Danny , Jenny Ch. 03

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I felt strangely proud as I walked into the little, old fashioned pub with her on my arm, people looked at her admiringly and a few of the locals greeted us warmly.

“Hello Danny” the landlord smiled in welcome, “Back again to do a bit more?”

“Yes, I, er, we might be here for a couple of weeks or so, depending on how much work I get done”

Looking at Jenny in open admiration, he grinned and said, “Not much I’d say!” and then quickly added, “Aren’t you going to tell us who this beautiful young lady is then?”

“Oh yes of course” and I turned to Jenny,

“Jenny this is Peter, the landlord and Peter this is Jenny my – -“

“Girlfriend” she interrupted and smiled sweetly, “I’m pleased to meet you Peter”

“Girlfriend?” I whispered as we took our seats away from the others,

She giggled and I noticed her blushing slightly too,

“I don’t know why I said that, but what the hell, there’s no harm done is there?”

“No I suppose not”

We ordered from the limited menu, but the food, as I’d already told her was good and there was plenty of it too, we ate in silence each one engrossed in our own thoughts, until I pushed my plate away and sat back, well satisfied!

“My God” I laughed, “I didn’t realise I was that hungry”

She smiled at me and pushed her own plate away, still half full, “Don’t forget, apart from breakfast this morning, you’ve not eaten a thing for a week!”

“Yeah, you know I’ve been thinking about that, you giving me your own body heat, well that was something else you know!”

“Rubbish” she laughed, “It was the only thing I could think of at the time!”

“It’s not rubbish” I insisted, “I happen to think it was a very beautiful thing to do, not to mention being, well to be honest the thought of it is sexy really!”

“Yes” she nodded in agreement,

“Yes, you mean you think it was sexy as well?”

“Well I didn’t think so at the time, because you were half way between a block of ice and a hot shower, not to mention smelling like a sewer!”

She laughed out loud and wrinkled her nose up, “Boy, did you stink?”

I shuffled uncomfortably and she linked an arm through mine.

“But you’d have done the same for me wouldn’t you bruv?”

“No bloody chance” I snorted Taksim Escort and she kicked me under the table.

“Bastard” she laughed and got up to fetch another drink, giving me (and every other man in the pub) a chance to look at her curvy little bottom moving sensuously beneath her tight trousers!

Being a “bum man” I looked for the line of her panties, but couldn’t find any sign of them and it wasn’t until I saw her returning with our drinks that I realised why and I thought it was one of the most erotic sights I’d ever seen in my life!

Not only were her breasts jiggling delightfully beneath her tee shirt as she walked, but I could clearly see the outline of each labia and the sexy little slit between them, no wonder I couldn’t see any panties, there weren’t any to see!

“What?” she laughed as she sat down and looked at my face,

“You’ve gone bright red, what is it?”

I tried to speak but it came out as a croak,

“For God’s sake Danny, what?” she was starting to laugh,

I tried again and this time my brain sent the right message to my vocal chords,

“You’re not wearing any knickers!”


“You can see everything!”

“Such as?”

“Whaddya mean, such as bloody what?” I hissed,

“Your, your, er, your, you know!”

“Oh you mean my pussy?”

“Jenny for Christ’s sake!”

She was laughing helplessly now and much against my will, I found it infectious, pretty soon tears were rolling down my face and people were looking at us both in astonishment!

“Come on you daft bitch” I laughed, “Let’s get out of here before we get bloody thrown out!”

The next stop was the village shop just down the road, where we bought what seemed like enough booze to fill a swimming pool and then home to the much awaited bath!

“While I put two bottles of champagne in the fridge, Jenny cracked open some lager and we drank a toast.

“To us” she grinned and we clinked cans ceremoniously,

“To us” I agreed, “Now go and get in your bath!”

“Pardon me for asking bruv” she turned to look at me, “But wasn’t one of the reasons for coming down here, the fact that there was only one bed in the flat?”

“Yes, why?”

