Daughter and Father

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This story is pure fiction. If incest stories bother you, please do not read.

I’ve been despondent since my wife died two years ago. I have a daughter and a son, both married and living on their own. My very pretty and gifted daughter, Rose, met Roger while in college and married soon after graduating. When son, Bob, was going to college, he moved in with a very gorgeous girl named, Betty. However, they married before graduating. All four of them now have productive jobs but no children as yet. They often invite me to their homes for dinner or social activities. Although that helps me from being so lonesome, I still miss my wife and having a love life of my own. One evening I was invited to my daughter’s home for dinner. When I arrived, son Bob and Betty were there, too. After partaking in the nice dinner Rose had prepared for us, we sat in the living room to relax with after dinner drinks.

My daughter, Rose, was always the inquisitive one. She asked me, “Dad, how is your love life? Are you dating anyone now?”

Everyone’s eyes turned toward me for an answer. “I haven’t been dating at all lately. The last lady I took out to dinner turned out to be a dud, as far as I was concerned.”

“That’s too bad. I asked you to call Gladys, a lady I know. Did you call her?”

“Yes, and she couldn’t meet me because she was dating someone else.”

“Sorry, that didn’t work out for you.”

Rose turned to the others to say, “We have to do something for my lonely dad.”

Bob responded with a slight chuckle in this voice, “I think he needs a lady for an intimate relationship. Being in bed with a lady is just what he needs to cheer him up.”

Bob’s wife, Betty, was quick with a response, “Dad is a very handsome guy. I don’t know why the ladies won’t go for him. I know I would if I had a chance.”

Bob looked at his wife, “What do you mean if you had a chance?”

“Dear husband, you know I love you very much, but we’re open minded about sex.” She looked around the room at everyone. “Why don’t we tell dad the truth that we two couples share sex.” The room hushed until Betty looked at me, “You’re not my real father, but I love you just the same and I’ll be the first to volunteer to get in bed with you, that is if Bob will agree.”

Betty looked at Bob for an answer.

Bob quickly replied, “Yes, we all want the best for dad. It’ll all be in the family, no outsiders.”

I had been sitting quietly in my chair listening to the conversation and could hardly believe what they were saying. Were they actually suggesting that these two lovely women, one of them my own daughter, are willing to have sex with me?

“Wait a minute,” I said, “I know you want to cheer me up, but that is going to an extreme. If I did have sex with you, I might get you pregnant. I just can’t do it.”

Rose said in a very stern voice, “Dad, we’re going to get you out of your slump and we’re going to make you feel good. I’m on the pill so you’re not getting me pregnant.”

Betty took her turn to say, “I’ve been wanting to get pregnant and these two guys have been unable to do it. I keep thinking about going to the doctor to see if we can determine the problem. Maybe it’s just me and I can’t get impregnated. You’re a healthy man and fathered my handsome husband. Maybe I would like to get pregnant by you.”

I kept looking at these two beautiful girls and felt like I could go along with their suggestion even though one is my own daughter Previously, I could never imagine having sex with my daughter, but now I’m looking at her in a different way. She is a sexy looking grown woman and married.

“Dad,” Betty said, “I think tonight would be a good time to start making you feel better. It’s not too late for me to go in the bedroom with you right now.”

Rose butted in to say, “Wait a minute. He is my dad and I want to be the first to initiate him. I can take him into my bedroom and you two won’t have to wait around until dad and I are finished to go home. Doesn’t that make sense?”

“Guess that does make sense right now,” Bob said, “Betty and I can go on home. Betty can take her turn later in the week.”

“Bob plays poker with his buddies on Wednesday night,” Betty said, “It will give me something to do while he is gone. I can go over to dad’s house where he has a big king size bed.”

I still could hardly believe what was happening. Two beautiful women deciding between themselves when they would have sex with me. I just kept quiet because I didn’t know what to say.

When the conversation quieted down, Betty looked at me to say, “Is that alright with you Dad?”

All I could say was, “Very good. I’m looking forward to it and I thank all of you. I love you all.”

Everyone started saying the same thing at the same time, “And we love you too, Dad.”

Bob and Betty got up to leave. Betty came over to me for a big hug and said, “Enjoy your time with Rose tonight. I’ll be over to your home about seven on Wednesday evening to see you. Goodnight for now.”

