Daughters and Fathers Ch. 03

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When Britta recovered, she raised her head and moved up on him a little, and his cock then did slip out of her pussy. She snorted softly with a nod and kissed him – not much better than a daughter should kiss her father. He did too, as a father, his hands holding her naked body to his. She murmured:

“You’re the best ….” She started over: “You’re the best a girl could want.”

“Not supposed to be, not like this,” he replied, but rubbed his daughter’s back.

“You are,” Maren agreed with her sister, crawling around and reaching over to turn his face to her and kissing him. The tips of their tongues caressed for a moment. Then she chuckled and murmured with her lips on his:

“I just love your tongue,” and hers thrust between his lips.

Britta watched them French kiss for a few moments, then turned his face back towards hers and said:

“I do too.”

“And yours, too, especially like that,” he replied before their mouths met again.

They kissed as intensively as they could, until Maren chuckled again and drew her sister’s face to hers, remarking:

“And I love yours too.”

Surprised, he watched them kiss, then chuckled softly and murmured:

“I guess so, if you do that.”

The girls nodded, continuing to let him see that their tongues were caressing. When they stopped, they both grinned at him and nodded again with an emphatic “Um-hmm!” Maren added:

“Before I got to kiss a boy that good.”

“But then?” he asked with a smile.

“Oh, I probably surprised the first one, but he didn’t mind.”

“I bet!” he agreed, and after a moment remarked:

“Well, I don’t have to wonder any more about how both of you could share Johan, not after before breakfast and now.”

The girls nodded again, and Maren replied:

“He had read the story in that Swedish magazine, maybe wasn’t so surprised.”

“Hmm? Maybe a good thing that he had.”

“We thought so,” Britta agreed with a grin.

Maren nodded. In the meantime, they had sat up. He asked:

“Did you plan to do it with him.”

“Did we?” Maren asked her sister.”

“It just happened. Well, I guess we wanted to see what would happen if we went skinny dipping.”

“Something like that. Don’t know what would have happened, if he hadn’t.”

“But he did,” he remarked.

Both girls nodded with grins. He snorted, then after pause said:

“Maybe I’m lucky that he did.”

“We are too,” Maren agreed, still grinning, and Britta nodded.

They all chuckled with smiles. Then the sunlight dimmed, and they all looked up to see a first cloud hiding the sun and that the cloud bank would soon hide it completely. As Britta stood up, she snorted and remarked: “Looks like a good afternoon for a nap.”

He slapped her bottom. She laughed with a nod and watched him stand up, then remarked with feigned solicitation:

“Oh, we shouldn’t have done that, at least, not out here.”

“Maybe not anywhere; why not out here?”

“Your bottom and shoulders are all wrinkled and dirty.”

She began to brush his ass, and Maren joined to brush his shoulders, then both of them more than just brushing. They all chuckled and returned to the cabin. Without a comment, they immediately washed themselves, the girls then washing his backside. He thanked them, and they volunteered to make lunch.

He sat down on the old sofa and put his feet up, enjoying watching them. After a few moments, he snorted and said:

“Did anyone ever tell you that you have nice figures, especially your breasts.”

“No,” one replied, smiling at him.

“Oh, lots,” the other replied with sly grin.

“She’s bragging; it could only have been two or three. Johan doesn’t count.”

“And he never did. But four; one told me before I let anyone see them.”

“That doesn’t count.”

“Just because no one said that to you?”

“Hm-hmm! They were ‘the strong silent type,’ just showed their appreciation by holding them.”

They all chuckled, and the girls returned to preparing lunch, while he wondered how many boys had actually seen their breasts, understanding that they had just been joking, that they probably wouldn’t want admit to more than three or four each, a plausible number – not too many probably for girls now. Had they slept with them all? Had they both slept with the same one – not counting Johan? He glanced at his cock, blushing slightly at his also excluding himself.

He changed the subject, wondering what they would do in the afternoon, but after Britta’s remark about a nap, that was not really a change of the subject, even if was a logical suggestion – the nap, not having more sex. But they were going to have more – one and half weeks together alone before his wife joined them. With another glance at his cock, he snorted softly at the thought that it would have responded, if he had ever thought seriously about that in the past, but it didn’t now, not after the way they had spent the forenoon. Really, a week and a half like that? When did they have their periods? Only three weeks between them? Ankara escort All of them the three weeks together? Too much of a coincidence.

