Daddy’s Special Gift

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It was the morning of my eighteenth birthday. My mother was gone to the store and I was in the bathroom peeing when I heard my father calling from down the hall in his bedroom, “Britt! Are you up?”

I had been out late with my boyfriend Scott the night before so I was still pretty tired when I yawned, “Yes but I’m in the bathroom.”

He yelled back, “When you get finished, I want you to come here. I want to show you something.”

I wiped the urine droplets from my lips and pulled up my early gift onesie pajamas my dad had given me the day before. They were a fuzzy lime green with koala bears all over them, complete with the built-in feet for warmth. The traction on the bottom helped me not to slip as I walked down the wood floor hallway.

I stepped inside his doorway while asking, “What’s up Daddy? What do you want to show me?” I had always called my father Daddy and it was just second nature to me.

While lying on his bed with the blanket up just below his bare hairy chest, he responded, “Happy birthday Pumpkin! I can’t believe my baby is finally 18. You are a woman now but I miss my little girl. Just look at you with your blonde hair, your tight beautiful body and dating boys when it seems like only yesterday you were running around here always asking us for candy.”

I laughed, “Thanks Daddy. I know, right? Time sure flies.”

He stopped smiling as to get serious for a moment when he continued, “And as another woman of the house comes certain responsibilities. I know you have had intimate relations with some of your boyfriends but now in this house, I think you need to be able to have the best gift a father can give his daughter.”

I looked at him with a confused crinkled brow when he took the edge of the blanket and quickly flapped it off his body, exposing a monster erection that he was pointing upward with his opposite hand.

I was startled and quickly raised my hand to shield my vision, “Oh my God! Daddy, what are you doing? Cover that back up.”

He softly chuckled, “Put your hand down. Don’t be shy. I know you have seen them and now it’s time for you to see mine. Do you think it’s big?”

I lowered my hand but looked at it out of the corner of my eye while responding, “Uh…yea I would say it’s pretty big alright.”

He proudly retorted, “It’s a little under ten inches.” He then squeezed it from the base, causing the large head to swell even bigger before adding, “And as thick as your little wrist. Have you ever had one this big?”

I will admit, the thing was huge! I had never seen my father naked and it was a shock for sure. He was 6’1, weighed 190 pounds and was in tremendous shape for a guy who had recently turned 40. He was also the hairiest man I had ever seen as his entire chest, stomach, legs and pubic region were covered in it.

With a truthful answer, I replied, “No way. Yours is the biggest I have ever seen in real life by far. But, don’t you feel a little weird showing it to me since I’m your daughter?”

“Not at all, Pumpkin. I have waited such a long time for you to see and feel it. Your mom still loves for me to give her a good pounding but she hasn’t sucked on it for years. Growing up, you always wanted candy, especially lollipops. Well, now is the time for you to enjoy this one and I will also make sure you feel very good with it,” my dad offered.

I felt very strange but as I stared at that large cock, his words began to make more and more sense when he continued, “I don’t know how big Scott is but I’m sure he can’t deliver my baby the pleasure she deserves. Why don’t you just give it a try today and see how it goes. We won’t tell him or your mother.”

I was still reluctant when I questioned, “Daddy, you are contradicting yourself. You say I’m now a woman but you also want me to be your little girl with your lollipop?”

He laughed, “I could see where you could think that. Let me explain. I have two strong fetishes that drive me wild. One is seeing a girl swallow things. Ooo, I shudder when I see a girl swallow and for a girl of mine to go out and have sex then come back and tell me all about it. Your mother won’t do either so, yes, you are now a woman of the house but I would like for you İstanbul Escort to have that responsibility while you are my little girl. Does that make sense?”

I smiled, “I guess. If you don’t think it feels weird maybe we can give it a try.”

He smiled back as she shook his erection at me, “That’s my Pumpkin. Now get on up here and show me what you can do with Daddy’s lollipop.”

He spread his legs and I laid on my stomach between them. I was up on my elbows with my pajama covered feet up over my head. My face was just inches from his big dick. It had a large, protruding vein running up the side like a mole burrow in the ground. I touched it gently before attempting to wrap my hand around it. Of course my hand wouldn’t fit all the way around it but my father removed his own hand and allowed me to manipulate his large manhood as I saw fit. I stroked up the length of the shaft as my father watched intently and moaned.

“Oh, lick it Pumpkin. I want to watch you put your tongue all over it,” he sighed.

While holding it upward, I first kissed his hairy balls. I then used the flat part of my tongue and slowly licked upward until I reached his creviced frenulum. I rolled my tongue inward and flicked inside the cleft. My dad gasped when I kept repeating this technique. His head hit the pillow when I winked at him.

I giggled, “You like that Daddy? Does it feel good?”

My father then began talking in third person to help stimulate his fetish, “Daddy likes it Pumpkin. Your tongue on his peter feels so good. Do you want to go ahead and put it in your mouth now?”