Once Ankara escort they were out the door, Rose said, “Come on Dad, I used to have a big crush on you.” She turned to her husband to ask, “What do you plan to do while I’m entertaining dad?”

“I haven’t had time to read a book I’ve started. I’ll read awhile.”

“Ok. That’s settled, come on Dad, let go.”

Again, it was difficult for me to comprehend that I was walking down the hall toward the bedroom with my daughter. I had done that many times years ago to tuck her in bed and tell her I loved her before she went to sleep with her dolls in bed. Now this was a different walk. I was beginning to get an erection watching her walk in front of me.

“Dad, lets use the master bedroom because it will be more comfortable for both of us.”

I didn’t say anything while I followed her into the bedroom. Then she shut the door and we were alone. The rest of the world was shut out for the time being.

“Dad, go ahead and start getting undressed. I have to use the bathroom a minute.”

I then started to get out of my clothes assuming she would be right back before I was undressed. Finally when my shorts came down and off my feet, I was completely nude and she was still in the bathroom, so I crawled in bed and pulled the sheet up.

Then I saw my beautiful daughter walk out of the bathroom wearing a very pretty and sexy short nighty. That really gave me an erection that was covered up by the sheet.

I exclaimed, “Rose, you are very beautiful and sexy too.”

As she stood there looking at me covered with the sheet, she said, “Dad I told you I used to have a crush on you. Do you remember Johnny Brown?”

“Yes, I remember him.”

“You told me that I couldn’t date him anymore because he was no good. I sneaked out and dated him one more time. To spite you, I let him take my virginity, but after that one night I had nothing to do with him anymore. I knew he was a no good guy and I loved you for telling me to get rid of him. I also knew I loved you and wanted sex with you after letting him fuck me. Of course, mom was sleeping in your bed and I never let you know my intimate feelings for you.”

Her confession surprised me completely, “I’m so sorry if I caused you to lose your virginity that way.”

“That’s alright, Dad, it’s all in the past but I wanted to let you know. Now I’m going to get in bed with you and make my fantasy come true.”

Rose pulled the sheet back to get in bed. That exposed my erection.

She said rather gleefully, “Dad, you have an erection already.”

“Of course, you were standing there beside the bed dressed in that see through sexy nighty. Who wouldn’t be turned on?”

“Let me get in bed and hug me good. Make love to me.”

We rolled together facing each other. Our lips met in an open mouth kiss. That caused a sexual feeling to go down to make my cock even harder. After a couple more kisses like that, I tugged at her nighty to bring it up and off over her head. Then she pressed her naked body to mine as we kissed again.

“Dad, you really know how to kiss. Mom told me you are not circumcised. I’ve never had a man that way and I’ve never seen a cock like that. I want to see yours.”

She threw the sheet back to look down. She moved her hand down to clasp my erection and began to slowly jack me.

“That is so interesting, all that skin rolling up and down. I wonder how that is going to feel in me.”

She tugged at me to get on top of her while she rolled to lie on her back. She reached down between our bodies to hold my cock. I could feel her move her hand back and forth as if to play with the foreskin. I lowered my body as she aimed my cock at her hole. She was very juicy and I was soon fully buried in her.

I asked, “Can you feel any difference between my cock and Roger’s circumcised cock?”

“Now that you are in me, I can’t tell the difference. However, your cock is bigger than my husband’s cock and it feels very good.” She chuckled when she said, “Now I know what mom got all the time.”

I started slow back and forth movements. Then she said, “You are a little heavy on me. Let’s turn over with me on top.”

We rolled over allowing Rose to be on top. Then she sat up on me which allow her shapely breasts to stare me in the face. I pulled her down a little as I raised my head to kiss her nipples.

“Dad, you are a very sexy guy and a real stud. Now I’m going to ride you until we both have orgasms.”

She started gyrating on me as I was pushing up to her. I wanted her to have an orgasm either before I did or at the same time. I had to hold back to keep from cumming too soon. Then I heard her starting to breath harder and her gyrations became more frantic. I was on the edge of cumming as she started groaning and grunting through her orgasm. Now I was spurting cum in her pussy with every jerk of my cock. I was enjoying it so much that I was grunting and practically yelling. Then I became worried that Roger might hear Ankara escort bayan me in the living room.

