Dangerous Games

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At forty-two years of age, Jackie Anderson was an attractive looking brunette that looked more like a woman in her early thirties. She still wore her hair long, usually in a ponytail that helped to make her look younger as well, which probably helped to contribute to her being mistaken for a much younger woman. She worked out, though not as often as she would have liked, but enough that she kept her still firm figured well toned and in reasonably good shape. Though her breasts weren’t certainly overlarge, they were still full and “almost” perky as she once thought while examining and admiring them in her bathroom mirror.

Jackie had been married at twenty-four, divorced ten years later and had remained single ever since then. Her career as a freelance photographer had kept her busy, more importantly, employed as she had a keen eye for detail and was often given assignments by several agencies she worked for, enough at least to make a reasonable living at.

But it had also contributed to some extent to her divorce as her ex hadn’t been real thrilled with her traveling as often as she sometimes did, though that wasn’t the only reason for her marriage eventually ending either. After the first year of marriage, the sexual desire and interest once shown to her by her husband slowly began to diminish until it had reached the point where it was virtually non-existent. When she had caught her husband having sex with his “personal assistant”, in her own home, that for Jackie had been the last and final straw.

The problem with that was, Jackie was the first to admit to having a strong sex drive, though she wasn’t the type to jump into bed with just anyone either. She had found that most of the men who were even close to her age were already taken. And those who weren’t, preferred staying single themselves. As such, she’d all but exiled herself into being celibate, though she still continued to masturbate frequently and had a very active fantasy life whenever she did that. But that too was beginning to grow old, you could only fantasize about so many things before you turned them into reruns, and Jackie was beginning to do that!

Her life soon after took an interesting turn, and one in which she would never have thought herself possible in pursuing or exploring. Though pursue it she did, and began to enjoy it more and more though the risk associated with it was well on the dangerous side, the intoxicating high that came with it was for her an addiction.

Jackie had gone to a local mall to shop for a birthday present for her best friend Marsha who she had known ever since high school. Having done so, she now strolled through the large mall merely window shopping and amusing herself. She considered herself a “people watcher” often finding her artistic eye capturing images of people who she passed, sometimes spoke with, or merely contented herself with observing while she would sit and relax for a moment before moving on.

She had spotted a shoe store and took a moment to peruse some of the summer sales and styles. Standing just inside the store she had glanced out spotting a very young, very attractive woman sitting down on one of the bench seats just outside the store. Normally she wouldn’t have given the young woman a second thought, but she found that she reminded her of herself quite a bit when she had been her age. She sat with several packages, obvious that she’d been out doing a considerable amount of shopping most likely for herself by some of the name brands on her parcels that Jackie had read. She wondered briefly if this young girl might indeed be fresh out of high school and very possibly spending her first real paycheck on herself as an initial reward, just as she herself had once done.

But it was at that very moment that Jackie observed something she felt certain she shouldn’t have. Sitting across from the young girl was an older gentleman whose wife Jackie had quite by chance followed into the store. She’d overheard their brief conversation where the older guy had sighed somewhat disgruntled at his wife’s sudden interest in going inside in order to browse around. He had opted to remain outside where he’d said he’d prefer waiting for her, and had taken a seat, though he now sat with his back towards Jackie from where she stood, and from where she now observed the young woman.

It was then that Jackie also noticed the young woman was wearing a very, very short skirt, certainly not outside of the style of the day by any means, but as she sat fidgeting with her packages for a moment, she had opened her legs just far enough apart that even from where Jackie stood, she could see the girl wasn’t wearing any panties whatsoever! She even laughed to herself wondering if the young girl was even aware of exposing herself, of if the older guy sitting across from her might now likewise be aware of it himself. Curious, Jackie stood still pretending to be looking at shoes on the other side of the window, though her eyes remained focused on the actions of ataşehir escort the young woman. To her amazement, the girl once again shifted, her legs once again parting, even wider this time if that were at all possible. She glanced quickly to the left and then again to the right before focusing her own eyes on the old guy sitting in front of her. What Jackie saw next shocked and surprised her. She saw the girl purposely spread her legs, which was interesting enough, but she soon after followed that action by slipping her own hand in between them, a gesture that couldn’t be misconstrued by any means. Jackie observed further as only a moment later, she lifted that same hand to her own face, sucking and licking her finger, smiling, suddenly standing, retrieving her packages and quickly moving off.