“Um, hum,” I mumbled as I wrapped my mouth around the big head of his cock causing his body to jolt in pleasure.

I slurped and sucked as deep as I could while using my hand to jerk the base. My lips would meet my fingers as I alternated each.

“Oh, Pumpkin. You are amazing. You cannot believe how long it has been. You look so pretty as you do that,” he panted.

My head was bobbing up and down as the girth of his erection caused my saliva to ooze from the corners of my mouth and down the shaft. Even though his blowjob turned sloppy, I never slowed down. The experience had started out uncomfortably but my horniness was now taking over. I now wanted that huge cock even more than my boyfriend’s six and a half inches.

He moaned again, “Tell me Pumpkin. When was the last time you did this to Scott?”

With a loud pop, I stopped sucking and with my glistening lips, I teased, “Just last night Daddy. I sucked it good for him before he did me doggie style.”

“Oh, God! Where did he cum, Pumpkin? Please tell Daddy he came in your mouth and you swallowed it. Please tell Daddy that,” he groaned.

I had already started sucking his big dick again before stopping to answer, “He came in my tight pussy,” then I tilted my head and licked around the tight rim of his cock head.

He warned, “Damn. You’re gonna make Daddy cum too quick. I think you better stop and ride it.”

I was anxious to feel that size inside me since I had never experienced a large penis. I stood up and unzipped my pajamas before stepping out of them. I was not wearing a bra but I slid my red silk panties down and tossed them to the floor.

With his eyes wide open, my father gasped, “Jesus, you have an incredible body. Daddy knew with all those gymnastics it was nice but seeing you naked is such a treat. I can’t believe you shave your little kitty. Come sit down on me.”

He scooted to where his upper back was somewhat upright against the headboard. While holding onto it for balance, I straddled his waist and my legs began to bend. I slowly lowered myself while my father held his throbbing dong in place. I was nervous because even though I had just had sex the night before and my pussy was now extremely wet from sucking my father’s erection, I had never experienced something so large.

Once the swelled head smooshed its way between my pussy lips, I took a deep breath and began to sit, causing me to whine, “Oh, Oh…it’s too big. Oh my God!”

Even though it hurt, I could not stop from impaling myself on every inch with my Dad’s encouraging words, “You are doing so good. Just İstanbul Escort Bayan like that Pumpkin. Keep going. Keep going. Ah, yes. See, I knew you could take it all.”

I sat still for a moment to allow my vaginal walls to get acclimated before rising back up. While biting my lip, I began to ride it. The bed rocked as I moved up and down…grunting and panting…flipping my long hair…squealing out loud.

Without warning an orgasm jolted through my body, “Oh! Oh! I’m going to! Right now! Now! Oh! Oh! Ooooooo! Oooooooo! Yeahhhhh!”

I closed my eyes and smashed myself down on it so that the tip felt like it was pressed against my cervix as I shuddered no matter how much it hurt.

Daddy then lifted me up and put me on my knees with my bare feet hanging over the side of the bed. He stood behind me and reentered his engorged manhood. While from the standing position, he smacked my ass before taking hold of my hips, “Pumpkin, you have an amazing bottom.”

He wasted no time in thrusting himself deep in my pussy from that position. The front of his thighs were slamming into the back of mine. Feeling his cock so deep caused me to put my head down into the mattress and yelp. The bed shook as our sequence continued and from between my legs, I loved seeing his heavy balls sway back and forth and I needed to feel them. From underneath, I was able to cup that hairy sac which made me cum once again.

“Oooooooo…ahhhhhaughhhhhhhhhh!” I shrieked.

My dad puffed, “Daddy’s getting close Pumpkin. He wants you to eat it while he watches. You promise you will swallow it for Daddy?”

I was really getting turned on by the little girl role playing, so I began to whine, “Oh yes Daddy. I want to eat all that cream from your pee pee. I bet you taste so good. Can I have it?”

My words put him over the edge as he quickly pulled out and pinched the base of his dong with a colossal grip before desperately ordering, “Hurry Pumpkin, lay on your back! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!”

In a flash I was down on the floor, flat on my back and my father knelt down on his knees. He moved forward to my side until the tip of his cock was even with my mouth. Then he began to jerk his cock in long, slow strokes.

I continued my prepubescent lingo before opening my mouth very wide, “Let me taste it Daddy. Give me that yum yum. I want to swallow all my brothers and sisters.”

He pulled his cock down so that the head pointed directly into my opened mouth, “Aughhhh! Take it Pumpkin! Ohhhh, take it for Daddy!”

His first shot struck my nostril and the front of my upper teeth before he leaned closer so not to miss again. He was grunting and piggy backing off my words, “Oh there you go, Pumpkin! Augghhh! Millions of brothers and sisters for you to eat! Augghhh! Yeah Pumpkin! Take it all! Take it all! Augghhhh! Daddy is filling your mouth up!”

