Dating Lisa

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Back in my senior year of high school I had my first date with a beautiful girl named Lisa. Since we both had been held back a grade we were both 18 years old. That last year of high school turned into a sexual odyssey that cannot be easily forgotten.

Our first encounter was on a blind date with her as we doubled with one of her girlfriends. As was usual back in the day, the four of us ended up at a drive in movie. Lisa and I sat in the front seat and my friend and his date in the back seat. It did not take long before some making out was starting in both sections of the car. As I started to lie across both bucket seats, Lisa climbed on top of me and we continued to kiss. It didn’t take long for my cock to go rock hard and I knew that she surely could feel it through her clothes and up against her crotch. The next step was a mutual dry humping while kissing and oblivious to anything that was going on in the back seat.

Without any warning Lisa then grabbed my cock through my pants and started to jerk me off. I couldn’t believe it. Having just met this beautiful girl and then to have her stroke me on our first date was absolute heaven. In no time at all my cock started to spurt cum all over the inside of my underwear and pants. She must have known enough about the male anatomy to realize I had popped my load and she released her hold on my cock. This was the beginning of the journey and needless to say I wanted to date her again.

Our next encounter was a “date” at her house. Upon arrival I find her in a dress with stockings. She takes the time to explain that her parents are gone for the afternoon. We quickly move to the couch to start kissing. As hormones start to rage we find ourselves on the living room floor with me lying on top of her, again dry humping. Not knowing how far she will let me go I try to work her dress up her body. Once again she reaches for my cock and massages it to a rock hard erection. I continue to move her dress up to her waist but cannot determine how much progress I have made without being totally obvious as to what I was doing. We took a break in the action and I got up from lying on top of her. There she lay with her dress up around her waist. In full view were he cotton white panties covered by her panty hose. Some of her public hair was peeking past the edges of her panties but still not exposing all of her sex. As she got up and looked down she realized she was somewhat exposed. I apologized for the position of her dress but she commented it was no big deal.

After having a drink we returned to the floor and she started to jerk me off through my pants again. So grateful for the attention my cock was getting I wanted to return the favor. I started to massage her pussy through her dress. As things grew more and more heated I just pushed her dress up again and massaged her through her panties and hose. Not knowing exactly how to give her an orgasm I continued to rub and so did she until I once again came in my pants. That was when we heard the car door of her parents car close and we quickly straightened ourselves before they came in the house. My biggest fear was that there would be a huge wet spot leaking from my jeans.

Thankfully there was no wet spot.

As the months passed alert missing persons unit izle I was dropping my load on a regular basis although through my pants. Then one night on a date at the drive-in she unzipped my pants, moved my underwear to the side, pulled my dick out and just started jerking me off. The excitement of being exposed, not only to her but the rest of the world, caused almost an immediate explosion. Lisa wiped my cock up with my underwear as best she could and stuffed it back in my pants. I calculated that this was her signal that I could also reach beneath her clothes and touch her bare skin. Unbuttoning her jeans and unzipping them was the first layer. Inching my hand down from her naval I snuck under her panty hose and panties, all the time waiting for her to say stop. But the stop did not come. Reaching the top of her pubic hair it appeared to be all clear to go further. I finally reached the top of her pussy lips and poised my middle finger to slide down her slit to her hole. The journey of my finger got wetter and wetter until I reached my goal. The panty hose and panties constrained the movement of my hand and arm. While she moaned and her hips responded to my touch I just sensed that she was not going to reach the ecstasy I had with my orgasm. After twenty minutes or so of finger fucking her and grinding on her pubic mound she claimed she was satisfied and that was enough.

A few more of these dates became the norm and while somewhat satisfying our clothes were definitely getting in the way.

One afternoon I arrived at her parent’s house to find that they were not home. Her mom, dad and little sister had gone out for the day. We had planned to go somewhere but quickly ended up on the floor. She was wearing a dress. Once of the floor she immediately unzipped my pants and pulled them down to my knees along with my underwear. With my cock fully exposed in daylight for the first time, I reached under her dress and grabbed at her panties and hose. She stopped me in my tracks and said, “No. One at a time incase my parents come home early.”

So there I laid with a raging hard on pointing to the ceiling while Lisa proceeded to jerk me off. It didn’t take long before I was shooting sperm all over the place. She took immense pleasure just watching the white goo spurt from the hole in my dick. Well spent, I was eager to actually see what was underneath her clothes so after she cleaned me up with a paper towel I dressed as quickly as I could.

Lisa lay on her back allowing me to push her dress up to her waist. Then my hands made their way to the sides of her pantyhose and underwear. As I pulled them down I got my first sight of her beautiful pussy and while I wanted to remove them completely she stopped me when I got to her knees. I looked at her curiously and she said, “Just in case.” I knew her concern was about her parents walking in on us and her ability to get dressed quickly.

