Danielle’s Holiday Ch. 03

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Sorry for the delay in posting! Hopefully back to regular writing soon! Mail me and tell me what you think – feedback keeps me going!

Danielle and her son Jack walked back into their hotel, accompanied by Autumn and Summer, the eighteen year old twins they’d just met on the beach. The three women were getting a lot of looks which was hardly surprising: all of them were wearing tiny bikinis that struggled to contain their large breasts. As they walked through the lobby and headed for the elevators, the clerk at the desk called out to Danielle.

“There is a message for you, Mrs Kent.” He said, trying hard not to stare at her tits as he handed her a note. Danielle took it and then joined her son and the twin girls in the elevator that had just arrived.

“Who’s it from, mom?” Jack asked as she read the note.

“It’s from Adele. She called by but obviously missed us so has given us her number to call.”

“Who’s Adele?” Summer asked.

“The air hostess on our flight over. We . . . entertained her during the flight.” Danielle said with a wink.

“Jeez, you’re a pair of sluts aren’t you?” Autumn said with a big smile. “Getting it on with air hostesses, picking up a pair of innocent teenage girls.”

“I kinda doubt you’re that innocent.” Danielle said stepping over to them. Jack watched his mother slip an arm around each of their waists and pull them close, their big tits mashing against hers. Autumn leaned in and kissed her, gently at first before her mouth opened, their tongues swirling around each other. Summer did the same, kissing them both, all three girls swapping back and forth, gasping and breathing hard. Danielle moved back slightly, letting the sisters continue on their own for a moment.

“You into twins making out?” Summer asked Danielle.

“I am now.” She replied.

“Good, because me and Autumn can’t wait to get into you.”

The elevator came to a stop and all four of them bundled out, Jack following behind, his cock hard in his shorts. Danielle guided them to their room and let them in, closing the door behind them.

“Why don’t we get out of these bikinis and into the shower?” Danielle said, leading the two girls into the bathroom. Jack stood in the doorway and watched as his mother set the shower running and then her and the twins slipped off their bikinis. One by one, they climbed into the big shower which, while it was quite large, hadn’t been designed for three people. Jack could see their bodies pressed up against the glass panels as the warm water sprayed over them. As they turned around, rinsing their hair and brushing the sand from their bodies, he saw their tits and asses sliding across the panels. He threw off his shirt and shorts and sat on the toilet, stroking his hard cock.

Danielle produced a bottle of shower gel from the small shelf and squirted it over Autumn and Summer’s big tits, coating them liberally.

“Aren’t you going to wash each other?” she asked with a grin.

Both sisters reached out and began rubbing the gel into each others’ tits, quickly lathering them up, their hands sliding over each others’ bodies. As she had in the elevator, Danielle gave them a bit of room, watching them enjoy themselves.

Summer and Autumn kissed passionately beneath the warm shower, their large tits sliding against each other, their nipples hard as they continued spreading the foam around. Autumn backed her sister into the corner of the shower and slid down her body, Ankara bayan escort Summer lifting one leg up and resting it on the shelf, giving her twin easy access to her pussy.

“Oh fuck . . . mmmmm . . . that feels good.” She sighed as Autumn lapped at her slit, her tongue darting in and out of her sister’s pussy.

Danielle moved forward again, pressing her body against Summer, kissing the girl as she turned to face her. Danielle rubbed and stroked at the girl’s big tits with one hand, the other sliding down her back and caressing her ass for a moment before sliding down her butt crack to find her tight asshole.

“You like it here, too?” she asked her, pressing gently at the entrance to her butt.

“Mmmm, yeah.” Summer sighed, jumping slightly as Danielle eased her finger into her ass and slowly began finger fucking her butt. A moment later and Danielle wasn’t surprised to feel Autumn’s fingers fucking Summer’s pussy. “Fuck! Oh fuck yeah!” she cried.

“She can take a lot more than just one finger in her ass.” Autumn said, looking up at Danielle before returning to eating her sister out.

Encouraged, Danielle slid another then another finger into Summer’s asshole, fucking her with three fingers. “You know, my son’s a real fan of buttfucking.” She murmured into Summer’s mouth as she kissed her. “Think you can take his big cock up your ass?”

