Date Night

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Tuesday night is date night, their one guaranteed time together in their busy schedules.

She is 28 and tall, for a girl, 5’9″ and admittedly overweight by about 30 pounds. She has an ample chest (40DD) with very sensitive nipples, and luckily for both of them, he is a boob man. Her Irish heritage is evident in her dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and milky white skin.

He is 30 and 5’10” with a bit of a beer belly, which she thinks is sexy, and beautiful blue eyes that she can’t get enough of. His cock is the perfect size for her hand to wrap around and fits her mouth nicely.

On this particular date night, she wore a short jean skirt, knowing it gets his motor running. They ate dinner, had a few drinks, and decided to play a few rounds of pool. She went to the bathroom before they hit the pool room and removed her purple mesh thong. When she found him, she slipped the thong into his hand while kissing him with all the lust she had in her body. He stuffed her thong in his pocket, realizing it was damp, wishing they were headed to bed, not about to play pool.

She kept leaning over the table, hoping he’d catch a glimpse of her bare pussy under her skirt. He kept coming up behind her, helping her line up her shots, grinding his hard cock against her ass so she’d know he was as turned on as she was. They played three games, and by the end neither of them could get a shot in – he was distracted by her obviously hard nipples, she was distracted by the way he was staring at her.

They paid their tab and wandered towards their car, hand in hand. She had stopped drinking after dinner, so she got behind the wheel. Before she could start the car, he leaned over and kissed her. Their tongues dueled, both gasping for breath and moaning with the relief of finally being able to touch each other.

He found her pussy with his hand, she was soaking wet. He slid two fingers deep inside of her while playing with her clit, wanting to make her cum fast so ümraniye escort that they could then take their time to explore each other. She had been so turned on all night that she came fast and hard, soaking his hand and the back of her skirt. He offered her his hand, and she licked it clean, tasting herself on his skin. He pulled her towards him for a kiss so he could share her pussy juice, loving the taste.

She unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out, started stroking immediately. She had been craving that cock all night, sucking on the straw to her soda and pretending it was his cock. She leaned over the gear shift and took his shaft into her mouth, tasting the precum from the tip. She knew her ass and pussy were clearly visible if anyone were to walk by the car and it only made her hotter to think about it. She licked up and down his hard cock, kissed his full balls, tugged them gently. She took his cock back into her hot mouth and made him moan when her tongue flicked over the sensitive head. She looked up into his eyes while sliding her head further down his cock, and he knew he had reached his limit.

He pulled her off his cock and pushed his seat down then said the first words since they entered the car, “want to visit?”

She laughed, knowing that was his way of asking her to climb over onto his side of the car and fuck them both senseless. After pretending to think about it, she grinned and said “fuck yes, I need it so bad, my pussy has been aching for your cock all night!”

She put one foot between his and the opposite knee on the seat next to his hip, lining her pussy up with his cock below. She pulled her skirt up and sat down slowly on his cock, feeling it fill her empty pussy. As she sank all the way onto his cock, he sat up a bit to slide her shirt over her big tits. He pulled her bra up, letting her tits hang over his face, and took one very hard nipple into his mouth. She groaned “oh god yes, just like that” and started pendik escort to rotate her hips, doing figure eights on his cock. He smiled at her reaction, and noticed headlights go on across the parking lot.

He bit her nipple softly and watched as the headlights turned off again. He could see a couple in the car, could see the man pointing towards them, could see the woman put her hand up to her mouth when she realized what she was seeing. He pulled her up off of his cock, then dropped her back down on it, purposely showing her ass and pussy to the other couple. He felt how wet she was around his cock and knew it wouldn’t be long before she came hard for him.

She felt his cock get harder inside her and thought about what a great fuck he was, how lucky she was to have him, how he couldn’t seem to get enough of her tits and pussy. She pushed herself up and down on his cock, moaning, begging him for more of his cock, holding her tits up for him to play with, feeling her pussy drench his balls every time he licked, sucked, pinched, twisted, pulled, or bit her nipples.

He reached for the window control, silently sliding his window down all the way hoping that the other couple would put their windows down too so they could hear the sounds of their fucking. He held onto her hips and fucked his cock in and out of her pussy, hoping she went over the edge soon.

“Oh fuck yes honey, oh God I’m going to cum all over your cock! Yes, don’t stop, please, I need to cum so bad. I’ll do anything you want, please just let me cum!”

He stiffened inside her as he had a thought. “Anything?” he asked. “Yes, anything, please just LET ME CUM!” she yelled.

He slipped his hand between their bodies and stroked her clit once. Twice. On the third stroke, she came apart in his arms, screaming as she reached the strongest orgasm he’d ever seen her have. He watched the other couple, saw that the woman had her hand in the other man’s lap and realized bostancı escort they were turned on watching him fuck his woman.

Once she relaxed on top of him, he whispered “I haven’t cum yet babe”. She bit his shoulder gently and said “I know, how do your propose we fix that?”

He gave her a wicked grin and said “you DID just say you’d do ANYTHING I asked, right?” When she nodded, he continued. “Good girl. I want you to get out and kneel next to the car. No buts about it, yes I know someone will see if they walk by. Kneel next to the car!”

She got out of the car and kneeled, then watched him get out and close the door. He stood in front of her, his cock hard and wet with her cum. He wiped his cock across her lips and she opened, instinctively drawing him into her mouth.

“That’s my girl, you know just how I like it.”

She closed her eyes, intent on returning the pleasure he had given her. He watched her eyes close then looked across the lot and saw the man give him a thumbs up. He knew he wasn’t going to last long, being watched was one of his biggest fantasies. He watched the other woman drop her head into the man’s lap and knew she was blowing him while he was getting the best blow job of his life.

He put his hands in her haid and said “keep going, I’m almost there”. When he heard her try to reply and felt the vibrations go through his cock, he knew it was all over. He held her head still and felt his cock throb while he filled her mouth with stream after stream of his hot cum. She swallowed as much as she could, with some spilling out and dripping down her chin onto her tits. He pulled out of her mouth and watched the last of his cum spray across her face and onto her heaving chest, watched it slide slowly down her tits until it hung on her nipples. He reached and down rubbed it into her nipples while she lapped up the string from his cock.

He looked over at the other car while he helped her to her feet and saw the man’s head thrown back against the head rest, obviously in the throws of ecstasy. He held her tight against his side and said “ready to head home for round two?”

This is my first submission, I hope you enjoy it – please feel free to contact me with any comments!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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