Dean and Marie Ch. 04

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All individuals in this story are over the age of 18. This story is a continuation of the first three parts. You may want to read those before reading this to understand what has gone on between Dean and Marie. Please enjoy this final chapter of Dean and Marie.


Dean and Marie woke almost simultaneously the following morning and although Dean was a bit sore from the treatment Marie had put him through he pulled her to him and cuddled her close. “Mad at me?” Marie whispered quietly.

“Now why would I be mad at you?” Dean whispered into her ear as he held her.

“After what I put you through I have a right to be concerned.” Marie said as she tried to turn over and look at Dean.

“You made me very happy Marie and I can’t thank you enough for pushing my boundaries.” Dean again whispered to her.

“I was a little rough on you and I could have toned it down a bit.” Marie replied

“Would you have wanted me to tone it down if the shoe was on the other foot?” Dean asked Marie as he again pulled her close.

“No, I would have probably been left with an empty feeling wondering why you didn’t push me harder.” Marie said as she pulled his arms closer around her so he could cup her breasts.

“Then you have your answer don’t you. If I couldn’t take it you would have sensed it. Besides it’s not every day I get a golf club shoved up my ass.” Dean said with a laugh.

Marie elbowed him for the comment and then they just lay there together and enjoyed each other for almost an hour. Dean finally decided it was time to get up and started to move. “Where are you going?” Marie asked.

“I am going to go and get the information that we need to look over for the conference. I thought we could lie in bed together and look over the materials since we don’t have a long time left.” Dean told her as he was climbing out of bed.

“It’s only Monday and we don’t have to be back until next Monday. Quit being a worry wart and get back in bed.” Marie challenged him.

“Nope, we have work to do and we are going to do it today while we have time.” Dean replied as he pulled out his phone.

“What do you need your phone for?” Marie questioned as he walked out the bedroom door.

Dean walked back inside the bedroom door and he threw the papers to Marie and just said, “Get started I will be with you in a minute.”

Marie huffed and opened the packet of papers that she had brought with her about the conference they were supposed to be attending. She did not want to do this today and she was going to go out of her way to see that it did not happen. Dean could be heard through the door as he came back in the bedroom talking to someone on the phone. “You have everything ready for us. Yes, yes, that’s right only for two of us.”

Marie’s ears perked up on hearing that. She immediately wanted to know what Dean was up to and who he was talking to. “Who is on the phone?” Marie inquired.

“I was on the phone you just saw me hang up.” Dean said with a smirk.

“You know very well what I am talking about. Who were you talking to on the phone?” Marie said with a bit of inquisitiveness.

“Oh just a guy I know from college. He is helping me set something up and I was just checking to see if they had made any progress on the project.” Dean replied trying to irritate her by not answering the question.

“I was not aware of any project you were working on or at least you had never mentioned it before.” Marie stated firmly.

“That’s because I had not told you about it so let’s get back to the paperwork we need to go over before any more of the day is wasted.” Dean said as he crawled back into bed and took the papers from Marie.

“You are being bull headed and a pain in the ass you know that. Why can’t you just tell me what is going on?” Marie said as she grabbed some of the papers away from Dean.

“When I am ready to tell you what is going on I will so quit fretting and get to work before I give you something to fret over.” Dean said as he started to read the paperwork.

“Yep, bull headed, a pain in the ass, and stubborn to boot and I am not fretting.” Marie said as she turned away from Dean.

“Okay missy you want to play hardball I will give you hardball.” Dean said as he grabbed her and turned and flung her over his lap.

“You better not, I haven’t done anything wrong so leave me alone.” Marie said a she went over his lap on the bed.

“Oh I am going to leave you alone it’s your cute little ass that is going to get my attention at this point.” Dean replied as he flipped her night shirt up over her ass. She of course wasn’t wearing any panties and he started to smack her ass one shot after another. He continued to give her fairly playful slaps but some of them were a bit heavier than others.

Marie tried to twist and turn to avoid them and it really didn’t help much as Dean continued to slap her ass. It was starting to turn a little pink when he pulled her off his lap and said, “Best looking ass I have arcane izle seen since last night and it looks better with a little shade of pink on it.”

Marie just looked at him but she knew better than to ask what it was for because she already knew. She grabbed the papers and started to read with a bit of a huff when Dean looked at her and said, “Do I need to continue?”

Marie just sat there and said, “No you don’t need to continue.”

They both sat there for the next two hours and went over the materials and Dean finally said, “Okay let’s quiz each other over the materials to see if we have the jest of it and if we do then we can go do something else.”

Marie said, “Fine.”

Dean gave her a look and she said “I didn’t mean it the way it came out, I’m sorry.”