She soon rolled off of me and laid by my side. We laid there for a couple of minutes before she said, “That was great, Dad. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.”

“That was fantastic, Daughter, dear.”

She continued, “I wanted to take your cock in my mouth to explore an un-circumcised cock. Next time, let’s take a shower and I’ll do it.”

“That will be fine with me. I’ll really enjoy that”

Just then there was a light knock at the door and the door opened.

Rose responded, “Come on in Roger, we just finished.”

“Yes, I heard your dad making noises as you were finishing. I think I heard you too even though I was sitting in the living room.”

I said, “Guess we were a little noisy, but it was very enjoyable. I’ll get up and get dressed to leave you two love bird alone.”

Rose answered with a chuckle, “Dad, I think that is a good idea. I expect Roger is ready for me after you leave.”

I got up to dress and then went out the bedroom door. Roger and Rose followed me into the living room and I noticed Rose was wearing only the thin sexy short nighty. I shook Roger’s hand and kissed Rose lightly on the lips as I left. Rose’s parting words were, “Dad, we’ll do this again sometime.”

I was tired and well satisfied when I returned home and went to bed. Evidently, I slept very good because I didn’t wake up until the alarm sounded. I laid in bed a short time to think. Did I actually have sex with my daughter or was it only a dream? Maybe it was a wonderful dream. No, it was actually true. How could I have done such an incest thing? I was beginning to feel disgusted with myself. Would Roger be angry with me for fucking his wife? Last night, he didn’t seem to mind. Then I remembered Betty said the two couples shared sex and they wanted to include me. That was a wonderful gesture to want to include me and I should be happy and proud that my kids think that much of me.

I crawled out of bed, got dressed, had breakfast and drove to my office. It was difficult to do productive work that day because my mind kept wondering back to sex with my family. I was beginning to realize I had a good future with them. Now Betty wanted to come over on Wednesday evening to get in bed with me. I kept picturing her seductive body in my mind and the thought of stripping her clothes off. Just seeing her naked would be a big thrill, but in addition to that I’ll have sex with her. I think I am a lucky guy to have a loving family.

It seemed that the time went by very slowly because I was looking forward to Wednesday evening. When I arrived home from work on Wednesday evening, I had a quick dinner, took a shower, shaved and put on after shave cologne. Maybe Betty and I would take a shower together, but in the event we didn’t, I wanted to be clean.

Promptly at seven o’clock, I heard a car pull into my driveway. I walked out the front door to greet Betty.

“Hello, Betty, it’s nice to see you again. You look rather pretty this evening.”

“I was rushed a little bit to be here by seven, but I did take time to take a shower, changes clothes and freshened up my makeup to look nice for you, dad.”

“I think you always look nice and that blouse and skirt you are wearing sure makes you look sexy. Come on inside and we’ll have a cocktail.”

Once we two were seated in the living room with a drink in our hands, I held up my glass for a quick toast, “Here’s to us in our new relationship. I want to thank you for being so kind to me.”

“I call you my dad because I love you and you have done so many thoughtful things for Bob and me. For instance, you gave us a considerable sum of money for a down payment on our house. We would still be living in that small apartment if you weren’t so kind and sweet to help us. You have done so many good things for both us and Rose. It’s time we helped you out of your loneliness.”

“I helped you and Rose without any thought of something in return, but your gift of giving yourselves is wonderful to me.”

By the time we finished our drinks, Betty said, “We both have to go to work in the morning, so let’s don’t sit here very long. One drink is enough for me because I have to drive home.”

Betty and I had been sitting facing each other. She got up, kicked off her shoes, walked bare footed to sit on the couch with me and put one hand on my leg near my crotch. That gave me a tingling feeling that started giving me an erection. I put my arm around her and turned to face her. Our lips first met in a light kiss and then immediately meshed again for a very sexy kiss. Then the hand she had on my leg moved to rub my growing cock in my pants. As I kissed her again, my hand massaged her breasts through her blouse. We broke the kiss and she started removing her blouse then her bra. I complimented her, “You have beautiful breasts.” One of my hands roamed over her bare breasts, then I leaned over to kiss her nipples.

