Dana Ch. 02

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Chapter 5

Our first venture into “role reversal” was mind boggling and intense. My wife handled her “cock” as if she had been born with it. As exciting as it had been for both of us, I still had questions as to how far we should go. The next few weeks went by in a blur. We fucked every chance we got, two or three times a night; on the kitchen table, in the bedroom, in the shower, in the backyard under the stars …there was no place that was off limits. Our relationship hadn’t been this hot in years.

We didn’t always use “Dana’s Dick” in our coupling. But when we did, it brought out a whole new personality in my hot wife, and I have to admit, it brought out a new and different me too. I found that I started looking forward to her dressing up and putting on her “cock.” She would become the dominant partner when she did, taking control of the situation and dictating which way the night would go. Those evenings usually ended with me on my knees “sucking her off.” I relished her control and gave in to it completely. On those nights, we referred to our bedroom as “Dana’s Domain,” and pleasing each other was the only thing that mattered.

The weekend came, and we had spent the day at the beach. It was our first time to a “clothing optional beach” and my wife, it seems, had gotten naked and very horny lying in the sun, exposed to any and all who happened to pass by. So horny in fact that she masturbated on the way home. Leaning the car seat back, she slipped her hand down her pants and got herself off. I had a real hard time keeping my eyes off of what she was doing and on the road. That night as we lay relaxing on the couch, having a few drinks and listening to some Allman Brothers, we talked about the day. Dana told me how intoxicating the sun had felt on her nude body. She admitted that being naked in front of total strangers, male and female, had really made her hot. As she lay back against the pillows, she put her feet in my lap and I rubbed her toes. She playfully started rubbing her feet into my crotch. I could feel myself growing hard and told her “If you keep that up, I’m going to cum in my pants.” Looking at me through squinting eyes, she downed the rest of her drink, stood up and held her hand out to me. “Come on,” she said, “lets grab a shower and fuck.” One thing I had learned over the years was that when my wife got horny, she wanted to be fucked, and when she wanted to be fucked… she definitely let you know.

I made the rounds: locking up the house for the night, letting the dog out, turning on the alarm, etc… By the time I got to the bathroom, Dana was just stepping out of the shower and drying off with a huge towel. I stripped off my clothes and as I went to get into the shower, she reached down and grabbed my cock. “Don’t keep me waiting” she said.

I stared into her eyes and saw a look that told me it was going to be a wild night…I just had no idea how wild it was going to be.

I stood under the cascading shower for a long time, relishing the feel on my skin. Turning off the water, I stepped out of the tub and noticed that the lights in our bedroom had been turned off and I could see the warm glow of candles burning. burdur seks hikayeleri As I walked in, I could see that Dana had transformed herself and was an absolutely stunning woman.

She had on a bright red, form fitting, latex body suit, spiked red leather boots with chrome studs that ran up the sides of her calves. She wore a thin gold chain belt around her waist and like her black outfit, this one also left her boobs completely exposed.

I got my first pleasant surprise of the night, Dana’s left nipple was pierced and had a little silver ring through it. I walked over, reached out and touched the nipple ring. Her nipples were hard and her boobs had gotten really warm with the skin tight as a drum. A sure sign that Dana was getting excited and was very horny.

“Do you like it?” she asked. “I wanted to surprise you, so I didn’t wear it this morning.” “Oh yeah,” was all I could say. “Oh yeah.” Walking over to the dresser, she reached into the drawer and took out a pair or red satin panties, holding them up for me to see.

“Here, put these on,” she said.

I took the panties from her and started to walk back to the bathroom.

She stopped me “No…stay, I want to watch you put them on.”

I walked back to stand in front of Dana and started to slip them on….

She lustfully whispered, “slow … put them on slowly and come over here.”

Chapter 6

After I put on the panties, Dana patted the bed and told me sit next to her. She kissed me softly while squeezing me through the panties. I leaned over and took her right nipple in my mouth, while I “played” with her nipple ring. I heard a low humming noise deep in her throat that soon turned into moaning.

Her pants were crotchless allowing me access to her pussy. Having shaved before we went to the beach that morning, she glistened in the candle light. I started to rub her pussy, slipping one and then two fingers inside. She was wet and getting wetter. I felt her hips start to rock back and forth against my fingers as I played with her. I lay Dana back onto the bed, got on my knees between her legs and brought my mouth to her pussy.

As I licked her, she put her spiked heels up on the bed, pulled her knees to her chest, opening both her pussy and ass up to me. I sucked her clit into my mouth and gently bit down on it as I rolled it with my tongue. I pulled my fingers out and, using her juices, I gently rubbed my finger against her asshole. She started to roll her head back and forth.

“Oh yeah,” she said, “Oh…that feels good.” Encouraged by her words, I slipped the tip of my finger into her ass. Dana grabbed my head and pulled me hard against her pussy, literally fucking my face. She rocked faster and faster, thrashing about and making it hard for me to keep my mouth on her pussy and impossible for me to keep my finger in her ass.

“Oh fuck, oh man. Put your finger back in my ass … now!” she breathlessly said.

Dana was going to cum…no, she was going to explode. I slowly put the tip of my finger back in her ass and moved it in and out, and that did it. She let out a high pitched wail that if the neighbors could hear would have them dialing 9-1-1. Her juices flowed out and down between her ass cheeks, I could feel her convulsing and throbbing around my tongue. Then she came again, a second wave, trembling as she tried to catch her breath. Her breasts heaving up and down in the candle light, her whole body shook in tremors. I had never seen her come so violently before, she had definitely reached a new high. Being completely out of breath, “O-h-h-h wow,” was all she could say.

