Daughter’s New Job Pt. 02

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Brooke: 23 year old daughter of Mary and Paul

Kyle: Brooke’s 21 year old brother

Mary: Paul’s wife. Brooke and Kyle’s mother (41 years old)

Paul: Mary’s husband. Brooke and Kyle’s father (45 years old)


A family with two adult children living at home, learn of the attraction between family members that has been kept secret. It starts when the daughter takes a new job as a masseuse at a local massage parlor offering special services. At the end of part 1 her brother discovered her secret and threatened to blackmail her. What he learned was his sister wanted him as much as he wanted her. In part 2 each family members secret fantasy is revealed and life around the house changes.

Note: The character’s name, whose Point of View is expressed in each chapter, is the name in parentheses following each chapter title.

Continued from Part 1…

Chapter 7 – Simply Amazing (Kyle)

The only word I can think of to describe what just happened is FUCKIN AMAZING. I know that is two words, but you get the idea. When I thought this plan up I never in a million years thought it would end up with me fucking my own sister. I admit, I had often jacked off imagining how her pussy would feel on my cock, but today I was just looking for some ammunition to use against her in the future.

Things started happening so fast I lost control and ended up having the best fuck of my life. I am pissed she caught me in a lie. Brooke now knows I don’t know the owner. Knowing her she will get even with me, but I am pretty sure after today she will not object when I want to fuck her. She has always forgiven me in the past for stuff I have done to her. I am sure she will forgive me again.


When I got home Mom was fixing dinner. She asked what I had done today and I told her I had just visited a girlfriend. She smiled and asked, “You will have to bring her by and let me meet her.”

“Mom, I am pretty sure you have met her. I have known her for a long time.”

“I am happy to hear you have a female friend. Did the two of you have a nice time?”

“Yes we did Mom. I think maybe it is not a conversation a Mother should have with her son, if you know what I mean.”

Mom grinned at me and said, “Honey it is healthy for a man and woman to enjoy each other’s company, and you know what I mean.” She actually gave me a wink and then said, “Honey be sure to use protection and don’t get her pregnant.”

“She is on birth control. I am always careful.”

“Good, I am very happy for you. Do you think this might develop into something serious?”

“I am pretty sure it will. At least I hope it does.”

“If she knows a good man when she sees one, I am sure she will not let you out of her sight.”

“I do hope you are right Mom.”

“Your father should be home soon. I will yell at you when dinner is ready.”

“Thanks Mom.”

As I walked off I grinned and was thinking, ‘Mom, if you only knew.’ If she did know what I had done I was pretty sure she would be pissed and disown me. My mother is a sexy woman and has an awesome body, but I am not sure if she and dad are still sexually active. I think she is pretty naïve about sexual matters. The thing is it is obvious where my sister gets her good looks. Mom is just as hot as Brooke. I would not admit it, even to Brooke, but Mom has stared in some of my masturbation fantasies. With two hot women in the house, women I meet have a lot to measure up to.

I was in my room surfing the web when Dad knocked on my door and came on in. “Hey Mom tells me you have a new girlfriend. It is about time you discovered girls.”

“Dad, she is not really a new girlfriend, she is a girl I have known for a long time and today it is like maybe we were able to take it to the next level. It was a pretty awesome day.”

“The next level huh? So my boys dick is getting a little action?”

He winked at me and it was all I could do to not say out loud, ‘Yea Dad, I learned today my sister, your daughter, is the hottest piece of ass I have ever had my cock in. If you would check out my cock you would find your daughter’s dried pussy juice is coating it and my balls.’

I knew if I did say that I would be picking myself up off the floor after he punched me and broke my jaw. My dad is a big guy and I would not want him mad at me. Just thinking about my sister had my cock starting to get hard. I tried to hide it, but that is one of the curses that goes along with having a cock the size of mine. It is hard to hide a hard cock the size of a log of summer sausage in your pants.

Dad saw me trying to adjust my cock and said, “Maybe you should have stayed at her place a little longer, son.”

“Yea Dad she is really hot and she certainly knows how to make a guy feel really good.”

