Dante’s Story

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Dante stood in the center of a large ornate room and looked around at the many cases that were full of some of the finest pieces of… well, some would call them art. A mischievous grin curled his lips as he walked up to one of the cases and rocked back the glass top. On a velvet pillow was a piece of Moche pottery. The Moche were an ancient Peruvian culture of sailors that often depicted sex acts as a way of life in their art. This piece of pottery was no different. It depicted a man bent over a kneeling woman. The act they were performing left little to the imagination.

Dante ran his hand over the warm clay as he felt a surge of magical energy from it. Images of an ancient sexual act filled his head. The clouded image was of the inside of a wooden ship where a man was holding a woman down against a table. His heart pounded as he felt as if he were there. He watched as the sailor plunged his hard cock inside her. Her sounds of lustful pleasure filled the room. The image started to fade as he drew back his hand. He had spent many hours here watching the ancient sexual rituals of this long-forgotten civilization.

This one, like many of his other pieces, carried with it an otherworldly power. It was like the sexual memories of the past were captured in this artifact to be enjoyed by anyone that touched them.

He laid the glass top back in place before turning to another case. This one held Caligula’s Laurel Wreath. The unknown magic that had given it power had also kept the flowers fresh. He had set it on his head many times and like the Peruvian pottery, he was treated to images of one of Caligula’s many orgies.

“Perhaps, I’ll enjoy those memories of debauchery at another time,” thought Dante as he trailed his hand across the glass that contained the emperor’s crown.

Dante stood there for a moment as he reached into his pocket and grasped one of his other treasured collectibles. He considered it one of his most prized possession. Whereas some of his pieces carried with them the power to convey living memories of the sexual experiences, this one, like a few others in his collection, was unique.

He thought back, reminiscing about how it was obtained…the story as unique as the item itself.

It all started four years ago on a trip to France. He was wandering the streets of the lovely French port city of Rouen when he came upon a small antique shop. Upon entering, he noticed the small rectangular black box directly across from him. The owner of the shop approached him as he stepped up to the shelf.

In broken English, the shop owner offered, “So you see something you like, Monsieur?”

Dante opened the box. Inside he found the most exquisite piece of fine black silk that he had ever seen.

He turned to the shop owner, “Can you tell me something about the contents of this box?”

The shop owner smiled briefly, ready to go into his prepared sales pitch. Even though he knew it could not be confirmed, he told him what he had heard in hopes of making a sale.

“Well Monsieur, this thin piece of silk was a blindfold owned by a notorious French aristocrat, Donatien Alphonse Francois, Marquis de Sade, whose sexual exploits are legendary.”

Dante considered this. He had heard of the Marquis de Sade, but there was no way this was actually his… or was it? After all, he had been a Frenchman who believed in absolute sexual freedom. He was also known for taking woman sexually, both consensually and non-consensually, and owning a blindfold like this would be quite normal for someone of his taste.

Looking closer, Dante spied the small strip of parchment tucked under the cloth. Pulling it free, he read the text and to his dismay, it was completely in French. “Avec cela, vos rêves les plus fous seront remplies,” it read.

He handed the card to the shop owner and said, “Could you translate this for me?”

The shop owner read it. “Monsieur, I’m not sure what it means, but it says… With this, your wildest dreams will be fulfilled.”

Dante smiled as he thought about the words and how they intrigued him, but more importantly, if there was even the smallest chance this actually did belong to the Marquis de Sade, he had to have it. After a small negotiation, he talked the shop owner into parting with it.

The shop owner called after him as Dante walked out, “Thank you for your purchase Monsieur.”

Dante didn’t mess with the black box again until he was back at his hotel. Setting the box on the table in front of him, he lifted the top again. He was amazed at the look of the silk as he reached down and slipped it from the box.

As soon as he had it in his hand, he heard French words in his head, “Vous devez réveiller ce que vous désirez.”

He was not the type to be spooked easily and found the words more curious than frightening. He knew he did not speak French, so they were not his own. The words sounded strange yet familiar to him.

Pulling the internet up on his phone, he typed the French words into the translator. The translation intrigued Escort Ankara him as it showed, “You must awaken what you desire,” on the screen.

