Damien’s Game

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I love playing with my milky white skinned, red headed Fuck-toy. I remember every detail of how I taught her her new life of being a demons whore. Oh how I enjoyed that day.


I still can’t believe how I became his toy. At least I’m his favorite toy. For now that is. I remember how all of this started. I remember how I fought how I cried how I screamed and begged. All futile now. I’ve fallen in over my head and there is no turning back now. But remembering it all kinda helps. It kinda still gives me a small silver lining on the very edges of the clouds.

Who am I you ask? Well today I answer to slut, whore, bitch, cunt, or whatever screwed up name he gives me. Before he got to me, before all of this happened to me I was known as Ivy.

So I guess the best place to begin my story is at the beginning.

♡¦â™¡¦3 years ago¦â™¡¦â™¡

Ivy’s P.O.V.

I was a senior in high school, had just turned 18 two weeks prior, and was looking forward to graduation in about a month. As a straight a student I was never in trouble, but I wasn’t a goody two shoes. I smoked, I drank, did a few other recreational activities, all while somehow maintaining my virginity.

I had just walked in the door of my lil one bedroom house that I was renting. I had been living here for a year. My rich parents names were on the lease, my generous trust fund actually paying the bills. (Keep in mind from here on out I still have the house, still semi leading what appears to be a normal life, I just play his game on a daily basis.)

I threw my bookbag down by the door as usual. Walked into the kitchen. Grabbed a soda-pop, walked into the living room, stopped dead, and dropped the thankfully still closed can.

There, sitting on my couch, was a dark haired, blue eyed, very tan man with several tattoos on his arms, neck, and hands.  His jet black hair was pulled up into a short ponytail, and the grin, on his very full luscious lips, told me that I was in big, big trouble.

I tried to move my legs, tried to bend over and pick up the can, tried to scream, tried to run, but for some reason my body wouldn’t obey me.

I watched as he stood up, I watched as he slowly approached me, watched the joy in his ice blue eyes as he stopped in front of me, he wasn’t quite six foot, but he was tall.

I stood helpless as he brushed my hair behind my ears. I wanted to flinch away, wanted to slap his hand away, wanted to knee him in the balls, I wanted to stop what was happening, but my body wasn’t responding to any commands I gave it.

He laughed, more of a deep devilish chuckle, as he walked back over to the couch and sat down.

“Now this is gonna be fun, sooo much fun my dear helpless Ivy.” His voice sounded as if it was Sex hikaye a dark fallen angels voice. I would soon find out I wasn’t far off.

“Come to me Ivy.”

I, horrified, found myself not walking to him but crawling to him like I was a dog. I soon found myself on my knees in front of him.

“Your probably wondering who I am, why I’m here, and why I’m doing this to you. I’ll answer your questions later for now I want to have some fun. So why don’t you stand up and take off your clothes for me.”

I was horrified when my body once again ignored me, but I became scared as soon as I realized he was controlling me.

Tears started rolling down my cheeks as my hands started unbuttoning the pearl buttons on my lime green over shirt.

I had never shown anybody my body, not even my best friend or twin sister. 

He turned on my ipod and set it on my heavy metal playlist. Against my will my body started moving to the music as my overshirt hit the floor and my camisole started lifting to show my rainbow bra to this dark demonic man.

Somewhat to my relief my hands moved away from my bra to my skin tight, barely enough material ti be decent in public, aeropostale shorts.

My body turns around to face me away from him, I bend over as I start to pull my shorts down. I know he’s getting a wonderful view of my nice plump round ass with my matching rainbow thong right there.

I knew he wasn’t going to stop there. I tried with all my might to break his control over me but I couldn’t. I couldn’t stop myself as I turned back around to face him as my hands went to the clasp of my bra. I was horrified as my hands pulled my bra off to show my perky 36Ds to this stranger.

My body stopped for a minute, frozen in place as he got up from the couch.  I was scared to death as the first person ever besides me touched my breasts. His hands were surprisingly smooth on my body. I expected his hands to be rough against my skin. It made it worse because they weren’t.

I saw the sadistic pleasure in his eyes as he knew this simple touch was torture to me. I started crying more as against my will I turned my back to him, bent at the waist, and pulled my thong off slowly to reveal my waxed pussy to him.

He stood over me for a minute. The suspense killing me. I soon found myself on my hands and knees watching as he neatly moved everything on my coffee table to one side. I watched helpless as he grabbed his duffel bag from behind the couch and set it beside the coffee table.

Against my will I found myself climbing up onto the coffee table, still like a dog and faced away from the couch. He placed a blindfold in front of me and I nearly lost it all when I put it on myself.

