Daughter Swap Part 2 – Dad’s Desire

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Ever since I had the pleasure of watching my friend John screw my daughter Carol, I had developed a completely different view of my young redhead.

Yes, as I watched them fucking across the room that night, my daughter’s nineteen year old friend was on the end of my own cock, and that should have been enough.

But after that foursome I started to fantasize about putting myself in John’s place, stroking my daughter from behind, filling my hands with her big soft tits, emptying my balls into her pussy.

More and more she reminded me of my wife when she was young. She was short, like her mother, with a mane of curly red hair and perfect, big tits with pink nipples that always seemed to be hard. Her shapely butt and flat tummy rounded out a near perfect body, with milky white skin and just a few freckles here and there. She had a beautiful face, a pert, upturned nose, big green eyes and pouty lips that looked so innocent – until I saw my friend John sliding his cock between them.

When John’s step-daughter Alyssa and I had sex, I fantasized the she was my daughter Carol. During the week I would think about my luscious redhead girl and jerk off. After I masturbated I had a wave of guilt about imagining my cock inside my daughter.

Each time, the wave became smaller, and faded away faster.

This weekend was Carol’s turn to stay with John, and his step-daughter Alyssa would normally stay with me. But she was on a road trip with friends so I was going to be alone.

“Why don’t you come over on Saturday.” Carol said

“I don’t want to be a third wheel honey.” I replied/

Maybe it was my imagination, but it seemed over the past month she had been wearing increasingly less around the house. No bra suddenly became the norm, her big round tits swaying seductively with every little move. Watching TV at night curled up on the couch in pajamas, or a robe that often hung open just enough for me to get a glimpse of those big soft tits.

Today was no exception, the silky t-shirt she was wearing allowed her nipples to strain against the material, erect and clearly visible.

“Don’t be like that, we can hang out at the pool, make some food, have a few drinks.”

“Yeah, maybe.”

“I know you’re going to be lonely with Aly out of town. It’s not fair that we’re over here having fun.” She said, hugging my arm and pressing her firm boobs into me.

“OK. You win. I’ll stop by.” I said laughing.

I didn’t really know how Carol and John spent their weekends together. I had been trying to keep busy with Alyssa so I wouldn’t have time to think about what my twenty year old daughter was doing with my forty-five year old friend.

But of course, my daughter Carol and that head of red hair, big tits and perfect ass were always on my mind.

I arrived at about five o’clock with the prerequisite beer and brats and we grilled near the pool.

Carol was in bikini bottoms and a Hawaiian shirt that belonged to John, unbuttoned far enough I could see she had left her bikini top in her room.

At one point while we sat on the lounge chairs she pulled her shirt off and went into the pool, her big tits on display for both of us. She sat on the edge of the pool facing us and lifted both arms above her head to wring the water out of her long red hair.

Watching the water run down her tits and dripping from her perfect pink nipples had my cock stirring in my pants.

For a long moment I forgot the pale redhead with the luscious big tits was my own flesh and blood.

She inherited my red hair but otherwise was a cross between her Mother and her Aunt. Both women were blonde blue-eyed Swedes with big tits, broad shoulders, milky white skin and an appetite for cock.

I watched as Carol, still sitting on the side of the pool, put on a big floppy hat to keep the sun off her freckled shoulders. She leaned back, palms on the warm wet tiles with her gorgeous tits swaying ever so slightly with her movement.

“Fuck man, your girl gets me so hard.” John said

“I know, I’ve seen you two.” I replied.

“Alyssa is great, but your girl is next level.”

“I have to say, she gets me hard too.” I admitted.

“Who wouldn’t, dude. She’s perfect.”

“Since the four of us got together I can’t stop thinking about it.” I said.

“You ever thought about hitting that?”

“Fucking Carol, my daughter?”

Yeah. Has she ever expressed an interest?”

“I’m…I don’t think so. Maybe?”

“Just consider how she feels, what situation would make it OK. You two were separated for a long time. There’s obviously an attraction.”

“Has she said something to you guys?”

“Not in so many words. Be honest. Have you thought about it?”

“Honestly, lately, I have.”

“It changes everything. I remember when Alyssa and I started fucking. I found she had wanted to for a long time. I didn’t pick up on it because I was trying to be a “good dad”. Suddenly none of that other shit mattered when we were fucking each others brains out.”

“Yea, she’s your step daughter though. It’s different.”

“Yea I get it, that’s your baby girl over there. But man, she’s all grown up. That’s not your kid anymore if that helps. That’s a grown woman.”