I Escort Ankara raised back up to face her, “I think it’s time to go in the bedroom.”

We got up and walked down the hall. As we entered the bedroom, I said, “You mentioned you had a shower before coming over here and I just had one, too, so do you want to shower again.?

“We’re clean enough, I think, let’s get in bed,” Betty said with a smile.

Betty unzipped her skirt and let it fall. Now I watched as her panties were pushed down to expose her beautiful naked body, then she slid in bed under the sheet. I shed my clothes as fast as possible and joined her under the sheet. We kissed some more as our hands roamed over out bodies. I was wondering if she would take my cock in her mouth.

I didn’t have to wait long before she said, “I’m going to see what you have down here.”

By now the sheet had been pushed down and practically off the bed. She clasped my cock with one hand and slowly jacked it.

She commented, “Rose called me to say that you had not been circumcised. I just had to take a look.”

Then I felt her lips circle the head as she continued to slowly jack my cock. I watched as her mouth went down to envelop a few inches of my cock. That gave me such a good thrill to see this beautiful lady go down on me and I knew if she kept it up very long, I would fill her mouth. About that time she removed her mouth to jack it a little and watch the foreskin roll up and down.

She looked up at me, “That is very interesting. I wonder if will feel different in me, I mean different than Bob’s cock. Rose told me on the phone that she couldn’t feel any difference when it was in her.”

I didn’t realize the two ladies had discussed my cock that much, but I guess since they trade off with each other’s husband, they can discuss most anything about sex.

Since she was so curious about my un-circumcised cock, I said, “I’m going to scoot down in bed a little more to give us room, then you get on top of me in the six nine position.”

She didn’t comment as we got into the position I suggested. Now I could see pussy and ass close up. I thought she had a cute puckered ass hole, so I preceded to lick my tongue over her pussy lips and on up to lightly lick over her ass. As I did that, I could feel her ass pucker. Evidently she liked that.

I couldn’t see her mouth on my cock, but she was sure giving me some thrills. Again, I didn’t want to cum too soon and had to concentrate on not cumming. I couldn’t control that very good when I was much younger, but now with age, I had better control.

I was licking and sucking on her delicious clit and noticed she was acting as if she might have an orgasm. I concentrated more on her clit and soon she was pushing her pussy harder into my face and started making noises. This caused me to nearly start cuming in her mouth, but I was able to hold it. I wanted to wait and fuck her.

Her body soon became very relaxed and her breathing was very slow and soft. After we laid in the position for maybe five minutes, she whispered, “I want this hard thing in me.”

“I was just waiting for you to say something like that.”

I continued to lie on my back as she turned around and sat up on me. She raised up, aimed my cock and slowly sat down. That felt very good to me. She started making small movements.

Then she said, “That orgasm you just gave me was very good. Now I want to get pregnant.”

I hadn’t thought of that since the other night. The two guys had been trying to get her pregnant without results. Could it be that I could father her child? Another thought came to my mind. I fucked my daughter the other night. Could I get her pregnant even if she is on the pill? I doubt it.

She was making my cock feel very good as she had control fucking me. I kept pushing up to her in time with her movements. I kept thinking about the possibility of getting her pregnant. My cock was about ready to burst since she was so sexily grinding into me. Just when I thought I couldn’t hold back any more, she started yelling, “Oh….make me pregnant.. Make me pregnant…” Her orgasm came on strong as my cock was spurting my potent sperm into her womb. As we were coming down from our highs, I wondered if I had made her pregnant. It would be a few more weeks before we would know for sure.

When our breathing became normal again, she laid by my side. “Dad, I want you to fuck me some more a few nights from now. Maybe this weekend. I really would like to have a child.”

“What would my son, Bob, think if I fathered your child?”

“I had already agreed to come over here to get in bed with you, but later he encouraged me to have sex with you on a regular basis to try to get me pregnant. He thinks your sperm would be better than going to a sperm bank.”

Now I realized she was desperate to have a child and they wanted me to fuck her often. However, if both of the guys can’t get her pregnant, I probably can’t either. But I’m going to enjoy trying.

I slipped my short on while watching Betty dress. As we walked into the living room, Betty made a casual remark, “I’ll probably get home before Roger and that will give me time to clean up some more. I expect he’ll want sex..”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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