Dave’s First Time

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College school was an interesting time. I was never popular, and very shy. But high school was over and things couldn’t be more different to how they are now.

If anything, I was glad to be largely invisible. It meant I was left alone. But it did have down sides; no one knew me, I was an enigma to most people. I did find myself with a close group of friends that did include me in class – not the popular kid but the kid that everyone knew of but didn’t actually know.

Then, there was Katy. Whilst at school she changed the way I looked at girls. When she started to wear sports gear in gym class that left nothing to the imagination: it didn’t take long before she became very popular with the boys.

I’d spend many an evening at home thinking about that class on a Thursday, it became the backbone of almost every fantasy I had.

Fortunately, when I went to college, the girls seemed to follow me there, it was for academics, most of the boys were doing apprenticeships, but, being the youngest I found myself suddenly in a different social standing.

Then it came to the end of the year, and we were going on camp to the south coast. It was offered to a group of us who had done well over the year and consisted of about 40 of us.

It would take place the week after my 18th birthday and, To my delight, Katy was amongst the girls that would be going. It was an opportunity to if nothing else, be close to her.

On the third day in we were asked if we wanted to visit the water park for the afternoon. Everyone agreed, so we got our swimming gear together and went to the water park.

I had never liked the feel of baggy swim shorts whenever I swam, I wore tight Lycra trunk shorts that I found more supportive. I was soon to discover why other boys preferred to wear baggy shorts. Having got changed in the cubicles and put my clothes in a locker, I met with a few of the friends that had gone with us.

I don’t know why I’d not noticed it before, but the swimsuits the girls all wore looked amazing. Navy blue one pieces with a sport back and high leg. Their curves just popped out to me, amongst the differing body types of the girls, Katy’s stood out the most.

Katy stood the same high as me 5’10 and like me was an average build, she wasn’t thin but I would not say she was particularly fat. She did however have curves exactly where you wanted them. At that time I had no idea on bust size but looking back I’d say she was a firm teenage c cup.

I soon discovered that this was not a good thing. Just seeing Katy sparked a semi, I found myself growing immediately and the tight comfort of my Lycra trunks was quickly becoming compromised. This really was too much, I had become used to the mental image of her in gym class that seeing her like this mere feet away proved just too much.

We hit the water and I tried to calm myself down. I could feel myself straining against the fabric. The more I tried to take my mind off her, the more she seemed to tease. Eventually I needed to do something.

I waited for the rest to be somewhere else and pulled myself from the pool, hiding my erection that was now clearly outlined against the wet, taught Lycra. I quickly rushed to the cubicle I had gotten changed in and closed the door.

As I stood straight, my hard throbbing length burst from the top of my trunks. I gasped at its freedom and quietly tugged at it to free it completely. Breathing heavily I began to slowly stroke at my wet length. My balls seemed massive and all I could think about was Katy.

I began to stroke faster, eager for relief. I had moved and perched on the hand rail as I quickly worked on my length. Not noticing the door slightly ajar.

“Dave? You around here? Everything ok?” Katy shouted, nearing the cubicle.

I grunted and coughed, nearing my relief. “Ahem, in here, just a second. I er.. “

The door swung open and Katy walked in, I gasped and panted in a panic, cock in hand, red and throbbing about to burst.

“Oh here you are, I wondered where you’d gone.” She said, the door slowly closing behind her under its own weight.

I stood frozen, wait, hang on. She’s not noticed.

This was all just too much, I had no longer been able to control myself. I’d been on the brink and this just tipped me over the edge.

“What are you doing here… Oh… My… God!” She exclaimed.

Her eyes finally landing on the image of my cock gripped by my hand.

“I er… Oh god, nnngh.. No…urgh!” I blurted.

“Oh my!” She retorted with a smirk, stepping in closer.

I began to cum, it spurts out in large hot loads. Spraying her swimsuit like salad dressing. It covered her navel and rolled down her tight Lycra clad body. I grunted and released my grip in time for her to see the veins pulsing.

I was clambering for breath, this was easily to the hottest thing in my life, despite my embarrassment.

“Oh!” She screamed loudly, then catching herself whispered “holy shit Dave, what the hell?”

I stood, still hard and incapable of answering. My cock twitched and Eskort throbbed in my open hand.

Katy paused before acting, she looked around and locked the door. Then, slowly moved closer toward me and grinned.

