Dark Angel Ch. 01

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Part 1: Sounding

My angel was taking me to the darker side, introducing me to new sensations and passions, higher levels of arousal than I had ever known before in my heretofore vanilla sex life. He was an addiction, a dangerous habit to feed, I fully realized, and I had come back to his den willingly, wanting to know what more there was, what new heights my passion could reach. My head kept saying no or at least go slow, but my body yearned for his touch, for his domination, for reaching new heights of body awareness and pleasure under his guidance.

I had returned voluntarily to his basement room, as he knew I would. My hands were handcuffed to the brass headboard welded to the wall, and I was kneeling, facing the wall, on a stained mattress. We were beyond the spankings and light lashings that had made my tender ass, inner thighs, and cock and balls red swollen and ultrasensitive to the touch. We were even beyond the soothing and arousing attention his lips and tongue had paid to my swollen thighs, tender kissings that had crescendoed to bitings that had me screaming for mercy and then to the rimming and invasion of my asshole with his searching tongue with its tantalizing knobbed stud.

We were now on to a new phase. He was knelt between my thighs, very close into me now, the studs of the leather harness criss-crossing his bulging chest rubbing against my shoulder blades, his rock-hard cock, with its Prince Albert pierced head ring rubbing between my swollen thighs. He had one hand firmly palmed on my lower belly, holding my ass into his pelvis, and he held a purple silicone ribbed and nubbed dildo in his other hand, pressing it between my lips. I took it in as I would have willingly taken in his cock—as I, indeed, already had taken in his cock before I’d been handcuffed to the wall—and I made love to it as I knew he wanted me to, taking in its measure, knowing that it soon would be working its thick eight inches or more into my puckered hole.

The dark angel was humming. He had done this before when he was engrossed in what he was doing and when, it seemed, that he was being especially aroused by the activity. I had learned in our earlier session that this marked his being in a zone of his own while he worked my body and that as long as he was humming, it made no difference what I might feel or want—he was going to pursue what he felt and he wanted.

He pulled the moistened dildo from between my lips and sat back on his haunches briefly, lathering the tool up with lube, all the time telling me how nice my body was and how he was going to play me like a violin. No, he said, not like a violin. That was too refined. He was going to work me like a factory machine, roughly and strongly, one that worked with a punching rod, pistoning the rod inside it endlessly and forcefully. I moaned at the image he was providing and longed for him to cover me once again, to hold me close and dominate me.

And then he was covering me again, and I felt the bulbous-capped end of the silicone dildo against my throbbing asshole. He told me not to hold back in voicing my responses, which he hardly needed to have done, because I lurched and arched my back and cried out my mixed pain and ecstasy from the moment the slick dildo entered me, until it had screwed in all the way to the hilt. I screamed out the stretching and rubbing and rough digging it was doing as I felt each ripple and nub working the walls of my canal.

All the time he was telling me how the dildo was nothing as a take-no-prisoners invader as his own cock would be, and he soon was proving that. He made me stand up on the mattress, my legs spread wide, and my torso slanted down to where my hands were cuffed to the wall, and exchanged the swirling rotation of the dildo for his own thicker and longer cock. I groaned and grunted and screamed out again in both fear and welcome as his heavily veined cock, with that ring in the tip—thinly sheathed with a condom that didn’t interfer with the sensations provided by stroking of the ring and rippling of the veins as he plowed up into me.

When I felt the studs of the cock ring at his root attack the rim of my hole, he covered my nipples with both his hands and started hd abla to worry them with his pinching fingers and nails. Then he leaned his lips up to my ear and asked me if I was ready for the piston machine to be turned on.

I moaned back my desire for him to take me long and hard and furiously, and then I cried out once more as he bit my ear lobe and continued chewing lightly on that as he began to pump me hard, in long strokes, punishing my ass walls with that twirling cock ring of his.

My knees gave up to the onslaught of his vigorous fucking, and I collapsed down onto the mattress, the dark angel coming down with me, without losing purchase on my hole. He covered me close from on top and kept pistoning his rod into me. I was pushing my ass back at him with each stroke, which caused my engorged dick to slide across the mattress, and, at length I added my own cum stain to the mattress to join that of so many who had preceded me there.

With a lurch and a cry of victory, the dark angel also spent himself within me, and we lay there panting and sighing until we had regained a regular pattern of breathing.

While he was uncuffing me and leading me off to the shower, he said, “Dress after we’ve showered and then I want to take you somewhere.”

I was mildly disappointed, because in our previous session, it had been after we had showered that he had really shown me what I had been missing for so long in arousal and a fantastic fuck. But he was the boss, and I was the slave in our relationship.

