Date Night: Halloween Party

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“Jerry, is that you? Come in here please.”

I heard my mother’s voice as I climbed the stairs. When you have a mom like mine, you definitely see what she needs. Walking into her bedroom I got to see a beauty of perfection as she stood before the mirror putting makeup on.

Mom turned towards me and asked, “Do you think I should wear a bra with this dress tonight?”

She wore a black dress which showed off way too much cleavage. Her creamy breasts all but spilled out of the top as I licked my lips in anticipation. We were going to my aunt’s charity Halloween party tonight and I know she was doing her best to outdo her sister in wearing practically nothing. She also wore black high heels with filmy matching stockings. A witch’s hat laid on the bed.

“Gee mom, are you going to wear panties too?”

“No son, unless you think I need them.”

“I will never tell you to wear them, I prefer you naked if I had my way.”

She laughed, “I already know that smartass! But that doesn’t answer my question.”

“Well mom, I think you look sexy braless. You’ll have all the ghoulies and goblins wanting to fuck you silly tonight in that costume. I vote no.”

“Good. You would have worried me if you would have said yes. I might have been upset and you wouldn’t get your blowjob tonight,” she said while turning back to the mirror. “Go get your vampire outfit on, I have to do your makeup.”

“I will mom. What is Jenny going as?”

“Oh, you’ll love it. Your sister is going as a cheerleader.”

As I headed out of her bedroom door I yelled back, “Maybe she’ll wear panties tonight.”

“I’m sure you will be sure to check her out to see if she is or not.”

I headed to my room to get ready. This would be the first year I was going to the Halloween party as I just turned twenty-one. Mom and my older sister went the party for several years now and always told me the wild stories about it. My aunt Jean and uncle Bill held it every year and the attendees would spend money on sexual activities which was given to a local charity. I was excited to be attending my first party.

Our family is sexually open around each other. For my eighteenth birthday party my mother took my virginity and my sister and aunt Jean made sure I was worn out that night. Mom and my sister Jenny were insatiable sluts, both had very large tits and hot asses. So I was like a boy in the candy shop, always tasting whatever sweets I could get my hands on. To most people this was perverted and incest. To the three of us it was just three horny people having fun. It didn’t hurt that both were swingers and kind of got me involved with that as well. My dad left us years ago when my mom wanted to open up their sex life because it was too boring, and he decided it wasn’t for him. Poor dad, but lucky me!

I showered and picked up the costume mom laid out on my bed. Black pants, black vest and a white shirt with fake red blood stains on the front. A pair of fangs completed the outfit. As I put it on the pants didn’t have a zipper, but a flap with a velcro strip which attached to the vest. As I pulled them on I realized it just made my cock accessible to any party goer and that turned me on. I pulled on the shirt and vest along with my shiny shoes, and took stock of my appearance in my mirror. With mom’s makeup expertise not only would I look scary tonight, but I would get laid too. I headed back to my mother’s bedroom.

“C’mon son, we don’t have all night. Sit in my vanity chair while I give you that Count Dracula look.”

I sat there as mom pulled out the white cold cream and red blush. I tried to look forward but with mom leaning over me I kept looking at her swinging breasts. I couldn’t keep my head still when my mother stopped while looking at me quite upset.

“Jerry, I can’t do a good job if you keep moving your head.”

“Sorry mom, but your tits are distracting me.”

“Shit. Oh well, let me take them out and I’ll try to stand directly in front of you. Now keep still, dammit!”

My loving mother pulled the dress away from her breasts and I was treated to a very familiar sight. Her rosy red plump nipples almost poked my eye out as she leaned close to put black rouge around my eyes. I did my best to concentrate but when she got too close and her nipple brushed my lip, I sucked it into my mouth.

“Dammit Jerry. You can suck on them all you want later. I have to get you done. The party starts at seven sharp!”

I reluctantly let her nipple go when I heard a familiar voice behind me.

“Mom, I don’t think the naked tit thing is working for your son. I know I can’t concentrate and I’m just watching you two. So, how do you like my uniform?” my sister said changing the subject and twirling around next to us.

We both looked at her and I smiled. She definitely was the hottest cheerleader I ever saw. She wore a Avrupa Yakası Escort plaid skirt with high white socks and saddle shoes. Her blouse was tied up just below her breasts and she too chose not to wear a bra. The thing that really made my cock jump was that she wore her hair in ponytails.

