Daughter And Friends Blindfold Dad

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It was a late Saturday night and although I had a few drinks I was far from drunk. The party was winding up and my wife had long retired to bed. Sitting in the lounge room and talking to my daughter and her friend I could not help but notice how much they looked alike. Deb, Stephs friend, was the same age as Steph but more developed. Her ample breast filled her tight top and it was hard not to look.

“Don’t they look alike Marie” I said, looking toward Deb’s mum.

Marie was average looking but her body was well kept and she too had full breasts.

“Oh they are much alike” she said, “so much so I bet you could not tell them apart if you were say, blindfolded.”

I laughed and said “I guess we will never know that, as interesting as it sounds.”

By now Marie was whispering in Deb’s ear and they both laughed. Deb took Steph outside and I could hear them giggling.

“Just what did you say to Deb” I asked.

Marie had noticed me looking at Deb during the night, she got up and came over to my chair. Kneeling beside me she leant over and whispered in my ear.

“I know you have been looking at my daughter and I thought we might experiment,” her hand softly massaging my crotch.

I was already swollen before she came over and her touch intensified it.

“What do you have in mind” I ask.

“Well,” she whispers, “I bet you cannot tell who is who if you were blindfolded and not allowed to use your hands.”

At that point the girls came back in and in Steph’s hand was one of her scarfs.

“Are you game daddy,” she giggled.

The Avrupalı porno thought of two 18 year olds and Marie was very inviting and I started to stand. Steph placed the blindfold around my eyes and tied it so I was not able to see at all.

Anticipation building as to what is happening I grow even harder. My hands are being pulled back behind me and i hear a whisper in my ear.

“Sush, you will love this,” she says in a soft and alluring voice, her lips just millimetres from my ear.

My hands are bound and restained to something so I am aunable to move them. The three of them stand around me, each of them teasing me just a little.

” Lets do away with this,” Marie says as I feel her hands on my jeans.

She slowly undoes them and as she kisses me I feel them being lowerd to the floor. With help of some hands I step out of the jeans and then there it is. Small but warm hands slip inside my jocks and tease me. My cock is already as hard has ever and I can feel warm breath on it as my jocks are removed too.

Together they lay me down on the floor, each taking their turn to fondle me. Then there is silence again but a kind of high comes over me as I feel skin on my legs. There is someone standing over me and I can sense them. They squat down and ever so slightly lower themself on me.

My now aching cock is being engulfed by the wet vagina lips of a very sensual woman. She lowers her self on me and I slide deeper in her. As I am almost all the way in she stops and starts to draw back up squeezing me as she does.

I try Video porno to get more but my hands cannot move. Again she lowers her self this time twisting from side to side as she does untill I am all the way in. I can feel her wet lips on my skin as she rocks back and forth.

“More,” I whisper, “more.”

But before I know it she lifts her self off.

I strain to reach her and then I feel them again engulfing me but this time it is tighter and not as wet and I realize this a different person.

Soon she is all the way down and I push my hips to meet her. She grinds her hips to me and then just as before she lifts off.

“More, come back ” I plead aching for the pleasure of the warm vagina I felt, and there it is.

Lowering her self on me but this time with more force and dropping on me. I feel the twinge as the stubble of a shaven pussy hits my groin and rocks back and forth making me pulse inside her. Damn it to hell she is gone too. Short bursts of pleasure and then yes I can feel them again.

The lips massaging the head as she lowers her self to me.

“Ohh god, more” I plead, “come closer” and she leans forward.

Her nipple brushing my lips. It is so swollen and my lips grip them as she rocks back and forth on me, her areole rigid as I lick it, flicking the swollen nipple each time and there she goes again.

Quickly replacing her the tight walls again grip me this time more inviting, more lubricated and she slips her breast to my mouth. Het tight pussy massaging my aching cock as I want to explode. My mouth covers her areole with ease, gripping her nipple in my teeth she starts to slam against me and then pulls off. I release the nipple reluctantly. Again another quickly replaces her.

The excitement is almost too much to bear as she works her magic on me, grinding into me, rubbing her smooth lips over my cock untill her stubbled body drops on me. I beg for it and she drops her tit to my mouth. The areole hard already matching her firm nipple.

I suck like a wild man taking as much of her areole as I can. Her nipple deep in my mouth as she milks me, lifting and dropping, squeezing, I moan with her gorgeous breast in my mouth and as I am about explode she lifts again.

Waiting for her to drop I can feel the surge inside me.

“Oh god” I murmer and there it is.

The hot wet lips again. Massaging as before and I can’t stop. She brings her ample breast to my mouth and as I suckle her she lifts and drops, squeezing me just as before all the while and I shoot. Her walls clench me as if trying to stop it but I can no longer withstand the pleasure and release all I have deep in her hot pussy.

She responds with a loud moan and grinds into me gripping me. I bite her now swollen nipple and she slams herself down on me. Her walls spasam as she reaches climax and together we colapse.

She lays there on me holding in our juices as they mix waiting to get out. Totaly spent she rolls to the side. I can hear her breathing and the sounds of pleasure as our combined juices leak from her body. She stiffens against me and I realize why.

I too can feel the lips on my cock taking the remains of my cum from it. The tongue delving in its eye and can only assume that she too is receiving the same treatment as I still cannot see. I lay there, totaly spent, wondering how far this will go.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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