Danii’s Horror

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He looked over at his star gymnast as she sat in the lunch room and ate her food. She was 18, not even 5 feet tall and weighed next to nothing. He couldn’t get over how sexy she was, or how she would tease him all the time. He loved it when she bent over in front of him and her tiny ass stuck out as though it were just waiting to be groped and slapped. He loved how gracefully her body flew across the mat during her floor exercises. He looked underneath the table and sure enough, he could see up her miniskirt and see that she was wearing cute little “Hello Kitty” panties that were obviously not made for 18 year olds, but for little girls. Back and forth her knees went, revealing and hiding.
Danii knew that her gymnastics instructor was watching her and she loved teasing him. He always sat in the same place in the lunch room every day during her lunch break. She knew he wasn’t even supposed to be there, so she knew full well why he was there. She remembered giggling at him the day before as she bent over in the tightest jeans she could find just so he could stare at her ass. She nonchalantly placed her hand up the skirt she was wearing and gently pushed her panties into her pussy with her two fingers, to give herself a very pronounced camel-toe. She seductively picked a piece of bread up off her plate and brought it to her tiny, shiny lips. As she did, she watched out of the corner of her eye as he began to squirm in the seat across the room.
As much as he remembered the good times he had watching Danii flirt with him constantly, he also remembered the anger he had when he asked her for sex and she told him no. It was an anger that never went away and he kept it inside, until that day as he quietly left his office and Ankara bayan escort headed in the direction of the locker-rooms. He quickly passed the one clearly marked, “Guys”, and headed for the one marked “Girls”. He knew that Danii was always the last person to get ready for practice because she didn’t like stripping in front of other girls. He knew that she’d be all alone and he slowly opened the door and walked down the short walkway into the locker room and saw Danii standing at her locker, oblivious to the fact that she was being watched.
Danii wriggled out of her tiny miniskirt and slipped her tee-shirt off and tossed them onto the locker-room floor. Her panties had finally dried from flirting with her gynamstics coach earlier in the day and she began to slip them off. She picked her clothes up off the floor and put them in her locker. She reached into her locker and pulled out her gymnastics outfit and a clean pair of panties. He watched her as she quickly slipped into the outfit and headed for the door, so she could join the rest of the team in the gym. Suddenly realizing that he’d seen her completely naked startled her.
“Let’s take a little trip to my office Danii!” he said to her as he grabbed her gently by the arm.
“I’m not going to fuck you!” she said sternly as he began to pull a little harder on her arm. He pulled her down the hall and into his office and locked the door behind him. She suddenly began to shake as he looked at her with a crazy look in his eyes.
“You have been a very naughty little girl!” he said to her as he walked closer to her, “and you need to be punished! Don’t bother screaming because nobody will be able to hear you!” He suddenly sat down on a chair and reached his arm out and pulled Escort bayan Ankara her down over his knees. A resounding smack could be heard throughout the tiny room. Danii began to cringe in pain as the second smack interrupted her whimper. The slow smacks suddenly gave way to a barrage of violent spanking and Danii began to cry.
“Please stop!” she sobbed, “I was just fucking with you!” He suddenly stopped spanking her and let her try to stand up. The pain was almost to unbearable and Danii decided to drop to her knees. Much to her surprise, it didn’t take him long to get his dick out of his pants. Grabbing her by her long flowing dark brown hair, he pulled her face to his dick and pulled her hair as hard as she could, causing her to open her mouth. He seized the opportunity to shove his cock inside.
“Bite me and you’re going to know what real pain is!” he said, “Now stop you’re whimpering and suck my cock like you know you want to!” Danii slowly began to slide her lips up and down on his shaft as he held firmly to her hair. She knew that she tried anything dumb, he’d pull her hair again.
“Deeper, you little tease! Suck on it like you fucking mean it!” Danii didn’t want to but she forced herself to let his cock go down her throat. Almost immediately, her gag reflex kicked in. He didn’t care. He pulled her head closer to his cock, shoving it deeper into her throat until he knew she couldn’t stand it anymore.

He grabbed the top of her leotard and began to pull it down Danii stood there, frozen. She just had six inches of a man’s cock down her throat and she couldn’t move. He made her step out of the leotard after sliding it all the way down her legs. Then he worked on her panties, sliding them down slowly, Bayan escort Ankara as though he were admiring every inch of her tiny body as it was revealed to her. When she was finally naked, he threw her onto the floor and spread her legs open as widely as he could. Suddenly Danii got a burst of strength and attempted to throw him off of her. He overpowered her, pinned her to the floor, and forced her legs back open. She began to cry again as she felt his dick entering her tiny shaved fuck-box.
“You know you’ve wanted this for a long time, so quit your crying and just enjoy it!” he said to her as he fucked her faster and faster.

After what seemed like hours, but was only a couple of minutes, he stopped and grabbed Danii by the hips and began to flip her over onto her stomach. She knew what was coming, but she also knew what would happen to her if she tried to resist. Danii suddenly felt the spanking begin again, only this time it was even harder than it was the last time. It didn’t last long and suddenly he stopped. He slowly inched his cock toward her tight little asscrack and slid it in between her asscheeks. He licked two fingers and quickly wiped the area around her asshole so that it would nice and lubed. Then with a calculated plunge, his cock slid deep into her asshole causing Danii to scream in pain she’d never felt before. The more he fucked her in the ass, the more it hurt. Once again, she couldn’t move. She was frozen in pain, and in fear, which was heightened further when she felt his cum ooze inside her tight asshole. Her gymnastics instructor had just cum inside her ass! He violently pulled his cock out of her ass and watched as the cum began to seep out onto her ass and down her pussy crack as she lay on the floor, in too much pain to move.
“Get your ass up and get to practice!” he said, “If you tell anyone about this, “I’ll do it again, only next time, you’ll really get hurt!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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