Mom shook her head in amazement as I replied, “You look so damn hot and fuckable, sis. Be careful, uncle Bill will be fucking you before you even close the door.”

“One can only hope. But I promise you Jerry, I’ll save my ass just for you. Now sit still so mom can finish and we can get going. My panties are wet already thinking about it and I may have to take them off all together.”

Mom went back to finishing up my makeup and when she was done, I was very impressed. I put on my fangs and looked at an image of a perfect replica of Dracula. My eyes were black while my face was pure white. She had put lipstick on part of my lips that made me look like I had just sucked an unwilling vixen’s blood.

“Good job mom. I love you.”

“Good, because I need to put my tits back into my dress. Now go down to the kitchen and put some confectioner’s sugar in a bag.”

“Why is that mom?”

“Geez. You sprinkle it on your cock so that it looks white before the women suck it. Do I have to teach you everything?’

“Do you have a sweet tooth mom?” I asked with a wink as I was leaving the room.

“You bet your ass I do. Now let’s get moving. Aunt Jean will have fucked and sucked half of the guests before we even get there!

So as I drove to the Halloween party, my mom in the front seat occasionally flashing her tits to try to distract me and my sister in the rearview mirror fingering her pussy inside of those fluffy white panties, I tried my best to get us there in one piece.

The door opened and I gazed at a familiar sight. Well, her nude body looked familiar while she was wearing a mask and a blonde wig. My aunt Jean stood there, perky nipples and all.

Mom said, “I thought we were supposed to dress up for the party, Jean. Where is your costume slut?”

My aunt hugged my mother as she replied, “I’m Lady Godiva. It took a lot of thought coming up with something original.”

“Well, sure beats mine aunt Jean,” Jenny giggled. “Where is uncle Bill?”

“Last I saw he was eating some tiger’s pussy.”

We were ushered in as my aunt told my sister and I to go mingle as she had to talk to her sister. Jenny held my hand as we strolled through several rooms. Costumes and masks of every sort of character were seen. On the sofa I saw a black cat and a bag lady sucking off a werewolf. My sister squeezed my hand harder as we turned to a topless hostess who offered us some drinks.

“You’ll love this Jerry. Go find someone and I’ll catch you later. I see someone in a devil’s outfit who looks like he needs a good fuck.”

She kissed my cheek and dashed off to get laid. Being new to this, it was fun walking around seeing two women kissing while their costumes were lying at their feet. A couple were going doggie style with her over a banister and others were just chatting. Food and drink was seen everywhere. I decided to grab some snacks from a table and head out the back door onto the porch. I was kind of expecting all of this but seeing it was another thing. The air was a little crisp but I leaned on the railing looking out at the stars.

I heard the door behind me open and as I turned I saw the cutest woman in a Little Bo Peep outfit. Her tits were hanging out of the bodice. Her breasts were ample sized but nowhere near the size of my mother’s mounds. She held her staff and strolled over next to me.

“Hi Dracula, would you care to bite my neck or even a nipple?”

“Hi there, and what do they call you in the real life?”

“I’m Cindy. Whomever did your makeup did a great job.”

“I’m Jerry, glad to meet you,” I told her as we shook hands. “My mother did my makeup.”

“Is your mother here?”

“Yep, she is the sister of the host. She’s the sexy witch with her tits ready to spill out. Speaking of tits out, yours are very nice.”

“Jerry? Hell, didn’t I go to school with you. Weren’t we in English class together? You were always trying to look up my skirt!”

“Oh, sorry. You always had such a sexy body, I so wanted to fuck you.”

“Well, tonight is your lucky night. Just promise you won’t bite too hard when you eat me.”

Her arms went around my neck and we kissed passionately. Her tongue dove into my mouth as I basically mauled her tits. She had smallish nipples but their little points burned in my palms. Her hands squeezed my ass as we stood like that as I heard other people coming out and going in from the porch. After our lips parted, she whispered in my ear that we needed to find a place to fuck.

We soon found my uncle’s Avrupa Yakası Bayan bedroom and I saw my sister fucking the dude in the devil’s costume. He had a large dick and knew how to use it well. She looked up at me with a blissful face as Bo Peep guided me over next to them.