“Oh my God! Did I just see what I think I saw?” she wondered to herself.

Jackie quickly exited the shoe store and headed immediately over to a small Kiosk where she pretended to show interest in a pair of sunglasses. She now faced the older gentleman who still sat patiently waiting for his wife, but Jackie noticed that the somewhat irritated and impatient look he had shown on his face just before sitting down had now been replaced by a secretive smile which he now held, and which would no doubt remain so even if his wife unexpectedly spent money on a new pair of shoes.

Jackie then headed off in the same direction that the young girl had headed off in, spotting her a short time later once again taking yet another seat across from a younger guy who sat with what was obviously a baby carriage parked next to him while his wife obviously browsed some nearby store as he sat waiting for her. Once again Jackie observed nearly the same exact routine, at first leading the unsuspecting guy into thinking he was inadvertently getting a sneak peek up this woman’s short skirt where she was exposing herself. Then after taking a quick look herself at any nearby traffic, slipping her hand up between her legs, running her fingers through her pussy, and then sucking her finger off once again much to his surprised delight. And just as she’d done before, soon after standing and hurrying off knowing full well that her intended victim wouldn’t follow or make any sort of a scene because of it either.


To her own curious surprise, she followed the young woman out of the store into the parking lot at a safe distance, she noted as she did so, the girl wasn’t parked that far away from her own car, though she began heading off in that direction though still keeping an eye on the other woman. She watched as she got into her car expecting her to pull out momentarily, but when she didn’t, Jackie once again grew curious. Having reached her own car, she slid in, pulling out of her spot. She even chastised herself briefly for her own foolishness, but soon drove around to the lane where the young woman still sat, locating another open spot just two cars away. Still curious, Jackie climbed out of her car and began heading back towards the mall acting as though she had just arrived to do some shopping. She purposely angled over towards the woman’s car intending to walk by it on her way back into the store, soon did so glancing in looking at her. When she did, she was again surprised, seeing the young girl sitting there in her front seat, one hand openly massaging and playing with an exposed breast, and though she couldn’t see much more of anything else, just the placement of her free hand told her all she needed to know.

So stunned was she that the girl was openly doing this, she actually halted by the side of the car, the girl now acknowledging her presence even going so far as to roll down her window.

“Can I help you with something?” she asked.

“You’re uh…masturbating?” Jackie stated matter of factly still looking at her.

The young woman laughed, and though her hand was no longer playing with her own breast, it remained exposed even as she reached for her keys starting her car. “Yes…yes I was until you came along,” she added though still continuing to smile. She put the car in reverse backed out of her spot and drove away leaving Jackie to stand there in wonder at all she had seen and witnessed.

With no reason to actually go back inside the mall now, Jackie returned to her own car, sat for a moment, and much to her surprise, found herself thinking about everything all over again, but even more importantly, found herself very much aroused as she did so.

“I wonder…” she considered briefly. “Nah…no fucking way,” she was about to start up her own car and drive home when another pulled into the spot just ahead of her and facing her. Before she even knew what she was doing, or why…Jackie reached down pulling her tee-shirt up and over her head much to the startled delight of the middle-aged man still sitting in his own car facing her. The look on his face was one of amused surprise, which sent a torrent of shivers running up and down Jackie’s ataşehir escort spine, especially when she suddenly removed the bra she was wearing, baring her chest momentarily, as he continued to sit there watching her. Jackie then put on the tee shirt she’d actually purchased as a gift for Marsha as though it had been her intent to do so the entire time. With her breasts now covered, she smiled, even gave her parking lot neighbor a friendly wave, and backed out of the stall. Jackie felt giddy, lightheaded as she straightened herself out, once again glancing over for a quick peek, catching a friendly returned wave along with a smile that split the guys face from ear to ear.


