Davis Twins Ch. 07

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Meanwhile, Roger was calling Mary and Barbara Lake forward. Alex couldn’t wait to get to this pair. Mary’s body was incredible, and her mother was built just like her. Barbara had huge boobs. Alex had never seen anything like them. And she had a big round ass to match. These two ladies were going to be a lot of fun.

Mary was shaking. She was terribly shy to begin with, and now she was going to have to remove her pants and panties in front of everyone. The poor girl looked to her mom for help, but Barbara was already dropping her jeans and getting ready to lower her underwear.

Barbara wasn’t going to bother to argue. She had seen what happened to Lisa, and knew that she was going to get spanked and stuffed and there was no way around it. So the curvy lady was just going to do her best to get it over with. Barbara took her pants and panties down, and waited for the inevitable. At least with the Masons already spread and stuffed, just standing there with her pussy exposed wasn’t as embarrassing.

Sobbing, Mary took her jeans down and then removed her panties. As soon as she was bare, Mary was taken to Alex and laid over his lap. Alex had to just stop and stare for a moment. That big, round ass was so inviting. He gave that soft, big thing one nice squeeze, and then began blistering it. That huge ass began turning a beautiful, bright red, and Mary made such cute noises.

Mary felt her ass get one good squeeze, and then a moment later it was being smacked and smacked. The round little girl began to shriek and squeak, as her behind got brighter and warmer. Barbara watched her daughter’s bottom get spanked and she knew that her big ass was going to turn just as red in a few minutes. In fact all too soon, Barbara saw her crying daughter pulled off of Alex, and found herself laid over his lap, with her large butt ready for its medicine. And then Barbara was kicking and crying as her ass was being thoroughly spanked.

As Barbara’s poor bottom got hotter and hotter, Barbara got madder and madder. Not at Alex, or Roger, or even her husband. No she got really angry with her stupid daughter for getting her into this mess. Never mind that she had thought what Mary had done had been harmless, now she blamed her daughter for the smacks her ass was taking, as well as what would happen to her next. By the time Barbara was pulled to her feet and allowed to rub her steaming behind, the woman was almost willing to take whatever happened, as long as that stupid Mary got what was coming to her.

After Alex was done pounding both those backsides, he led the Lake women into his playroom. As soon as he had them inside, he began pulling their tops off. He had to see those huge tits. First Mary’s DDs were out, and Alex had all sorts of fun with those. After that, it was Barbara’s turn. Her 44F bra followed her daughter’s to the ground, and her boobs were soon being bounced and pinched and fondled in turn.

When he was finished with those gigantic boobs, it was time for Alex to move on to the ladies’ pussies. So the boy ordered both women to get on the bed and spread them open. Mary just stared and asked her mom what she was supposed to do. Barbara just growled back at her, telling her to get her pussy open so the boy could play with it. Mary began to cry, and Barbara told her to shut up. It had been all fun and games, when Alex was the one played with. Now, because of her, Barbara had to have her pussy played with too. So Mary better just shut up and do what she was told, if she knew what was good for her. Sobbing, Mary did just that, and a moment later, both women were on their backs, with their pussylips pulled wide apart.

Barbara was the first to have her pussy probed, and strangely she almost didn’t mind. Not when she could look over and see how upset her pain in the ass daughter was. Here she was, spread out with a finger stuck up her, and all her stupid teenager could do was worry about herself. Like it wasn’t all her fault, anyway. And that finger wouldn’t be in there that long.

Sure enough the digit was pulled out of her channel, and Barbara could see the boy reaching down between Mary’s legs. Mary actually screamed as Alex touched her little puss for the first time. She was yelling for momma to stop it. Barbara told her to just be quiet and take it. After all, she wasn’t the one who was going to get a cucumber stuffed up her slit.

Mary couldn’t help it. She kept crying as Alex played with her private parts. No one had ever touched her there, and her mom was so mad at her. Mary wasn’t sure which was worse, the fact that Alex was playing with her pussy, or the way her mother was telling her that she should just accept it and shut up.

Meanwhile, Alex was having a great time playing with Mary’s little lips. That thing was really cute. But next he wanted to see this mother and daughter fire off. So he moved the hand on Mary’s pussy up to her clit, while he put his other hand back between her mom’s legs to find her clit as well. When Ankara escort he had the two little buttons located, Alex started working on both of them.