“I had no idea Dave!” She whispered.

She stopped about a foot away from me in the smallish sized cubicle. I was still cradling my spent semi as she stood there thinking, Staring

Constantly at my length. Her hand subconsciously moved to the cum on her swimsuit and proceeded to rub it into the material. Smearing it down between her legs over the cleft of her swimsuit. Her eyes closed as she continued, she enjoyed the sensation and was almost putting on a show.

“Mmmmmm Dave, do you feel better now? I saw your trunks were strained earlier, but I had no idea it would be so justified.” She whispered barely audibly.

I had begun stroking again, this sight of her massaging my cum into her was the hottest image I’d ever seen. She opened her eyes and saw I was hard again. She giggled and smirked, knowing she was directly responsible.

She then reached out and took my cock from my hand. She felt its heat, its girth and rolled her thumb over the cum soaked bulbous red head as it stood hard against my stomach. Her other hand reached up and pressed against my lips.

“Sssshhhh.. It’s our little secret Dave.”

Then moved her hand don and dipped straight into the trunks, cupping my heavy ball sack. After what seemed an eternity but was only probably just less than a minute, she proceeded to try and tuck me away.

The trunks did nothing to hold the now hefty hard cock that had been sprung into action.

She licked her fingers clean before leaning in and whispered “mmmm thanks!”

She hinted at a kiss, millimeters from my lips, pressing her cum soaked body against mine as she did. I could smell her and I just wanted her more. My hands seemed paralyzed, unable to grab her or take any form of control. She turned and unlocked the door, peaking out then leaving.

I quickly gasped and giggled, locking the door again. I sat in disbelief wondering what the hell just happened.

Unable to shake my erection, I decided to get changed. It would only end in worse embarrassing situations.

Eventually we headed back to camp where I made and excuse for not feeling well. Katy simply acted normal, as if nothing had even happened. I spent the next few days nursing semi-permanent erection thinking about her.

On our last full day we were asked what we wanted to do. It was unanimously agreed by our small group to hit the water park again.

We had all decided to go ready in swimsuits and hit the beach afterwards, Katy and her best friend Heather were very insistent, so we agreed to go.

I was very worried, I had been in a state of arousal for three days and seeing her in the swimsuit again would not ease the situation. I wore some joggers as I wasn’t wearing baggy shorts – which also helped cover up my bulge and had a towel.

My only real tactic was to keep on top of it and try to knock one out before I got too involved with anyone, I headed to the cubicle to get changed and to relieve myself. As I walked down the aisle I heard giggling and saw a door crack out of the corner of my eye.

In the blink of an eye the door swung open and a hand reached for me, pulling me into the cubicle. ‘Click’ the door was locked immediately, I looked to see it was Katy and Heather.

I stood shocked and curious as to what was happening. Heather stood there as Katy took charge of the situation.

Heather was about a foot smaller than Katy but slightly slimmer and had a b cup. They wore identical swimsuits which just added to the sexiness to me.

“So, Dave.. I have a confession to make.” Katy admitted. Giving a small bite of her bottom lip.

I just stood helpless and listened.

“I may have broken our little secret.” Katy continued.

I raised an eyebrow as Katy moved closer. She reached out and grabbed my shirt and lifted it clears of my head. They giggled as she discarded it, then as I kicked off my flip-flops she grabbed my joggers and tugged them down. I stepped from them and kicked them to my shirt.

“Wooo that’s better, I love your trunks.” Katy cheered quietly.

Heather giggled as she watched Katy strip me. Her eyes immediately looked at my bulging trunks. I watched as Heather started to bite her lip too.

“I thought you’d be hard again, did you come to relieve yourself again?” Katy said laughing as she traced the hardening outline of my shaft in my trunks.

I could only muster a nod and a smile. I couldn’t believe what was happening and had no idea where she was going with this.

“Heather look, see what I mean?” Katy turned to ask.

“Mmmm I see, it looks, so… Big…” heather spoke.

Heather reached and gently added her hand to Katy’s touching my pronounced shaft.

“It’s my fault Dave, Katy seemed distracted last night, so.. Whilst we played truth or dare. She had to tell us the truth as to what she was thinking about.” Heather said.

“Us? You mean you told all the girls?” I replied.

“No, just the four of us playing!” Katy added.

I looked even more shocked as Katy continued.

“Me, Heather, Karen and Becky. Just our tent.”

