Daddy’s Perfect Chance

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Tina came in from shopping and immediately heard her father call for her. He was not a happy camper. She set her bags down in the hallway and went to meet him in the living room. “The credit card company just called. Do you want to tell me what you spent $2,000 on this afternoon? Tina broke down and started crying.

“Oh daddy, Bryan broke up with me. The prom is next weekend, and he just told me that he doesn’t want to be with me anymore! He won’t even go to the prom with me, and now I’ll be the laughing stock of the whole school, I don’t know what to do,” Tina was really crying now.

Her father motioned for her to come over, and he pulled her down, sitting sideways on his lap. “Ok, pumpkin, tell me what happened.”

“I did, that’s it; he just said he didn’t want to see me anymore.” Tina tucked her head under her daddy’s neck.

“You don’t have any idea why?” Tina looked back up at her father, and her eyes started leaking fresh tears.

“I do know daddy, but I’m embarrassed,” she tucked her head back down, and hid from his gaze. Her daddy pulled her chin back up and just looked at her, “Oh daddy, he wanted to have sex, but I was afraid to. He said that it wouldn’t be a prom if he didn’t get to have some action, and he’d already waited for me to turn eighteen and he didn’t think I was worth waiting for anymore.”

Her daddy narrowed his eyes at her. “Baby, are you telling me that you are a virgin?”

Tina blushed from her chest to her eyes, “Daddy, of course I’m a virgin. I’m waiting for the right boy. I just don’t think that’s Bryan.”

“You know baby, I can tell if you are lying,” He looked at her face again, while laying his hand on her thigh.

“Daddy, I don’t lie, you know that! I’m sorry about the shopping, I’ll take them back tomorrow, but I was just so upset,” Tina poked out her lower lip.

Daddy chuckled and rubbed her back, “It’s ok baby, you can keep them, but you can’t change the subject, I am going to make sure you aren’t lying. Now spread your legs for me, so I can check.” Tina opened her eyes wide, but opened her knees for her daddy.

He slipped his hand up her thigh, feeling her smooth, youthful skin. He ran his thumb around the edge of her panty before moving his hands up to her smooth stomach. He reached his hand into her panties from the top, and brushed his fingers through the sparse hair at the top of her slit. He ran his fingers up and down her slit, feeling Tina wriggling around on his lap.

He rubbed his finger back up her slit again, and gently gave her clit a circular massage. He could feel her getting wetter as he went, and began to smell her in the air. Running his fingers once more down to her hole, he inserted his middle finger into her hole. He couldn’t help himself, and once again let his thumb wander back up to her clit.

As he continued farther into her pussy, he could finally feel her hymen. Danny had been waiting for this moment for years. Tina had only turned eighteen a few weeks ago, but she had been dating boys for years. With her honey golden hair, her B-cup size and her cheerleader’s figure, he assumed she had lost her virginity long ago. But here was the proof, and he wasn’t going to wait anymore, Gaziantep Kavaklık Escort and possibly miss his chance.

Danny looked at his daughter as he pulled his finger out and eagerly sucked her juices off. He had become so hard that it took all his control to not hump against his daughter’s ass. “I am so proud of you darling, for keeping your virginity. Now, I want to ask you a question, are you afraid that losing your virginity will hurt?”

“Yes, daddy, when Tammy lost hers, she cried, and she said there was blood, I’m scared.” Tina was still squirming around on her daddy’s lap, a part of her wishing he hadn’t pulled out while the rest of her was shocked at his actions. Ever since her mother had died, he’d done his best to be both mom and dad for her, but he’d never touched her like that.

“Tina, baby, I felt your hymen, and it’s as delicate as can be. Do you trust me baby? Because I’m going to take your virginity, but it will hurt more if you don’t trust me.” Danny was back to rubbing his hand up and down daughter’s thigh, wishing he could just throw her down and take her, he wasn’t sure how much longer he could wait.

Tina wished he would move his hand just a few more inches up, back to where he was before, it felt so much better when her daddy had his hand on her than when Bryan ever touched her. Bryan had been rough and he’d felt uncomfortable, but her daddy’s hand felt wonderful!

“Daddy, I’ve always trusted you, but it’s wrong for you to take my virginity isn’t it? You are my daddy.” Tina knew she had to say it, but the fact was, his hand was driving her crazy, and she was almost beyond coherent thought.

“It’s ok baby, I would never trust anyone other than myself to handle you as gently as I would. Now I need you to stand up for me, so I can see more of you.”

Tina stood up and her daddy just sat and looked at her for a second. When he finally stood up, he pulled her close, and kissed her on the lips. She could feel his tongue asking for entry into her mouth, and when she finally opened up, she could taste her own juices on his tongue. Tina’s hands made their way up her daddy’s shoulder’s and around his neck as she pulled herself closer to him. She could feel him running his hands under her short skirt to cup her ass.

Danny stepped back from his daughter visibly trying to regain control of himself. He lifted Tina’s shirt above her head and let it fall to the floor. When he stepped back in to kiss her again, his let his hands go to her bra to release the catch. While still kissing her he also unzipped her skirt, so that the next time he stepped back, her bra and skirt both fell to the ground.

Tina looked down surprised that she was wearing only her panties, but also more turned on than she had been with any of the boys in her class. She watched as her father knelt in front of her drew her panties down and off her legs. Once she was naked, he leaned in and nuzzled her mound with his nose. She could then feel his tongue as it flicked around her lower lips.

