Deal or No Deal

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My entire body lit up with soreness as I turned over to meet the harsh glint of sun poking through the morning sky. I grew concerned as my nails dragged into a pavement-like material underneath me as I stretched. My eyes flashed open and I quickly realized that I was not sitting in the comfortable confines of my bed, nevertheless in my house. I was underneath the giant football bleachers at my high school and naked! The frigid pavement pressed against my breasts while I lied there, sprawled out without a care. When I was finally able to wobble to my feet, I scoured the area for my car keys or clothes. All I found were large puddles of sticky cum flowing from where my body was and a hastily scribbled note with my name on it.


Thanks for the entertainment last night during the homecoming football game. Your keys and clothes are somewhere in the school building, but before you leave, I want you to see our incredible fuck as the fans roared above us. On the back of this note is my school entrance code for you to gain access.

See you soon.”

The note didn’t contain a signature nor penmanship that I could recognize. Fear overtook me in that moment. “What did I do last night? Who fucked me DURING THE GAME?” the questions spun in my mind, shouting at my brain to recall. Without wasting any more time, I sprinted down my school’s long driveway barefoot to one of the cafeteria entrances closest to the football field. I nervously punched the code in the keypad and was quickly reassured by the confident chirp of the security system unlocking the steel door.

The entire building was dark except for a few emergency lights speckled across the eerie hallways. There was not a single sound as my bare foot tiptoed across the icy white cafeteria tile. The room was empty as all of the lunch tables were neatly folded and pushed against the wall, leaving the glossy floor to reflect the red beams of light from the exit signs. I spotted another note in the middle of the floor.

“Head to the administration wing and use the same code.”

I complied, running down the vast stretches of emerald green lockers and bleached tiles. After five exhausting minutes, I managed to bust into the administration wing where all of the principal and vice principal offices are housed near the main office. The shades in this wing were all pulled down, causing it to become almost pitch black. However, I managed to find another white note through the glint of sunlight peeking through the creases of the shades.

I dreaded reading that note as it was posted on one of the vice principal’s doors: Mr. Deutsch. He was infamous for being the guilty pleasure of virtually every female student that attends this high school. This man was the epitome of sexiness, at least to us. He was about 6’3 with a toned, muscular build hidden underneath serious, light colored dress shirts and black slacks where his hard bulge was visible sometimes… His crew cut hair was a coconut brown while complimenting Escort Güngören his coral blue eyes, which made his sharp, serious stare a hundred times more convincing. Mr. Deutsch and I have grown familiar over the years as I led many after school clubs and was known for being a fantastic, cooperative student. He would attend many board meetings, sporting events, and enjoyed being among the rush of students throughout the day, making his presence known to the good and the bad.

“Come in.” the only two words scribbled onto the paper.

I gulped as I took the note into my hand and slowly turned the knob, not knowing what was behind that door. With a loud creak, Deutsch’s office door swung open revealing a disturbing sight. On his computer monitor, with a bright, clear picture and loud audio, a video popped up on to the screen. Loud moaning commenced with some choppy audio and blank picture. Suddenly, the person on screen shifted the camera and I was dumbfounded at what I saw.

“Fuck me, Deutschy, fuck me!”

There I was. Bent over, on my knees, under the bleachers, getting speared by my vice principal. I gasped out of shock, however, some curiosity and intrigue flashed within me as I continued to watch the amateur video. Moisture grew in between my legs while the video progressed. I was mesmerized watching his long, thick cock disappear into my tight, teen pussy. Mr. Deutsch was enjoying our risky tryst, clawing my hips as he frantically pumped into my hole and moaning quietly into my ear on film. My buttocks and full breasts swayed, yearning for him to fill me up. I blushed at the slutty smirk that was smeared across my face, committing various sins and breaking numerous rules. But, I was enjoying every moment of it, clearly.

Lost in the hot video, my hands made their way into my pants unconsciously. I was desperate to relieve myself after discovering how I spent my Friday night, hypnotized at the entire run down as our screams of pleasure and the spectators’ howls of excitement echoed in the background. Suddenly, a pair of strong hands grabbed onto my hips. Before I could panic, they pulled me into the chest, pressing their hard on into my spine with their right arm wrapped around my breasts. Their masculine, musky scent was shockingly familiar as their breath trickled down my neck, bringing me back to reality.

“I see you’re enjoying the show,” Mr. Deutsch snickered, planting searing hot kisses down my back.

A moan ripped from my throat as he nipped me gently, indulging in the warmth of my silky, caramel skin. His voice almost made me drop to my knees as I heard the clinking of his belt buckle and his pants fall to the floor. Deutsch’s presence was overwhelming in the small, cramped room causing me to spread my legs and bending over his desk without question. Two of his manly fingers slipped into my wet hole, exploring his nestling place and making me squirm underneath him.

“The effect I have on İnnovia Escort you,” he whispered in a low voice. “Is simply unbelievable.”

“Mmm,” my mouth was finally able to sputter out words. “You’re very persuasive indeed.”

