaps his foot steps on the stairs, but there was nothing but silence.

Reaching down for the button on my jeans, I remembered that I’d given Dr. Rob my panties while I was at the doctor’s office, leaving me in a commando state beneath my jeans. Then, gathering all my courage, I undid my jeans and wiggled out of them. Naked now, I stood up straight and faced the door again, listening to see if I could hear any signs of Daddy. When I couldn’t hear anything, I shrugged my shoulders, smiled to myself and turned to walk over to my dresser to get a fresh pair of panties from my lingerie drawer.

I stood there for a few seconds, looking down into the sea of silky panties, deciding what to wear. “The baby blue ones,” I thought, “and maybe those tiny, white shorts on top.”

Pulling the panties out of the drawer and tossing them on my bed, I pulled open another drawer searching for those little white stretch shorts. When I bought them, I didn’t realize they were going to be so tiny. They were almost indecent, and I never wore them out of the house, or even in front of Daddy. The cheeks of my butt hung out of them and Beşiktaş Escort they were cut so short, you could almost see the edges of my panties between my legs. “Perfect!” I said to myself as I found them, and tossed them on the bed, too.

No bra tonight, either, I decided. I figured if I was supposed to tease him until my exam on Thursday, I might as well start off with a bang tonight. So, walking to my closet and standing in front of it still completely naked, I looked for a top that would show my nipples and let Daddy have a surprise if he was inclined to take a peek down my shirt. Not seeing anything I liked, I decided to wait until I put the shorts on since they might influence what top I wore.

I walked over to the bed, picked up the baby blue panties and bravely turned to face the door again. Staring at the door, and using all the will power I could conjure up to make Daddy magically appear at my door, I stepped into my panties and slowly pulled them up my legs. I stopped with my panties half way up and just stood there and watched the door.

I probably stood there for a good thirty seconds, naked, with my panties at my knees, watching the door, before I finally said, “Too bad, Daddy.” Then, chuckling to myself as I pulled my panties the rest of the way up, I smoothed them out across my butt and ran my hand between my legs, lightly pressing the silky fabric against my clit. Then reaching for the shorts, I pulled them on and took a few steps to my right to see how they looked in the mirror.

“These are really tiny.” I mumbled. Turning around to look at my butt in the mirror, I could see the blue material of my panties showing through, and, when I bent over, the edges of my panties peeked out. Wondering if I was pushing this teasing thing too far, I turned back around in front of the mirror to see that the stretchy shorts outlined my pussy in such a way that clearly highlighted my mound. Of course, there was a chance Daddy wouldn’t even notice. But, if he did, he would definitely get an eyeful.

Looking into the mirror, my eyes settled on my tiny orbs and I looked at myself closely. Not any bigger than a scoop of ice cream, I barely filled out an A cup bra. By all rights, I should have worn AA bras, but, I couldn’t bring myself to buy them. The A cups were embarrassing enough, and there was no way I was going to further humiliate myself by dropping down even smaller to the AA cups.

As I looked at myself, my hands rose up and I cradled my breasts in the palms of my hands, tweaking my sensitive nipples with my fingertips as I did so. About the only thing I liked about my breasts were my nipples; they were incredibly responsive and sometimes I’d get aroused just by the way my nipples rubbed against the cups of my bra, or against a shirt when I went braless. So, as I fingered my pink nipples, they tightened up, transforming into hard, little pebbles as I lightly pinched them. It felt good in a sexy sort of way, and each time I lightly pinched them, I could feel it deep down in my pussy.

I closed my eyes as I let my fingers do what they wanted to my nipples. Alternating the pressure, and moving my fingers back and forth as I pinched them, I started to get this lightheaded and heavenly feeling. With my eyes still closed, I threw my head back and began daydreaming — imagining how I was going to feel on Thursday when Daddy and Dr. Rob were examining me. It was a foregone conclusion they were going to touch me, and they might even pinch my nipples like I was doing now. The knowledge that Daddy would be touching me in just three short days caused me to open my eyes and smile at myself in the mirror.

But, when I opened my eyes and looked in the mirror, the first thing I saw was Daddy’s reflection. He was standing in my doorway, watching me caress my little boobs while I pinched my nipples.

“Daddy!” I exclaimed, and quickly covered my breasts with my hands. Fortunately, my hands were easily big enough to cover my breasts, and as I turned around to face him with my hands in place, he was frozen solid – standing there with his jaw open staring at me.

The next few seconds were unbelievably awkward, and as we looked at each other, we both knew he’d seen me caressing myself and lustfully pinching my nipples. There wasn’t much I could say about it — I was the one that left the door open…… I was the one that secretly wished he’d walk in on me, and I had no right to be upset with the way Daddy was staring at me. And, as we stood there looking at each other, I could see he had no idea what to say, or what to do.

