Daughter Joins the Fun Ch. 02

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*** All characters are fictional and over 18. I am not sure how many chapters this will be. I find that I am enjoying the writing, but some of the private comments have me reconsidering any further submissions. Thank you to all who have given constructive criticism.

Ch. 02 The Exploration Begins

I quickly followed my gorgeous daughter (did I just think gorgeous and sexy?) into my bedroom and find her lying across the bed with that stupid rose in her hand.

“It’s about time you got in here daddy, now be a good boy and get undressed too!”

“Hold on there just a moment pumpkin! We are not going to just ‘DO’ this as you are thinking!”

“But daddy …. “

“Before you get ahead of yourself, let me finish. I am submitting to your desires, but on my terms and not yours! First, you said you want me to ‘teach’ you to be a woman — well I take that to mean to teach you to be one of ‘MY’ women! Second, I will be having a loonnnggg conversation with your mother BEFORE I take you completely! And now, I want to admire your beautiful and sexy body. You will do as I say, you will do everything in your power to prevent yourself from having an orgasm until I give you permission, and all of this stays within our small group! No telling your friends or anyone else as there are too many repercussions to all of us if anyone discovers our secrets. Oh, and there are punishments if you disobey me. Is that understood and acceptable to you?”

“Oh my GOD! ABSOLUTELY! I didn’t think I could get any more excited and yet I almost had an orgasm while you were talking. You have obviously been considering this. What kind of punishments?”

“First things first, Cindy. Right this moment I want you to lay there while I take you in.” I begin studying her entire body. I got a nice long look at her cute butt and legs as she was walking away. I started at her toes. She obviously takes care of her feet as the nails are trimmed neatly and a cute light blue nail polish. Her feet have an Egyptian shape where her big toe is the longest and each toe is progressively shorter. I have always paid attention to women’s feet because if they take the time to care for their feet, they keep the rest of their body clean as well. She is slightly chubby, but in a very cute way and not fat by any stretch of the imagination. She takes care to stay in decent shape but is not obsessive about it. I have always admired my wife and daughters in that they enjoy food but not to the extreme and they are comfortable in their own skins. My eyes travel to her breasts and I stop breathing for a moment. How in the hell have I not noticed Cindy’s perfect tits before? They are a wonderful ‘C’ and she has puffy nipples! A wet dream come true in my own daughter!

Cindy catches the breathing and asks “What’s wrong dad?”

“Not a damn thing pumpkin, you are stunning and I can’t believe I have not noticed this before! Hush and let me finish. You need to be patient and you will love the outcome, I promise!” I then realize that she has never been one to wear a lot of makeup. Thinking about it, I only remember her using some mascara and occasionally some foundation when she was going out with her girlfriends. I walk up next to the bed and lean over and kiss her. It starts softly and slowly grows in passion as she returns the emotion and wraps her arms around my neck in an attempt to pull me on top of her. I resist — with great effort on my part. I want to take my time. I want the whole experience to be special for both of us. I lay beside her and begin kissing her again, slowly working along her jaw and down her neck. I caress her wonderful tits and gently tweak her nipples causing them to become hard pebbles under my fingers. I massage her left breast as I kiss all around her left, avoiding her nipple for the moment. Her breathing is increasing and little moans are escaping her lips. I slowly move my right hand down her side and begin teasing just the outside of her pussy which is slightly swollen from the excitement and very wet, dripping wet! I slowly work my kisses across to her right tit, still avoiding her nipples.

She begins to moan louder and says in a whisper “daddy, please!”

I chuckle and tell her again “patience my love, patience.” I continue my slow exploration and then suddenly suck her right nipple into my mouth and gently apply pressure with my teeth as my tongue bathes the tip.

Cindy screams “YES! OMG yes!”

“Don’t you dare cum! Remember, not until I allow it!” I am looking at her face as I say this and her eyes pop wide open in fear. “That is your only freebie. Any further disobedience will not be acceptable! Niğde Escort Is that clear young lady?” Her head moves rapidly up and down as she is afraid to say anything. I caught her as my hand became sopping wet and I haven’t even touched anything other than the extreme outsides of her outer lips. This is becoming very intoxicating.

I begin kissing and nibbling my way down her belly to the top of her mound. I realize that she has a very neatly trimmed heart that points right at her little hood. I give another chuckle and continue down her left leg, massaging her thigh while I kiss down to her knee. Kneading the muscles just enough to loosen, but also touching the right places to keep the sexual tension up. I then kiss down her calf and give the same attention there. I then kiss down her foot and starting with her pinky toe, kiss each toe while rubbing the sole of her foot. I then slowly work my way back up her left leg and kiss and trail my fingertips across the top of her pubic mound and then proceed to give the same workover on her right leg. When I reach her big toe, I catch her eye and suck it into my mouth and run my tongue all over the tip.

Cindy’s eyes go wide again and she says “Holy shit, that feels amazing! I never thought that I would feel that kind of reaction from my toes!”

