Dan’s Tale Ch. 01

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Summary: Blame it on the Tango.

Keywords: MF, consensual, love, older woman, aunt, mother, incest, mature, first time, virgin

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Although there are many elements of fact, the following should be regarded as a piece of fiction is intended as ADULT entertainment.

It contains material of an explicit SEXUAL nature. If you are offended by such content or language, please DO NOT read any further.

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written permission of the author, Jack Wellard.

Copyright (C) 2013 Jack Wellard. All rights reserved.


Dan and I had been friends from childhood. Born within a few weeks of each other in pre-war South London we were separately evacuated to avoid the Blitz. After the war our families returned to Lambeth to re-build their lives. For Dan and I this was a truly amazing time! There were many bomb sites where fallen and damaged buildings made wonderful places for lads like us to explore. Our parents forbade such activities but in reality it was far too tempting for young adventurous boys wanting to play at soldiers, pirates or explorers. Our friendship grew from sharing those dangers and secrets despite our going to different secondary schools. Similar in physique people often remarked how we could be brothers, even twins.

Although at different schools, we both quit formal education at age 16 to find jobs to contribute to the family budget. While I started at the bottom in banking Dan joined the insurance industry. Later, we were called up for National Service at the same time and ended up serving in the same regiment.

The story you are about to enjoy was related by Dan over several sessions while we played at real soldiers during long cold nights patrolling the East German border. We had been called up on the same day for National Service and found ourselves going through basic training together. What we were actually doing in those dismal forests is no longer important but it provided plenty of time for exchanging experiences.

We stayed friends until Dan’s untimely death. He visited my Cotswold cottage in recent years and we walked the hills still talking about our lives and loves. He was more than encouraging when I suggested that I might like to write some of his stories. The only requirement was that some names should be changed.


Part One

When he was sixteen Dan’s early promise as a rugby player was cut short by a serious injury to his knee which took a long time to heal. Walking, then running helped his recovery but his mother suggested that his unsteady balance could be improved by dancing. At that time nothing could be further from Dan’s mind than going with his Mum to one of her evening dance classes. However, his resistance was eventually worn down and he agreed to give dancing a try.

During the bus ride to the first Wednesday session Dan’s mother, Gloria, explained that most of the people in the class would be female and mostly older. The few male partners were mostly reluctant elderly husbands who came out of duty. Dan’s inexperience in female company made him a little anxious and he wondered if he should have stayed at home.

By the end of the evening Dan’s knee was aching and he was limping again. Nevertheless he appreciated how his balance might improve if he could master the posture requirements his mother demanded of her class. He also found that he was the centre of attention! Some of the older dancers wanted to mother him; the younger ones looked at this youth with different intentions!

Dan decided to persevere with the classes, at least until his injury was repaired. He quickly grew to enjoy the female company and was learning vital inter-personal skills. When his 17th birthday passed he had physically developed and was actually enjoying the evening classes. Of course his mother was delighted. Her big boy was something of a star, popular with everyone, becoming quite a stylish mover and ever willing to be used as a demonstrator. His injury has completely healed and during the next year Dan went into athletic training as well as keeping up with his dance classes. His physique was everything a young man could wish for. He now had stamina, balance and strength. During that year Gloria persuaded Dan to enter dance competitions. He was paired with various partners and performed well with them all. His greatest achievements were when he danced with his aunt Angela. She had maturity and elegance to complement his vigour and youth. By the time he reached 18, Angela was his only competition partner.

Angela was 10 years younger than her sister Gloria. She had been widowed when her husband was killed in action early in the Korean War. They married just before he boarded the troop ship and he never knew that she was pregnant. By the time the mail caught Etiler Escort up with his unit it was too late. Unfortunately, Angela lost the baby soon after the news of her husband’s death. She was devastated, seemingly losing two loved people in as many days. It took her years to recover, but dancing helped her to come to terms with life. Mostly she went along to help her older sister Gloria but slowly she began to enjoy dancing, especially when Dan became serious about competitive dancing. For some reason Angela was always drawn to Dan. Maybe she felt that he was alone like her. An only child, Dan relied on friends, school and sport to fill in his social life. Angela was also lonely. In their south London street she lived at number 43, her sister at 53 so they were only about fifty yards apart and saw a lot of each other.