I didn’t want to reveal just how badly I wanted her at this point. But I began to turn John’s words over in my head. All of her teasing, flirting and of course, letting me see her nude or having sex. Was she sending me signals?

Later, as they headed inside, I began to feel like that third wheel.

“Hey, I should just take off, let you guys go on in.”

“Just come in. You can hang out for a while. Please…”

“No I can’t.”

“You remember last time? I knew you were watching me. That made me so hot, the idea that you were watching.” Carol said, tugging at my hand.

“It did, huh?”

“Come in, have another drink. You can watch. John likes the idea too.”

I had to pretend that I was reluctant.

Of course, all I wanted was to see more of her.

It was all I had been thinking about for weeks, seeing her nude, maybe even touching her.

“Ok, If you insist.”

Why not, I thought to myself.

Why not come in, pour myself a drink? Why not sit back on an overstuffed chair in the master bedroom and watch my daughter get naked, her red curls falling off her pale shoulders, her big tits bouncing as she crawled travestiadresi.com on the bed.

Why not?

Why not sit back, sipping Jack Daniels and watch my daughter take the cock of my friend, a dude twice her age, into her pretty mouth, one hand on his tan washboard stomach the other gripping the base of his long hard-on?

This is what I’d been imagining all month, except in my fantasy the cock in her mouth was mine. I had been replaying the mental images of her nude body impaled on Jack’s dick for a while, now I could relive it.

After a moment of watching them, I pulled out my cock. It was hard and dripping. No harm in getting off, they won’t even notice I thought to myself.

I slid my shorts to the floor.

John was laid back on his huge California King bed, propped up with pillows watching Carol between his legs, sucking his cock.

She was on all fours, head bobbing on his shaft. Her ass was up in the air, swaying back and forth as she licked and sucked the older man’s hard on. I couldn’t see her face, just a mass of curly red hair cascading down her back and shoulders. Her pink little snatch was clearly visible, glistening a little.

High as a kite, my head spinning, I went over my options. I could leave now, go home and jerk off, thinking about fucking her tight little slit framed by redhair.

Or…I could crawl up on the bed just to get a closer look at her little pink pussy. I stood up, nude and got onto the bed. She was still loving his cock, swallowing the length of his long slim hard-on over and over, her big tits swinging, her ass up in the air.

She felt me get up on the bed and spread her knees a little farther apart, her pussy lips opening like a dew colored rose.

Seeing how wet she was, her inner lips glistening, I leaned in closer, just to kiss the perfect little cunt wiggling in front of me.

Once my tongue slipped inside and I tasted her, I couldn’t control myself.

Suddenly I was licking her and probing her cunt with my tongue, opening her wide with my fingers.

Carol shuddered and pushed her pussy back against my mouth as I found her clit and began lashing it with my tongue

I heard her make a soft sound, her mouth still filled with John’s cock.

“Who’s licking your pussy?” I heard John ask Carol.

”Daddy…” she gasped as she continued sucking my older friend’s long, slim cock.

“What’s he doing baby?”

“Daddy… licking my pussy.” She replied.

“Feels good, right?”

“Oh god… yes..don’t stop Daddy.”

I couldn’t have stopped if I wanted to. I was lapping at her pussy like a man possessed when I felt her start to convulse.

“Oh fuck…cumming..unggggghh.” My young redheaded daughter groaned, her body jerking rhythmically.

I pressed my palms on the back of my beautiful daughter’s thighs and held my tongue in her as she convulsed.

She spasmed a few times and clamped her legs together, and laid her head down, her red curls spilling over John’s abs.

“You should take care of your Daddy.” I heard him say.

“No, I’ll just watch. For a second.” I stuttered, sitting back.

“Whatever you want man.” he said smiling.

He laid next to Carol, spooning her, his long cock laying on her inner thigh. Carol reached down and guided his hard-on into her pussy. He wrapped his arms around her, and I watched her big tits spill out around his tanned tattooed forearms. She lifted a leg and he started stoking her slowly and steadily as he kissed her neck.

I had watched John fuck Carol before, but after a month of fantasizing about her and I together this time it was different. I was hard as a rock, and I wanted my cock inside the amazing sexy creature my friend was fucking, my daughter.

I sat there for a moment, kneeling on the bed, my cock in my hand. Carol was watching me stroke my hard on.

I could hear John whispering in her ear as he held her and stroked her from behind

“Look at your Daddy, fuck he’s a good looking man.”


“He’s so fucking sexy. Look at his cock, Baby.”