The girls called him to lunch. They had made a special effort, and he complimented them. They had lunch, talking about other things, even though it occurred to him to ask them about their periods. Before they had finished, it was overcast and a draft cooler air filled the room. The girls insisted on cleaning up without his help. He noticed that their nipples popped out, when another draft cooled them, and closed the door, looking out to see that it would probably rain.

While he was starting a fire in the stove, it occurred to him that under other circumstances, if they had been wearing clothes, they all would just have put on sweaters. But they weren’t, and it certainly hadn’t occurred to him to suggest that they get dressed. The girls gave him slight smiles, nodding, as though they had similar thoughts. As the kindling flared up, he snorted, admitting to himself that wearing clothes was the last thing they all had in mind. So be it, even if the girls had their periods, if they wanted to be naked with the string of a tampon showing. At least, then they would just being going naked with each other, just three nudist enjoying themselves. He snorted silently, admitting that it wasn’t really like that, not after all they had done. Then he thought that it would be disappointing if they had to spend the last few days like that; better if the girls had them sooner, and they all could enjoy themselves together again. He didn’t snort again, reconciled with his admission that he wanted to enjoy having sex with them – no euphemisms – if both of them could tell him “Fuck me!” even if they all avoided using other specific words – speaking them. What words did the girls use in their thoughts?

They had finished cleaning up, when he closed the stove and stood up. Naked as the the day they were born, he thought, as they turned to him, just infinitely more attractive – could be nude models. He said the first thing that came to mind:

“Which one of you can draw?”

The girls glanced at each other, and then Britta replied:

“Maren can better than I.”

“But not very good. Why?”

“Hmm! I was thinking it would be nice to have a picture of you. Oh! I guess we would have to burn them.”

“We would!” both girls replied, but smirked at his suggestion, and one snorted and added:

“And one of you, too.”

“Didn’t think about that. If you wanted to.”

Maren grinned and said:

“I could try. Hm-hmm! We certainly didn’t have any practice in school with nude models, but a little trying to draw figures.”

“Um-hmm. I could try. It would be fun,” Britta agreed.

“What I thought, too, … even if I had to pose for a couple.”

“You would. … Hm-hmm! We could just do torsos: no faces, hands or feet; they’re difficult.”

“But everything else!”

He snorted, grinning at Britta, and remarked:

“I can imagine what you think of when you say ‘everything’.”

“You’re right!” she agreed with a grin.”

They all snorted, and she snickered, adding:

“Before and after,” and they all laughed.

“But we don’t have any paper or pencils,” Maren remarked.

“Start a shopping list, also for anything else we could need,” he replied.

She found a small note pad and a began a list, all sitting at the table as the others suggesting what food they could need. He remembered that they had forgotten their portable radio. When the girls didn’t add anything, he asked tentatively:

“And won’t you two need something – three weeks out here?”

The girls glanced at each other, shaking their heads with slight smiles, and Britta replied:

“If that’s what you mean, no. And if we did, we’d have brought them.”

Maren nodded, and then smirked slightly and added:

“What you think about.”

He smiled apologetically, replying:

“Just trying to be helpful – three whole weeks?”

The girls glanced at each other again, snorting, and Britta replied:

“Mom suggested these three weeks for our vacation, to save us from the … nuisance, … and we both have them at the same time.”

“Hmm! No one tells me anything. That’s good.”

The girls glanced at each other again, smirking slightly, and Britta added:

“We think so, … especially now.”

“And hope you do, too,” Maren added.

“I guess so. … Hm-hmm! Good thing that I thought of drawing as an alternative activity.”

They all laughed again.

But they still had a couple of days with nothing else to do, but they did plenty of that. It began to rain that afternoon and continued the next day. They agreed to return to Bergen for shopping a day earlier, but till then they only had each other for company. The girls were very considerate – in their way – not just relieving him of kitchen duty, but also saving him from as much effort as possible – in bed, on the sofa. Thursday afternoon – it was still raining – they even offered to show him how they did it together Ankara escort bayan when no one was at home to hear them.