Sometimes Gloria insisted on ‘extra’ dance sessions in Angela’s front room to develop and practice new steps or techniques. The Dansette record player served adequately for their practice and, despite the cramped floor space, they progressed. Dan was now several inches taller than Angela but with her high heeled shoes they matched perfectly on the dance floor. Their prizes were mostly worthless but sometimes included useful kitchen equipment or even holidays. Dan didn’t really care, but his mother was proud and Angela enjoyed the challenge. Their latest competition was an Argentine tango. A relatively new import to the European dance scene this complicated dance was the ultimate challenge for Gloria’s reputation as a dance teacher. Her best prospects were her son and her sister, their partnership seemed perfect.

Gloria’s love of dancing derived from its precision and form. The Argentine tango seemed to veer wildly from her comfort zone. Unsure why she found it fascinating, Gloria wanted to explore the possibilities and potential freedoms this new dance offered.

Dan enjoyed dancing for many reasons. Sure he loved dance music, he had a wonderful sense of rhythm but he also appreciated the social aspects. It was the only pastime he knew where he could walk up to a stranger and invite her into his arms. When his mother suggested the Argentine tango he was indifferent until he heard the music. Dan loved it; the insistent 2/4 beat, the often melancholy chords and the sadness and gladness which came from the sound excited him. He really wanted to dance to this music.

Angela was also swung by the music but for different reasons. She had a suppressed poetic nature which she often strained to release. The music for her was nostalgic, tingling and yearning. She loved it. Angela found that her creative nature was stirred by the sound. The fascinating rhythm was almost erotic to her, but she didn’t tell anyone that!

On a warm Saturday afternoon they were an hour into their practice session in the front room at number 43. Progress had been good; after several bruises they had mastered some of the intricate leg flicks. Gloria had made them try various moves and held them in pose while she corrected hand, arm, leg, head positions. It was hard work. One particular position caused Angela some problems which probably triggered her later reaction to another pose.

In normal facing hold the couple performed a sweeping turn with Dan on his slightly bent left leg with his right leg extended straight to his right side. Angela’s left leg was also extended her foot just outside Dan’s right foot. Angela’s right knee was between Dan’s legs. The manoeuvre they were trying to master involved Dan swivelling his partner so that their extended legs made a wide sweep. They rehearsed the transition into this position several times. Angela found that as she bent her right knee between Dan’s legs her groin could contact his extended right leg. A first she tried to avoid it but, enjoying this unusually intimate contact, she eventually pressed her crutch gently against Dan’s knee.

Dan was concentrating on his stance and how he had to maintain his balance while swinging his partner elegantly back in a sweeping arc. He felt Angela pressing on his knee and found that this contact helped his control of their position. He attributed Angela’s trembling to the physical strain of this tricky exercise so he held his partner more firmly. As they repeated the manoeuvre Angela became more flushed.

Gloria, unaware that her sister had become aroused by this contact, thought that they should relax and try a different phase of the dance and return to this move later. “Very good both of you, that’s really coming along very well,” she exclaimed. “Maybe we’ll work on that again later but just relax a moment and we’ll go back to the move we tried earlier.”

The dancers stood and shook themselves. Angela smiled at Dan, trying to ignore the longing ache she had developed after rubbing her pussy on his knee. She told herself to concentrate. Separately the dancers moved themselves through the previous move, each watching the other then, moving closer, trying Etiler Escort Bayan it together.

“Good, very good!” said Gloria, moving around them, pushing an arm here tilting a head there. “Relax again and we’ll start from a few bars earlier to get the transition into this position. Then hold it please and we’ll make adjustments. Dan, remember the arrogance, keep that look of utter disdain.”

Dan drew himself to his full height, gazed nonchalantly into the distance with his head tilted away from his partner.

“That’s it!” exclaimed his mother clenching her fist in his face. “A real male chauvinist pig!” Angela giggled but Dan remained aloof as the dancers moved to the start position. At the gramophone Gloria listened to the music and counted them into the steps.