Barbara’s breath hissed in as the boy brushed her clit for the first time. DAMN!! She should have known this was coming. After what the girls had done to Alex, she should have known she would be masturbated, too. DAMN!! DAMN!!! DAMN!!!! She just didn’t need to cum in front of her daughter, although from the way she was carrying on, Mary was more upset about it than she was.

Mary was begging Alex to stop. She couldn’t bear to have to cum in front of her mom. The poor girl was already starting to shake her pussy a little, and Alex just continued to play with her. It had to STOP!!!! If Alex kept doing what he was doing, Mary would end up howling and bouncing around in front of her MOM!!! And then it was too late. Mary couldn’t fight it any longer. The teenager let out a long scream and began bouncing her lower body around all over the place.

Barbara almost laughed as she saw her daughter fire off. But that had distracted her from fighting off her own orgasm. So, a moment later, she was howling and thrashing right next to her child. Alex just waited until both females had caught their breath, then he calmly told them both to roll over.

Little Mary asked Alex why she needed to roll over. He started to answer, but the girl’s mom beat him to it. “He wants us to roll over so he can play with our buttholes, you idiot. After we’re over, he’ll make us get up to our knees and pull our behinds open. Then, while we hold our cheeks open, he’ll play with our anuses. And of course when he’s done, he’s going to shove one of those carrots up yours.”

For a moment, Mary thought her mom was joking. But then she looked over and saw the carrots waiting in the corner, and she realized her mom was right. Oh NO!!!!!! The teenager pleaded with her mom and Alex. There was no way she could take a carrot pushed into her little bottomhole.

As Mary broke down into tears, Barbara once again told her to shut up. Certainly she could take a carrot up her ass. After all, her mom got her asshole plugged at least twice a week. When Mary heard that, she stopped crying long enough to ask her mom what she was talking about.

“Whenever your father has a hard day, he screws me up my bottomhole when he gets home. In fact, sometimes he’ll call me from the office and tell me to have my butthole ready when he gets home. Then I’m expected to be naked and on my knees on the bed when he arrives. That way he can just come upstairs and shove it into my ass. He says my butthole is very relaxing for him. Once, he held a thirty-minute conference call from our house, and he kept his thing shoved up my ass the entire time. So don’t tell me you can’t take a little old carrot up your poor little butthole.”

Mary couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Did her parents really do those sorts of things? And was that really what Alex wanted her to do? She looked up at Alex, and he was just nodding his head. He actually wanted her and her mom to do exactly what her mother had said. Mary took a deep breath and prepared to open her ass up for the boy.

Barbara and Mary both rolled over onto their stomachs, and then they got up to their knees. Alex couldn’t help grinning as he then watched both women reach back and pull their big round asses, wide open. When they were done, both ladies just stayed there with their assholes just waiting for whatever Alex wanted to do with them.

They didn’t have to wait long. Alex very shortly had fingers up both those cute little assholes. Barbara was used to having a guy play around in her anus, so she just knelt there and took it. But Mary had never had anyone do this to her before. It felt so strange having Alex wiggling around in there. And right in front of her, Mary could see those carrots. The boy’s finger felt tight in that hole. How would one of those carrots ever fit in there?

Alex played around in the ladies’ anuses for a while. Then he decided he wanted to see the women cum again. So he pulled his finger out of the two backsides. After that, he told the Lakes to get onto their backs again and open up their pussies so he could make them go off again.

Barbara wasn’t happy. She didn’t want to be masturbated again, but at least Mary would have to go through it, too. That would almost be worth it. So Mrs. Lake rolled onto her back and spread her legs. Then she reached down and pulled her lips open, so Alex would be able to get to her clit. When she was ready, Barbara looked over and saw Mary on her back as well. Her daughter hadn’t spread yet, and Barbara wondered what she was thinking.

Mary didn’t want to cum again. It was humiliating to scream and bounce her pussy around in front of Alex, to say nothing of her mom. But she also knew she had nothing to say in the matter. So Mary finally opened her legs and spread her pussy. It was going to happen, so the girl might as well Ankara escort bayan get it over with.