“Look at your Daddy stroke his cock.”


“That big cock looks so good, huh Baby?”

Yeah.” She whimpered.

You want that cock don’t you?”

“Yes, please.”

“You want to suck your Daddy’s cock, don’t you?”

“Yes. I want that.” She groaned, never taking her green eyes off my hard-on.

Carol stretched out her hand, reaching for my thick cock. I moved forward and let her pale fingers wrap around the shaft, thick and veiny in her small hand.

John released his bear hug and let the young redhead lean forward and kiss the head of my throbbing dick. Her hand squeezed the tip and a clear pearl of precum appeared, and her tongue snaked out to lick it away.

I moved forward so she could easily slip the smooth, round head in her mouth. The tip of my cock disappeared between the lips of my gorgeous girl.

I groaned as the head of my cock slid between her lips, her tongue flicking the sensitive underside.

John, his sinewy hands holding her shoulders, smiled as he watched her suck me, languidly stroking her cunt.

“Mmm that looks so good, Baby, Daddy’s huge cock in your mouth.” he said.

Carol continued devouring my cock, taking a little more down her throat each attempt. The veiny girth slid into her warm mouth and emerged wet and slick, dripping with her saliva and my precum.

John watched my daughter swallow as much of my fat cock as she could, as I watched his long, slim cock sliding in and out of her.

I felt my brain change gears, my mind and body surrendering to the exotic idea of my cock in my daughter’s mouth.

My perspective had shifted, slowly at first, as my lust for her grew over the past month; now radically all at once.

Once I realized that my daughter desired me as well, everything changed.

I now understood that an agreement between the two of us was made. A realization that would allow me to take her the way I would take any woman that offered herself to me.

The young redhead with my thick cock in her mouth was my lover. Yes, my flesh and blood, but that was inconsequential, the taboo forgotten, erased.

A minor detail that we both had set aside, no longer an obstacle to allowing me to enjoy her.

It was a detail that heightened and intensified the erotic eperience we were now enjoying.

Jack was enjoying it as well.

“Fuck Baby, suck your Daddy’s cock. That’s that good, Baby?” Jack said, continuing to coach.

“Mmm-hmm.” Carol answered, never stopping.

“That feels so good, Baby,” I murmured. “Good girl, just like that. So pretty, Baby.”

Carol mewed softly as I began to slowly move my cock in and out of her mouth.

“Fuck, I’m cumming!” Jack announced, plunging his long cock deep in her.

As she continued to suck me, my older friend convulsed a handful of times, as he orgasmed in her. His thin, sinewy body flexed as he held his cock deep in her, hands gripping her shoulders.

Carol never missed a beat as John finished in her, shivering as he gave her a last few thrusts.

Jack slipped out of my daughter’s wet pussy and rolled over.

“She’s all for you now man.” he said smiling, both hands behind his head.

I moved forward so she could get my entire cock down her throat, which she did, hungrily sucking my full length.

I reached down to her wet pussy, framed in red fuzz, and spread it open with a couple of fingers. Jack’s load of cum was oozing out of her cunt, some running down her thigh as she flexed, pushing the rest out as I watched.

She groaned as my long rough fingers entered her pussy.

I began to fuck her with the middle two fingers as I watched my beautiful daughter deep throat me.


Carol sat up, laid back and spread her legs as I moved between her pale thighs, thinking of nothing but her pussy.

She reached out and took my hard-on in her hand and stroked it as I moved into position.

Her green eyes looked directly into mine as she rubbed her pussy with the bulbous head, wetting her cunt with my dripping precum.

I had both hands on her big tits as I watched her rub my tip along her cunt, the fat head slipping between her pink pussy lips.

“Please put it in me, Daddy. Please.” Carol pleaded. “Please fuck me.”

With a small thrust I slipped it in.

I could hardly believe my eyes as I watched my thick cock slide into her.

I started fucking my beautful red-hard daughter as my good friend sat back and watched.

Jack gave me a smile and moved off the bed to the chair, continuing to watch Father and Daughter fucking.

“Ooo, yes Daddy. Your cock feels so good. I love it.” Carol gasped out.

I felt as though I was adrift in erotic dream as I slowly pushed my hard cock into her little pussy, gaping it open..

When my red pubic hair met hers I pulled my cock out, watching it emerge wet and slick.

She’s so like her mother I thought to myself as I started to pick up the pace.

Carol grasped her legs and pulled them back, her eyes fixed on my thick cock gaping her little pink pussy.