After the ache of repeating the previous hold they moved easily through the steps until the music stopped abruptly. The pose now held by the hard-breathing couple was Dan behind his aunt both leaning to the right with their right knees slightly bent. Angela’s right arm was wrapped back behind Dan’s hip, her hand just below his waist at the top of his firm right buttock. Their left legs were straight, pointing to the left where their heads faced. Dan held his partner’s left hand in his palm.

At that moment the doorbell rang loudly. As she turned to leave the room Gloria insisted that they hold the pose so that she could correct any imperfections. Angela called after her “If it’s the milkman Glor’ his money is on the shelf behind the front door.”

The dancers were still breathing heavily as they heard Gloria greet the milkman. Dan realised that his right hand, instead of being close to Angela’s waist, was actually on her ribcage just below her right breast. His index finger could just touch the lower swell. With some trepidation he moved this finger slowly; the illicit feeling of warmth and softness caused his heart rate to rise. Dan felt Angela’s right hand slide from his hip, he expected this hand to grasp his own and remove it from its errant groping. Instead, Angela’s fingers caressed the back of his hand lightly. She surprised Dan further by gently steering him completely onto the breast. His palm cupped against the supple warm flesh encouraged by stroking fingers which now interlocked with his own.

They could hear that Gloria was now outside the front door laughing and joking with the milkman. The dancers had eased their aching right legs to a more comfortable stance. Dan’s hips still pressed against his partner’s soft bottom. He was aware that the heat from her flesh and the excitement of touching the breast had stirred his penis into a decidedly uncomfortable erection down his left trouser-leg. Gloria insisted that, at this stage of rehearsal, they wear clothes similar to those they would wear in the contest. Angela had made her cotton frock the previous summer. The flared skirt was just what Gloria wanted for this dance. Dan’s white cotton shirt was tight fitting but his black trousers were loose and supported only by broad black braces.

Angela’s left arm dropped from the frozen pose. Without a word she drew this hand across Dan’s hip and between their bodies until she squeezed his straining cock. Just as quickly she slid her hand higher then back down inside the gaping waist of Dan’s trousers. Her fingers quickly found his cock and with a deft flick pointed it upwards. “There, does that feel better?” She murmured, leaning her head back to Dan’s ear.

“It’s bloody amazing Angela!” quailed Dan, hardly able to control his trembling voice.

They could hear that Gloria and the milkman were now at the front gate, probably him on the pavement keen to get on with his work and Gloria leaning on the gate from inside intent on catching up with gossip.

Angela, still grasping Dan’s dick, growled an urgent “Come with me, quickly now Dan.” Dan followed. Really where else could he go with his slender aunt tugging him down the corridor by his precious prick! Angela pushed the bathroom door closed with her foot and turned the key in the lock with her free hand. The bathroom was tiny, just space for the bath and a narrow passage alongside to the toilet and hand-basin. Angela, her left hand still proudly holding her prize, pressed Dan against the wall and flicked the braces from each shoulder with her right hand. Gravity took the trousers gently to the floor around Dan’s ankles. His under-pants quickly followed.

Angela leaned forward caressing Dan’s cock with both hands. She looked up and smiled. “I bet you wank this lovely tool every day don’t you?” Without waiting for an answer she continued, her voice full of passion, “Well today it’s my turn!”

Dan watched, mesmerised, as his aunt’s gentle fingers lightly caressed the firm length from base to tip and back again. She wrapped the fingers of her right hand around it, squeezing and teasing. Angela drew her left hand around behind Dan’s thigh and under his legs to fondle his balls. As soon Escort Etiler as she began the wanking motion Dan knew he would not last long. Sure enough Angela felt his balls tighten towards his stiffening body as she flashed her right hand rapidly forward and back. Dan’s awesome cry heralded his excruciatingly exquisite ejaculation. Angela’s hand slowed as she watched as the first jet splatter on the tiles on the other side of the bath. The next looped down into the bath with a loud splat! The rest bubbled furtively out, drenching her clasping fingers.