After we showered, he fed me, telling me that I’d want to build up all the strength I could for his surprise and then we were on his motorcycle and moving into an even more “iffy” part of the city than where his digs were located.

He pulled up in a warehouse district and we entered a nondescript door in a blank wall and followed the stairs to the basement. We were in a low-ceilinged, smoke-filled room that was teeming with men in various stages of undress, arousal, and release activity. There were bars set up on three sides and small tables, with chairs, most occupied, not all by a single person, all circling around a center platform, with a spotlight shining down.

Two men were performing on the platform. There was a wedge-like cushion in the center of the platform, with arm and leg restraints at each corner. A youngish, lithe red-headed guy, with a flowing mane of hair, was reclining on the wedge, ass tilted up on the higher end of the slant, and torso draped back toward the lower end, with head propped up on a slightly elevated end. His arms were bent up and his wrists were cuffed in the restraints on the sides of the wedge beside his head. His torso was stretched out fully to show off his fine musculature. His ankles were cuffed at the sides of the other end of the wedge, although there were lines attached to the wedge that permitted the wide spreading of the young man’s legs. A burlier, muscle-bound, completely hairless man, wearing a headsman-style mask that covered his head and came down to below his eyes was hovering between the young man’s legs. I could tell the young man was both beleaguered and enjoying himself by the screaming he was doing.

I no more than gathered the impression that the burly man was covered with jewelry piercings and that the trussed youth had one of the longest dongs I’d ever seen, however, before the dark angel pulled me over to one of the bars, perched on a barstool, and pulled my ass into his pelvis between his spread and possessing legs. He encased his arms around me and rested his chin on my shoulder.

He had ordered beers while we was folding my body into his, and while we waited for them to arrive, my eyes adjusted to the dimly lit room, undulating with men in heat and full rut, many of their eyes riveted on the stage. As the dark angel worked his hand under the waistband of my trousers and cupped my balls and played with my cock, my attention went back to the stage, where I saw the young man straining his muscles, his head thrown back, emitting loud moans from a slack, stretched mouth.

And then I saw why, and I involuntarily tensed inside the dark angel’s embrace. The burly hentai porno dominator was kneeling at the end of the high side of the wedge, between the receiver’s wide-spread, cuffed legs. He was holding the end of a silver, curved, rather thin wand between two of his fingers. And he was slowly pushing it into the piss slit of the young man. As it slid in farther, the young man was panting hard and crying out a series of “yeses,” which was the only indication I had that he was enjoying this invasion of the most intimate area of his body. The burly man twirled the wand slighting inside the slit, and the young man groaned and grunted his ecstasy.

And then the wand was being extracted—slowly and dramatically. A sigh went through the audience. When extracted, it looked like a good six inches had been inside the slit.

I felt like I couldn’t breath and discovered that this was largely because the dark angel was holding me tight, almost smothering me in his embrace. And he was humming softly to himself.

I wiggled and his embrace slackened, but it tightened up again as we both watched the burly man take a thicker and slightly longer wand from a case and slowly insert that inside the slit in the younger man’s cock, now harder and even longer than before. The younger man strained at his cuffs and screamed to the ceiling. Once more a slide in and a swirl and the wave of a heavy sigh across the audience. And then the long slide out. The third wand was even thicker. The youth’s piss slit was being stretched open to where I could see, even from the distance that I was standing, that the hole was gaping.

I closed my eyes tight as this third wand disappeared inside the young man’s penis. I couldn’t watch this; I didn’t even want to think of this. My own penis was feeling the pain in sympathy—or so I thought until I realized that the dark angel had a finger at my piss slit and was trying to force the finger into me.

I tensed once more and the dark angel whispered in my ear, “So what do you think?”

“What do I think?” and whispered back dumfoundedly. “What do I think of what’s happening up there?”

“It’s called sounding,” the dark angel murmured. “I take it you aren’t impressed.”

“Impressed is not the word for it,” I said with a moan, which told him all he needed to know about what I thought about it.

He changed tactics, “I meant, though, what do you think of the restraint wedge. Does that look like fun?”

“Yes, yes, it does,” I admitted, opening my eyes again to take another look at the wedge, and seeing the fourth, thicker wand being inserted.

While this wand was going in, the young man, who had remained calm for the third wand, cried out again, declaring that he was about to cum—to get the wand out. And the burly man followed the direction and slid the wand out just ahead of a prodigious spurting of semen onto the burly man’s belly. Amid scattered applause in the audience, the burly man laughed, licked off the young man’s penis and started forcing a pinkie finger into the now greatly enlarged piss slit. The young man was moaning and writhing again.

