Daddy’s Massage

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I watched as the doctor removed the cast from my arm and leg. The itching had driven me crazy and it was such a relief to finally have them off.

“Hey, Sam. That must feel better,” Dad said.

“You’ve been an excellent patient, Samantha,” the doctor said. “The receptionist will set up a follow-on appointment.”

Dad helped me down the corridor and into the car. My broken bones were caused by a drunk driver speeding through a red light. He hit the driver side of the car and I thought I was going to die.

I started therapy the next day and Dad acted as my driver and workout partner. In the evenings, Dad helped me stretch and began the most wonderful massages I ever imagined.

The first massage was a bit awkward. Dad had rented a massage table and I wore only a bra and panties. Mom had left us years ago and although Dad had seen me in bra and panties before, it seemed a little weird to get touched in such a personal way with so little clothes on.

I started on my tummy and was all covered. Dad lifted the blanket up until my legs were exposed and poured oil onto his hands. It felt warm as he touched just below my knees and the warm oil and soft touch felt especially good on my broken leg.

“Am I rubbing too hard?” Dad asked.

“No. It feels good.”

Both the tibia and fibula had been fractured and Dad’s touch was just what the doctor ordered. He continued on my left leg and then moved to the right. His grip was strong, but he seemed to know where to add more pressure and when to use a feather touch.

I never used to like my feet being touched, but the way his thumbs moved made my whole body shiver in a most delicious way.

He started to pull on my toes. “This little piggy went to market. This little piggy stayed home. This little piggy had roast beef. This little piggy had none and this little piggy cried wee wee wee all the way home.”

At the end of the verse, Dad ran his fingers over my legs and up the the end of the blanket that was just covering my bottom. For a moment, I didn’t know he would stop and I clenched my cheeks hard.

“There we go,”he said and lowered the blanket over my legs and then rolled the top of the blanket down until it rested level with the top of my panties.

He varied his touch over my back from his fingers, to his palms, to the lower half of his arm. My bra strap was getting in the way, but he didn’t ask to undo it and I didn’t offer.

He helped me roll over and he massaged my right arm and then the left. My left arm had been broken and he spent more time on that one. After the pain of the breaks and the frustrating itching, his touch was heavenly.

He placed my arms over my tummy and then moved to the end of the table by my head. My hair was long and straight and he moved it over my ears and let it hang down.

He rubbed my temples and I sighed with pleasure. Nothing had felt this good, nothing until he rubbed over my forehead and down around to my chin. It was relaxing and arousing and I hoped he didn’t see that my nipples were stiffening.

I was like a wet noodle by the time Dad was done and he assisted me to the shower and off to bed I went. I normally slept wearing a t-shirt and undies, but I was too relaxed to put them on and slept in the nude.

Therapy was every second day and each time Dad would end my day with a massage. I was getting spoiled and loved the concern Bakırköy Escort and consideration he was giving me.

After the first week, the massages were changing slightly. His hands went past my thighs and touched the lower part of my bottom. They never lingered for more than a moment and I didn’t want to mention it and then him doubting if he should touch me at all.

He also touched the sides of my breasts when I was laying on my tummy, but he never touched near them when I was on my back. Perhaps my mind was playing games on me.

Mid-way through the second week, Dad was massaging my left thigh and went high enough that I felt his finger touch my panties and pussy. I didn’t move or say anything and his finger rubbed slightly over my lips and then he quickly rubbed down my leg to my feet.

I had kissed boys and let the last guy I went steady with touch my breasts. Many times he tried to rub between my legs and every time I moved his hand away.

When my Dad switched and rubbed my shoulders he asked if I would let him undo my bra. I thought for a moment and then said, “sure.”

He slowly undid the three clasps and I felt a twitch of arousal. My mind raced and I wondered what thoughts were going through his mind.

His fingers glided over my back and it was much better this way than being blocked by the back of my bra. He stood beside me, both hands pressing along my spine and then slipping down to my sides. I was getting spoiled and hoped the day would never come when he would stop doing this.

My breasts were underneath me, but the exposed parts were now being massaged by my Dad. I thought of telling him to stop, but for weeks I was in such discomfort and now every touch felt so good.

“Roll over, sweetie,” Dad said and I turned, with his help, onto my back.

My unstrapped bra covered my breasts, but a gust of wind could easily change that.

Dad oiled my shoulders and rubbed over my chest and went lower than before, touching the top swell of my breasts. My breasts are fairly small and my nipples somewhat large and extremely sensitive.

His touch was making me realize how sensitive they were. They began to ache more than ever before and for a moment I wanted my Dad to rub and squeeze them. It was like the itch I had while wearing my casts and I needed relief.

Dad’s touch left my chest and ended with a face massage.

The water from the shower felt so good hitting my nipples and as I washed the oil off, I realized that I was wet between my legs and it wasn’t because of the the oil.

A week later the therapy was at its peak and the stretches were showing results. The pain from the stretches were necessary, but unwelcome.

After dinner Dad asked if I was ready for my massage and I almost ran upstairs and onto the table.

Dad exposed my legs by lifting the blanket and this time moved my legs slightly wider apart.

His fingers loosened the knots in my right leg and then moved to the left. His touch was fantastic the first time and I didn’t think it possible, but it got better each time. He moved up my leg and then down, each time going slightly higher.

I looked forward to these touches and for a moment I thought he was teasing me. He knew I allowed a bit of touching over my private part and now he seemed to be avoiding it. I wiggled my bottom slightly, and he went close but Bakırköy Escort Bayan stopped.

When he moved his hand up, I arched slightly, waiting for the moment of his touch, but no touch came. I clenched my fingers in a fist and bit down in frustration on my lower lip.