“Oh how great it would be to be your age again. You guys have all that wonderful pussy in need of a hard cock.”

I was a little surprised my dad was talking to me like this. “Yea right Dad. Pussy is pretty great.”

“It bursa escort sure is. Oh yea, Mom said dinner is ready. Come on, let’s go eat.”

When I stood up Dad said, “Fuck son, that is one huge tool you have in your pants. I had no idea. I can see why your girlfriend likes you.”

“It can be a pain Dad.”

“I bet your girlfriend had no complaints today.”

I said it almost to myself, “Yea, she was pretty happy. We will see how it goes.” I added a little louder, “Dad, she is not my girlfriend, she is just a hot girl I have known a long time.”

Chapter 8 – A Happy Family (Mary)

My son Kyle came home from his girlfriend’s house yesterday and appeared to be pretty happy. He didn’t come right out and say it, but I could tell from the way he was acting and some comments he made, he got laid. I was pretty worked up myself after my day with the photographer. He wanted to get some stock images of me for his portfolio. He said he has received several requests from customers for a female nude who could be hired in some large product advertising. It would be like a nude female figure with a car. The nude would be to draw attention to the product. He told me my body would be the focus and nobody would be able to tell who I was. He laughed and said, “Who wants to look at a woman’s face when she has a body like yours?”

I didn’t know if I should be insulted or take it as a compliment. I knew this photographer and knew he meant it as a compliment. I don’t mind being naked in front of the camera and these images were just to show the customer what I look like naked so they can decide if they want to hire me for their advertising campaign.

I do a lot of photos where I am wearing very little, but I have not done any nude work for customers. I have done some nude photography, but that was only for my photographer’s personal collection. These photos would be a little less risque that those I did for the photographer.

Almost all of the images he shot of me nude were shot from angles where my hair was covering my face and while it was easy to see I was naked I was not showing anything. The photos were tastefully done. For these customers there were no spread legs or anything like that. In all but a few my nipples were only partially showing or completely hidden by the pose. In all but a couple photos my pussy was always just barely covered or out of frame. They were very tastefully done and I was happy with how they turned out.

There were some the customer wanted to see my pussy. My lips are bald and I feel like I have a nice looking pussy. He said the customer expressed a desire for the lips to be closed and not have anything hanging out from between my lips. I asked him how he was going to accomplish this. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small tube of superglue. I was not so sure about this, but he said he had some nail polish remover that would dissolve the glue once he was finished.

I trust this photographer, so I consented to let him tuck me in. I sat with my legs spread as watched him put a few drops of the glue along my outer lips. He then pressed my lips together and I looked like I did when I was in grade school. Between my legs was smooth and I had to admit I liked the look. He took several photos of me with emphasis on my pussy. Once we were done he had a cotton swab he dipped in the polish remover. I told him I could do it, but he insisted telling me this was the best part.

I had to laugh as I watched him work on removing the glue and opening me up. I am convinced he took more time than was necessary, but eventually he had me cleaned up. I saw the bulge in his pants and quickly took matters into my own hands. When I left later than evening he had a smile on his face and told me I was his favorite model. He reminded me he wants to photograph Brooke.

I have worked with this photographer for several years and we always have a good time when we work together. We are both comfortable with him touching me and posing me. I don’t mind how he touches me to get me in the pose he is looking for. It never fails that during every photo shoot, his hands are all over my body. It is not uncommon for me to feel his fingers on my pussy as he is adjusting a scarf or some other article of clothing. He is always pulling the fabric of my panties or swimsuit out of my pussy. He puts his fingers in my bra cups to adjust the cup so my nipple is just barely hidden.

He works my breast to get the absolute maximum amount to tit flesh showing without any part of either of my areolas showing. I not only enjoy our photo sessions I love the way he makes me look in the images he creates of me. He makes me look better than any of the other photographers I work with.

He knows exactly what to do to make me look my best. The first time he touched an ice cube to my nipple I almost jumped out of my skin. The ice was perfect for getting my nipple hard so it could be seen poking against the fabric of the blouse I was modeling.