“That’s my sister fucking the devil. I hope you don’t mind us sharing the same bed?”

Cindy said, “Hey Ralph, do you care if I fuck her brother?”

“No sister, I just don’t want to see any blood,” he groaned.

Cindy soon had my pants down and my cock out and was sucking it into her mouth. It was funny being next to my sister doing the same thing that the siblings we were having sex with were doing. I was eager to lick her pussy, so I guided my Bo Peep around until she was sitting on my face. I tasted her sweet nectar and after she urged me on I dove in and we both went at it in a wild sixty nine. She was a well accomplished cocksucker as she could deep throat me without difficulty. My sister’s moaning and urging Cindy’s brother to fuck her harder had me so turned on I almost came in her mouth. She sensed this and quickly got up and pulled her blue and white skirt up while revealing a shaved pussy.

“Okay Count, you are going to go down for the count now!” yelled my partner.

Quickly she slipped that exquisite pussy over my shaft as she faced towards me. She worked up and down and I felt the bed move. Suddenly Jenny was leaning over me as she kissed Cindy on the mouth. Ralph was doing her doggie style and watching the two women suck each other’s tongues and play with their breasts which had us two guys horny as hell. Ralph was telling me how hot my sister was, and I in return said his sister’s pussy felt like a vise. He said he fucked it plenty of times and was glad he hadn’t stretched the damn thing out already.

It wasn’t long before I felt my cock twitch and I grunted out that I was going to cum. Cindy quickly slid off of me and turned around and her mouth went back to work over my cock. My sister wanted some too, leaning over and sucking on my balls. I sensed Ralph was shooting into Jenny as she moaned out while now sharing my cock with his sister. Their lips slid up and down my shaft while quick kisses at the tip brought me off.

“Oh man, that is so fuckin’ hot girls,” I moaned as my cum shot all over their faces. The whole time they kept kissing as my sperm coated both of their lips and cheeks. Ralph pulled out and just sat there watching my dick getting lathered up with foamy cum bubbles now. They shared my cum and licked it off of each other’s lips and my cock.

Finally, we all were lying next to each other when my sister said, “Just think brother. Our mom is out there doing the same thing. Let’s go find her.”

Pulling my pants back up, but leaving my cock hang out of the flap, my sister held it as she guided me out of the room. Needless to say my erection was growing once again. Looking back behind us, Cindy and Ralph were getting ready to do each other. It’s amazing how incest is so wide spread in our society.

We turned the corner and we were surprised by what we saw. Our mother was bent over a table, handcuffed to two of the legs. Her black dress was pulled up to show off her bared ass. Several costumed characters were spanking her as she squirmed and moaned out loudly. The erotic sight amazed me and I had never seen this side of my mother before.

Aunt Jean walked up to us saying, “Your mother always gets the most money for charity. She won’t be able to sit for a week, but she is so turned on by it that she is one continuous orgasm.”

My aunt was right. I walked over and saw from a distance that her cunt was wet with juices oozing down her stockings. She still had on her high heels and I played with my cock while I watched mesmerized.

I looked back and saw my uncle Bill with my sister. They were kissing while he was sliding his fingers in and out of her pussy. I also saw Cindy and Ralph coming towards me.

“Who is the woman getting ass whooped?” asked Cindy.

“That’s my mother, Gina. She’s always the life of the party.”

“That’s cool. I have an idea.”

I saw Cindy walk away as Ralph stood next to me jerking off as well. Cindy walked up to an older guy dressed as a clown and after they spoke for a bit, he handed her some money. She then walked over to my aunt and whispered something in her ear while handing over the bills. She soon joined us again.

“Jerry, it’s your turn.”

“What do you mean?”

“I just gave a hundred dollars from my dad to see you eat your mother’s pussy and ass. No go for it.”


“Get over here nephew, you are the show now. You are paid for, don’t let us down,” my aunt laughed.

Everyone was looking at me and then I looked at my mom. Jean had already told her what I had to Escort Avrupa Yakası do. My mother smiled and I knew that something we usually did in private was now going to be watched by a crowd. I was nervous but yet so damned turned on. My aunt handed me a throw pillow and as I sauntered up to my mom and her hot ass, I was so hard that it hurt.