“Those are experiences for another day! Relax and you may not cum yet!” She looks at me questioningly as I work my way back to the top of her thigh. I then begin kissing and licking all around her pussy. Teasing the edges of her outer lips. She begins to squirm. I stop long enough to say “remember what I said, not yet!” and then I slowly trace the tip of my tongue right through the middle of her lips and then back and then bury my tongue deep into her juicy nectar. She tastes exquisite! I want more so I begin lapping like a thirsty dog at a water bowl. I can tell she is getting close again so I set her up and suck her clit into my mouth, tickling the nub with the tip of my tongue. She screams and floods my face with her juices as she has an explosive orgasm. I don’t even wait for it to complete as I flip her over and give her 4 solid whacks, 2 on each cheek of her ass and say “I warned you to obey!” This has the impact I suspected it would and she continues to orgasm. I flip her back over and spread her legs and continue to drink as she continues to flow. I bury my tongue as deep as I can into her sweet pussy and then lick up to her clit and suck it between my lips again. Cindy begins to thrash and scream incoherently as she explodes with another orgasm. I slow my assault on her young flower and begin to gently kiss and lick her clean. I then work my way back up to her nipples and give each one a little loving and return to her beautiful face. I kiss her deeply and then kiss all over her face. She throws her arms around me and hugs me tighter than she has since she was a little girl running from a nightmare into my protective arms.

“OH! MY! GOD! That was amazing daddy. Shari was fantastic when she was showing me how to eat pussy! But when I had an orgasm then it was nothing like this! Please show me more! Pretty please!?!”

I pull her over on top of me and swat her ass again. I look deep into her eyes and state “here endeth this lesson. I told you there were consequences for disobeying me. I told you not to cum and you had 5 orgasms that I counted and I never gave you permission for any of them! Your punishment is the swats that I have given you … AND … you will now have to wait for further instructions. If you had obeyed like the good little girl you normally are, I would have continued. You will now have to wait until I have had a talk with your mom and with Shari based on what you just told me. There are going to be some changes in this home and the three of you are going to do things my way if this is to continue. You are NOT to say anything to either your mom or to Shari until I have talked with them. Is that perfectly clear?

“Yes daddy. Daddy, do you know how much I love you? How did you make me cum when you spanked me? How did you know about what I would feel when you sucked on my toe? How can I make you feel as wonderful as I feel right this moment? ….”

“Enough pumpkin! I think I understand the depth of your love, or at least I am beginning to. I had some suspicions based on some things that I have been observing ever since you had your little tirade about feeling left out. I have been watching all of you pretty closely while I have been thinking about all of this. It was pretty awesome to peak in and see Shari eating you out. You seemed to be pretty into Niğde Escort Bayan it since you didn’t even see me standing in your door.”

“WHAT? You saw us?”

“Yes. That is actually what made up my mind that I would agree to all of this. I also decided that I need to make some changes in our situation to protect all of us. We don’t want Shari and Dan to get hurt and we need to prevent any possible way of anyone finding out and causing an issue with the family. I also have some secret fantasies that I am going to explore since you and your mother seem so open about this. Know that I will never do anything to cause pain and if you are uncomfortable with anything, all you need do is tell me. Is that acceptable to you?”

“Yes, sir. Dad, since you have told me that I can’t cum until you give me permission to do so, how do I stop it?”

“That will take practice and some self-control on your part. It sounds like you have your homework assignment, now doesn’t it? Oh, one other thing before you go to your room and clean up. You are not allowed to have anyone else help you without my permission either! That means mom, Shari, and I am beginning to suspect your sisters for some reason. Is there more to your relationships than just sisters?”

Cindy stares at me flabbergasted. “How .. why .. what .. why would you ask that?”

“That actually answers my first question. Now, how far have you gone? No lying now and I want to know everything!” “Ummmm, well, Julie and I started touching each other several years ago. We would fantasize about you catching us and making us your little sluts. We never went further than heavy petting and kissing though. We never got daring enough to eat each other out, but I think I would want to after tasting Shari! We never did anything with Sarah, but we have talked to her about what we did. She said it sounded really hot. She also admitted that she has had many fantasies about you too. All three of us are infatuated by you dad. You always play it off that you are our father and have to treat us well, but you go so far above that. There are no other dads that even come close. ALL of my girlfriends talk about how they want to seduce you. That is why I quit having sleep-overs last year. I caught Stacy outside your door listening to you and mom. I think if the door had been unlocked she would have actually come in the room and tried to join you. I was so horrified. I wanted to be the one to do that, not any of them!”

I cupped her face in my hands and kissed her forehead. “Cindy, as I stated before — NOBODY can know what we do in this house.”

“I know daddy. It is going to be difficult to hide it from Julie and Sarah though. They always know when I am hiding something!”

“I will be having a talk with your mom when she gets home and then the three of us will decide how to keep it from them. Now go get cleaned up while I wash my face off. If you see mom before I do, send her to my office please. Nothing else, just tell her I want to talk with her.”

“OK dad!” Cindy jumps up, gives me a very passionate kiss, says “I love you so much — THANK YOU!” and runs to her room. What a fantastic ass she has!