“I think we . . . both can.” Summer gasped, her muscles clenching at Danielle’s and Autumn’s fingers as she came. The girls withdrew their fingers, letting Summer relax a little before Danielle turned off the shower.

She helped them both out and Jack watched, still stroking his dick, as the three of them towelled each other off.

“Oh wow. That is big.” Autumn said as she looked over at Jack’s cock.

“Why don’t you shower and come join us in the bedroom?” Danielle asked her son. “Don’t take too long.” She added with a wink.

Jack practically jumped in the shower as Danielle and the twins headed into the other room. He took his mom’s advice and washed as quickly as he could before getting out, drying off and rushing into the bedroom.

He found his mom sitting on the edge of the bed, leaning back on her hands, one twin either side of her sucking on her huge tits. Her legs were splayed wide and both girls had at least one or two fingers in her pussy and, unless Jack was wrong, probably one or more in her ass as well.

Summer looked up as Jack entered and smiled at him. “Bring that big thing over here, Jack. We wanna watch you fuck your mom.”

As if they’d planned it, both sisters took their hands from Danielle’s pussy and ass and held her legs behind the knees, pulling her legs up and out. Jack didn’t need any more persuading and stepped up, his cock still hard from the show the girls had put on in the shower. He bent his knees slightly and positioned his cock at the entrance to his mom’s cunt.

“Go on baby.” Danielle said. “Fuck your mommy in front of these girls.” Slowly, Jack eased his cock inside her, pushing inch after thick inch of his cock into her pussy. “Oh fuck that feels good.” Danielle gasped.

“Fuck, he’s really fucking his mom.” Autumn said as if she hadn’t really believed it was going to happen.

“That is totally fucking awesome.” Summer said, both girls watching as Jack began fucking Danielle in earnest, his slick cock sliding in and out of his mom’s juicy pussy.

“That’s it baby . . . fuck mommy . . . fuck Escort bayan Ankara me hard!” Danielle cried.

“You got it, mom.” Jack said, pounding his cock in to her as hard as he could, the twins returning their mouths to her big jugs that were moving slightly as he fucked her.

“Fuck . . . yeah . . . mmmm . . . fuck me, baby!” Danielle moaned as her son thrust his foot long cock into her pussy. She smiled at the two blonde twins who were still clamped to her nipples, trying to get as much of her tits into their mouths as they could. “You gonna . . . fuck these sluts too?” she asked Jack. “Fuck their mouths . . . their big tits . . . their tight pussies . . . their assholes . . . huh, baby? You gonna do that . . . for mommy?” she gasped as he fucked her.

“Oh yeah!” Jack grinned. “But first I’m gonna cum over your big fucking tits!”

He quickly pulled his big cock out of Danielle’s pussy and jerked on it, pointing it straight at her tits. Both twins looked up to see his dick start spurting, sending streams of spunk flying on to his mother’s huge jugs. Wad after wad of thick, pearly jism landed on her tits and Jack aimed his cock left and right, catching Autumn and Summer on the face with his enormous loads. Neither girl paused for more than a second, but were quickly lapping up the warm cum, sucking and slurping it up off Danielle’s tits as fast as they could. As the last few strands of spunk dribbled from his still hard cock, Jack leaned forward and offered it to both sisters who eagerly opened their mouths and sucked and licked at it.

“Looks like they like the taste of both of us, mom.” Jack said with a grin.

“Think you can keep that hard enough to fuck us now?” Autumn said, her twin sister leaning in to lick Jack’s spunk from her face.

“Not a problem.” Jack said proudly.

Summer lay back on the bed, holding her big tits together. “Stick it between my tits first, Jack.” She said. Jack climbed over her and slid his cock, slick with his mother’s pussy juice and the girls’ spit, into her cleavage, rocking it back and forth.

“You ever fuck four tits at the same time?” Autumn asked, climbing on top of her sister, facing Jack, and dropping her tits near Summer’s neck, forming a long tunnel of tit flesh for his big cock.

“Fuck that feels good.” Jack moaned as he moved his dick back and forth between both girls’ tits. “When we get home, mom, you and Aunt Tanya have got to let me do this to you.” He said to Danielle who sat watching the threesome, her fingers gently playing with her pussy.