His trip over, he was comfortably seated on his plane for the flight back to the States. Sitting there, he pondered the translation which had left him with more questions than answers. What could it signify? How would a piece of cloth help him achieve what he hungered for? Just questions, no answers.

It wasn’t until he was back in New York City for a few months that the blindfold’s true power manifested.

Saera had joined him as the financial officer for the largest auction house in New York City. She was quite lovely but hid behind a prudish sensibility. The hairstyle and clothes she chose reflected how she wanted to be seen. Every day she would come to work with a tight bun and either a navy blue or black suit. Dante could not recall ever seeing her in a sexy outfit. He thought to himself that it was like working with a librarian.

By chance, today he had put the blindfold in his pocket and, upon entering the auction house, he saw Seara across the large room. She had been away for a few months setting up his new auction house in Tokyo and had just returned.

As to be expected, she was dressed in her traditional navy-blue suit and tight bun. “Prends-la, elle est à toi,” was not what he expected to hear in his head as he looked at her. The French voice was soft as he felt the folded black silk warm in his pocket.

He walked across the room and once outside of his office, he instructed his secretary, “Jenny, hold my calls for the afternoon, I’m not to be disturbed.”

Jenny looked up from her desk. “Yes, Sir.”

Dante walked into his sparsely decorated office. He enjoyed a modest amount of luxury. There were a large desk and a plush leather couch. On the other wall, there were shelves filled with artistic keepsakes that he had collected from around the world. He walked around his desk and set the folded blindfold down in front of him.

He quickly typed the words into his search engine, “Prends-la, elle est à toi,” which translated as, “Take her, she’s yours.”

He swallowed hard as he read it again, then again, “Take her, she’s yours” But how? Could the blindfold somehow be used to seduce her?

As he was considering it, the blindfold grew even warmer. He had not realized his hand was still resting on it. The warmth of it brought back the words written on the card: “With this, your wildest dreams will be fulfilled.”

Dante considered Saera for a moment. She was pretty under all that prudish attire and he had often wondered what it would be like to have her. This seemed like the perfect opportunity.

If the blindfold could be used to grant his wildest desire, then he would use her birthday as a reason to wear the blindfold.

Pushing a com button on his phone, he said, “Jenny, tell Saera I need to see her.”

Jenny answered immediately, “Yes Sir, right away.”

He heard the slight tap on his door just before he heard Saera’s voice, “You need to see me, Sir?”

“Come on in Saera,” he replied.

Dante smiled as he watched her walk in. “Saera, how many times do I have to tell you to call me Dante?”

“Sir, you know I am not comfortable using your first name,” she protested

Quickly, he scooped up the blindfold in his hand and walked around his desk. “Well, if you insist, I won’t push the matter,” replied Dante as he accepted her protest… for now.

Before he spoke again, he walked over, standing right in front of her. “OK, so no first names, but would you be willing to accept a birthday present from me?”

She pondered the idea of a birthday present. She would never want to insult him by refusing it.

“Umm, yes, I think that would be fine, Sir,” she answered.

Holding up the blindfold, he remarked, “Well, you know how I love to surprise people.” He smiled warmly as he continued, “You really should wear this.”

The thought of the blindfold intimidated her. Why a blindfold? She really couldn’t think of a reason to not wear one, so she simply replied, “If you wish Sir, I will.”

He smiled as he spoke, “Okay Saera, turn around.”

He watched as she quickly spun around until she faced away from him. He reached around her head and brought the silken cloth up against her eyes. Pulling the ends together, he tied it behind her head and felt the immediate change in her body. Relaxing, she leaned back against him.

Again, he heard those words in French. This time he didn’t need it translated, he knew exactly what it meant: take her, she’s yours. Those words carried confidence to them. Enough so, that he felt empowered to enjoy her.

Once the blindfold was in place, he watched as she reached up and pulled the pins, letting her hair cascade down over her shoulders. Not something he had expected; she was obviously feeling more comfortable.

“So, feeling more at ease dear?” he asked.

She smiled warmly as she replied, “Yes Sir, just Ankara Escort seemed like a natural thing to do.”