He only understood that as he watched them take turns. One began to lick the other’s pussy. As she became aroused, he was surprised to see that her asshole was also licked, before the tongue returned to her pussy. When it seemed that she was beginning to have her orgasm, two fingers plunged into her pussy. She writhed with gasps and loud groans, obviously even more aroused – more than either of them had seemed to be before, but her sister’s fingers didn’t relent, following her around on the bed, as she continued to writhe uncontrollably, her breasts jiggling, almost crying, as though she were in pain, but her sister apparently knew that she still wanted more – or could still stand more. Finally, she relented, letting her recover, her body still twitching. He wondered how many orgasms she had had.

Slowly, her moans just became sighs. She almost giggled with a grin, opening her eyes and seeing him, his cock very aroused and bobbing. A startled expression passed over her face, and she exclaimed softly:

“Oh gosh! I forgot that you were here watching. Hmm! Guess we showed you.”

“Oooh! I forgot you, too! I guess we did! But now it’s my turn. You don’t have to watch.”

He nodded and fondled his balls. The girls snorted, and then he watched the same spectacle with reversed roles. Even though they both had been reminded that he was watching, they didn’t hesitate to let him see it all happen again, even the surprising asshole licking, which they both seemed to enjoy. His hand had slid up and was holding his cock, slowly, unconsciously, rubbing it.

When their second demonstration was finished, and the second girl had recovered, she looked at him, this time not surprised, just snorting to see him holding his very aroused cock. She snorted again and murmured to her sister:

“You do it.”

She nodded without grin, just moved over on the bed. She snorted at seeing that it was already drooling clear liquid and licked up the drop on his hole and began to suck his cock. He came before he wanted to, but it was a relief to fill her mouth with his semen. When she immediately turned and dropped down and kissed her sister, apparently sharing it with her sister, he was surprised, but it seemed somehow appropriate. The girls sat up and looked at him with wry smirks. He smirked back and remarked:

“Now I know why you only do it like that, when no one is home.”

The girls nodded, and then one said:

“But then we don’t get to do what we just did, just get to taste each other.”

“Hmm! Maybe I shouldn’t have learned that you can do it that good, … or maybe that bad.”

“Oh, it’s good – very good! – even though it might not look or sound like it.”

“That’s a relief; it didn’t. … Uh, … do any guys ever do it to you ‘that good’, … you know, not like that.”

The girls snorted, glancing at each other and shaking their heads slightly. Then one replied:

“Not with me, and I wouldn’t think of suggesting it; they can’t come that many times.”

“Nor with me. Hm-hmm! But you can try, if you want to.”

“Hmm! Don’t know if I would dare to.”

They all chuckled, and then the other one said:

“Johan probably did it best of all: like we did, and then like he could; he said he came twice.”

“Without missing a stroke.”

They all snorted, and she continued:

“Can’t ask them to do more, might sound like a complaint.”

“Even if they didn’t do it near that good”

“But, of course, it’s always good, good enough.”

“And, even if we could tell them, they would have to wonder how we got the idea of wanting it anything like that.”

“Hmm! For sure, even if they didn’t really know how you got the idea,” he agreed.

The girls nodded with snickers, and then the other one repeated the offer:

“But you can try. I’m sure we won’t be disappointed.”

“And we wouldn’t tell you.”

“Hmm! Sounds like something for a younger man to try.”

“Sometimes they come too soon.”

“What you two know!”

That night, for the first time, they went to bed together and got up without doing anything. His cock had slipped between the thighs of the girl he was facing, but neither of them awoke, and it wasn’t there in the morning.

They washed and had breakfast and finally put on clothes after all the days being naked together. As they looked at each other with wry smiles, he asked:

“And if it rains again in Bergen, shouldn’t you be wearing bras?”

“When no one else does in the summer?”

“Hmm! I guess it never rained when I was on the street.”

“Looking for wet shirts?”

“Hmm! Now that I knew; I will.”

They all snickered and hiked down to their car.

At home in Bergen, they found a card from his wife, their mother, that she was going to have to spend at least the following two weeks with her parents. They exchanged smiles at that information. Then they all took showers. Before he called their mother, Escort Ankara he sent the girls off shopping. They nodded, understanding that it might be difficult for him to talk to their mother after all they had been doing. They just grinned at his explanation that he didn’t want to be seen with them if it rained.