I don’t know what made me do it, but, once I saw he wasn’t turning to leave, I simply dropped my hands to my side, and stood there, letting him look at me. I mean, what was the point of being modest now? He’d obviously seen me cupping my dainty boobs and tweaking my nipples. Unless he was blind, he had to know by the way I’d closed my eyes and swayed my head back and forth that I was enjoying touching myself. Beşiktaş Escort Bayan

I know he’d had some brief glimpses of my breasts before. Not like this, though. Not out in the open and bare like they were now, but, I knew he’d looked down my top a few times. Of course, he had to know they were small, but, this was probably the first time he’d seen me completely bare from the waist up since I was nine or ten years old, and probably the first time he’d seen my nipples this clearly.

Amazingly enough, it felt wonderful standing topless in front of him. And instead of being self-conscious about it, I felt incredibly good — I felt strong and bold. His eyes were scanning my body, from my breasts down to my shorts, and when his eyes focused on the way my stretchy shorts displayed my pussy, I got those delightful twangs of excitement deep inside my panties again.

“Daddy,” I said, quietly, “you’re staring at me.”

His eyes moved back up to my breasts and lingered there for several seconds. “Daddy?” I said again, trying to get his attention.

When he looked up at me, I repeated what I said without turning away or covering myself. “Daddy, you’re staring at me.”

“Damn, you’re beautiful.” He replied, almost so softly I couldn’t hear him.

“I’m sorry, Carly. I shouldn’t have said that.” Daddy quickly added, seemingly shaking himself back into his father role. “I didn’t mean to stare, but, damn, Sweetheart, uh……. I mean, uh…… never mind.”

“No, Daddy.” I replied. “Tell me what were you going to say.”

“I shouldn’t, Sweetheart. I can’t.” He said, forcing his eyes from my breasts up to my face. “It’s just that….. uh, you’re breasts are so amazingly beautiful…… they’re so perfect.”

“They’re small!” I exclaimed. “I hate what mother nature did to me, it’s so unfair! And, you’re just saying that to make me feel better.” I said, blushing from his compliment and turning my head away so he’d think I was embarrased.

“Carly, look at me.” Daddy said, taking a step toward me and reaching both his hands out to me.

I turned my head back to look at Daddy, and reached both my hands out to meet his. As I did, he turned me toward the mirror and stood behind me. Wanting him to think I was embarrassed, I reached up to cover my little cones. But as soon as I did, he reached around in front of me, took hold of my wrists, and gently moved my hands back down to my sides. Then, standing behind me, he leaned forward and looked at me in the mirror, and began to speak.

“Sweetheart,” Daddy said softly, “I don’t ever want to hear you say that again. You’ve been blessed with the most beautiful and perfect breasts in all of creation. If you knew how sincerely I mean that, you’d know I wasn’t just saying that because I’m your father.”

I wasn’t sure if he was lecturing me, or paying me another compliment. But as his words played in my head, I could tell by the look in his eyes, and by the way he was shifting his glances between my eyes and my breasts, something important was happening between us.

“If you weren’t my daughter,” he whispered in my ear from behind me, “I’d beg you to come have dinner with me just as you are so I could simply enjoy the company of the most beautiful girl in the world.”

The sincerity in Daddy’s voice affected down to the very core of my heart. As we stood there looking at each other in the mirror, I saw something in Daddy’s eyes that transcended him being my father, and I got a lump in my throat. He’d called me beautiful, and I could tell he meant it.

I was affected so profoundly, my eyes started to tear up, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t stop myself from crying as we looked at each other. I turned around and buried my face into Daddy’s soft shirt and silently cried as he gently held me. I could feel his hands tenderly sliding up and down my bare back, holding me while I had my little cry. Daddy’s words were powerful and meaningful, and probably the most wonderful words anyone had ever said to me. They made me feel good, and they made me feel grown up, desirable and incredibly feminine.

Daddy stepped back from our hug and smiled down at me. “I know I’m going to kick myself later for suggesting this, but, why don’t you throw on a shirt and come down to dinner. It’s on the table and probably getting cold.”

I watched as Daddy started to leave, but, as he got to the door way, he turned to look at me one last time. Then smiling, he shook his head in a resolving manner and left. And as I heard his footsteps going down the stairs, I became smothered with the feeling of completeness and a new kind of love for Daddy that I’d never felt until that exact instant. If he’d have turned around and came back to my room, I just knew I’d jump into his arms and plead with him to make love to me right then and there.

I felt another twinge of excitement between my legs as I reached into a drawer to pull out a clean t-shirt. Then giggling out loud, I Escort Beşiktaş headed downstairs to join Daddy dinner. He was sitting at the table, smiling to himself as I sat down. As he handed me a bowl of mashed potatoes, I asked him what was so funny.