When Alex had the two ladies where he wanted them, he went back to work on their clits. It really was great to humiliate them the way he was humiliated. The boy watched the two ladies start to bounce and moan as they were masturbated. As much fun as it was, though, Alex was also getting very horny himself. The boy was really starting to wonder what it would be like to just pull his dick out and shove it into either one of those pussies. But he didn’t dare. Alex didn’t really think that was part of what he was allowed to do, and the boy wouldn’t do anything to mess up this evening.

Mary and Barbara began to hump again, as their pussies were played with and they got closer and closer to cumming again. They both tried to stop it, but they knew it was hopeless. In a moment they would both fire off in front of that boy. Then they both realized it had stopped. Alex wasn’t playing with them any more. Both women gathered themselves and tried to figure out what was going on.

Alex had decided that he wanted to make the girls cum again, but it would be more fun to do it after they were both stuffed. Also, this time he wanted to make the ladies cram those things up their holes themselves. So Alex told the ladies to get up and get themselves stuffed. Then they were to come over and have Alex make them cum. Only the lady who took the longest to do it, would have to play with herself and fire off one more time after that.

The Lakes were both trembling. They were supposed to get up and push those vegetables into themselves. Then they were to have Alex masturbate them to orgasm. But whichever one took too long, had to masturbate herself in front of the other two. Oh NOOOO! Well Barbara wasn’t about to play with herself like that. No, her twit daughter could do it. Mrs. Lake quickly gathered herself and headed over to the table. She grabbed one of the cucumbers and prepared to get the thing into her pussy.

Mary was right behind her. The teenager couldn’t bear the idea of playing with herself in front of Alex, anything had to be better than that. The girl dashed to the table and grabbed a carrot. Her mom was already sticking the cucumber up her pussy. But this thing was supposed to go up her anus. How would it fit in there? Well it had to go. Gritting her teeth, Mary placed the point of the carrot at her anal opening, and began to push the thing in.

Barbara had lined the cucumber up with her slit, and was starting to work it in. Damn that thing was BIG!!!!. Mrs. Lake pulled her lips as far apart as she could, and began stuffing it in. GOD!!! It was pushing into places nothing had ever gone before, but it had to get in there. Barbara kept shoving. It was halfway up now. Her poor pussy had never been stuffed like this before. Barbara pushed and pushed. It was hard to get a deep breath. The woman swore she could feel that thing pushing into her lungs, but it still had more to go.

Mary was working too. The point was in her ass. Now to get the rest of it up there. The first third or so went real easy, but it kept widening out. It was starting to stretch her opening. But that didn’t matter. Mary knew it was going up her butt one way of another, so she just kept working. The teenager pushed and pushed, and more of the carrot went into her rectum. It was unbelievable. Mary felt like her poor hole was as wide as a tree trunk, but there was still more to go. That thing had to get completely up her butt.

Mrs. Lake could see her daughter stretching her asshole around that carrot. She was going to that thing in pretty soon. Barbara had to beat her. The woman braced herself. Then, with one loud shriek, Barbara shoved that cucumber all the way up. As soon as she felt her lips close over that thing, Mary’s mom told Alex that she was ready to cum. Then she pulled her lips back apart and waited for him to work her. Quickly, Alex’s hand was at her clit, and Barbara was humping against it as best she could. She had to beat her daughter.

Mary couldn’t believe it. Her mom had crammed that whole thing up her hole, and Alex was already masturbating her. She had to catch up. Harder and harder, Mary pushed at that carrot, but the farther in it went, the slower began to go. Finally, just when Mary thought she’d never make it, the widest part popped into her butt, and her little anus closed over the carrot. As soon as she was completely filled, Mary spread her pussy open and told Alex to start working on her. The boy’s fingers were soon at her clit, and Mary struggled to focus and orgasm quickly.

Alex was working on both clits, and the two women both shuddered and shook. It was no contest, though. Mary really never had a chance. Barbara was much more experienced, and was much better able to get her body to respond. And the cucumber in her pussy didn’t make things nearly as difficult as the carrot up Mary’s butt. Mary felt like she had barely gotten started, Escort Ankara when her mother let out a howl and began cumming again. Poor Mary knew that not only was she going to have to let Alex finish her off now, but that after he was done, she was going to have to do it again, herself.