She smiled as she spoke, allowing Heather to move closer as their hands caressed me. I was now thick and hard and began to spill out the top of my trunks, exposing the head of my shaft to the girls.

“Oh my god, look.” Hissed Heather.

Katy giggled and smirked “told you so.”

Katy slid her fingers into the top of my trunks and pulled them down, exposing me fully to the pair.

Heather gasped, seeing my cock in its fullest erection. It already dripped precum and as the trunks slid down my legs, Katy stroked it, pulling the foreskin back, exposing my large red head. The girls gasped again, enjoying the feeling of power they had as they took it in turns to feel my hard, thick shaft and hot, wet cock head in their small teen hands.

“Does this count as the dare fulfilled?” Katy asked Heather.

I couldn’t believe it, this was all part of a dare game. Heather smiled and nodded, seeing my expression leaned in and spoke.

“It’s ok Dave, you can play too?”

She brushed her face past mine, as Katy had done last time hinting at a kiss but not.

“Truth..” she asked.

“Or Dare!” Katy finished.

I gulped and thought, I was already naked with the girls already playing with my cock I had no idea where a dare might go, so I pitched it safe.


Katy smirked as she thought “hmmm what made you need to cum last time?”

I just smiled and looked at them gesturing to their bodies and swimsuits. “This!”

“Oh, so we turned you on did we?” Heather chimed in.

I nodded as they slowly squeezed me. Then, despite my lack of concentration I asked “truth or dare?”

The girls eye widened and they gave a giggle. Unsure as to who should answer, they were already daring to do what they were. Katy answered “truth!”

I quickly asked “what did you like about me cumming on you?”

Katy just grinned and as the thought, she bit her lip again and admitted “the attention, the desire in your eyes, the feel of it on me!”

Heather let out a shocked giggle, then said “truth!”

I smirked at her and asked “what was the dare?”

“I dared her to catch you at it again, but this is much better.” She answered.

We giggled quietly together as they both took turns on stroking my cock. The more they did the easier we all seemed with what was happening.


“Or dare?” The paired synchronized.

I smiled and said again “truth!”

“Mmmm how close are you from cumming?” Katy asked.

I just moaned and whispered “mmm soon.”

She looked with glazed lustful eyes and her grip tightened as she slowly worked on me.

“Ngh.. Truth.. Mmm or d… Dare?” I panted.

The girls looked at each other and both said “dare!”

I grinned sensing I was close, thinking what the hell “I Dare you both catch my cum in your mouths!”

Heather’s shocked face gasped, and she released my cock, wondering before Katy burst into a giggle fit and immediately dropped to her knees and opened her mouth. Just this view alone made me so close.

Heather saw I was too close to the end and just as I grunted fell to her knees beside Katy.

“Urgh god I’m gonna cum!” I hissed. Seeing both faces grin widely open-mouthed eager to receive.

Katy pointed my cock to her mouth first as the large load erupted into her mouth, Heather almost stole the shaft from her as the second load spurted into her awaiting mouth. As I spurted the loads they moved my cock side to side trying to get an even spray between them.

I grunted and gasped, breathless at what had happened. The sight of the two girls wide mouths filled and covered with my cum made me grin. The girls immediately swallowed their loads and cleaned their faces whilst looking up at me, I’d taken over stroking my cock, keeping it hard as they knelt watching.

“Huh, you were right Kat!” Heather said,

Katy nodded as she added “I told you, big and hard even after cumming!”

What I assumed was normal or average was turning out to not be the case with my peers.

Katy looked up and grinned “you know, Heather has a crush on you Dave?

“Hey!” She protested, betrayed by her best friend.

“Oh come on, he just jizzed in your mouth!” Katy retorted.

They giggled as Katy and Heather leaned forward and took a hold of my still hard cock teasing it between them. Gently nuzzling it and licking the shaft experimentally between them. Occasionally taking the cum soaked head in one of their mouths and gently sucking on it before pass it to the other. I was in heaven. Their warm mouths felt Devine, and I was sure to not soften any time soon.


“Or..on… (pop) dare?”

The pair asked again between their mouthfuls.

I smirked and now with the confidence of a God I looked down and hissed “dare!”

The girls giggled at my new-found confidence, their eyes looking up like cute puppies.

Katy looked at Heather and smirked, Heather was exploring my cock with her tongue and mouth; too busy to notice Katy scheme.