It was a day for firsts, as Jackie now did something else she had never done before either. She had felt the all too familiar trickle of moisture gathering between her legs. It was of no moment for her to reach down popping the button on her shorts, and then lowering the zipper as she drove. Sliding her hand down the waistband of her bikini panties, she soon found her wet swollen lips and began to playfully finger herself as she drove along. Pulling up to the light in the left hand turn lane she continued to do so, oblivious at first of her surroundings until a young kid in a high lifted pickup truck pulled up next to her at the light. He had naturally glanced over towards her looking in, and then down, and then did a double take as she caught the expression on his face. Just then the light turned green for her to turn, which she did, leaving him as he sat at the light with his mouth wide open.

Only a few streets from her own home, Jackie continued to play with herself, the excitement of the somewhat minor little exhibionistic episodes more than enough to stimulate her, though her intent now was to climax before pulling up into her own drive and then again the moment she went into the house.

She had almost accomplished just that when she turned down her own street. Hovering right on the edge as she continued to tickle her clit, she glanced up and saw her very married next door neighbor outside mowing their connected front yards.

Jackie was so close now even as she pulled into her own driveway, the thrill and excitement as she hovered there, knowing now that if she didn’t finish as close as she was, that it would in fact spoil the intensity of the moment. Mike, her neighbor looked over her way, though Jackie had now placed her cell phone to her ear as though she were talking to someone, though she wasn’t. She sat, one hand holding the phone, the other still stroking her pussy, though now she had every intention of drawing out her impending orgasm even longer than she’d originally intended. She knew that Mike always mowed her side of the yard as well for her, and as he was just finishing his own, he now did smile, acknowledging her as she continued to sit there as though still listening and speaking to someone on the phone. As she had already removed her bra earlier, Jackie now lifted the bottom of her tee shirt up and over her breast exposing it enough so that she could fondle herself playing with it, though remain hidden just beneath the top of the car door. All Mike had to do was come close enough, look inside and he would have been able to see what she was actually doing.

Jackie’s heart was beating a thousand miles an hour now. As Mike happily walked towards her now mowing her side of the lawn, she knew that he would soon turn and pass directly beside her. She had but a second or so to pull down her tee shirt once again covering her breast in the event that he did look over at her, and then inside. Jackie found herself more excited at that very moment than she had found herself feeling in a very, very long time. Still holding the phone to her ear, she steeled herself, letting her breast remain there as it was as Mike indeed turned now mowing along the driveway beside her. He passed however, continuing on, and then proceeded down along the sidewalk heading in the opposite direction.

Jackie came, her climax intensely sweet, shaking the very foundations of her being with the pleasure of it as she strummed her clit happily, feeling the flood of juice which she knew had soaked the front of her light blue cotton shorts not to mention even more thoroughly soaking her panties. With the edge off, and though still somewhat aroused and excited, reality soon kicked in however, so she bolted from her car up the drive and into the house before Mike had made another turn which would have had him passing by her. She knew he most likely would have turned off the mower, speaking with her momentarily had she allowed him to catch her and do so. She unlocked her door stepping quickly inside however before the sound of the mower as he passed by her walk informed her that she’d just barely made it.

Looking down, she shook her head crazily, surprised with herself at how close it had been. Her shorts indeed thoroughly soaked, though as she stood there still leaning anadolu yakası escort against her own door, she could have perhaps explained to him that she’d “lost it” and had inadvertently wet herself. Even the thought of that sent a wicked naughty jolt through her however, imagining the embarrassed expression on Mike’s face that he would have had for her, Jackie herself feigning embarrassment at having accidentally wet herself, and then worse, being caught by him at having done so. She stood their imagining their very awkward conversation. She, wet soaked shorts and panties, Mike trying to advert his gaze away from her, sharing her embarrassment, awkwardly so, but the whole time with Jackie standing there, cunt throbbing, clit itching wantonly.