“He’s bigger than me, isn’t he Baby?” Jack observed from his chair.

“Oh God, fuck. Yes. It feels so good, Daddy.” She mewed.

“Fuck Baby, I wanted this so bad.” I said, one hand on the side of her pretty face.

“Me too Daddy. For a long time.” Carol murmured.

One of my calloused hands grasped a large pale tit as the other pushed a leg back, opening her pussy wider.

One of her hands reached down for her clit and she began rubbing it in little circles. I wondered what she was thinking as she watched her fathers cock slowly sliding in and out of her wet slit.

For a long while the only sound was the wet slapping of our bodies coming together, our eyes locked as I continued plunging into her

“Fuck…I’m cumming Daddy.” she gasped, breathing hard, her hand furiously rubbing her clit.

Suddenly her body tensed and released in a powerful climax. I could feel her pussy twitching, as her pussy walls gripped my cock. Her body convulsed in a series of spasms that wracked her pale body.

I pushed my cock deep in her and held it there, watching her milky tits jiggle as she continued shuddering. I was enjoying the sight of this gorgeous young girl getting off on my cock.

“Oooohh, ohh, ohh, ohh, ungggggg fuck!” The young girl wailed, shaking.

I watched my beautiful daughter quivering, my fat cock still buried in her fluttering pussy, until her orgasm began to subside.

“Fuck me Daddy. Please fuck me hard!” Carol pleaded, both hands gripping my forearms.

Her eyes were wild with passion, her creamy pale body still shuddering from her orgasm.

I began to plunge my cock into her little red-haired pussy. She reached up to pull my head down to kiss me, my cock deep inside her, her tight pussy gripping my dick.

“Baby, your pussy….feels so good.” I gasped.

My body was tingling, It seemed all of my senses were heightened, every sensation was sharper as my orgasm rushed toward me.

My cock was fat and engorged, the veins standing out, the tip round and smooth.

I could almost see the scene from above, a lean forty-four year old father, tan and sinewy, thrusting his member into a soft, pale red-headed young girl, his daughter, as she cried out for his orgasm.

In this altered state, the fact that I was about to cum inside my daughter magnified the pleasure of the situation, increasing the intensity of my sensations.

The realization I was finally fucking my gorgeous daughter, and was about to ejaculate inside her, was probably the most exciting thing I had experienced in my life.

Suddenly I felt my orgasm welling up inside me, the incredible turn-on of finally fucking Carol was too much.

“Baby, I’m going to cum…” I moaned

“Oh yes! Cum in my pussy Daddy…Please!” my gorgeous daughter replied, her hands now holding her boobs, jiggling under her fingers as I pounded her.

“Oh fuck Baby…uuunnnnngggg.” I groaned as my cock began spurting inside my girl.

I was holding her legs open and back, hands wrapped around the back of her knees as my cock pulsed and my body jerked a half-dozen times.

“Oooh fuck yes, cum in me Daddy, I feel you cumming.” Carol wailed as my cock spurted powerfully in her.

I held my cock in her deep as the intense convulsions of my climax began to fade.

When I pulled out my load soon followed, oozing out of her little pink cunt, I gave my cock a few last strokes and the last of my cum dribbled out onto the red fuzz on her mound, and she wiped it up with her fingers and rubbed it on her nipples.

Still on my knees I sat back on my heels and watched the voluptuous redhead Daughter travestilist.com laying there, my semen slowly flowing from her pussy.

My mind was whirling but my base instincts were humming, full and satisfied and racing ahead to the next time, and the next.

There must have been a small look on my face.

Carol got up on her knees and held me, kissing my neck, my nipples, my shoulders, her hands running over my back.

“Daddy, that was soooo good. I love you so much.” She whispered.

I wrapped my arms around her softness as well and pulled the beautiful girl in tight.

“Who is that, Baby?” I heard John say.

“My Daddy.” said Carol between kisses.

“What does he do?” My older friend asked her.

“He fucks me.” The red-head answered

“When does he do that?”

“Whenever he wants me.” She replied between kisses.

She was gently handling my cock now.

“You love your tall handsome Daddy don’t you?” John asked


“You love his cock?”


“Take your Daddy to the shower. Get him cleaned up, Baby.” John directed.

I rose off the bed, a little dazed and unsteady.

Carol took me by the hand and led me to the large stone shower off the master bedroom and soaped me up, lovingly washing me in the hot water.

I returned the favor, running my hands over her body like a priceless art piece I had never been allowed to touch.

