Daughters’ Revenge Ch. 09

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Ronny and I went to several electronics stores and ended up buying a bit much. But, Ronny called Judy twice and got Oks for what we got. 52 inch flat screens, stands, bluray players and surround sound systems. ‘Ahhhh, movies are going to be beautiful.’

We got the OK to come home and when we got there everyone helped unload mine and Jeanne’s stuff. We were told, we could put the stand together ourselves.

“The last piece of business, is mother’s spanking.” Judy informed us.

“Huh! What do you mean?” Keith asked.

“Today, she’s to get one more spanking from all of us. We need to give it to her and leave.”

They started downstairs. Ronny and I lagged behind.

“C’mon you two. You’re included.” Jeanne said over her shoulder.

It looked like Jewel hadn’t moved any. She was still sitting in the chair. Hands cuffed behind her back, hooked to the chain. The blanket still draped over her shoulders.

“Up mother.” Judy ordered. She took the blanket off, dropped it on the floor and unhooked the chain. “Where’s the key Stephen?”

“On the table, Judy.”

Judy changed the handcuff position from rear to front. “Table, mother.” Jewel moved to the table as Judy walked around.

“Hook her ankles up, Deb” Deb was hooking Jewel’s ankles up and Judy said, “Reach out, mother.”

Judy pulled, forcing her mother to lean across the table. She hooked her cuffs to the bar, put her foot on the table and pulled. Once again, Jewel was stretched across the device.

“How many?”

Jewel didn’t answer and Keith whispered, “How many what?”

“Better answer, mother. Or you’ll get double the full count.” Jeanne said.

“Full count?” Keith said a little louder.

“Oh God, Five!” Jewel blurted out.

“Your spankings, Daddy. Remember, we had to tell you how many swats.” Deb said.

Keith looked around. “There are six of us.” He said as though he thought, one swat each.

Jeanne stepped in front of her father and looked into his eyes. “That’s five from each of us. Making the total, thirty.”

You could tell from the look on his face, he knew that was going to hurt.

“We’re going to do it two at a time. Jeanne and Stephen, first. We follow their lead. If they barely touch her, or if they lay it to her, we do the same. Understood?” Judy said.

Everybody nodded and Jewel begged. “Oh God, why? Haven’t I done what you said?”

Judy grabbed her mother’s face and jerked her head up. “You’re being punished, mother.” She said through gritted teeth. “Shut up or I’ll double it.” Then she slapped her. “You have two more coming after this one. One after Stephen and one after Ronny. After that, you will be spanked, depending on the reports given.”

Jewel was silent as Judy came around and picked up the straps. “Well, you two. How hard she gets it, is all up to you.”

Jeanne stepped in front of me, wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. “It’s punishment, Honey. Not torture. Don’t hit her very hard. Besides, thirty light hits will hurt like hell.” She whispered.

We stepped up and I followed Jeanne’s lead. Swinging in unison, we gave her a moderate swat. Jewel flinched. The second, she jumped and grunted. The third, her ass reddened and she yelped. The fourth, her ass red, she screamed and squirmed. The fifth, she cried out, “Goddamn,” and fought the restraints.

“Ronny, Ankara escort we’re next.” Jewel had a brief respite as they stepped up. I was wondering if Judy would keep her word. She did and their first swat was moderate.

On the first swat, Jewel stiffened, blowing and sucking air through clenched teeth. The second brought out, “Oh, Fuck!” along with more jerking against her restraints. The third, “Oh, Gawd – Damn! Stop!” Her useless struggling increased. The fourth, “God! – Fuck! – Shit!” The fifth hit her before she stopped jerking. “Gawd-damn! Please Stop! Oh God, Please!”

Jewel was sobbing, uncontrollably. ‘She’ll never make it through the next round.’ I thought. Her ass seemed to glow, red like a stop light.

Judy touched her mother’s ass and Jewel flinched.

“Here, use this on her ass.” Deb said loudly, as she passed by, carrying a bowl of ice.

I hadn’t noticed she went anywhere. Her daughter’s all gently rubbed ice on her ass, to help with the pain. Or, was it to numb the flesh and finish quickly?

Many minutes passed and I noticed that each daughter frequently touched her pussy as well.

