Dana , Jeff Ch. 03

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“Take it off… Take it off…”

Matt and Jeff chanted and Sara blushed. Dana took a drink of her Long Island Ice Tea wondering if her friend was actually going to do it.

The next day hadn’t been awkward after all. Nobody had brought it up. Of course it helped that they hadn’t gotten out of bed until noon. They had decided to stay in at the water park instead of skiing which meant that they had been drinking pretty much all day.

Poker had devolved to strip poker and now Sara was the first casualty. She had kept a long t-shirt, sacrificing her bra and panties in earlier losses. Dana was in her bikini. Matt was down to his boxer briefs. Jeff was in the best shape, only losing his socks.

With a deep breath, Sara pulled her shirt off as the other three cheered.

Dana gaze traveled down to her friend’s ponderous breasts. She was more than happy with her own pert breasts, and she knew that Sara was jealous of Dana’s petite build. But it was Sara who always drew men’s stares when they went to the bars. The tall, blonde with curves with the extra weight in all the right places and always wearing a top that emphasized the now freed breasts.

Dana thought they were even bigger than they had been in college. Each tipped with light pink aureoles and very perky nipples. Sara smiled defiantly around the table and Dana gave her friend a smile of support.

Matt lost the next round and joined his girlfriend in being completely naked. Dana didn’t get a very good look since she was sitting across from him, but she did catch that he was uncircumcised! She hadn’t seen an uncut penis since eighth grade and that had been merely a glimpse during a Truth or Dare game.

Dana lost the next game and decided to take her bottoms off, counting on the table for cover.

“Won’t stop me!” Matt chortled with glee before peeking under the table.

Dana looked over at Jeff, but his face was red only with laughter. Sara gave her boyfriend a mock punch, but even she ducked under the table teased, “Oh-la-la!”

Sara lost the next hand and shrugged, immediately drawing Matt’s and Jeff’s eyes. “I’ve already lost my clothes.”

Matt nodded to Jeff. “He has the best hand. He gets to tell you what to do.”

Sara’s eyes widened and Dana giggled.

Jeff took a drink, his eyes glassy from the alcohol. “You have to give your boyfriend a lap dance for a minute.”

Matt’s grin grew even wider as Sara shook her head, but then stood up. “I suppose it could be worse.”

An electric jolt shocked Dana; her friend was completely shaved! She wondered when that happened, but was incredibly sexy. Dana started to clap, and Sara danced to the beat.

The blonde beauty swayed her hips as she made her way over to Matt. She leaned forward, grabbed her breasts, and shook them in his face. He cheered and leaned his face forward.

Dana let out a catcall. “Go Sara!”

Sara then turned and moved between his legs. She grabbed the arms of the chair and wiggled her hips seductively back and forth across Matt’s lap. He reached up to grab her breasts, but she shook her head no with a laugh. “Sorry but there’s no touching the dancers.”


Sara stood up and walked primly back to her seat. Dana couldn’t help but stare at Matt’s fully erect cock. His head peeked through the foreskin as it stood straight out. It wasn’t as thick as Jeff’s but longer. She looked up and found Matt staring at her. Dana felt herself heat from blushing.

Sara laughed, “Matt, do you need an ice pack for that?”

Matt shook his head, but started to deal the next hand. Dana lost and blushed again from the catcalls as she removed her bikini top. She didn’t have to look down to know that her nipples were rock hard.

Unfortunately, she lost the next hand as well. Matt had the best hand and cackled evilly. He looked at Jeff and winked.

“You have to make out for one minute… with Sara!”

“What?” Dana protested. “Why can’t I kiss Jeff?”

Matt shook his head. “First, I get to make the demands since I have the best hand. Second, Jeff still has clothes on. Should he be ‘punished’ while he is still has so many clothes on?”

Jeff laughed. “A command is a command Dana.”

“You better not think kissing me is a punishment!” She pouted but got up and walked over to Sara.

Her friend smiled and whispered. “Just like Mardi Gras.”

Dana grinned at that memory. They had gone down to Mardi Gras their senior year with three other sorority sisters. They had all made out with each other on multiple occasions to get beads, get free drinks, and even because they were just drunk. It had been a blast and an outing they all remembered fondly.

Dana leaned in and began making out with her friend. It had been a few years but she remembered how soft her friend’s lips had felt. However she realized right away how different it was to kiss someone naked. Sara’s breasts pressed against her, warm and strangely wonderful. She felt Sara’s hands grab her hair, pulling her close and her tongue made her yenibosna escort way into Dana’s mouth. The brunette was a little surprised, but decided it was fun to give their boyfriends a show and she kissed the blond back with fervor.