He covered up my legs and unclasped my bra without asking. I might not get my pussy touched, but his touch was getting closer and closer to my nipple and tonight might be the night that he finally rubs them. I’m not sure if I should allow the touch and I knew that it would take all of my willpower to say no.

He came teasingly close several times and I stretched and thrust them out to him. I gritted my teeth and was sure I heard a small snicker come from him.

The following two massages were carbon copies of the last and my level of frustration was through the roof.

The physical therapy sessions were winding down and I was walking close to normal.

“Dinners ready,” Dad called.

“Oh, my,” I said. “Candles and wine. What’s the occasion?”

He just smiled and warm glow seemed to surround him. The steak melted in my mouth and the potatoes were garnished with a medley of cheeses. Dinner was delicious.

“Hope you enjoyed dinner, Sam.”

“It was the best, Dad. I love you lots.”

“I love you to, sweetie. I’ll clean up and you can get comfortable on the table,” Dad said.

I don’t normally wear thong underwear, but I changed out of the ones I was wearing and slipped on a red silk pair.

The wine at dinner made me more relaxed than normal and Dad’s touch felt as heavenly as usual.

After completing my right leg, he moved to my left. Like the other nights, his hands went higher and higher, but not touching my special spot. Unlike other nights, I began to feel wetness.

As Dad’s touch moved higher, I could be coy no longer and thrust my hips up to him.

His fingers touched between my legs and stayed there. I could smell my heat and I’m sure the scent was filtering to my Dad.

His finger moved slightly and I struggled to stifle a whimper. He rubbed half way up my pussy and then down to where the materiel joined the strap between my cheeks. I felt my pussy flowing and my scent was filling the room.

Dad’s finger went under the strap and he touched the space between my anus and pussy. This time I couldn’t hold my whimper, which was followed by the same type of sound from my Dad.

His finger slid along the wet folds of my lips and I arched in response. I hadn’t noticed how engorged my clit had become until I felt the tip of his finger touch it.

I clenched the sheet under me and rubbed my clit over the top half of his finger. My hips were undulating and I felt the whole palm of his hand cup my pussy. I pressed to him and groaned as two of his fingers circled around my clit.

“I love you, Sam,” Dad said as his hand pulled back and then one finger circled around my virginal opening.

“I love you Daddy,” and whimpered as his middle finger circled my entrance. He circled around and around and my wetness flowed like lava. His touch was teasing. Moving ever so slightly in and then out. Circling around and around like a funnel until half had slipped inside me. He moved his finger like he was stirring his tea until he could go no further.

My pussy clasped his finger tight and my sphincter tightened Escort Bakırköy as his thumb touched my anal opening. His thumb was slick with my juices or the massage oil and he applied a gentle, but steady pressure until it entered me.

Finger and thumb pressed inside me and he moved his other hand until he touched my clit, rubbing and pinching it.

My whole body tightened and I struggled to catch my breath. Colored sparkles danced before my eyes and I thought I was going to explode. And explode I did. Cum spurting like pee over my Dad’s hand and arm, soaking the sheet below. I had masturbated before and reached orgasm several times, but never like this.

His finger and thumb slipped out of me and colors dazzled my eyelids and my pussy spasmed in delight.

My eyes remained closed, mesmerized by the light show. I wasn’t even aware that he had rolled me onto my back.

I felt a warm body over me and something charcoal hot and steel hard rub between my wet and swollen lips. I was in a foggy haze of lust and arched my hips up as the tip of the hardness touched my clit and then lowered to my entrance.

I knew what it was and I knew I wanted it. “Yes. Yes, Daddy. Please.”

His finger had slipped in nicely, but my opening would have to stretch much wider to accommodate the cock I wanted so badly.

Sweet kisses moved along my neck and Dad whispered in my ear. “Slow, sweetie. Just push slow.”

The tip of his cock was peeking inside me and I slowly pushed. I pushed harder and harder but the law of physics was working against me.

Dad brushed a wisp of hair from my forehead. “Relax … relax.”

I took a deep breath and at that moment Dad thrust. A jolt of pain circled from my pussy and radiated through my body. I yelped and felt a tear drip from my eye.

Moments passed, as did the pain. The head of his cock was inside me. My Dad had taken my virginity.

“Are you okay, sweetie?” Dad asked.

My teeth were biting my lower lip and I nodded my head, yes.

Minuted passed and then Dad began to move. More of his cock entered me. Inch after inch moved closer to my cervix. He stopped and my legs wrapped around him.

He made a guttural, animal like sound and pushed steadily until he could go no further.

My vagina stretched and formed around my Dad’s cock. My inner muscles pulsed and my Dad groaned in pleasure.

I felt his ball sac pressing against my anus and thighs. His breathing quickened more and more and he pressed even further into me.

I felt the contractions from his balls, each one told me that he was inseminating me. My pussy automatically squeezed until every drop was inside me. Ripples of orgasms washed through my body and my head tilted as he bit possessively into my neck.

“Stay inside me Daddy,” and I tightened my legs around him.

I lost track of time, but became aware of his penis moving inside me.

I whimpered when I thought he was going to slip out, but he stopped at my entrance and then thrust in one motion deep inside. He did that again and again. Over and over until my cum was making a pool of slippery wetness.

“Harder, Daddy. Faster.”

I was breathless, beads of sweat dripping from me.

He grunted like a wild bear and his cock-head bumped my cervix. He was seeding me…again. Spurting his sperm into me.

The sparkles of light exploded into shooting stars and then all went black.

The next morning I woke next to my Dad. His arm draped over my breasts and his cock was erect against my bottom. I was sore down below, but the glow over my cheeks brightened the room.

“I love you, Sam.”

I smiled. “I love you, Daddy.”

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