Dancer Ch. 02

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Doggy Style

Friday night came and I stayed up waiting for my daughter to come home. When 1:00 o’clock sounded on the grandfather clock I gave up waiting and went to bed, crawling in next to my sleeping wife. I must have been more tired than usual because I slept until almost 9:00 the next morning.

When I got up I went downstairs and stepped into the kitchen my daughter Christy was at the sink washing her breakfast dishes. She was looking out the window watching her mother weed the flower bed. I walked up behind her and put my arms around her cupping her breasts in my hands.

“Mmmmmmm, Daddy that feels so good.” She turned and put her arms around me and kissed me deeply on the mouth. I probed her mouth with my tongue and she opened hers to suck on my tongue. We broke apart when we both realized that my wife, her mother, could see us if she looked up.

We stepped into the family room where Christy quickly reached into my boxers and pulled out my raging hard on. She dropped to her knees looking up at me and asked permission to suck my dick. How could I turn down my little angel?

She tentatively stuck out her tongue and licked the precum that seemed to be flowing from the end smiling at the taste.

“I’ve never done this before, Daddy. Tell me what to do.”

I never thought I would be giving a blow job lesson to my daughter. “Lick me up and down especially on the bottom. Grab my balls and hold them gently because they’re tender. Take me into your mouth being careful to cover your teeth with your lips. Go as deep as you can and pull your mouth almost all the way off; licking with your tongue as you do.”

This seemed so wrong but so right at the same time. I knew that I wouldn’t last long with Ankara escort this beautiful girl sucking my dick even if she was my daughter. I warned her that I was about to cum and gave her some idea what was about to happen. She just smiled as she sucked harder and I exploded into her eager mouth filling her to overflowing as my cum leaked out and ran down her chin onto her nightgown. She swallowed taking her finger and wiping her chin. She looked up and offered the overflow to me. I bent down and licked her fingers clean of my cum; something I had never done before. She stood and looked down at her cum stained nightgown.

She said, “This is dirty. I better take it off.” With that said she reached down and pulled it over her head revealing her bare boobs and thong covered pussy.

Just then we heard my wife walk in from the garden. Christy rushed upstairs and left me to greet my beautiful wife.

I quickly pushed my dick into my boxers and turned to wish her good morning.

She came over to me, pulled my mouth down to hers and kissed me deeply. As we were kissing she reached into my boxers and found my hardening dick still wet with cum. Imagine my surprise when she said, “This feels good but will feel even better buried deep in my pussy.” With that she unbuttoned her shorts and pushed them and her panties down to her ankles bending over the couch and telling me to fuck her like an animal. This was very out of character for her but who was I to argue. I pushed my boxers to my ankles and slipped up behind her. I reached down to rub my dick over her opening but found it already wet. I aligned my dick and pushed into her slowly all the way to the hilt.

I sensed that she wanted it hard and deep Ankara escort bayan and that’s just what I gave her. I looked up and saw Christy sitting topless on the steps watching. Having just cum with my daughter I knew that I would last longer than usual. My wife had the first of several orgasms as I looked up and saw Christy rubbing her pussy. This just seemed to fuel my hunger for my wife. I continued to pump her hard and deep as she came again and again. Finally Christy gave a little squeal pushing me over the edge and I came in my wife’s pussy as she climaxed one last time. I hoped that she hadn’t heard Christy as she slowly stood and with weak legs pulled her pants back up, kissed me and walked into the kitchen. I looked up to see that Christy had gone back upstairs having seen the whole thing.

I sat down in the family room to watch some sports and contemplate where all of this was heading. I knew that I couldn’t go any further with Christy without telling her mother what was going on, but how can you tell your wife of 22 years that you are having an affair with your own daughter. How could I tell Christy that it was wrong to do what we had done when it felt so right to be doing it? I also knew both Christy and I didn’t want to stop what we were doing. We loved each other as only a father and daughter could and this seemed like the next logical step in the relationship. I decided to think on the problem and got up to start the day.

All three of us got to doing Saturday things and didn’t really get together until dinner. We went out to a pizza place and had a good family time laughing, eating pizza and drinking a couple of beers.

As Liz and I got ready for bed that night I decided that Escort Ankara I had to tell her what was happening with Christy and me and let the chips fall where they may.

As we crawled into bed I started with, “Something happened with Christy and me and was interrupted with an, “I know.” I sat up astonished and asked her what she knew. She said, “Not much, but I know that you and Christy are either on the verge of having sex or have already done it, and I’m OK with that.” As I sat there astonished she continued, “I just want to be there or know about it in advance. I saw you kissing in the kitchen as I was weeding. I gave you enough time to get ready and then came in as horny as I have ever been to have you fuck me. I knew that Christy was watching and that made it even more exciting. I have never come so hard and as many times as I did this morning.”

We heard a little squeal just like this morning and I realized that Christy was just outside the door listening. Her mother got up and opened the door to invite her in. After all she was the subject of this conversation.

I won’t go into the details of what was said but it came out that Christy was still a virgin and wanted me to take her virginity, with her mother’s permission of course. Liz said that was fine with her as long as she could be in the room with us. I looked at Christy and wondered if I could perform with her with Liz looking on.

Christy reached over and stroked my hard dick through my shorts and said, “I don’t think you’ll have any problem Dad.” That started us all laughing and we set a date for next Saturday night after Christy got off work because she worked the early shift and would be home by 10:00 PM. With that settled we all went to bed.

Liz and I made love that night like newlyweds keeping the door open so Christy could hear and watch. It made it more exiting for Liz and me knowing that our beautiful daughter was just outside the door watching.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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