I dried her off with a soft towel, and we were quiet for a while.

“Was that OK, Baby?” I asked

“I’ve wanted that for so long. Alyssa and I both decided to fuck our Dads a while ago. We’ve have been trying to fuck the both of you for a long time!”

“Are you happy now?”

“I’m so happy “ she said, wrapping her arms around me

“Whenever I want you, hmm?” I asked.

“Whenever you want, Daddy. Promise.”

Later that night as I was laying in bed she came into the bedroom, slipped out of her robe and slid in next to me.

“Is this OK Daddy?” she asked

“Of course Baby. This is your bed now too.” I replied.

She snuggled into me tight, one hand on my chest.

My hand automatically went to one of her soft, full tits as she cuddled up next to me

“You’re not upset with me or anything?” My young Daughter asked.

“Why would I be upset, Baby?” I said, my fingers gently pulling on a hard nipple as I ran my hand along the soft skin of her breast.

“For seducing you.”

“No Baby. Of course not. I wanted you too, very much.”

She ran her hand along my chest.

“When you left, I missed you so much. I had a couple of boyfriends, and they were terrible.”

“Sorry Baby.”

“When I was eighteen I fucked one of mom’s boyfriends. I wanted someone older, I was imagining it was you.”

“You fucked your mom’s boyfriend?”


“I thought I was into older men. But, I really wanted you.”

“That’s so hot, Baby.” I said smiling, thinking of her fucking my ex’s boyfriend.

“When I saw you again I was so excited, I just fell in love with you.”

“I shouldn’t have left you and your mom, Baby.”

“It was so good to have you back. When you moved me in to my college dorm, my roommate was like ‘Who the fuck is that yummy dude? Leave him here for me.’ and I was so jealous.” She said, giggling.

“I remember that.”

“I thought about setting you up with my roommate so I could maybe hear you fucking and have her tell me about it later. But I didn’t really want anyone else fucking you.”


“When I was home I spied on you showering. One time I watched you pee while camping – I was in the RV looking out. Your cock looked so amazing. You just peed and peed and I got a good long look.”

“I had no idea, Baby. You watched me shower, hmmm?”

“Sometimes I played with myself while I did. Once I made myself cum watching and I thought you heard me.”

“You should have just come in.” I said with a smile, pulling her closer.

“Then I met Alyssa, and I started hanging out with her and her dad. Pretty soon he was fucking me. She let on that she was fucking him too. She told me how she seduced him, how long it took. I told her my dream was to fuck my Dad too, and so we planned it out.”

“So you were behind this the whole time.” I said, shaking my head.

“Sort of. We all were. John got things started. He was happy to help me get you into bed.”

“I bet he was. I guess I should break things off with Alyssa.”

“She knows. She’s got her Dad, and he likes to bring friends over.”

“She does his friends?”

“They’re nice older guys. They take good care of her.”

“What if I bring a friend home?” I said smiling.

“Whatever you want Daddy.”

“OK, Baby, now you got me. Now what?”

“We can be together now, Daddy, whenever you want, as long as you want. If you want me.”

“You know I do, Baby. You sleep in here with me now ,OK?”

“OK, Daddy.”

I took her hand and moved it down to my hard cock and her fingers closed around it.

Our conversation had me thick and wet, and she pulled on it gently, her thumb smearing the fat, smooth head with slick precum.

“Your cock hits me just right, Daddy. It’s the perfect size.” She said, pulling the covers back.

She rolled on top of me and reached between her legs, her fingers wrapping around my swollen hard-on.

“I’ll take good care of you Daddy. You won’t leave me, promise? “

“I won’t leave you, Baby Girl.”

She began to rub the smooth head of my cock on her pussy, both slippery and wet.

My gorgeous daughter sat back on my thick cock and it found her opening, sliding into her until she was sitting on the full length.

“Mmmm. That’s what it’s supposed to feel like. Relax, Daddy, let me take care of you.” She murmured, gently grinding on my meat.

I reached up and took a big pale tit in each hand, her nipples pink and erect.

She leaned back and closed her eyes, and began bouncing on my cock.

I relaxed and let my beautiful redhead girl ride me.

Few would understand or accept this, but it felt so natural, so right. I couldn’t believe we weren’t together sooner.

John had told me later he was in contact with two other dad’s that were fucking their daughters.

“Times are changing man.” He said. “They want to talk about swapping, if you’re into it.”

“Let me think about that.” I replied. “I’ll get back to you.”

It was going to complicate my life for sure, but I could deal with that.

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