Kneeling down now, I gazed upon her red ass. They had spanked her hard and the handprints still lingered. Grabbing her hips, I leaned forward and kissed that sweet bum. And kiss I did. I felt sorry for her pain but also lusted after her. After raining wet kisses all over every inch of those sweet cheeks, I pulled them apart to see her sexy asshole. With the crowd now urging me on, I stuck my tongue out and licked that ring of fire. Mom wiggled as I slithered my tongue around her anus. I teased her by flicking my tongue barely on it causing her to cry out in pleasure.

I could see out of the corner of my eye that some people had paired off and were playing with each other. The smell of sex hung in the air as I crossed that last frontier and slid my tongue inside of her darkest depth. She pushed back at me as I used my tongue like a mini prick and tongued fucked her asshole. Then I felt a hand wrap around my cock and as I pulled away I found it was Cindy stroking my cock.

Holding my mother’s cheeks apart still, I now dove hard into her pussy. She was so very wet and slippery I had a tough time keeping my tongue in there. As I flicked at her swollen clit she came all over my face. I was burying my tongue deep inside of her pussy before sliding back to that protruding clit. I kept up my tongue lashing as my mother constantly tried her hardest to bury my face in her cunt. My face was awash in her constant flow and my cock twitched in Cindy’s hand.

“Jerry, fuck your mother’s ass. Give it to her good. I want to see your cock deep inside of her asshole.”

I stood up and Cindy dropped my pants to my ankles again. Standing behind my mother with Cindy winking at me, I wanted this so very bad.

“Mom, do you want your ass fucked?”

She just looked back at me and moaned and wiggled her ass at me as Cindy helped line up my cock. Grabbing her hips, I pushed forward and the tip of my rod teased her anus. I guess mom grew impatient with my teasing so that she pushed back and a dull pop was heard. My cock was inside my mother’s ass and the tightness felt so damn good. I just stood there as my mother took over and fucked my cock with her asshole. She really got into it as she begged out loud for me to fill her ass with my cum.

Mom and I did this several times before, but for some reason with the crowd urging us on and Cindy playing with my balls, it was better than at any time I ever did it. Mom would squeeze her anus and it was like she was milking my cock and trying to pull my sperm out of me. Then I jumped as Cindy opened my ass and slid her tongue inside of me. The feel of my mom’s tight butt and Cindy’s fucking tongue caused me to pummel my mom’s asshole with my cum. The tightness drew every last drop as I shot continuously deep inside of her. Cindy pulled away and leaned over my shoulder and kissed my lips. I could taste my ass on her tongue but I was so far into bliss it didn’t bother me.

My limp cock soon hung behind my mother, sperm oozing out onto her butt cheek. Mom laid on the table spent as well. Aunt Jean soon freed her of her cuffs and after a while she stood up and did a bow to the applause from the crowd. I looked over at my sister who had my uncle’s cum running down her legs as she blew me a kiss. This would be one Halloween party I would never forget.

I climbed into bed, but the fun wasn’t over. Lying there naked was Cindy. She was playing with her nipples for my amusement. I had found myself a girlfriend, and with my mother’s urging, I would have company tonight.

“My brother is home fucking my mom, your sister is with your aunt and uncle, and I’m here with you Jerry. Isn’t that cozy?” she asked.

Just then my mom walked in and said, “But I’m here too. I always give my son a nice blowjob before bed.”

“Well damn Gina, I guess I’ll just have to sit on his face then.”

It was like they had everything already figured out. Lying back I felt my mother’s wonderful lips tease and suck my cock and balls. Cindy climbed over me and placing her hands on the headboard, she lowered that sweet pussy to my face. As I laid there my mother lovingly nurtured my cock with her lips. I could feel her tenderly caressing my balls as she coaxed another load of sperm from me. My new girlfriend grinded her cunt on my tongue as she creamed my face with her sweet juices.

Then they switched places and Cindy now sucked my cock as my mother rode my face. My tongue made sweet harmony to her hanging clit and pussylips. Cindy swallowed me whole and I couldn’t take the deepthroat any longer as I shot deep into her throat. This new woman in my life was as good as any I ever had. But she still wasn’t my mother, who was the very best.

As they both eventually fucked me until we all fell asleep in each other’s arms, I wondered what we could do for an encore.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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