The conversation with his wife was fine, until she asked softly:

“And the girls didn’t want to go topless, I hope?”

“They did. Did they tell you?”

“Before we knew that I had to be here. Did they?”

“I couldn’t stop them, but they kept their pants on.”

“Hmm! You, too, I hope.”

“Of course. I guess most girls their age go topless when they can in the summer. At least it sounded like it.”

“But not with their fathers, I hope.”

“Can’t be helped. Was I supposed to run after them with their tops? That would have been quite a scene.”

“Hmm! Hm-hmm! I guess so. Try to enjoy yourselves.”

“We are. I have suggested that they can do some sketching, when were not out hiking.”

“Nice idea. Oh, and greetings from my parents, and to the girls.”

“They’re out shopping. We came back a day earlier, since the weather hasn’t been so good. And love to you and them.”

“You too.”

They hung up. He was relieved that he had been able to tell a little truth about the girls going topless, but then realized that they were going to have to have some sketches to show when they returned home – definitely not any of the type that they had been talking about.

Normally, there would have been a load of laundry to be washed after a week at the cabin. He thought that they should have brought the sheets from his bed. Definitely! They could use the ones from the girls’ bed and the following week wash them all. He checked the mail, snorting when a short downpour came, thinking that he would be more observant in the future to notice if all girls really didn’t wear bras in the summer.

The girls returned, grinning with glances at their wet shirts, glued to their breasts and stiff nipples. One said:

“Everybody’s do; no one cares.”

“But I bet they noticed.”

“And if they do? Just natural.”

“A couple did, … especially that tourist.”

“The others, too. The girls looked a little embarrassed.”

“Their fault, if they’re so prudish. Hm-hmm! I bet they were jealous, that the guys were looking at us.”

He snorted with a grin and added:

“And thinking: those shameless Norwegian girls; what do they wear or do, when they’re not in town?”

“If they really knew!”

They all snickered. He told about his conversation with the girls’ mother. They were pleased to hear that he had told her that they were going topless, chuckling at his argument, agreeing that it would simplify things, if she saw them with less on, “unless she sees us without panties.” That they would have to have other sketches to show, was less enthusiastically received, but understood. That reminded the girls that they still had to buy paper, since they hadn’t want to risk its getting wet in the rain. The girls found dry shirts, and they loaded the car, stopping for the paper on their way back to where they had to hike back up to the cabin.

It was late afternoon, and the cabin had cooled down. He suggested that the girls fetch the sheets from their unused bed and that they put the used ones on theirs in the other cabin. They snorted, understanding his wanting to avoid any questions if someone dropped by. He started a fire in the stove as the girls went off, wondering if – more, when – the girls would think to take off their clothes.

They still had them on, when they returned and made up the bed. And they kept them on, as they all started to prepare dinner. But when things had been put on the stove to cook, one of them said:

“I think it’s warm enough now,” and began to strip off her shirt.

The other followed immediately as he snorted and remarked:

“I was wondering how long we would keep them on.”

Then they were all naked again, smirking slightly as they looked at each other, getting accustomed again to seeing each other that way. Maren snorted and remarked:

“If the tourists could see us now.”

“Hmm! Probably not much better than what they could envisage.”

“Hm-hmm! Maybe not, but they could have been wondering if I really have red hair.”

Maren fluffed up her carrot red pubic hair. The others snorted, and her father replied:

“I doubt it, doubt that that they would occur to them. … Hm-hmm! Maybe whether your nipples were a lighter or dark shade of pink.”

“They’re very light pink.”

She circled them with a finger, adding with a smirk:

“Everyone knows that, who has seen a girl with my fair skin.”

“Hmm! I didn’t, but I hadn’t seen one before.

They all chuckled and returned to tending the cooking. During their meal, he asked them what they wanted sketch, not surprised when Maren immediately replied:

“You, of course, and each other.”

“Um-hmm, you and Britta; it will be easier to draw her nipples – more contrast.”

Britta’s darker nipples popped out for a moment. She looked down at them with a snort and brushed one with the back of her fork, making it pop out again. In a parental stern, but jocular tone, he remarked:

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