“I have to agree with you dear. What we’re doing is very natural.” He lowered his hands to her shoulders, feeling her soft auburn locks move through his fingers. There was no tenseness in her, which now surprised him. He had expected her to be nervous.

Looking at her, he warmly asked, “Do you want your gift now dear?”

Hearing his voice, she realized she had forgotten all about the gift. “Yes Sir, please.”

“I’m glad dear,” he replied as he spun her around slowly.

He didn’t want her to fall, but he knew that wearing a blindfold could be disorienting. He reached out for the lapels of her jacket. His hands brushed across her breasts as he pushed the jacket up and over her shoulders. He watched her body for a reaction to his touch and, again, was amazed that she didn’t pull away. The jacket slid down her arms where he caught it carefully and laid it on the couch behind them.

He reached up and traced one finger along the black silk covering her eyes, hoping the blindfold’s powers would continue to keep her entranced. There was no stopping now. A devious grin crossed his lips as he returned both hands to her blouse. He could tell she was warming to his touch as he undid each button, working slowly down her shirt until it was completely open.

Under her shirt, he found a bra that matched her personality. It had no frills, no lace, nothing that seemed at all sexy. He guessed that she was wearing matching panties that would be just as boring. Still, it was not what she wore that interested him, it was what lay beneath them.

With her blouse open, he reached around her, his fingers teasing along her soft skin until he could feel the clasp of her bra. Deftly, he unhooked her bra, sliding his fingers back around, pushing up the cups with both hands until he had a good view of her ripe breasts. She shivered before him as he encircled both of her nipples with his thumb and finger, pulling softly on them as they hardened. He could not believe it. Not only was she not pulling away, but her breath was becoming raspier. She was actually leaning into his touch.

He continued to tease her small pert nipples as he spoke softly to her, “You enjoying this aren’t you dear…your gift that is?”

Her voice was more like a whimper as she replied, “Oh yes, I feel so… alive.”

It interested him, just how strong the blindfold’s influence was over her. Satisfied that she was growing even more aroused, he slipped one hand down from her lovely breast to her skirt’s zipper. He continued to twist and pull on her nipple as he used his other hand to ease the zipper down. Once the zipper was all the way down and her skirt was gone, he could see that her panties were, just as he had guessed, as plain as her bra. Still, the sight of her, mostly exposed, made his cock stiffen.

Lowering his hands to her panties, he hooked a finger in each side and gently eased them down her thighs. As her little pussy came into view, he noticed a small tuft of red fur in the shape of a triangle covering her mound. Once the panties were all the way down her legs…

He instructed her, “Step out of them!”

She reached out for his hand to steady herself as she stepped forward, a crimson blush coloring her face. He never really imagined this would be so easy and that she would be so wanton. He had to wonder what secret power did this blindfold have to enrapture her so, or did it somehow simply awaken a secret yearning in her? In reality, it didn’t matter. She was naked from the waist down with the cups of her bra pushed up to expose her perfectly round breasts, a pleasurable invitation.

He reached out and cradled her against him. His lips covered hers as he kissed her passionately, stealing away her breath. Without much effort, he moved his free hand down to the small curls that graced her mound. Teasingly, he worked his fingertips in small circles, caressing the sensitive skin under her soft patch of fur. He continued the tease until he heard her velvety whimpers.

After a few minutes of teasing her, he guided her to the couch. As she sat down, He watched her squirm slightly against the warmth of the leather on her bare ass. Settling in beside her, he reached down to caress along the sensitive skin of her inner thigh. Pulling gently with his hand, he exposed her damp little slit.

Her voice was husky as she spoke. “I can’t believe I’m doing this. It just feels right, Sir.”

He really enjoyed her confession as he spoke. “You seem to be awakening to your own pleasure dear.”

He watched her lips part in a soft moan, then brushed his fingertips along her flesh until he reached her moistened flower. The sight of it was exquisite. He impaled her tight pussy with his finger, pushing it even deeper with each thrust.

Then, leaning in farther, he nibbled on her lower lip, pulling on it lightly with his teeth. He pushed his tongue past her lips, entangling it with her Ankara Escort Bayan own. Still kissing her, he lowered his hand to his own zipper, freeing his engorged cock.