Mary gathered herself and concentrated on cumming. Until she did, this wasn’t going to end. And after all, that hand on her clit did feel pretty good. The teenager shut everything else out of her mind. It took a few minutes, but soon she was screaming and humping like she was supposed to.

When Mary had collected herself, she saw Alex staring at her. Then she remembered what she still had to do. Well, there was no getting around it. The teenager sat down on the bed, (carefully with that goddamned carrot up her ass) and spread her legs out. Then she got down to business. The sooner she got herself off, the sooner this would be over. Mary tried to shut out the sight of Alex staring at her pussy while she played with it, and concentrate what she was doing.

Meanwhile Alex took a seat on the bed and called Barbara over. Mrs. Lake came to him, and as soon as she was in reach, Alex pulled her back over his lap. Barbara screamed at the boy, that he had told her she was done., but Alex reminded her that he had simply said that she wouldn’t have to play with herself.

With that, Alex grabbed one of those big beautiful boobs in one hand, and stuck the other hand over her pussy. He was playing with the cucumber crammed in that hole, and Mrs. Lake was squirming like crazy. And speaking of squirming, Mary was doing pretty good as she worked her pussy over as well.

Alex couldn’t believe that he hadn’t thought of this before. That huge tit was great, especially hanging down like that. And this was a fantastic way to play with one of those pussies. He could rub his hand all over it, and whenever he felt like it, he could play with that big green thing stuck up in there. Mrs. Lake didn’t seem to be enjoying it as much, but that was her problem. And, shoot, come to think of it, there was that other hole to play with as well.

Barbara was actually praying for her stupid daughter to hurry up and cum already. Her big boob was being squeezed and bounced around, and the boy would rub her pussy and wiggle that cucumber in there. And SHOOT!! now he had a thumb up her BUTT!!!

Mary watched her mother squirm as Alex poked and prodded her. That was enough to push her over. The teenager let out another howl and she rubbed her clit and bounced her pussy around. When she had settled down again, Alex was calling her over. He told her to take her mom’s place on his lap. After that, he’d be done with them.

Barbara didn’t need to be told twice. She rolled off Alex’s lap to make room for Mary. The girl sadly draped herself across the small boy’s lap. Alex played with her huge boobs, and he pulled and pushed on that carrot. Finally, the boy decided he had done enough with these two. He took both ladies by their hands and escorted them back into the other room.

As Alex and his two companions entered the room, the men all laughed and applauded. Alex’s last order had been for the two ladies to hold their boobs up as they walked in. So the men were treated to the sight of those women holding their huge tits straight out in front of them. It was beautiful.

After that, the ladies were allowed to lower their tits. Then Barbara took her position spread out next to Mrs. Mason, while Mary took hers bent over next to Ginny. When these two were put away, the Timmons women were called forward.

Alex took his seat and prepared to spank the next two women. That was when he noticed something kind of odd. All the other women he had punished, had sort of trembled before they got what was coming to them. And while little Amy Timmons certainly didn’t look happy about what was coming, her mom had a kind of quirky little smile on her face. No, Laura Timmons didn’t look frightened at all.

Meanwhile, Debbie was being pushed over Greg Timmons’ lap. Alex’s mother was so tired of this. Her poor bottom was on fire from all the spanking it had received. And this would be the third strange man to get to poke around inside her holes. Her vagina and anus were already so sore, and Debbie wasn’t naive enough to believe that the last two men would forgo their opportunities to play with them. Then, a moment later, all thoughts were pushed aside as Mrs. Davis began shrieking again under her next spanking. By the time Greg was tired of smacking her ass, and had begun pushing fingers inside her orifices, Debbie was almost relieved to be just being probed instead of having her bottom blistered any more.

While, this was going on, Alex was spanking poor little Amy. The boy was actually scared he might injure the girl, she was so tiny. But he was still going to smack hard enough to make sure she had a bright red pair of buns. Amy didn’t shriek or scream, she just cried continuously as she was punished. Her poor behind was burning, and that awful boy just kept smacking it. When she was finally pulled back to her feet, little Amy just stood there sobbing and rubbing her bottom, while her mom was prepared for her spanking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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