“You are.” Daddy said. chuckling. “There’s no way you would have known this, but, the women on my side of the family, as well as your mother’s side of the family, were all small breasted.”

“Really?” I asked.

“That’s the honest truth.” He replied. “Before your mother turned into the wicked witch of the north, that was one of the things I truly loved about her. It’s actually what caught my eye when we first met.”

“So, you’re a small boob kind of guy?” I asked, smiling across the table at him.

Daddy shook his head again and then looked up at me. “I’m electing not to answer that fully on the grounds it may incriminate me. But, I think it’s fair to say I’ve always preferred a woman with an A-cup, or less.”

He smiled back at me as he turned his attention to his dinner, and as we ate, we exchanged smiles and glances like we were sharing a secret joke between us. After a few minutes passed, he asked me how the appointment with Dr. Rob went.

“We talked about a lot of things, and I’ve got an appointment for my female exam on Thursday.” I answered.

“Good.” He said. “It’s good for a woman to have a yearly check-up. I’m sure you’ve heard that.” Daddy added. “You probably don’t need a mammogram yet, but having a pap smear is pretty important, I guess.”

“That’s easy for you to say, Daddy. You’re not the one being examined.” I replied.

“He told me about the stirrups and having to look between my legs, and I understand all that.” I added. “But, Daddy, I don’t want him to stick anything in me down there. I’m a virgin, Daddy.”

I could see the look on Daddy’s face change when he heard me say I was a virgin.

“I’m sure you’re not the first girl Dr. Rob has examined who hasn’t had sexual relations, Carly.” He replied.

“Daddy, you’re not getting what I’m saying.” I said, with an exasperated tone. “I still have my, uh…… my virgin thing down there. Get it?”

“Oh.” Daddy said, looking across the table at me. Then his eyes suddenly shot open and he said, “Oh! Yeah, I get it.”

He sat back in his chair and crossed his arms across his chest. “Of course,” he said, with the beginnings of a smile on his face, “I’m delighted to hear that. Virginity is so rare these days, especially at your age. I admire that, Carly. And, I’m sure Dr. Rob will be extra gentle. I can talk to him if you’d like.”

“Do you think you could drive me down there on Thursday?” I inquired. “You know, be there for moral support? Would you mind?”

“Sure.” Daddy answered. “I’d actually consider it an incredible honor, Sweetheart. It’s understandable that you might be nervous and I wouldn’t want you to go through this alone.”

I knew he had no idea what he just agreed to, and as far as I was concerned, I’d just done everything I needed to do to get him in there. Dr. Rob told me he’d do the rest — he told me he’d talk to Daddy privately once we got to his office and make everything work. Now that that was done, and he’d be there with me, I felt relieved.

Then, looking back over at Daddy, I said, “He asked a lot of embarrassing questions today.”

“Like what?” He asked, nonchalantly, as he ate.

“Daddy!” I exclaimed. “They’re embarrassing!”

“Well, what’s the big deal?” He asked. “If your mom was still here, don’t you think she’d be asking what you talked about? Are you ashamed of something?”

“No,” I answered, “I’m not ashamed of anything. They were just really personal questions.”

“Well,” he pressed, “like what?”

“Jeez!” I moaned out loud. “Well, if you really want to know, he asked if I was sexually active and about my sexual experience.”

“And?” He said, looking up at me. “What did you say?”

“Daddy,” I replied, “first off, I’m not sexually active, okay? Remember just a few minutes ago I said I was a virgin? And secondly, I don’t have any sexual experience. None. Zippo. Nada. Zero. And thirdly, I’ve never even seen a penis on someone older than six years old! Except maybe some drawings in a book.”

Daddy laughed as I made my point. “Okay. Okay.” He chuckled. “I got it.”

“What else did he ask you?” Daddy inquired.

“He asked if I, uh, you know….. touched myself.” I replied, blushing as I said it.

“You mean masturbation?” He asked, calmly looking up at me.

“Uh huh.” I answered.

“Well?” He replied, looking up at me. “Do you?”

“Daddy, that’s really, really personal!” I replied.

“Carly, masturbation is a totally natural thing.” He said back to me. “Despite what you may have heard, it’s a healthy thing to do, and, everyone does it. Even little babies do it. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, and I’d be worried if you weren’t doing it.”

“Well then, Daddy,” I said, setting my fork down and looking him directly in the eye, “do you masturbate?”

“Of course I do.” He answered. “I told you it was nothing to be embarrassed about.”

“It’s not, huh?” I said, giggling over at him. “Let’s just see. How often do you do it, Daddy? How often do you masturbate?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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