Dark Night with an Old Flame

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“I am here. 56C. Come see me when you can.” That’s all the email said. My heart started pounding as I read those words. He was here, finally. I could feel myself start shaking. I left the internet café, and headed in the direction of the trailers.

Before I knew it, I was running at full sprint down the pallet sidewalk. I could hear the gravel under my boots, and the beating of my heart in my ears. He was here. I hadn’t seen him in two years. It seemed like a dream. He’s here. In Iraq. On this installation. I was freaking out on a scale that was unheard of. Even for me. It was as though I couldn’t get there fast enough.

I came to the first row of trailers, and started looking at the numbers painted on the doors. 56B. 56C. 56D. I knocked on the door, and backed up a step. I couldn’t breathe. The thought of him on the other side of the door was making me short of breath. The door opened, and I was inside like a shot. His arms were around me, and I could’ve passed out. He was here, in the flesh. The tears rolled down my cheeks. He was here! The man I loved more than anything was here, in my arms.

His a private affair izle lips met mine, and the next thing I knew, we were pulling each other’s clothes off. Who knew desert uniforms came off so quickly, boots included. We tumbled onto the bed, lips locked and hands all over each other. Two years hadn’t done anything to quell the passion we had for each other. We were both eager to be skin on skin as soon as possible.

Suddenly we were naked, our skins rubbing against each other, tongues sliding over skin, and hands roaming. His mouth left mine and went to my breasts, flicking each nipple with his tongue. My nails clawed his back as his fingers entered my wet pussy. I rocked against his fingers, taking them deeper into me, and soaking them in my juices. In moments, he had me near orgasm, but I wanted to taste him. I hadn’t had his cock in my mouth in a long time, and I longed for the feel of it as I sucked and licked him to ecstasy.

I pushed him off of me, and onto his back. Spreading his legs, I dove right into his cock, taking it as deep into my throat as accused izle I could. He was bigger than I remembered, but I kept going. Long, swirling lollipop-style licks and light sucks at the tip, until he was bucking against me in pleasure. I wrapped a hand around his cock, and moved my mouth lower, to his balls, and gently sucked one into my mouth. I twirled my tongue around it, and felt it contract towards his body, then did the same to the other one. All the while, I used my hand to keep up stroking his cock. He was gasping by then, and pulled me up to his chest, forcing my legs to straddle him.

I felt his hard cock against my wet pussy, and in one stroke he took me. My eyes went wide as his cock filled me, like never before, and I gasped at his size. He was buried to the base, and I could feel every vein, every ripple of that hard cock, stretching me to accomidate him. I could barely rock on him, he impaled me so deeply I could hardly move.

Putting my hands on his chest for leverage, I dragged my pussy up and down the length of his cock, slowly at first, then a little quicker, as alef izle I got used to his girth. He’d never felt like this in the past, and it was heaven! The faster I rocked, the faster his breathing came, and once I found my rhythm, I was set. I couldn’t sit all the way up on him without pain, I so I rode him, leaning over him. His mouth played with my nipples as I rode him, both going faster the closer we got to orgasm. We both came at the same time, and my body felt like it turned into putty in his hands. He grabbed onto my hips, keeping my pussy locked around his cock, as he thrust into me harder and harder. Bodies spent from that session, I collapsed on the bed, half on him, his arm draped over my middle, and we both fell asleep.

The desert sun shone in my eyes, waking me up, and every muscle I had felt sore and well worn that next morning. I turned over to greet my love, and was startled out of the bed. I scrambled out, a cry escaping me. He turned over, in reactions, and groggily opened his eyes. He shot up to a sitting position as quickly as I’d jumped out of the bed. Before me wasn’t the dark haired, dark complected man I loved, but a blonde haired, fair skinned guy with freckles. I threw my uniform on as quickly as possible, trying to leave. Neither one of us spoke, just kept glancing nervously at the other.

As I left, I looked back at the room number on the door. 56B. Ooopps.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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