She was sure it went on longer than a minute, but finally Matt yelled time and they broke off. For good measure, Dana leaned back in and gave her friend one final peck before going back to her seat.

Matt cheered and Jeff looked at her slightly slack jawed. When Dana sat down, she gasped silently as she slid slightly. That kiss had made her wet! To cover her surprise, she grabbed her glass and finished the rest of her drink. The alcohol burned and warmed her stomach.

Dana shuffled the cards and gave a sigh of relief as Jeff lost and had to discard his shirt. The game was less stressful when it was still just strip poker! Jeff lost the next hand as well and was down to his boxers.

“Uh oh… looks like Jeff’s junk will be out soon!” Sara stuck out her tongue.

Matt laughed and poured out four shots.

“To naked poker!” He lifted his glass into the air.

“To naked poker!” They chorused, laughing.

Matt lost the next hand and Dana won.

“Hmmm… what to have you do.” Dana purred.

“Uh oh, you’re in trouble now.” Sara teased.

Dana turned to her friend in mock anger. “Since you opened your mouth, you get to be Matt’s toy. Put your hands flat on the table.” After Sara had obeyed, she turned to the stocky man. “You get three minutes to touch Sara however you wish and she will not move. Go.”

Matt hurriedly got out of his chair and moved behind his girlfriend. He started by kneading her shoulders. Sara had began to relax under his ministrations. He moved his hands up and down her arms. Dana saw him whisper something in the blonde’s ear. Sara bit her lip and nodded. His hand moved back to her shoulders and down her back. When they moved around to her chest, she leaned back, surrendering herself to the moment.

Dana glanced over at Jeff. He was mesmerized by the erotic scene. She saw his hard on clearly straining against his boxers. Dana reached over and gave him a quick rub. Jeff looked back at her guiltily, but at her smile he relaxed. When Dana looked back, Sara had closed her eyes and Matt’s hands were below the table.

She hesitated for only a second before ducking under the table. Sara’s thigh blocked her view, but Dana could clearly see Matt’s hand moving rhythmically up and down. His other rubbed her thigh and then pulled it wide, giving Dana a perfect view. Two fingers disappeared within her friend and came out wet. Dana saw her friend’s hips move in tandem to his thrusts. Flustered, Dana sat up. Sara’s eyes were still closed, but Matt was looking her way with a grin. She looked over at Jeff and he still looked wide eyed, but his hand was rubbing his cock through his underwear.

“Time!” Dana tried to slow down her breath.

Matt moved back to his seat, his erection flopping up and down. Sara’s face was a mixture of disappointment and relief.

“Does anyone need another drink?” Sara looked around, red faced and chest heaving. Both Jeff and Matt nodded. “Dana?” Dana already felt woozy, but wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol or the situation. Sara laughed. “A hesitation is a yes!”

After the drinks were distributed, they dealt the next round. Dana took a long drink from her Long Island and looked at her cards. She threw them face down on the table and whispered. “Figures.”

Jeff arched an eyebrow. “Bad cards?”

Dana shook her head. “I get a good hand and there’s no way to raise in strip poker!”

Matt challenged. “I’m sure we can figure a way… only if you really put up.”

Dana smiled. “What do you propose?”

“We can become the winner’s servant for the night.”

Dana didn’t even bother looking at her cards. She imagined how much fun it would to have Matt serving her drinks or rubbing her feet. “Done.”

Jeff took a sharp intake of breath and Sara oohed.

“Alright,” Matt looked around the table. “Who’s in?”

Sara shook her head. Dana nodded. Jeff looked at her but folded as well.

Matt grinned. “It looks like it’s just you and me.”

Dana laughed and flipped over her cards… full house kings over nines.

Sara clapped and Jeff let out a whoop.

But that ended when Matt revealed his cards. Two, Three, Four, Five, Six… all clubs. Straight flush!

Dana felt her stomach drop; she had lost!

Matt shook his empty glass. “Time for a refill. Anyone else need a drink?” At their nods, Dana got up and got drinks for everyone. When she moved to go back to her seat, Matt shook his head. “Why don’t you give your boyfriend a shoulder rub while we play.”

“But what about playing?”

“What do you have left to bet on?” Matt waggled his finger.

Dana shrugged, feeling a little like she had been tricked. She spent the next few hands rotating around, giving shoulder rubs. When Jeff had lost a hand, she had had to make out zeytinburnu escort with him for two minutes while grinding on his lap. She could feel her pussy make his shaft wet and left feeling very horny.