With her back still pressed against the door, Jackie once again slipped her hand down the front of her wet panties, the surge of excitement upon her in an instant, the sound of the mower once again passing by as she stood there frigging her clit until her knees buckled and she finally allowed the pure agonizing moan of pleasure to escape her lips as she cried out joyously, even then hoping that the sound of the lawn mower passing by would drown out the sound of her pleasure.


Finally Jackie managed to collect herself. The first thing she did, removing her friend’s birthday present, inspecting it to ensure she’d not dirtied it or mussed it up in anyway. Marsha, along with Beverly and Kimberly were expected in just a couple of hours now, coming over for a cake she still had to bake, along with coffee and ice cream in celebrations of her dear friends’ forty-second birthday.

But even as she baked her friends cake and straightened up her house in anticipation of their coming over, she once again found herself aroused, the excitement of the day and all she had seen, done and discovered once again igniting the smoldering coals of her newfound desire.


She finished her shower and began to dress. As she opened the drawer on her dresser intending to put on fresh panties and bra, she spotted her stash of toys, which she kept there. Smiling, Jackie fingered the small vibrating egg that she realized she hadn’t used in a very long time. Slipping it inside herself, she felt the soft hum of the toy gently stimulating herself while on the slowest, softest setting possible.

“I’m I horrible or what?” she asked herself though already her body was responding to the delicate caress. “They’re just my friends,” she further considered, “doing this for my own personal fun,” she allowed further as she stood there trying to convince herself that she wasn’t crazy for doing this, it was fun and it did feel good after all…”didn’t it?”

She soon switched the toy off, though keeping it snuggly inside herself, and then slipped on a pair of panties though she giggled wickedly as she tossed her bra back in the drawer and slipped on a very tight form fitting tank top that she knew would clearly reveal the shape of her breasts.

Jackie had just finished decorating her friend’s birthday cake when she heard the doorbell. As she walked over to answer it she flipped the remote control switch on and felt the tiny egg come alive inside her pussy. She was grinning outwardly as well as to herself when she opened the door.

“Hi sweetie! Happy Birthday!” she continued to grin giving Marsha an affectionate hug before leading her into the house.

“Well, look at you!” Marsha smiled back appreciatively. “If I didn’t know better, I’d wonder if you’d also invited over some young hunk to strip for the party or something, that…or you’ve suddenly turned gay!”

Jackie giggled knowing full well that Marsha was surprised to see her the way she was dressed, Jackie never went without a bra on, including just hanging around the house. She even reached out with a quick finger giving one of Jackie’s hard little protrusions a friendly hello.

“Hey!” Jackie squealed playfully, turning as she did so breaking the contact.

“Well it’s certainly not cold in here at the moment,” Marsha continued teasing her, “so obviously you’ve either been doing…” she paused grinning, “or thinking about something anyway!”

Once again the doorbell rang however, and Jackie pirouetted away from her friends inquiring look in order to answer it. “Saved by the bell!” she tossed back at her.

“For the moment…” Marsha allowed.

Even Beverly and Kimberly who had arrived together noticed a difference in their friend. Usually subdued, not nearly as vivacious as she appeared now, they had all three teased and asked her about it, wondering if she’d suddenly found herself a fuck buddy finally, something they’d all been urging her to do rather than continually looking for Mr. Right all the time.

They had finished their cake, ice cream and opened presents, while Marsha helped Jackie carry in the dishes to the kitchen, Beverly slipped in a movie they were all going to sit down and watch while Kimberly poured them all some more wine.

“Ok, give!” Marsha said cornering her friend against the sink. “If I didn’t know you better, I’d swear you were wired! You’ve been grinning half the night, and there have been times when you’ve had the strangest look on your face, not a bad one…just, goofy sort of.”

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