“I dare you to…” Katy teased.

Heather popped from my stiff dick as if a parent had removed a lolly from a baby’s mouth, Breathing heavily but desperately wanting more. Awaiting to see what Katy would dare me.

“Touch our pussies?” Katy finished.

She stood up and sat on the long bench, legs wide apart and as Heather turned to look at her, she grabbed her swimsuit and pulled it aside to reveal her drenched, trimmed brunette pussy. It was everything and more that I’d hoped it would be. I reached down and with my index finger I traced up and down her slit gently.

She gave a very sexy coo as she felt my touch. It was hot and wet, I reached the two and found a lump. As soon as I found it she gave a burst of air and gasp.

“Oh Shit.” Katy hissed.

Heather gasped as she watched my fingers fumble around her friends labia. I had no idea what to do, but she liked the lump being touched, so I focused on rubbing it gently in a circular motion.

Katy’s face flushed red and she breathed heavily. Whining as she did. I slid a finger inside her and used my thumb to take over on the lump. She was already squirming and Heather had now stood beside me and whispered “I think you found her clit, she’s gonna cum if you’re not careful.”

Then sat beside her and pulled her swimsuit aside too, her slit was just as trimmed and was a very light blonde, almost non-existent. Her puffy lips glistened and my other hand really had for hers and mimicking the other side began to rub her.

I stood bent over fingering the girls as they squirmed and moaned quietly at my touches. My cock was still hard and I found my balls had started to tingle. They felt like they were refilling and were slowly taking control.

My first sexual experience was more than I’d ever hoped for. As the two girls trembled as I worked on them, Katy began to tug her swimsuit over her shoulders and exposed her c cups at me. She grabbed one and began kneading her breast as I fingered her.

Heather did the same and was now mirroring Katy. Both writhing under my touch, teetering on the edge as I teased. As I calmed my movements, Katy grinned breathlessly as I looked at her almost naked body and grinned back at her.

“Truth or dare?” She asked, looked straight into my eyes.

“Dare!” I answered without hesitation.

“I dare you to fuck us?” Katy whined,

“Oh f-fuck!” Heather responded.

Katy smirked, hungry and horny for more.

“But protection?” Heather hissed quietly.

“If I’m going to fuck bare, I want it to be that cock!” Katy exclaimed. Dazed about her lust.

I looked and shrugged, smirking and not wanting this moment to ever end.

Heather smile grew wider at the thought, smirked and whispered to Katy “is this classed as a date?” The pair giggled as I moved myself closer, unable to believe I was about to fuck the girl of my dreams.

I lined myself up at Katy’s hot, juices soaked entrance. Taking in the view of her pussy lips as they parted for my large cock head as I rubbed it up and down her entrance.

Katy leaned and whispered as I reached her hole, reaching for Heather as she braced for my entry. Gasping and panting as she felt my thick, solid cock head trying to penetrate her.

“Oh!” She whined high-pitched and almost too loud for our surroundings.

Heather grabbed her and held her hand to her mouth as I pushed my head inside her with a pop.

I paused as she adjusted herself and as she relaxed Heather let go.

“Holy fuck! That’s good.” Katy burst.

I slowly pushed myself upwards and inched myself into her. It seemed to go on for ages before I finally found myself completely buried inside her. Had I not cum earlier this would most definitely have caused an embarrassing premature burst inside her.

“Oh god, yes, so.. Good.. Mmmhmmm… Are you gonna fuck me Dave? Huh? Are ya gonna fuck me?” Katy hissed in a husky carnal voice.

I thought I’d be a little lost as to what to exactly do, but my instincts were kicking in. The tingling in my balls had grown and I just hiked her knees-up and started to pull out almost completely and then slowly start to push myself back inside her. The first thrust made her whine loudly again, this time she reached Heather and pulled her in for a kiss before whispering to her.

“Oh my god, your boyfriend has a big cock!”

Katy whispered again as Heather giggled “thank you for sharing him.”

I paused briefly, taking in what was said

**boyfriend? Hmmm well now.. **

I looked at Heather who simply blushed at the proposition, I smiled and gave her a knowing wink.

“Thanks for letting me fuck your best friend darling!” I added.

We giggled briefly at the moment as I began to pick up my pace. The speed and hardness of my thrusts now picking up, Katy was once again whining and moaning close to an orgasm. I knew if she did, I’d probably cum myself again too.

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