Dan leaned back against the wall, panting for breath. He couldn’t believe the pleasure he had just endured! He watched as Angela withdrew her hand from between his legs to cup his balls from the front. As her right hand drew the drooling spunk from his cock she leaned forward and gently kissed the tip. “Was that as good as it looked Dan?” she asked, gazing up into his face.

“Magnificent Angela! Actually much more than that but my brain is too addled to find a better word just now.” Dan murmured, gently caressing Angela’s head. “That was the first time someone else has played with my cock. Sorry about the mess!”

Angela chuckled. “Yes, you gave quite a fireworks display. I’d better clean it up before your Mum sees it.” Angela looked around but could see no obvious cleaning material. “My knickers are so fucking wet I might as well use them.” She mumbled.

Dan had never heard angelic aunt Angela use language like that! He watched as she lifted the skirt flashing her white thighs before quickly lowering her underwear. She leaned over the bath to begin wiping the first puddle which had slowly trickled down the wall to reach the second. Dan felt time stand still as he watched Angela’s skirt swirl elegantly from side to side as she rubbed the far wall. Without realising what he was doing he slowly raised the hem of the skirt revealing the back of Angela’s pale thighs. As the hem rose higher he saw her swollen pink vagina lips winking as her bottom moved from side to side. His cock quickly resurrected, its purple head pointing directly at the pink juicy crack. He had never seen a vagina before! Instinct drew him closer. As Angela leaned down to wipe the bottom of the bath his cock touched her lips.

“Dan?” She enquired, her voice echoing in the bath.

Dan eased forward, the shiny tip of his eager penis slipped gently between the glossy walls of Angela’s pussy.

“Dan!” Angela cried. She pushed against the bath to get up but only succeeded in enveloping more of Dan’s erection inside her.

“Oh Dan, we shouldn’t . .” She tried to stop her backward momentum in vain. Dan’s cock slid completely into her body as she fell back. Dan’s normally quick footwork was impaired by his trousers and underpants around his ankles. He couldn’t prevent Angela from tipping them hard against the wall close behind him driving his cock as far into his aunt’s cunt as it was possible to get.

They froze, Angela’s body quivering with fear and pleasure. She was still holding onto the edge of the bath to support her forward weight. Dan moved the dress away from her waist so that he could see her body. His hands caressed the smooth skin of her lower back. Angela, obviously giving up on trying to prevent what had already happened, reached over her shoulder and pulled the frock over her head. She flipped it to her right where it fell gracefully in a heap on the floor below the hand-basin. Dan immediately peeled off his shirt and sent into the same corner.

Angela watched the shirt drift in slow motion onto her dress and her poetic nature began shaping the words to describe the coming together of their clothes as a metaphor for . . Her reverie was interrupted by a loud knock on the bathroom door. The lovers froze.

“Angie, you in there?” Without waiting for an answer Gloria continued. “I’ve got to go back to our house, I think I just saw Bill come home. You know what he’s like if he has to make his own tea. I’ll see you later, OK? Oh I haven’t seen Dan, can you look after him if he comes?”

“OK I’ll do that Glor’ see you later,” managed Angela, while clamping her pussy muscles tightly around Dan’s cock to prevent him from moving.

The lovers began to relax as they listened to the footsteps hurrying down the long passageway. When the front door slammed Dan jerked his cock, as much to see if it was still hard as anything. It was and Angela reacted with a squeeze and a giggle.

“So you’re not a virgin any more Dan!”

“I guess not, I certainly didn’t expect to lose it in my auntie’s bathroom!” Dan replied slowly withdrawing his penis and just as slowly replacing it.

Angela gasped. “You seem to know how to use that delightful cock. We’d better not take too long just in case your Mum comes back.” Angela was slowly revolving her hips, now relishing the pleasure of Dan’s penis in various parts of her pussy.

“Are you OK like that Angela? Maybe we could try somewhere more comfortable?” Dan enquired caressing Angela’s back. He realised that she still had her bra on and reached forward and unclipped it. It was another first for him — undoing a woman’s bra! It joined the heap in the corner. He slid his hands around her chest and cupped a naked breast in each hand.

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