He has seen pictures of Brooke and keeps bursa escort after me to bring her with me one of these times. He desperately wants to photograph her. He is so insistent I teased him telling him once, “You just want a younger woman. I am getting too old for you.”

“Nonsense Darling, you are mature beauty. Your daughter’s beauty is one of youth and innocence.”

I laughed telling him, “If you only knew my daughter you would think twice before using the word innocence to describe her.”

He started laughing and said, “But the youth of today are much less inhibited than those from our generation. Just remember I want to get her in front of a camera whenever she is ready. I am sure she will do very well if she wants a new career as a model.”

I left and headed home. I always enjoy the feeling between my legs after I have been fucked. I like a cock pounding into me hard. If I am not sore after a man uses me, I consider him to be a less than adequate lover.

The following day I needed to go back for some additional modeling. As we were finishing up and getting ready to move to our after work fun when he again reminded me he wanted me to bring Brooke in so he could get some shots of her.

“Mary,I will do a deluxe portfolio for her. I will do it for free just for letting me get some photos of her.”

I said, “I think you just want to get my daughter on that stiff monopod you carry around with you in your pants.”

He laughed and said, “You know me all too well my dear Mary, but I promise it is just business and I would never touch your daughter.”

“That is too bad, she would be really pissed if you didn’t at least try to get in her panties. If you didn’t try to get that handsome cock of yours inside her I would have to come to the conclusion you turned gay on me.”

“Okay, maybe just a little taste. You have known me too many years for me to be able to hide my true thoughts from you.”

“You are a man. It is not hard to figure out what you want. Speaking of hiding, why has that nice cock of yours been hidden away all day? It is not fair that I am the only one here who is naked.”

He was laughing and quickly lowered his pants. I was delighted to see he was not wearing any underwear. Pulling his shirt over his head he spread his arms wide and asked, “Does the lady prefer me like this?”

“Yes the lady most certainly does.”

I lay back on the pad on the floor where I had been posing and spread my legs. I was happy to see I had not lost my ability to arouse a man. He was already erect when his pants hit the floor. In a flash he was kneeling between my legs. I let out a satisfied moan as I felt his cock enter me. “That is much better. You are almost as good with your cock as you are with a camera.”

“Almost? Maybe I need to practice some more if I am almost as good with my cock.”

“Maybe. You know I am always available to help you with any practice you might need.”

“Yes Mary, I do. The question I have is, does your husband know about our after work pleasures?”

“Yes he does. He is okay with it as long as I tell him all about it. I think it turns him on that his wife can still attract a handsome guy.”

It felt great as he slowly fucked me in the missionary position. The padding was nice, but the floor was still hard against my ass. If felt great being in his arms with his hot hard manhood filling me.

As I was getting dressed I looked down at him laying there on the pad I had been posing on. He was proudly displaying his cock that was now resting on his thigh. It was still wet with my saliva after I cleaned our combined juices from his cock with my mouth.

I told him I would try and convince Brooke to come with me. He thanked me and gave me a kiss as I was leaving. He said, “Oh yes, there was one more thing I wanted to talk to you about.”

I didn’t like these last minute bombshells, but asked, “Oh, what was that?”

“Mary, I know you only model nude for me, but if you are interested in doing some nude commercial work I received a couple inquiries from magazines, tailored for men. They want to know if I know any women interested in being models in their magazine. These magazines are like most men’s magazines. The difference with these is they feature photo spreads of women in their 30’s and 40’s. If you are interested I know they would love you and you would be well paid. If you are interested I can send them some of the private photos you have done for me and see what they say.”

I told him I would have to talk to Paul before I could give him an answer. He understood and asked me to give him a call once I had talked to my husband. I promised to call and let him know either way.

During the drive home the photo shoot for a men’s magazine sounded like a lot of fun. I was not sure Paul would be comfortable with his wife’s naked body featured in magazines in every bookstore and convenience store magazine rack. It would be fun, but this was something we had to discuss.