He was wasn’t lying as I could feel the warm, thick cum filling my mouth. When he stopped ejaculating, He squeezed his shaft upward until the last remnants of sperm had emerged from the hole. He shook his dong before wiping it off on my lower lip.

He was breathless when he gasped, “There you go baby. Swallow it for Daddy. Let me see you do it. Please.”

I used my finger to rake the glob off my nostril and into my mouth. I smiled and swished the fresh cum around while my father groaned in anticipation. With one huge gulp, it had disappeared into my stomach before I opened my empty mouth to show him, “See? All gone!”

Just from watching me swallow his load, my father’s dick never completely deflated. It remained half-hard and very thick. From all the sex, I was still horny and wanting more so I was very intrigued by his next suggestion.

“Whew! That was amazing. Now I have to piss like you wouldn’t believe. Would my Pumpkin like to hold it for Daddy?” He asked.

I agreed and followed him to his conjoining bathroom. While wrapping one arm around his waist, I held his semi-erect cock with my other hand. I waited and within seconds a bolt of piss exploded out his penis and struck the toilet bowl water with great force. I aimed and drew circles with the stream.

My father suddenly stopped Escort İstanbul his flow and suggested while supporting a devilish grin, “Daddy has a great idea. Did you like swallowing all his cum?”

I giggled, “Of course I did. It was delicious.”

He continued as he nodded his head to his cock, “You know how Daddy loves seeing you swallow things and you looked so sexy doing it…well…I think…maybe you should try swallowing this.”

I was apprehensive at first so I really didn’t comment but was lost in thought when he prodded, “You have to hurry Pumpkin. Daddy can’t hold it for very much longer. You should try it so at least you will know if you ever want to do that with Scott or any other boyfriends you have.”

I was still aroused and willing to give it a try when I replied, “Ok, I will try it. You have to go slow and give me a chance to swallow.”

We then had a slight problem. From my response and my fingers still wrapped around his manhood, my dad had become so aroused himself, he was once again fully erect. His dick looked even more massive from the side view. How was he going to pee out of a hard-on?

“I think it will be easier if you sit on the edge of the tub,” he suggested.

I released his heavy dong and sat as he had instructed. I was tense when he stood in front of me and presented his big dick to my face. While engorged, my father had to manually pull it downward before placing the swollen, spongy head into my mouth.

He gently held the top of my head with one hand and held the base of his erection with the other before warning me, “I will let you know when I’m about ready to go. Since it is hard, it is going to take a minute for Daddy to start back up.”

I nervously awaited. When my father’s eyes glazed over, his stream released and hit the back of my throat causing me to cough. He cut off the warm liquid to allow me to recover.

As I struggled, he chuckled, “Are you OK, Pumpkin? Give it a second. Swallow that down and get ready for the rest.”

I swallowed the acidic pee before preparing myself once again. My dad held my head just a little tighter and again released the torrent flow from his penis and quickly filled up my mouth. I swallowed again while the overflow ran down my chin and onto my breasts. During that first fill up, he never stopped but each mouthful after, he would stop the flow and allow me time to swallow.

With each swallow, my father would shudder in delight, “Ohhhh. You are doing so well. I can’t believe how sexy you look drinking Daddy’s piss. Just about done.”

The last round, he only filled my mouth about half full. He grunted one last squirt to make sure his bladder was completely empty. I gulped the last of the bleachy, salty liquid. My stomach was full of warm cum and pee and my dad was so turned on by my actions.

I was still sitting on the edge of the tub when he reached his hand out to escort me back to the bed, “Look how hard you made Daddy. He needs to put it in your tight little pussy again.

We climbed back up on the bed and while he was on top of me, he requested, “Take hold of it Pumpkin. Put it in for Daddy.”

I guided his massive erection into my slit and he did the rest with a forceful push. I gasped as I had forgotten how big it was. My vagina was stuffed full and my dad starting fucking me in the missionary position. It felt great to be pounded by that sheer size.

He laid down on top of me so that his hairy body was pressed against mine. He was heavy and I could feel his breathing in my ear. He was grunting and rooting and I could see his ass humping up and down from over his shoulder.

I moaned, “Oh! Oh! You’re gonna make me cum.”

He mumbled back, “Daddy is gonna cum too. Almost there, Pumpkin. Almost there.”

He continued pumping and pumping for ten more minutes before he finally growled, “There it is! Ah, I’m cummin! Oh, shit! Aughhhhhhhh!”

The sensation of his thick dick twitching and that warm cum spurt inside me, sent me over the edge as I orgasmed at the same time. I dug my finger nails into his back while we both climaxed. I moaned even louder. He collapsed on top of me and my stuffed pussy was so gooey.

He raised his head, looked me in the eye and panted, “That was so amazing. You have blossomed into such a hot lady. We are going to have to do this regularly.”

I smiled, “Yes we will.”

Just then, my mom opened the door and shrieked, “What is all the noise…oh…what in the?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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