After a few minutes, she went over to the dresser and picked up her “cock.” I watched, hypnotized as she put it on. Walking back to me, I could see her “cock” swinging heavily between her legs.

“Your turn babe,” Dana said.

Standing over me, she reached down and put one hand on my head and guided her “cock” to my mouth with the other.

“Go on,” she said. “Suck it.”

I slowly took her into my mouth and started sucking her “cock”. Dana for her part was really getting into it. She loved to talk to me during regular sex, and went to a new level when she was in character.

“I love the feel of my cock in your mouth,” she said, “Do you like it when I fuck your mouth?”

Having a mouthful of Dana’s “cock”, all I could do was mumble.

She laughed, “Yeah, I thought so.”

This went on for a while and she was becoming extremely turned on. I could hear moaning and looking up I saw her tugging on the ring, twisting it as she pulled on her nipple. I reached up behind her “cock” and slipped my fingers into her pussy, rubbing her clit with my thumb. I caught a scent of her excitement and knew she was approaching her third of many orgasms for the night. Breaking her trance, Dana suddenly stopped and pulled me to my feet. She kissed me, putting her tongue in my mouth and sucking my tongue into her mouth.

She turned me around facing the bed and bent me over at the waist. She started rubbing her “cock” on my ass while she squeezed my balls, talking to me the whole time.

Telling me to get up on the bed on my hands and knees, Dana added

“I love the look of your tight ass in those panties, I want your ass,”

As I got up on the bed, Dana pulled my panties down. Rubbing my ass as she spread my cheeks apart. I felt her put her finger against my asshole, teasing and probing while she played with my balls. Then I felt her breath at my opening and she licked me. It was electrifying, a bolt of lightning went through my ass to my cock. She started slowly, licking all around my asshole, down to my balls and back. I felt her stick the tip of her tongue into my ass, getting me all slick and wet. I started humping my hips when I felt her probe my ass with her finger tip, wiggling it back and forth, in and out. I involuntarily let out a moan.

“Feels good, huh?” Dana said. “You like getting your ass done.”

Actually, I loved it, and wanted more. She continued to work her finger in my ass while she reached under me to stroke my cock. I started humping faster into her hand. There were now two points of intense pleasure for me to focus on, one in my cock and the other in my ass. Dana was doing things to me I never thought I would let anyone do.

Then she went for broke and said, “I want to fuck your tight little ass.” “Would you like my cock in your ass?

I moaned louder, there was a tingling deep in the pit of my stomach that radiated to my cock and back to my asshole. I was going to explode.

Dana said, “Oh yeah, he wants it bad, he wants me to fuck his ass.”

She let go of my cock, and went into the bathroom. I could hear the medicine cabinet open and close. It seemed like an eternity before Dana was back. I felt her put something cool and slippery against my asshole and slip her finger inside. She worked her finger past the first knuckle and eventually put her whole finger in my ass.

“That’s it, open up for me. Take my finger in your tight ass.”

Dana added a second finger, and started to finger-fuck my ass, going in and out, deeper and deeper. She pulled her fingers out and I moaned my disapproval.

Dana giggled. “Relax babe, I won’t leave you hanging for long.”

I felt something hard against my opening. Dana guided her “cock” to my ass while she held me open with her fingers. She pushed slightly and I could feel myself stretching to accommodate her. She would push a little, then back off and push a little more and back off. I felt her head penetrate my hole and there was a sharp pain taking my breath away. She hesitated for a moment, letting me grow accustomed to her being in me. Eventually, the pain subsided to a dull throbbing as Dana grabbed my hips and slowly pushed her “cock” into my ass. She began to seriously fuck me then, pulling almost all the way out before she would go back in. Deeper and deeper she went with each stroke until I felt her balls on my ass.

“Oh-Oh-My…I’m all the way in you. I’m fucking your ass.” she breathlessly whispered

Picking up the pace, she began fucking me harder and faster. The pain had completely given way to the most intense pleasure I had ever felt. I started to fuck back into her, meeting her stroke for stroke while I played with my cock.

Dana was going wild, fucking me hard, real hard. And I was loving every minute of it. I could hear her approaching orgasm, her voice was strained, her breathing erratic and her hips moved like pistons as she fucked me.

Moaning “Oh, Oh, Oh,” I heard Dana let out a muffled scream as she bit down on my shoulder and came so hard that she collapsed on top of me, pushing me flat on my stomach. With her “cock” still in my ass, I humped the bed and came all over the sheets. My orgasm so intense that saw stars.

This was new, this was wild and I loved it. We lay there for a while and I must have fallen asleep with Dana still in me. I never felt her pull out of me, but when I awoke, I was alone on the bed and heard the shower going. I got up, a little sore but completely satiated and went to join my wife in the shower.

Back to the present

I hear the car pull into the driveway and that brings me back to the present. Who knows what Dana has in store for us tonight. I start to light the candles as I hear the car door slam. I’m all ready for her… to fuck and be fucked, to please and be pleased. I walk to the front door and as I reach to open it, I hear a second car door slam. A smile spreads across my face and I think “Oh yeah, It’s going to be a wild Saturday night.”

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