At any rate I was happy to be looking at her naked pussy. Her pubic hair was untrimmed but not overly bushy. Dark and curly, the hair did not hide her slit. My cock started to get hard once more. Slowly, I worked my finger down her slit separating her tangled pubic alice in borderland izle hair. I had to ask her to spread some more so I could easier access her love tunnel. She spread as far as her underwear would let her. Spreading her pussy lips apart I was able to get a full view of her woman hood. Pushing my finer into her hole she was already wet and wanting. I moved my finger in and out of her pussy along with exploring her insides. Not knowing much about the female anatomy my exploration determined there was a thick spot of flesh in her cunt that faced toward the front of her body. As I worked my way around the inside of her cunt it appeared that every time I hit that spot she would moan. While I knew that a female could have an orgasm I had no idea exactly how to stimulate her to have one. Once again, after about 20 minutes of me exploring her genitalia she claimed that she was satisfied and began to get dressed. With my wet fingers carrying the fragrance from her pussy I was ready to go again. Lisa was getting dressed and looking out the front window when she spotted her parents car coming up the street. She finished dressing and we both headed out to my car and waved to her parents as we drove away.

The next great opportunity for exposed sex was in a couple of weeks. Once again I went to her house and her parents were not home. I asked Lisa if she would be willing to go, take off all of her clothes and come back into the living room. Concerned her parents would arrive home earlier than planned I explained that we would do this one at a time. From the living room bay window you could easily see them coming up the street and have plenty of time to run to the bathroom and get dressed. She thought for a second and then said she would only do it if I did it first. With no hesitation I said, “Sure.” and walked down the hall to the bathroom. As I stripped off my clothes my rod started to harden. Taking everything off until I was totally naked I then opened the bathroom door and walked down the hall to the living room where Lisa was standing guard and looking out the window. My cock was rock hard and swaying back and forth as I entered the living room. She explored my body with only her eyes at first. Lisa then asked “what should I do?”

My response was. “Anything you like except don’t hit me in the balls.”

She then proceeded to twist and pull my cock in all directions. Posing me on a dining room chair allowed her to view me from all different angles. Lisa, with a little prompting, ran one of her fingers up my butt. She dared me to go to the bay window and jerk off for a bit. My performance was back far enough in the living room that no one could see what we were doing. By moving within three feet of the window would allow anyone to see. Being rock hard and horny as hell I moved directly if front of the window and pulled my cock for several minutes until she got nervous and called me back. Finally she got down on her knees so her face was eye level to my cock for a close up look of my cock as she jerked me off to an orgasm. My sperm went all over the rug as she intensely watched me ejaculate. With my load being spent I looked at her and told her it was her turn and then I returned to americas got talent all stars izle the bathroom to get dressed.

As I returned to the living room she walked down the hall to the bathroom. In only a few minutes she was coming down the hall holding one arm across her tits and the other covering her pussy. I checked the window one more time to make sure the coast was clear. I asked her why she was hiding her goodies as I had definitely seen her nude pussy before. This was however the first time I got to see her tits. Whenever the subject of feeling or seeing her tits had come up she would just say that they were too small and nothing to bother with. As we both stood back from the window I had Lisa stand directly in front of me so she could keep an eye out while I played. I started with my hands on her waist and then moved them to her tits. They were not as small as she tried to lead me to believe. They were more than a handful but not much more. Her nipples jumped to attention as I rolled them between my thumb and fingers.

Moving south I roamed through her bush only to find her pussy lips as wet as a river and her juices were flowing down her leg. I asked her to get down on all fours, while I kept watch, so I could see her tits hang. Once in that position I also asked that she spread her legs. This gave me a clear view of her asshole and pussy lips from the backside. What a beautiful sight it was. As I was getting horny again I became less concerned with her modesty and asked her to go to the bay window and play with herself. Lisa was reluctant at first but moved to the window in all of her naked glory. Once she was satisfied no one was directly outside she placed one hand between her legs and the other on one of her tits. There she stood for a good 5 minutes visible to anyone that walked or drove by.

I could tell she was reaching a high point of excitement when I called her from the window and asked her for one last pose. I lay on the floor and asked her to stand over me in a straddle position facing the window while I was facing up looking toward her face. As she placed one leg on each side of my body I had the perfect view. My eyes followed the crack of her ass down to the moisture directly between her legs and then I followed the same crack up into her pubic hair. My eyes continued to look above her hairy bush I was able to see her tits laying against her chest and her nipples were at full erection. My right hand moved up her thigh approaching her hole. With two fingers I pressed at her crack and they found their way deep inside. By her standing up like this made that thick fleshy spot inside her seem more accessible so I started to rub it. With each stroke Lisa became more and more excited to the point where, when I next looked up, she was fondling her tits.

After only a few minutes of rubbing her spot, a gush of liquid came from her pussy. My shirt was soaked and my first thought was that she had pee’d on me. Her legs went to rubber and she almost fell on me as I questioned if she had pee’d. She exclaimed, “That’s not pee”and proceeded to sit down on the floor next to me with her thighs glistening from the wetness she had released. It then dawned on me that the gush of liquid that streamed from her cunt was female ejaculate and that I had helped Lisa unleash her first orgasm. The musky odor her fluid produced went straight to my nostrils and down to my cock. It took her a while to recoup but she finally got up and walked down the hall, without any consideration to her modesty, to get dressed. While waiting for her to dress I wondered where our mutual nudity and orgasms would lead?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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