Deb finally set the bowl down and walked over to Keith. She hugged him and whispered, “We’re not out to kill her. Just hit her like the others, but don’t pause. Get it done, quick. K”

“OK.” Keith said.

They took their place and Deb nodded. One, two, three, four, five. Their blows hit rapidly. Jewel’s body flexed on the first and stayed that way. No words, she screamed. Her scream, built in pitch, through the blows, until it hurt my ears and echoed in the basement.

It was over. Jewel hung in place, totally silent. She had passed out.

All three daughters went to check on her. She was alright and slowly regained her senses.

“OH, God. Is it over? Dear God, Please tell me it’s over.”

“Relax, mother. It’s over.” Judy said as she released the bar. “Deb, get her ankles.”

Judy hooked the cuffs to the chain hanging from the beam and pulled her mother’s arms up tight.

Looking at me almost defiantly, she said, “She won’t be able to sit for a while, Stephen.”

I walked over and picked up the blanket as Deb kissed and hugged her mother.

I heard Deb whisper, “I stopped taking birth control. By the time you come home, I’ll be pregnant.”

“Oh, No, Baby. Don’t do that!” Jewel pleaded.

“It’s what I want.” Deb continued to whisper. “Daddy’s going to be fucking his fertile baby girl.”

“NO, Deborah! Don’t do that!”

“Live with it mother.”

As Jewel started to yell out, Deb crammed the ball gag in her mouth. She turned, saw me still standing close, and said, sternly, “Keep quiet about it!”

Jeanne and I were going to have to have a long talk about this.

I followed her up to the living room. Everyone was saying their goodbyes.

Judy stopped at the door. “She stays as she is for three hours, as agreed. Then she starts her thirty days. Okay, Jeanne?”

“Yeah, Sis. We’ve all agreed.”

As soon as Judy was gone, I said, “Jeanne, something happened downstairs with Deb and your mother.”

“She told her, didn’t she? That little shit! She wasn’t supposed to say anything, until mother went home.”

“You knew, she wants her father to get her pregnant!?”

“Yeah, it was discussed and voted on. I was the only ‘No’ vote. Ankara escort bayan It’s not what you think, though.”

“A father getting his daughter pregnant, isn’t what I think!?”

“Listen carefully. She isn’t his daughter.”

“What! Bullshit!”

“Judy found mother’s diary, in the safety deposit box. She’s always had a secret lover. In fact, her first child, the one she snagged Daddy with, was her lover’s. … Along with her third and her last.” Jeanne watched my reaction.

“Third. You’re her third.”

“That’s right, honey. I’m illegitimate.”

“Do you know who it is?”

“Yes. It’s mother’s brother. Uncle Bill. That makes Jerry, Deb and me, children of incest.”

“And, your father didn’t know?”

“Not until the diary was found. That’s why we’re doing what we’re doing. Which includes getting, Uncle Bill.”

“Damn! This is unreal! What’s been happening. The way you reacted to start with. I mean, shit! You’re a hundred eighty degrees out! And all this other shit!”

“We gotta talk.”

“No fucking shit! You got me goin in circles.”

“Well, you woke me up and started it.”

“ME! What the hell did I do?”

“Ya made me face my fantasies.”

“How? When?”

“Making me admit what I was thinking, as you fucked me while we watched Judy.”

“So. You’re saying That, brought all of this on.”

“No. That, And, talking to Judy, Deb and Daddy. A-und, seeing parts of a couple more videos. A-und, the family meetings.”

“Phew, I thought you were putting it all on me.”

“Way-ull, ya did start it.”

“OH, Come On!”

“Just funin ya.”

“You know. You got pretty upset when you discovered it was you who had an affair and not me. How you handling that with marriage vows? And what about everybody else and marriage vows?”

“They’re not broken. Besides, I simply over-reacted, like a stupid teenager.”

“What! ‘Keeping only unto him/her’ isn’t broken?”

“Not at all. Everybody’s still with their mates. Aren’t they? That phrase is a catch. Misinterpreted by most and manipulated by religion.”

“A catch?”

“Yes! As long as you stay with them, it’s not broken. People make their mistake by messing around without their partner knowing. The bible says, ‘The marriage bed, is undefiled.’ Keep it in the marriage and stop making it something it isn’t.”