“Spread your legs for me baby, let me see more.” Danny reached up her legs behind her and pushed her closer towards his mouth. He licked up one of her lips, then went to the bottom and licked up the other. His daughter was so wet that she was slick, and starting to drip. He loved the smell of her, so musky and young. He started sucking on her clit and felt her knees give out, holding her up by his hands on her ass cheeks. He reveled in the smell, taste and feel of her for as long as he could, but before long, he couldn’t take it anymore, he had to have her.

Danny stood up and quickly shed his clothes. He then sat back down on the couch. “Come here baby, and sit back down on my lap.” Tina started to sit sideways again, but he stopped her and had her straddle his lap. Once she had sat down, he pulled her close and caressed her back and hips. He lowered his head and took one of her nipples in his mouth, suckling and nibbling. When he pulled back to admire his work, it was puckered up and sticking out at him.

Danny was so surprised at how dark her nipples were, almost a brown color. He skin was so white, and her coloring so light, he expected her to have light pink nipples. He found himself even more turned on by the dark almost brown color of her nipples compared to her very white skin. He decided it was time to explore her other nipple, and gave it the same treatment as he had the first.

As Danny was exploring Tina’s nipples, his hands were exploring her ass. He moved his hands down to where her legs straddled his own, and ran his fingers from her dripping pussy back up to her tight pucker. Danny shivered as he spread her wetness around her entire nether region.

Danny lifted his head from Tina’s nipple and looked into her face. She was moaning and squirming on his hands and her own fingers were squeezing his shoulders. Danny quickly lifted and centered her on his own rock hard cock. Without giving her time to adjust, he thrust her down on his cock, breaking her hymen in one swift move.

Tina squeaked and her nails bit into his shoulders. Danny pulled her close and rubbed her back and soothing circles, continuing to gently thrust his hips into her, but not letting her move off him.

“It’s ok baby, your hymen was so thin, I knew it wouldn’t be too painful as long as you weren’t expecting it, so didn’t tense up. Are you ok?”

“Yes, daddy, it didn’t hurt barely at all, you just surprised me, that’s all.”

Hearing this Danny started lifting Tina up and letting her fall back on his cock. Tina was trying to keep her balance on the sofa straddling his legs, and ended up just wrapping her arms around his shoulders and leaning into his neck.

Danny wanted her to lean back, so he could play with her tits and clit some more, so he shifted her knees so that they were more firmly on the sofa. He then helped her learn how to bounce on his rod, moving up and down, without letting him leave her tight cunt.

Tina was shocked at the feeling, she was so incredibly full, and every time she fell down completely on her daddy’s cock she felt a shock from her clit meeting his pubic bone. She started rocking on his dick, trying new things, moving straight up and down, going in circles, and even thrusting forward and back.

Tina was lost in the wonderful feelings she was experiencing when she felt her father’s fingers on her clit again. He was pulling on her clit, giving her a jolt each time she felt it. Tina could feel the sensations building up in her until she was slamming herself on him. Suddenly she exploded. She felt one of her father’s hands on her hip, helping steady her rhythm, while the other one continued it’s assault on her over-sensitized clit, and his tongue and teeth pleasured her nipples.

Tina let out a keening cry and arched her back. Finally, she slumped on to her father’s shoulder, feeling her entire body go fluid. When she came back to herself, she realized that her father was still hard within her. She looked up at him, and he smiled at her.

“Did you like that, baby?”

“Oh, daddy, I never imagined it would be like that. Thank you so much, it was wonderful.”

“Ok, I want to try something new, now.”

Danny lifted Tina off his lap, and she felt him pull out of her inch by inch. Once she was back on her feet, he turned her to face the coffee table. Danny pushed her down to her knees, and had her lean over the table, holding onto the opposite side with her hands while he lifted her ass up in the air.

Danny ran his cock along her slit, feeling her jerk every time he bumped her clit. His daughter was even hotter than he imagined she would be, and he would treasure for the rest of his life being the one to take her virginity. It had been all he could take to not blow his load when she came and squeezed on his dick. He’d had to clench his teeth and held himself back by a thread.

When he couldn’t wait anymore, he slid his cock back into her wet slit. Since she had already come, he could hear a squishing sound as he sunk in. He grabbed her hips and started slamming into her harder. He knew there was no way he could hold out much longer; he wished he could make it go on forever, but he also knew that he’d have her again. She would be his from now on.

Within a few more strokes, he felt himself swell within her and slammed himself in her as hard as he could. He heard her grunt, and reached his hand around to play with her clit, wanting her to come with him. She actually screamed, and squeezed down on him until it was almost painful. Danny let out his own moan, and felt his semen splash into his daughter. He continued thrusting as he came, short quick thrusts, that pushed the table forward, and forced him to walk with it on his knees as he kept himself buried in her.

When he was finished coming, he pulled out of his daughter, and holding her around the waist pulled them both to the floor, spooning her back against his front. “Oh, baby, you have made me the happiest man ever. Thank you so much for that, I love you.”

“I love you too daddy, and thank you, for teaching me. I was so scared, but you made me feel wonderful. Will we do it again?”

Danny squeezed her and assured her they would not only do it again, but often. He could not wait to teach her even more. He wished he was younger, so he could fuck her again now, but he needed a rest. He idly played with her breasts and nipples while she squirmed in his arms once more, and he let his mind wander.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing?”

Michael, Tina’s older brother was standing in the doorway, looking down on his father and sister who were both naked and smelling of sex.

To be continued…

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