Mr. Deutsch slammed his entire eight inch member into my tight pussy with one desperate push. His old desk squeaked violently as he fucked me to the hilt. My tits swayed mercilessly while his bulbous head jammed against my cervix. I played with my hard clit, still entranced by the raw fuck video plastered on the screen. At that moment, I thought I was dreaming, but pleading not to be woken up in fear of losing such a vivid dream. His rounded fingernails left deep prints on my waist as Deutsch plunged himself deeper.

“Fuck me,” I mumbled the entire time, begging him to proceed. “I need to get into more trouble!”

We cleared down his desk, dabbling in every position we managed to put ourselves in for a couple of hours. Thankfully, no one else was in the building to witness our long morning of explicit, steamy sex, pleasuring themselves at the moaning and grunting from behind the closed door. From wall to wall, his desk chair, riding him on top of his desk, and on the floor, Mr. Deutsch was finally able to show me what he thought of our situation, screwing me hard and announcing to the world the name of his “favorite student.” With a couple of deep thrusts, he fired off hot, sticky loads of cum, shooting into my slick, fuzzy pussy as his index finger ground my clit until I flew into the air from impending orgasm.

We shuddered against each other for some time, rubbing our clammy, sweaty bodies against each other and locking into deep, wet kisses. Deutsch’s icy blue eyes brought me back to the present, making me aware of the magnitude of what we did moments ago and the night before. I watched his lip pucker and eyes squint as he probably came to the same realization, still entranced by my nakedness against his clothed body.

“Those hard nipples are calling my name,” Mr. Deutsch giggled vindictively, casually playing with my tit as his arm reached over my body and his sultry breath pooled on my tawny, hairless skin. “It must be cold in here for them to be like that.”

“Oh yeah,” I trembled, nervous in front of my administrator. “May I have my clothes back please?”

“And what do I get in return?”

“Well, you fucked me three times during the football game and we just fucked again. Not to mention, you have it on tape, sir. What more could you want?”

The jingling of my car keys aroused my excitement, as it was the reason I reentered the school building. Exhausted, Mr. Deutsch dragged his tall self to his feet, buckled his pants, and then pulled my keys out of his slack pocket, waving them over me as I continued to lie on the ground like a dog begging for a nasty, stale biscuit that I desperately worked for.

“Stand up and get dressed,” Mr. Deutsch commanded, tossing a pile Kağıthane escort bayan of my clothes I wore to the game from one of his lower desk drawers. “I’ll propose my deal after you cover yourself and I can think without my joystick leading the way…”

“A deal?” I laughed in his face, pulling on my black skinny jeans and tight school jersey. “Like what, dare I ask?”

This man was too sexy for me to stand. Even though we’d been screwing each other for almost twelve hours, he was making my body his playground, even when we weren’t touching. My clit hardened as Deutsch’s muscles pulsed through his dress shirt sleeves while he leaned against his desk, biting his lip while deep in thought. Mr. Deutsch never took his eyes off of me, possessing me with the sharpest, most powerful glare I’ve ever seen.

“In exchange for our rendezvous to be kept secret, you come twice a week to my office whenever I call you over the PA system. I don’t care what you’re doing, if you’re in a lab period, taking an exam, or playing kickball on the fields: your ass is in my office. Deal?”

“What should I tell my teachers? Isn’t that a tiny bit suspicious? I’ve never gotten ‘in trouble’ before, so many people will question it when they hear my name over and over again.”

“Fuck them. They’re paid to babysit you, not question an administrator’s orders. You’re too sexy of a student to lose and I want them to play by my rules. There’s something special about you that attracts me to you besides your goddess-like body. Not to mention, I’d like to think you enjoyed yourself with me this weekend.”

“Yes, sir,” I shook my head with a wide-toothed grin. “You don’t know how many nights I’ve brought myself to countless orgasms, dreaming about nights like that during my senior year when I became legal. But…I have a deal for you as well, seeing that I have you in the hot seat.”

“Oh?” Mr. Deutsch, taken back and surprised that I spun the situation around. I could tell he wasn’t expecting that.

“Whenever I want you to take care of my needs,” I began, gathering my thoughts and purposely building the suspense for him. “You have to come to my location and do whatever you have to do to remain hidden. I don’t care what you’re doing, really. Paying bills, balancing a check book, watching the game, or jerking off: your ass is with me. Deal?”

The stakes were one hundred times higher that time. I could tell he was a bit uncomfortable and didn’t appreciate my counter proposition as he wanted it on his terms. However, Mr. Deutsch failed to realize that one unhealthy quality we shared was the compulsive need to be in control. I smirked at him, recognizing that I had him beat just from the flicker of his eyelids and sulking of his signature slick smile that we all came to love. I did want our playtime to continue though, as this was a rare opportunity that I simply could not have passed up.

“Deal,” Mr. Deutsch broke the silence and shook my hand with a sincere grip. “Although, this has to end well for the BOTH of us. We have to continue with great discretion to reach graduation unscathed. That pussy is going to be soaked for me by Monday morning anyway.”

“Who said anything about waiting that long?” I winked at him, twirling my car keys around my index finger.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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