“It looks like I’m gonna have to read and think again.”

“Stick with the basics. Right and wrong. That is what was handed down. Everything else is man’s crap. Just because it’s emotional or logical, it isn’t necessarily right. And, heaven forbid, the argument that’s emotional logic. You’re almost guaranteed, that one, isn’t right.”

“What about Deb getting pregnant?”

“He’s not her real father. So why not if she wants to.”

“I still think it should be stopped.”

“How? She’ll either do it secretly or openly. So, how ya gonna stop it? Besides, it may already be done. She’s been off birth control, longer than she admitted. Just pray the baby’s healthy.”

“How long has she been off the pill?”

“Since making the video to frame you. That’s when she made up her mind to do it. She’s wanted to fuck Daddy and have his baby, since puberty.”

“Oh, Shit! Jeanne!”

“Yeah, I know. Guess, I might as well drop the other shoe.”


“I’ve been Escort Ankara chosen to take over mother’s business. And, I want to be part of it.”

“What! You’re shittin me!”

“No. I’ve done nothing but think about it. But, there is a catch. After my infidelity, I realized something.”


“I do not want to lose you. So, after you hear me out. If you say, no. We have to leave.”

“Leave! Why?”

“I can’t stay here, knowing and wanting.”

“OK. Get it out. Somehow, I feel somethin’s gonna be broke off in my ass.”

“Oh, Honey, No! That’s not my intention. It’s just sex. And we have both been unfaithful, as it were. Me with Bob. And, you with mother.”

“Oooh, I’m feelin pressure in my ass.”

“COME ON! Just listen, Please?”

“OK. Go on.”

“Consensual sex is acceptable. Even if it is between relatives. Procreation, isn’t. And all I’m talking about is sex. And the money. Damn! You wouldn’t believe the money, mother has stashed. Besides, if we keep it to us, we can avoid what happened to Judy and Deb, in the past.”

“What happened to them in the past?”

“STDs. They’ve both been treated for them. Because of who mother had them fucking. Luckily it was cured and they didn’t give it to someone else.”

“OK. Let’s see. You just want to keep disease down. And, fuck someone else.”

“Oh, don’t give me that! You’ve thought about other women. Namely my sisters. Haven’t you?”

“Yeah, I have. But, I’ve never acted on it, until this shit started. And, it makes me nervous. All of this, makes me very nervous.”

“Yeah! Well, I’m nervous too. I want it and I’m afraid of it at the same time. That’s why I want to go slow. Judy and Deb are into it, so I’ll work with them to get used to it. I also want us to do a couple of videos before I do one with someone else.”

“OK, Yeah. I like the idea of making a video with you. … And just who do you want after me? Oh, wait. Let me guess. Your father.”

“Um, yea-ah. How’d you know.”

“You made a comment this afternoon while watching him use his big dick. It’s every man’s nightmare. His woman wanting a dick bigger than his.”

Jeanne chuckled. “Let me tell ya something. It doesn’t matter how big a mans cock is. What matters is whether a woman lets it please her. If she doesn’t let it please her, it won’t, no matter how big it is.”

“You’re just trying to make me feel good.”

“No, I’m not! Remember Sonja? She was never satisfied, always looking for a bigger cock. Always saying, ‘They never give me an orgasm.'” Well, she was a dumb bitch! It’s your orgasm. Not someone else’s to give you.”

“I guess I suffer from insecurity.”

“Don’t! We’ve been together long enough for you to know, I DON’T FAKE ORGASMS!”

“Alright, alright! I’m still uneasy about it. Let’s just move on. OK?”

“If the whole family joins in, we’re both going to have a lot of sex. With, a lot of people. That must be accepted. If you don’t want to do it, we pack bags and leave, right now.”

“Right now! We can’t think about it? What about your mother?”

“You have been thinking about it. So have I. I’ll spank mother before we leave and she can hang there until morning, when I call Judy to get her. We either start or leave, right now. I’ll go down and check on mother. When I come back, you can give me your answer.”

Jeanne kissed me and walked away, with me watching her ass. I already knew the answer. I wanted it. It would be people we knew and were comfortable with. Not indiscriminate sex like some I knew, who connected online to fuck total strangers.

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