Sara lost the next hand. Dana was ordered to sit on her lap, put her hands on the table, and not move.

Jeff laughed. “Karma pay back!”

Dana stuck her tongue out and sat on her friend’s lap. She could feel Sara’s breasts press into her back and her warm breath on the back of her neck. She looked over at the guys and both of them were staring, barely paying attention to the next hand. Sara reached over and scooped an ice cube out of her drink. Dana shivered as Sara slid the ice down her shoulder and circled the brunette’s perky right breast. Dana gasped but refused to cave and kept her hands on the table. The ice moved to the nipple, the freezing fire was soon replaced with numbness.

Sara moved the sliver of ice over to the left breast and then left nipple. She then cleared her throat, “Hon? Those cards won’t deal themselves.”

Both guys let out nervous laughter but started the next round. Dana felt the trail of cold move down her stomach to her inner thigh. Dana gave a sharp intake of breath.

“Lucky for you the ice is all melted.” Sara whispered in her ear.

Her friend picked up her cards with her right hand but the left stayed below the table. Dana tried not to blush as the fingernails stroked her inner thigh. The blonde placed a bet and then returned, closer to Dana’s pussy. After exchanging cards, Sara’s fingers ran along the petite woman’s labia. Dana gasped as two fingers easily slid in.

“Something wrong?” Matt leered.

Dana shook her head, silently hoping both men would not look under the table.

“I fold.” Sara threw her cards face down on the table. Her right hand began pinching Dana’s rock hard nipples as the left continued to move in and out. Dana could feel the wetness trickle from between her legs and onto Sara’s thigh. Pleasure began to build as Dana fought to keep her breath even. Closer and closer, her orgasm loomed.

“Nice hand Jeff!” Matt shook his head in admiration. He turned to the women. “Dana, why don’t you get under the table and make sure your boyfriend is happy.”

Jeff looked shocked.

Dana felt Sara’s fingers slide out of her and a gentle push on her lower back. The orgasm that had been so close began to recede. Almost as if it were happening to someone else, Dana slipped under the table. She looked over and saw Matt’s thin cock was completely hard, his hand slowly moving up and down.

She moved across to Jeff. His penis was half erect and she grasped it with her right hand. She began to stroke it as she peeked up from under the table. He was looking down at her with a big grin.

Dana watched his beautiful cock begin to harden and grow in her hands. Her other hand cupped and began to fondle his balls. She felt his sack tighten and she saw pre-cum glisten. She glanced around and angled his cock lower before giving his slit a lick. She looked up at Jeff and smiled impishly. Lust filled his face and she took in more of his shaft. Slowly, she worked up and down.

She tasted more pre-cum. Was she going to get him to cum in front of everyone? The thought made her even more excited and she began to quicken her pace. In her hand, she felt his balls begin to contract. He was close!

“Dana?” Matt’s voice cut her though. “Dana?”

She pulled back. “Uh… Yeah?”

“I won the hand.”

Confused, Dana hesitated and glanced in his direction. She saw he had widened his legs and had his hand around his cock, stroking it.

“Time to keep me happy while we play.”

Dana looked up at Jeff, but he didn’t look down, instead his gaze shifted back and forth between Matt and Sara.

Jeff cleared his throat. “Maybe it’s time to end the game.”

“That hardly seems fair. After all, I won the bet against Dana and only you and Sara have any fun with it.” Dana couldn’t see his face, but his voice brimmed with lust. “I tell you what, we can end the game after this next hand.”

“That sounds fair, right Jeff?” Sara chimed in.

“I guess.” He looked down at Dana and she gave him a smile.

She then moved over to Matt. Hesitantly, she reached out to touch his cock, her fingertips moving along his shaft. His hand grabbed her wrist and guided her hand til it grabbed his cock. She began to stroke it! It was so strange after only playing with Jeff’s cock for so long. She leaned closer to get a closer look. He must be so turned on, pre-cum freely leaked down, wetting her hand.

Dana glanced up and Matt stared back down, full of lust. She smiled and leaned forward to get more comfortable. He must have mistaken her intention because he grabbed his cock and brushed it across her lips. Dana was about to protest when she felt a hand on the back of her head, pressing down. Was that Sara’s hand? Dana opened her mouth and Matt slid in.

“Oh…” Matt gasped. His hand moved from his cock mecidiyeköy escort and to the back of her head, replacing the hand that had been there.