“Jody, is everything ok? Cindy sounded panicked when she told me that you needed to talk with me!”

“Please close the door and sit.” I leaned back in my chair and watched. I admired Sue’s ass as she turned to close the door. She was wearing her exercise clothes and they accentuated her figure nicely. When she had closed the door, she walked over to the chair in front of my desk and sat on the edge like the girls always have when they think they are in trouble. I am noticing how much they take after their mother in many ways. Interesting that I hadn’t paid that close of attention to these details before.

“Is everything ok? You have a strange look on your face. You have me a bit nervous!”

“I am glad you are nervous! You have some explaining to do and I want truthful answers. Before we start, let me say that from this moment on, we are making some changes in this house. This is a must if we are to have the open relationships that have begun to show themselves of late. Do you understand that?”

Sue looks in my eyes but is not able to read me like she has in the past. She very nervously says “Okaaayyy. You have never spoken to me like this, so I am a little worried here.”

“You have reason to be worried. I have been informed that there have been some conspiracies in this house and first, I will get to the bottom of them and second, they stop now and the three of us; four counting Shari; discuss things openly Escort Niğde and NOTHING happens without full agreement. Is that perfectly clear?” I state this last part very sternly. I can tell by the look in her eyes that she is conflicted by how she is a little scared about what I have discovered and the fact that she now has a wet spot in the crotch of her spandex pants.

“Yes Jody, but what has you so worked up?”

I get up and walk around my desk. I turn Sue’s chair slightly and place another chair directly in front of her and sit on the edge. I am trying to maintain the angry look that I practiced for the last hour waiting for her arrival. Looking right into her eyes I say “I understand you gave our daughter ‘PERMISSION’ to seduce me. Why would you do this without consulting me? And since when did decisions get made in this house without a discussion?”

Sue squirmed in her chair and looked down to the floor. She whimpered just a little “I am sorry, I just thought ..”

“You just thought ‘who better to help our little girl than the only man that we all trust and know would never hurt us’ … is that about right?” My voice is still very stern, it needs to be if I am to pull this off.

“Why yes, how did you know that is what I thought? And why are you so angry? Did something happen? Oh, please don’t be angry Jody!” She looks to be almost in tears as she looks down again.

“So, I have made some tentative decisions that I want to discuss, but I have some non-negotiable terms that go with those. First, I am willing to proceed with what the three of you decided. Second, since it appears that I will be ‘servicing’ all three of you until such time as Shari goes back to being happy with Dan, I decide who and when. Is that agreeable to you?”

Sue looks elated and stunned at the same time “That sounds wonderful, what are the demands?” If I didn’t know any better I could swear that she sounded a bit aroused by the word ‘demands’!

“When Cindy walked in here stark naked earlier, she told me she wants me to ‘train’ her to be a woman. This caused me to think about some things and if we are really going to go through with this completely, I want to ensure that I can KNOW that you all have been pleased. First, I demand that none of you have an orgasm in this house unless I give you permission — there will be punishments for disobedience on this. Second, I decide IF and WHEN the three of you are allowed to play with each other. And third, absolutely nobody can know about anything that happens inside this house other than the four of us involved. Will you agree to meet my demands?”

“OH MY.” Sue says almost out of breath. “I have never heard you so stern. How on earth are we supposed to control our orgasms and where did this all come from?”

“As I told Cindy earlier, it will take practice, patience, and will-power on your parts. She has been punished for not following the rules already. Another thing, none of you are allowed to discuss your punishments with anyone but me.”


“I will tell you that I have informed Cindy that I will not penetrate her until after you and I have talked. With that being said, you need to know I am still struggling with this a little. I am very excited, but I will take my time working up to that. I am thinking that you will be there when that finally occurs. Is that ok with you?”

“I am getting excited just thinking about it. I kind of like this new side of you and it has me a bit worked up.”

“Based on how wet your pants are, it would appear that you have already disobeyed my rule! That is your freebie. Two of you are now in agreement with this and we will discuss it with Shari later. I am hoping that Dan is able to please her to the point where she isn’t ‘needing’ us to help out. I do love her and really enjoy our times with her, but I am worried about these causing problems if it goes on much longer.”

“I am pretty positive she will agree and I suspect that things are improving with Dan. Have you noticed that her visits are only averaging once a week lately? She and Cindy had a nice little get together last night. I heard them and thought you might have been in with them so I went to investigate. Cindy had just had a wonderful orgasm so I took care of Shari and then she went home since Dan was due home this morning.” Sue suddenly stops and has an odd look on her face “wait, are you telling me that you knew about this and that you are saying we can’t do that?”

I chuckle out loud almost to the point of laughing at the realization that just occurred. “I was not aware that you joined them, but I did see Shari ‘servicing’ Cindy. I am saying that that is only allowed when I give permission, not that it can’t happen. Now, you are to go in and shower; no playing with yourself! When you are done, you will return and bring Cindy. Oh, and you will both be naked. Is that clear?”

“Yes, sir.”

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