Once he had ceased teasing her, he wrapped both hands around her waist and lifted her so that she was straddling his hard shaft. Keeping her facing him, he lowered her down over his thick cock, pushing down until he was buried deep inside her. Their combined moans filled the room as he started to move in and out, her inner walls clamping around him like a vice.

He held her even closer, each thrust lifting her off the couch as he continued to quicken his movements inside her. The sounds of her pleasure were almost too much to endure. She had completely melted against him. Their bodies, like one, moved in unison, rising and falling with wanton abandon.

With such rapture, he was not sure how long he could avoid exploding inside her, but the time would not be long. She arched her back against him, her moans turning to inaudible whimpers as she quivered in his lap.

He heard her voice as she begged, “Please, faster… I want all of you.”

This was not the uptight girl he had come to know. This was a hellcat, her body on fire. She had surrendered to her own goddess of pleasure. Her passion surged as she continued to grind hard against him. The swell of his manhood stretched her inner walls as he hammered inside her over and over again. Her body begins to convulse as he heard her cry out –

“I’m cumming!” Her voice quivered as she started to shake.

“Oh yes! Cum for me Saera!” he replied as he held her tightly.

His passions were inflamed as he felt her release. Her tremors of bliss continued as she rode each wave of her orgasm. Each wave was stronger than the last, her body writhing in pleasure.

The rush of her orgasm was enough to push him over. His cock erupted inside her as it filled her with his liquid fire, the velvet grip of her pussy milking him of his hot seed. He felt her climb to the pinnacle of her orgasm as she rocked with him, their cum mixing together inside her.

They both collapsed against the couch as she fell limp against him. They were both totally sated after such incredible orgasms.

Looking into her face, he removed the blindfold.

“Dear, that was incredible, I had only guessed you would be this good.” His finger gently caressed her cheek as he spoke.

She shivered. The absence of the blindfold didn’t matter as she answered him, “I never imagined it like this. It is…” She looked at him. She couldn’t find the words to describe how she felt.

They remained on the couch for a bit longer, basking in the afterglow of their shared carnal experience. The intensity of it finally subsided as he looked at her naked on the couch.

“As much as I enjoy sitting here in post-sexual bliss, I do think you should dress.” He reached down to gather up her clothes which were laying in a pile on the floor.

She reached out to accept her clothes, saying, “Yeah I agree with you Sir,” chuckling softly as she quickly redressed.

They both walked to the door.

Opening the door, she turned to him before leaving. “Glad to have such a fruitful meeting, see you Monday Sir,” Dante smirked as he watched the door close behind her.

“There is something new about her, but I can’t put my finger on it,” He thought to himself.

It was Monday morning. As Dante walked through the door, he spied a glimpse of Saera. He had to do a double take. Gone were the suit and bun. In their place, she had on a tight blouse which was low cut, giving off a clear view of her ample breasts. Not only that, but her skirt had a slit that was so high that he got a peek at the black lace underneath. Finally, her outfit was finished off with a set of leather thigh-high boots.

Turning from his office he walked up to her. “You look nice Saera.”

“Thank you, Dante, just feeling so much more adventurous and sensual. Amazing how a good weekend can change your outlook.” She winked at him sensually. The wink carried an unspoken message.

He smiled once again, then turned and headed over to his office. Once there, he walked in, turning back briefly, he caught one more glimpse of her before letting the door close behind him.


He was back in his trophy room where he had subconsciously started to rub his hand along Caligula’s case. The memory of the first time he had used the blindfold was fading.

“Dante, you in here?” shouted Rhake as she walked through the doors.

“Over here Rhake, by Caligula’s Crown,” Dante called out.

“Are you playing with that crown again Dante?”

“Who me, why would you say that?” He pulled his hand away, trying to feign innocence.

“Well, you never seem to tire of ancient sex, always stroking something,” she replied with a smirk on her face.

She was dressed to the nines. He loved her choice of clothes. Leather and lace made her look both sexy and professional. He had known her for about two years. She was one of the best archeologists he knew.

Their relationship had grown past simply a professional one. He trusted her like no other, sharing all of his secrets with her. The contents of this room were one of the many secrets he had already revealed.

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