“Well, that’s why we’re really here,” the dark angel returned to our conversation. “I’ve rented a cell here for this afternoon. It features one of those wedges.”

He stopped in mid thought, however, the attention of both of us going to the stage now. The young man was being uncuffed, the wedge was pushed off the stage, and it was replaced with a thicker rectangle. Some sort of pillowy-padded platform with cuffs at the four corners again. The young red head went down on this on his belly and his wrists were cuffed at the upper corners. His legs were bent up on the sides of the platform, with his upper thighs strapped at the sides and the ankles cuffed in close to the bottom corners. This arrangement presented his ass to the bottom edge of the platform, and his long dong hanging down the bottom edge. The burly man was kneeling at the young man’s ass and was tonguing his hole and stroking down on his cock.

“As I was saying,” the dark angel went on. “Are you interested in trying a wedge?”




As we worked kızıl porno our way through the crowd to a door at the other side of the room, the burly man was working his cock into the ass of the young red head. He had one palm pushing down on the small of the young man’s back and had the other fist buried in the young man’s flowing main, pulling his head back, so everyone could see the contortions on his face and clearly hear his cries as the burly man’s cock plowed into him.

I was all atremble when we reached the small cell. Only a centered platform supporting another one of those wedges occupied the room. The dark angel slowly undressed me and cuffed me, facing up, on the wedge. The wedge was extremely comfortable and sensual. Then as I watched, he undressed himself. He looked good and evil, and I started to precum at the mere sight of that thick dong with the Prince Albert cock ring.

Then he did the unexpected. He blindfolded me.

I objected, but he said he wanted me to experience everything this time from just the sensation of touch. He crouched over me and kissed me on the lips. Then he kissed me on each nipple in turn—right before he attached clamps to my nipples. This was an entirely new, not fully pleasant experience, for me, and I whimpered a bit, but he was humming now. I could tell that I was going to be entirely at his mercy. And this is what I had wanted. I was addicted. I wanted to experience the edges of arousal and sexual stimulation. As I relaxed and he thumbed the nipple clamps, I began to enjoy what they were doing to my sense of touch.

He was tonguing and biting my inner thighs now and working his way to my asshole. When he thought me prepared, he started fucking me. He was riding me bareback now, and the sensation of his veined and ringed cock sliding across my ass canal walls had me moaning and groaning in appreciation. He was digging his fingernails into my thighs, and every once in a while lifting a hand to tweak the nipple clamps, hit my hard pecs with a closed fist and slap my flat belly with an open palm. Giving me a full range of sensations.

The wedge was wonderful. It opened and imprisoned me fully to the dark angel’s onslaught. The domination was total. But not really total yet. He had more planned.

Before he jacked off, he pulled out of me and I felt his thick, hard cock being slapped against my thighs and then my belly and then on my chest. He took my lips in his and punished my tongue with his tongue stud. Then he was kneeling on my chest, between my upraised, imprisoned arms and was slapping that dong of his on my face. He forced his cock between my lips and I deep throated him to ejaculation, gagging a bit as I swallowed his repeated spurts of semen.

Then he was off of me, and there was a foreboding silence. Then the humming started again. I hadn’t been aware of when he’d stopped the humming while he was fucking me, but he must have—because the humming unmistakably was back and in full force.

I felt a hand on my cock, cupping my cock at the root, on the underside—holding my cock up at a raised angle, my hips already being raised by the wedge. Then I turned stone cold and a chill went through my body as I felt the cold steel tip of the wand at my piss slit. I screamed out as the first of the wands slowly entered me there. Violation, stuffing, remarkably little pain, an electric zing through my body, my cock engorging, an indescribable feeling of sensual pleasure—enhanced by the mere thought of now having had every orifice of my body dominated and fucked by my dark angel.

“Relax, relax,” I was hearing in a soft, soothing, hummed tone. “Relax and go with the feeling. It will be so much better,”

A sucking, emptying feeling as the wand slid out. A strange sense of loss and emptiness when it is gone.

Then a thicker wand, entering me, making me scream again despite myself. Tightening up, but then remembering, and relaxing. But as this wand glided up through my urethra, I knew I was about to cum. I yelled out to the dark angel. Asking for mercy. Letting him know I was going to blow. And the wand glided back out and I did blow my wad.

A husky laugh from the dark angel and a cleaning of my penis with his tongue.

That’s it then, I think. Yet another, deeper, darker experience. That was OK then.

But then an even thicker wand at my piss slit. pushing in, stretching me. Loud humming. I cry out. “Oh, God, oh God. Noooo. Yessss. M-o-o-a-n-n . . .”

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