I felt him put the cuffs and shackles on me. Erotik hikaye I tried to resist but didn’t get any results till after he had me secured.

When I opened my mouth to ask him why he was doing this to me, he put a large ring gag in my mouth.

“You have so many questions, I only want to feel you take me in every hole, I own you now Ivy. You won’t ever have your own life again.”

I shuddered at the harshness in his voice, I shuddered because I could tell he meant it and apparently he had the power to back it up.

I felt his hands as they ran down my back to rest on my ass. I felt his hands as he groped and rubbed my ass. It made it worse cause he was gentle at that point.
His hands gently caressed my ass, softly running up my back, almost lovingly ran around the front to caresse my beautiful tits. Gently tweaking my nipples, and rubbing the flesh almost as if he was a lover.

His touch left my skin. That scared me. It scared me because as long as his hands were on me all he was doing was touching me. It’s the unknown that scares a person more than the known.

I heard him walking around the living room. I heard as he stripped his clothes off. first his shirt, then his shoes and socks. I heard the unmistakable sound of him unbuckling his belt, I quivered in fear as I heard him undo and drop his pants, and lastly I knew his boxers had hit the floor.

I jumped a bit as his hands grabbed onto me again. His thumbs slightly parting my ass cheeks. He reached around me and unlocked the handcuffs.

Against my will my shoulders on the table, my hands reached back and spread my ass cheeks for him. Apparently he had wanted to use his hands for something else.

Damien’s P.O.V.

I sat back on the couch looking at the milky white skin of this beautiful barely legal teen displayed in front of me. I brought a whole bag of toys and tools with me but before I use that I want to see how nicely her nice ass can handle the 40oz beer bottle sitting on the coffee table right next to her.

I get up and go upstairs to her little bathroom, I grab a large bottle of lotion, a new can of shaving cream, and head back to where my little sex puppet waits for me to teach her all about her new life.

(You see, along with being able to control her body, I can control what she says and if she keeps a smile on her face while saying/doing it, I just enjoy her tears a lil while we’re alone.)

I return to my previous position on the couch and open the large bottle of lotion. I also pop the cap on the shaving cream. I put a little of the lotion on my fingers and begin the lubrication of her tiny tight asshole.

I slide in one finger first pumping it in and out of her tiny tight asshole, then I slide in two more Porno hikayeleri fingers at the same time. I pump the three fingers in and out of her ass not so gently. I put a lil more lotion on them in an out-stroke then proceed to slide in my pinky and thumb. With my whole fist up her ass I send her a command causing her to bounce her ass up and down my fist. Essentially making her fist Fuck her own ass.

I continued this for a minute before commanding her to grab the can of shaving cream. I removed my fist an ordered her to insert the tip of the can into her ass and squirt the entire bottle of cream up her intestines. It took a minute but I joyfully watched her do it. When the can was empty I took it from her and grabbed the 40 from the table. Having her return to her previous position. I was grateful to see none of the cream escaped her bowels.

I put the base of the bottle to her asshole and gave it steady pressure, slightly tearing her hole but wonderfully watching the bottle slowly disappear up her ass. As I pushed the bottle I knew it was pushing the cream up into her further. I stopped when all that was visible of the bottle was an inch of the neck. I left it in her like that and undid the shackles around her ankles.

I was ready to take my sweet whore. I lined my 8 inch cocky up with her virgin pussy, I reached up with my right hand and grabbed a fist full of her hair, and the cherry on top of it all was when I made her shove her innocent little cunt all the way down .my hard throbbing dick. Causing her to give me her innocence. I nearly lost it when her tight cunt wrapped itself around my cock, but just nearly.

I pulled her hair harder as i pumped in and out of her hot little box. I made sure she felt every inch of me taking what she always thought only she had the right to give away.

I reached down with my other hand and grabbed onto her beautiful rack. I made sure that I made it clear that I owned her body now. I fucked her body for about an hour before I couldn’t hold back any longer. With the beer bottle still securely in her ass, I filled her young hot cunt with my demonic seed.

I slowly pulled out of her, I grabbed the bottle and fucked her ass with it a bit more, knowing it was torture, by now the shaving cream up her ass had to be burning her skin. I left the bottle still in her with only about a half inch of the neck sticking out this time. Making sure no cream had left her ass, I rubbed my fingers in the cum dripping out of her pussy then reached up to her mouth and stuck them in there. Giving her her first taste of semen. I slapped her ass with my other hand then I took the blindfold off of my sweet jewel.

Dipping one hand back in the cum, I took the ring gag out of her mouth. Shoving my hand back in her mouth making her lick it clean.

Then I grabbed my remote and turned on all of the cameras I had hidden around the room. It was showtime and I was about to make Ivy look like a well trained slut.

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