I bursa eskort waited up for Brooke to get home so I could tell her about her brother’s new girlfriend, or at least tell her what little he had shared with me. The men had gone to bed earlier. After my day with the photographer, I felt sexy and had changed into a short satin robe. It covered a little more than those Brooke wears, but it was still quite short. It is one of my husband’s favorite for obvious reasons. I wasn’t wearing anything under it as I waited. I was watching a late night adult special on cable waiting for her to come home.

Not even thinking about it I realized I was stroking my pussy as I saw the young girls on television getting fucked, or at least it was supposed to looked like they were getting fucked. The problem with television porn is they aren’t allowed to show a real cock pounding a wet pussy. Most of it is left to the imagination of the viewer. They always show lots of tits, but very seldom do they show a cock and even less rare is a hard cock.

This did not prevent me from connecting the invisible dots in my mind. My fingers felt good on my clit. I have always enjoyed masturbating. I am not too proud to admit I enjoy it. Paul likes watching me as I rub one out on my clit.

I was lost in my own pleasure and did not hear Brooke when she arrived home. She opened the door and caught me, or so it was supposed to appear that way. I knew she would be coming in through the door, and I wanted her to catch me, but I really did not realize she was home. The surprise of her entering startled me. She stood in the doorway watching me as I tried to regain my composure.

“Mom, are you Jilling off again?”

I grinned and said, “Guilty as charged.”

“I take it you and your photographer had a nice day. Didn’t he take care of you?”

“We had a great day and yes he did take care of me, or maybe we took care of each other. Honey, he still wants to photograph you one day. I think you should do it. You would have fun and he is a very talented photographer.”

“Yea right, and he is also a great cocksman. Isn’t that right Mom?”

“I admit he is pretty good and certainly knows how to use the tools nature has blessed him with.”

Brooke came over and sat on the couch with me. Instead of sitting at the opposite end of the couch like she did in the beginning, she was now right up against me. I took her into my arms and placed a kiss on her lips. “Well then, you know about my day. Tell me about your day.”

“It was pretty much a regular day, Mom.”

“Did you have any special clients today?”

“No not really. We had a few new guys stop by. I think they enjoyed themselves and will most likely be back. Anyway they seemed to be happy when they left.”

I had to smile. I was pretty sure her new clients had left a nice deposit of cum behind as they left. My daughter is a very pretty and sexy woman, I was certain she was pretty good at knowing how to make a man feel good. Hell, she has even proved to me she can make a woman feel pretty damn good as well.

Brooke had her hand high on my bare thigh as she said, “Tell me about this photographer Mom.”

Her touch really did feel good. I knew this was wrong on so many levels, but I could not resist. The need to be touched was strong and hard to fight, even if it was my own daughter who was making me feel so good. I began by telling her how I had met this photographer and how our photo shoots usually evolved with me loosing my clothing until I was naked. Unlike this last time he very rarely takes photos of me naked. After all, I was there to model clothing or to promote some product, it just so happened this time his clients were looking for a nude model.

This is not to say I seldom got naked, it was quite the contrary. I almost always ended up naked, it was just that at that point his hands were usually filled with something other than a camera.

As I was telling her about the photo shoot her hands went to the sash holding my robe closed. It was obvious where this was going and I had decided I was not going to resist. As she was touching me I wanted to tell her about Kyle. As her fingers were playing with my sensitive nipples I said, “You are never going to believe who else got laid today.”

Brooke looked at me with a questioning look on her face and said, “I am not even got to try and guess. Who was it?”

“Your brother.”

The look on my daughter’s face had me puzzled. She had stopped playing with my nipples and looked at me.

She didn’t say anything so I continued. “Aren’t you excited? I am so happy he has a girl. According to what he told your father, she is pretty good.”

“Did he tell you her name?”

“No, he is so damn private and would only say she is someone he has known for a long time and they had taken it to the next level.”

“What else did he say?”

“Not much really. He said he it is pretty serious and he hopes they continue to be close, or something like that.”

“I see. Well I am happy for him and hope he doesn’t fuck it up. He better be good to her.”

“Honey, I am sure he will be good to her. Your brother can be quite a gentleman. In case you have not noticed he is quite handsome and have you seen that monster in his pants?”

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