“So where’s the other bedrooms here, or Taksim Escort Bayan did I miss one on the whirlwind tour?”

“Well done sweet Jen” I laughed, “You’ve spotted today’s deliberate mistake, you win a coconut!”

“So we’re still going to have to share a bed?”



“No, come here and I’ll show you”

I took her hand and lead her upstairs,

“Pull that handle down” I said and pointed to it hanging from the attic door in the ceiling.

She jumped back as a folding ladder descended from above and the little door opened, flicking a switch on the wall I nodded towards the ladder,

“After you ma’am” and giving me a look of trepidation she ascended the ladder very slowly.

“Are you looking at my bum?” she giggled as she reached the top.

“Of course!”


“Is that it?” she stepped into the half finished converted loft and looked around, all I’d managed so far was to put a window in and board out the floor.

“Well I’m working on it!” I protested, “And anyway it’s only meant to be a spare bedroom!”

Then she started giggling again when she saw the pathetic looking sleeping bag in the middle of the floor,

“I suppose that’s the spare bed is it?”

“Just until I can get into town and buy one, yes it is, that’s an idea we’ll go and choose one tomorrow!”

I think she could tell by my face that her reaction hadn’t been what I was hoping for, because she kissed me again and gave me a hug.

“I was only teasing you Danny, honestly I think what you’ve done to it already is amazing, I didn’t think you were any good at that sort of thing”

“You’d be surprised at what I’m good at” I laughed as she clung to me, her arms clamped tightly around my waist and the hard points of her nipples trying to drill holes in my chest.

Looking into my eyes, she touched her lips to mine, not in a kiss, more of a caress from her mouth,

“I doubt it Danny” she said very quietly, “I doubt it very much indeed”

I was gob smacked, not at her words, but at the way she said them and I just stood there for a moment or two as she climbed down the ladder again.

“Either I’d lost the plot completely or my sister was coming onto me, big style!

I Escort Taksim was still wondering about it when I reached the bottom and she took my hand again.

“Have I embarrassed you?”

“No of course not”

“I have, haven’t I?”

“Well just a little bit” I grinned sheepishly at her, “It’s just that I’ve never really thought of you as a woman before!”

Her jaw literally dropped when I said that and I looked for a hole I could crawl into!

“Aw shit Jenny, that came out all wrong didn’t it? What I meant to say was you’re not a proper woman, you’re my sister!”

Oh fuck, I was just making it worse!

Thankfully she laughed and kissed me rather more primly than before,



“Shut up!”


“I’m off for my bath now, get that champers ready, I’m going to get pissed and hope that when I wake up in the morning, I’m a real woman!”

I did detect a twinkle in her eye when she said it though, thank God, but even if she wasn’t too upset I decided that getting pissed was a bloody good idea!

She’d only been gone about ten minutes when I had an idea of how to make amends, she’d said she wanted champagne, well champagne is what she’d have!

I’d stayed here one night after going to a formal dinner organised by the soccer team I play for (strictly as a wannabee pro ) and I’d left the dress suit in the wardrobe when I left the next day, it took me less than a minute to scramble into it, complete with bow tie (no shirt, just a bow tie) and trainers and another half minute to pour out a glass of champagne into one of a set of very expensive flutes I’d found in our late parent’s belongings.

I looked a complete prat as I tapped lightly on the bathroom door and walked in carrying a tray with the glass of champagne, a single red rose in another champagne flute and a grubby old dish -towel over my arm!

“Madam wished for champagne, madam shall have champagne!”

She looked at me as if in shock, hands crossed over her breasts and a look of sheer amazement on her face.

Feeling a real idiot, convinced I’d just made things a damn sight worse, I placed the tray on the table beside the bath and made for the door.


“What?” I stopped but didn’t turn round for the sake of her modesty.

“Come here” she said softly, “Please”

I’m not sure, even now what sort of a reaction I was expecting, but I certainly wasn’t expecting her to stand up, tears streaming down her face, throw her arms around me and kiss me full on the lips!

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