“Jesus, is there, like, anyone you guys don’t fuck?” Autumn said with a laugh.

“Well right now I’d like to fuck one of you two.” Jack said, pulling his dick free of their big tits. “Who’s getting it first?”

“My turn to go first.” Summer said, licking her sister’s nipples as Autumn dragged her huge tits across her face.

“Guess that leaves me and you to make our own entertainment.” Autumn said to Danielle. As Jack eased his throbbing cock into Summer’s tight little pussy, Autumn moved between Danielle’s wide open legs and began eating her out.

“Oooh, that’s it . . . stick it in me.” Summer moaned as Jack’s cock slid deeper into her cunt. “Fuck that’s big.” She gasped as Jack began moving in earnest, fucking her with long slow strokes. Beside them on the bed, Autumn was on her knees, her head and shoulders dipped down between Danielle’s wide spread legs, her tongue and fingers working wonders Bayan escort Ankara on her pussy. Summer reached over and slipped her hand up her sister’s leg until it reached her twat, easily pushing two fingers in, finger fucking her sister in time with Jack’s thrusts in her own pussy.

“Eat me baby . . . eat my pussy.” Danielle moaned, holding Autumn’s head tight against her slit. “You’re gonna make . . . me . . . cum!” she cried as her orgasm rippled through her body, her free hand grabbing at her own big tits, pinching the hard nipples.

“You like watching a big titted slut . . . eat your mother out, Jack?” Summer asked him, her tits jiggling as Jack gently moved his cock inside her.

“Hell yeah.”

“Good, because I can’t wait to taste her myself.” She pulled her fingers from her sister’s pussy and grabbed both legs behind her knees, pulling them back till her knees rested on her tits. “But first I wanna cum . . . and the easiest way to make me cum . . . is by fucking me in the ass.”

Jack smiled as he pulled his dick from her now upturned pussy and positioned it against the entrance to her tight asshole.

“Don’t be gentle, Jack.” Summer said, her voice rising in excitement and anticipation. “I want you to fuck my ass real hard. Totally shove that big fucking cock of yours up my little butthole! Cram it all in, as much as you can! Fuck me in the aaaaaaahhh!” she shrieked as Jack did what she wanted him to, pushing most of his cock up her ass in one go and slamming it in and out of her until his big balls hit her butt cheeks. “Oh fuck! Fuck me! God! I’m cumming! Fucking cumming!”

Autumn pulled her face from between Danielle’s legs and the pair of them watched Summer being brutally buttfucked.

“Fuck me! Harder you big dicked bastard! Fuck my ass!” she cried out, cumming again, her whole body shaking as Jack fucked her mercilessly.

“I have got to get me some of that.” Autumn said to Danielle. She stood up on the bed and inserted herself between Jack and Summer, her back to Jack. Carefully she knelt down, pinning Summer’s legs were they were, until she finally came to a rest with her ass pointing at Jack, her pussy resting on her sister’s. “I want the same treatment, Jack.” Autumn said, looking over her shoulder. “Take your big cock out of my sister’s ass and shove it up mine.”

Jack hardly missed a beat, whipping his dick out of Summer’s now stretched asshole before jamming it roughly up Autumn’s butt in one hard thrust.

“Unngghh! Oh fuck!” she yelled as her fucked her ass as hard as he had her sister’s. “Fuck, Summer! He’s bigger than daddy!”

Danielle grinned as Autumn let slip that little bit of information, but neither the girls nor her son seemed to notice. Jack was too busy enjoying himself, pulling his cock out of one hole before shoving it deep into another, both sisters getting their asses and their pussies well and truly fucked by his massive cock, the pair of them cumming time and again.

Eventually, though, Jack couldn’t take it any longer and gasped that he was close to cumming. He pulled out of Autumn‘s ass and began jerking on his cock as all three women scrambled to a kneeling position in front of him, their faces close to his shaft, tongues hanging out. With a groan he unloaded a huge blast of spunk all over them followed by another and another, coating his mother and the twins in jism. His cream splattered off their faces on to their huge tits; it stuck in their hair; it dangled from their chins in thick ropes.

Finally he staggered back, watching the three of them lick, kiss and suck his cum from each others’ bodies.

If their holiday continued like this, he thought, he’d be dead by the end of the week!

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