In a haze of horniess, Dana sucked Matt’s cock though he controlled the pace. His hand grasped her hair, dictating a faster and faster pace. Dana just tried to keep being able to breathe through her nose. Matt clearly wanted to cum before the hand finished. Lust, confusion, and excitement warred within her. The hand tightening on her hair was only warning she had before her mouth filled with cum. Instinctively she began to swallow. Dana couldn’t believe how much he came! After the fifth or sixth spurt, she merely tried to keep pace.

Finally, he began to soften and the hand released her hair. She sat back and realized that both Jeff and Sara had been watching! Dana blushed as Sara sat back up. She looked at Jeff, but his face was unreadable. However, he was still rock hard. Almost bashfully, Dana moved back over to her boyfriend and grabbed his shaft. When he didn’t say anything, she leaned forward and began to suck.

The least she could do was to make sure Jeff got off too.

She took him deep. Dana knew he liked that. Vaguely she heard the scrape of chairs and realized that Matt and Sara were both watching her work, but she didn’t care. She wanted Jeff to have a mindblowing blowjob. Her hand cupped his balls, gently rolling them with her fingers. Each time she went down, she felt his head bang against the back of her throat. She forced herself not to gag and each time, she tried taking him deeper and deeper.

Jeff moaned and she felt his hands on the back of her head, moving her faster. Dana felt something tickling her nose. She opened her eyes to see it was his pubic hair. Each time now she was taking him to the hilt. She felt of tremor of pleasure at the accomplishment and sucked harder.

“I’m cumming baby!” Jeff grabbed her head and exploded. Dana swallowed his cum greedily. As she softened, she licked all around his balls and swirled her tongue around his head to make sure she didn’t miss a drop.

“Wow.” Sara breathed. “That was so hot.”

Dana turned to see that her friend was fingering herself. The tall, curvy blond had moved to the floor. One hand rubbed her clit in a circular motion while the other kept pinching her nipples. No matter how many times they had kissed or showered, Dana had never looked at her friend like a sexual being.

Now, she was a veritable goddess of lust. Dana couldn’t believe just how beautiful and exciting her friend looked.

Matt was still in his chair, sitting back, clearing enjoying the view. “You should help Sara get off.”

Dana looked at Matt confused, and then looked at Jeff. He nodded. “You are on a roll, why stop now?”

Dana crawled towards her friend. Sara smiled and they kissed. Their tongues danced and once again, the petite woman felt her friend’s curves hotly press against her body. She moved a hand, weighing the blonde’s boob heavy in her hand. Dana ran her fingernails lightly encircling her friend’s breast. She moved it up to twist her nipples and Sara groaned with pleasure.

Dana decided to be adventurous and moved down to those breasts. She kissed and licked them. There were so much of them! She grabbed the right boob by the nipple and lifted it so she could lick under. Sara’s hands clasped the brunette’s head as Dana continued to work the underside.

To Dana’s surprise, she felt Sara’s hands push her down. She let herself be guided down, kissing her way down the blonde’s curves. The brunette felt a flutter in her stomach as she gazed at the shaven pussy inches from her face. Sara’s labia puffed out more than Dana’s own, and Dana leaned forward entranced. It was different from her own, yes but beautiful. And it glistened. Glistened from her friend’s lust.

Tentatively, she poked her tongue out and tasted. It wasn’t strong and Dana had tasted herself on boyfriends’ mouths many times. This wasn’t much different. She delved in deeper with her tongue. Sara’s aroma filled her and she inserted a finger with her tongue.

“Oh yeah Dana! Right there!” Sara gasped and clutched at the her friend’s head.

To her surprise, Dana felt fingers enter her own pussy. She was so wet, it was easy for both fingers to enter her to the hilt. They began to move in and out and Dana realized that her body was unconsciously mimicking the motion. Pushing her ass back to meet the thrusts, she continued to lick the shaved pussy in front of her.

“Keep licking!”

Another pair of hands caressed her perky breasts. Each twist of the fingers sent an electric shock of pleasure through her body.

“Oh god!”

Dana felt her own pleasure build. Each jab of the fingers caused a bigger and bigger wave. Her nipples were now hot and buzzing as the hands moved back and forth to each breast.

“So close! Dana, keep licking!”

An intense orgasm ripped through Dana’s body. She moaned as her pussy clamped down on the fingers and ecstatic bliss shot from her groin to her breasts and back. Her body shivered from the pleasure and she tried to catch her breath.

Dana must have stopped licking because Sara growled in frustration and roughly pulled Dana’s face into her hot pussy. Dana struggled to breath as she renewed her oral attach on her friend. The fingers in Dana’s pussy had eased up but the ones on her tips continued to twist and pull.

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