Daughter Lena Ch. 3

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Lena’s shower was one of those huge, dual-headed jobs with a built-in seat at one end. It was actually something I designed when she had her home built.

“Go ahead and get the water running, I’m going to lock up,” I said.

When I returned to the bathroom the steam had already fogged the mirrors and I could see through the glass that she was sitting at the end of the shower. As I stepped in I was amazed all over again at how sensuous my little girl had become. She was sitting, legs apart, and leaning back, allowing the hot water to stream over her face and body. Her tiny body glistened as the water beaded over her lotion-soaked breasts and down over her swollen, pink pussy. Although I had cum twice in the last couple of hours, Ole Fred jerked and started another rise in response to the sight.

“There’s enough room in here for the whole team, Coach,” I jested.

“My Dad talked me into building this big son-of-a-bitch. Now there’s a man with vision,” she answered. “I feel like a greased pig. Wanna wash some of this lotion off?”

“It would indeed be a pleasure. Would you like to stand or just sit there on your ass while I do your bidding?”

She rose quickly, saying, “Since I have lotion in every crack and crevice of my body, I had better stand so we can get it all.”

The smell of the Ivory soap was pleasant as I began to rub the large white bar on her skin. I redirected both of the shower heads away so I could work up a good lather. From her neck down, her body became an iridescent mass of bubbles, as I very tenderly scrubbed every square inch of her skin. Her nipples got extra attention, as did her slick pussy, and her eyes closed as she gave me full access to her body.

“So far, so good, but that nasty crotch needs some special attention. Put your leg up on the seat and let Daddy get you real clean,” I rasped.

Without speaking, she turned, put one foot up on the seat and stood still. I circled the huge bar of soap around her entire crotch until it was smothered in white froth. Then with my fingers Mecidiyeköy Escort I scoured every fold and wrinkle, pulling the frail skin back from her enflamed clit and gently flicking her engorged bud. Her supporting leg buckled slightly and she rested one hand on my shoulder. Once again I redirected the spray and rinsed her thoroughly.

“Clean enough to eat off of,” I quipped.

“You might have to prove that before we’re done, you know,” she answered. “Now how about that filthy old body of yours?”

She returned all favors and before she was done I had a raging hard-on. She spread the glans of my penis apart and inserted the very tip of her little finger inside. It seemed to burn a little but the sensation was wonderful. She scrubbed hard at the hair around my cock and on my ass, and electrical shocks seemed to jolt through my body as her fingers brushed across my anus. I had never had anything inserted up my ass before and as her small index finger pressed hard against my sphincter and into my asshole, I felt an immediate urge to cum.

“Oh shit, Lena,” I yelled as my cum shot through the bubbles. And I grabbed my own cock to finish what she had started. I truly caught her off guard.

With a huge grin she said, “Wow, that was about the coolest thing I have ever seen. Was that just because I put my finger in your ass?”

“Don’t ask me why. It was a first for me as well,” I responded, catching my breath.

“It was pretty cool to see you jack off like that too. I think I will start calling you Two-Stroke,” she added.

“Well someone had to finish me off while you were standing there with your mouth open,” I came back.

Silence ensued as I rinsed off, thinking I was ready to get out of the shower and rest a while. I thought that I was surely done for the night. I had never cum so often in such a short time frame. Then once again, as though reading my mind, Lena said, “You rest now before your old heart quits on you. Your dick already has,” she laughed as she looked down at my withered Mecidiyeköy Escort Bayan cock. Saying no more she sat down and started playing with her pussy. “You may be done for a while, but you’ve got me pumped,” she said. With legs spread she used just one finger to flick at her clit and I could see that the moisture on her crotch was not water or soap. She lay her head back against the wall of the shower and resumed her masturbation, earnestly manipulating her demanding pussy.

I watched for a moment, then asked, “Do you ever finger fuck yourself when you jack off?” Without opening her eyes or breaking stride on her clit, she said, “No, when I jack off it’s because I just want to cum, not provide extended pleasure. But if you’d like to help me out in that regard, you had better hurry.”

I knelt between her spread legs and slowly slid two fingers into her wet pussy. She responded with a moan and increased the intensity in which she strummed her clit.

I admit that my level of lust had waned somewhat and my intentions were just to please Lena. But I wanted something different for her, and I had more questions.

“Have you ever done this before while someone was watching,” I asked.

“Never, and it really turns me on with you watching,” she answered.

I noticed on a shelf beneath one of the shower heads, was an array of shampoos and conditioners. I knew instantly what I was going to do. I grabbed a bottle of conditioner about 9″ long and about 3″ in diameter. When my pumping fingers left her pussy, her eyes opened to see what I was doing. She saw me grab the bottle and could only mutter,

“What are you doing now, you kinky fucker?”

I returned to my kneeling position and her eyes closed again, resigning herself to whatever I wanted to do. The cap on the bottle was slightly smaller and fortunately the shoulders rounded somewhat. I didn’t have much problem easing the cylinder into her cunt. It was slick and hard to grasp, but I managed to pump it in and out of her wet pussy. Escort Mecidiyeköy With each stroke I pushed a little harder and soon the entire bottle was engulfed by her pussy, leaving only a half inch or so of the bottle exposed. Her hot cunt was obviously as deep as her throat and the tender skin framing the plastic bottle seemed stretched to its limits. Her orgasm came hard and she jerked violently as I held a thumb against the bottle to keep her from pushing it out. When her pleasure subsided, I released my pressure and watched the bottle ooze from her spent pussy. She sat motionless for a moment then rose and began shampooing her hair. No words passed as I stepped from the shower and grabbed a towel.

Fifteen or twenty minutes must have passed. I had gone to the living room with a towel around me and was watching TV. Lena appeared with a towel around her head and a long terry-cloth robe covering her body. She sat next to me without a word. Another 15 or 20 minutes passed as we sat there in silence watching the tube.

“Dad, we need to talk. And I have a confession. When I started playing with myself in the shower I was hoping that you would just stick your cock in me and not even ask. Now I’m glad you didn’t, and what you did do was awfully nice, but I am afraid that we are going to end up fucking and I really don’t want that.”

“The thought didn’t cross my mind, but then again, Ole Fred couldn’t have responded that soon even for your sweet pussy,” I said. “I do understand your concerns and we both know that all the playing in the world doesn’t replace a good old fashioned fucking. At least for me it doesn’t.”

“That’s what I am getting at. For me it’s not a big deal, but I know sooner or later you’re going to want to put your dick in me and I’m afraid that when I am in the ether, I won’t be able to say no. So here’s what I think we should do. Are you ready for this Ole Man? Tomorrow I am going to ask Donna over and you’re going to fuck her instead of me.”

“No way,” I demanded. “And even if I was agreeable, Donna isn’t going to have any part of that. Surely she’s not dumb enough to get drunk with us again.”

“You don’t worry about Donna. I’ll take care of that. Just sleep on it tonight and I’ll see you in the morning,” Lena said as she left for her bedroom.

I could only imagine what the morrow would bring.

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