Dean started to quiz Marie and she quizzed him as well and they figured with the two of them that they had everything down well enough to be passable. Dean looked at Marie and said, “Well I guess we better get up and get started then. You need to pack some clothes for the outdoors for about five days.”

Marie just looked at him and said, “What are we doing or better yet what did you do?”

“We are going to be going on an adventure down a river about four hours from here. All the things we need are already taken care of. We just need to bring clothes and any other things you think we might need for the trip and we can leave.” Dean replied.

“Why couldn’t you just tell me that before?” Marie asked giving him a look.

“It was a surprise and I wasn’t ready to tell you yet and I knew if I pushed you hard enough I would get to spank that adorable little ass of yours and it worked.” Dean said with a smirk.

Marie went for a towel and started to swirl it and Dean told her that she needed to remember that there won’t be any towels like that where they were going and he would have the upper hand. Marie dropped the towel and asked Dean what she needed to pack.

“You will need jeans, walking shoes, tennis shoes, your basic necessities. You won’t need any girly stuff since we are staying in a tent every night. Wear things that make you comfortable.” Dean replied.

“Okay, I will pack like I am going camping then.” Marie replied and then she started throwing things in the suitcase. Marie even packed a few things just for fun and one girly thing to wear as well when Dean wasn’t looking.

By 1 o’clock they had everything packed into Dean’s truck and they were off and they made good time due to the fact that most everyone was at work and traffic was light. They arrived at the site at 4:30 p.m. and Dean got out of the truck and talked to the guy that ran the place. He pointed down to the river and told them that their stuff was already in the canoe.

Dean told Marie to go put her stuff in one of the yellow dry bags and to put on a life jacket and they would be off very soon.

Marie looked at Dean and headed down to the canoe and packed her things in the dry bag and then turned to Dean and said, “I don’t need a life jacket since I can swim.”

Dean just looked at her and said, “It’s not up for discussion. Put it on or stay here, your choice.”

Marie put the life jacket on and Dean was down to the canoe shortly after packing his things in the dry bag. He finished that and then put on his life jacket and then pushed the canoe off into the water as he slipped into the back of the canoe. Marie had been in a canoe before so Dean did not have to explain how to paddle which saved a lot of time and they made good time getting to the first campsite of the evening.

It was about 8:30 p.m. when they arrived so they had a little time to set camp and gather wood before night fell. Dean had Marie help him with the tent and then he had her unpack their stuff while he gathered wood and built a fire. It was just getting dark when he got the fire going and then he walked over to Marie and wrapped his arms around her and gave her a big hug.

“What was that for?” Marie asked.

“Because it seemed like the thing to do and besides, I wanted to.” Dean replied.

“I will give you a week to stop.” Marie said with a laugh.

“I would like nothing more but we have to find the flashlights and go through things to see what we have to eat for supper.” Dean replied not really wanting to do that but knew they had to.

With the two of them looking they quickly found what they needed for the evening and Dean started boiling water to make supper. He decided that he would make ham and beans with cornbread and Marie thought that sounded really good. They quickly finished with dinner and cleaned everything up as it was starting to get colder as the night drew in.

Marie said, “I can’t believe it gets this cold at night in the middle of July.”

This has been a weird summer that is for sure. First we get a ton of rain and now when it is normally in the 90’s during the day and humid at night the temps are falling down into the 50’s.” Dean said as he put a few more aşk kumardır izle items in a pack.

“Well I think we can turn in for the night since we will have a nice long day tomorrow.” Dean said as he unzipped the tent.

“Why Mr. Murphy, you are not just trying to get me into bed with you are you?” Marie said jokingly.

“Nope, not at all, we have a sleeping bag and yes I am trying to get you in it.” Dean replied.

“Don’t you mean two sleeping bags Mr. Murphy?” Marie said as she went to look into the tent.

“Oh did I forget to tell you that I told him we only needed one large sleeping bag. Guess I forgot that part. We will just have to share.” Dean said with a laugh.

In a short amount of time Dean and Marie had everything packed away and headed into the tent. Once inside Dean removed all of his clothes and climbed in and then watched Marie undress. “A gentleman would at least look the other way when a lady is undressing Mr. Murphy.” Marie said as she looked at his devilish grin.

“I never said I was a gentleman and besides I am enjoying the view. What a view as a matter of fact at least from where I am.” Dean said as he laughed.

Marie continued to take off her clothes except for her panties. She still had them on when she crawled into the sleeping bag. “Party pooper.” Dean said with a look of a sad puppy dog.

“It’s okay though that just leaves me something to look forward too.” Dean said as he pulled her close.

“Really Mr. Murphy is that all you think about.” Marie chided at Dean.

“Is what all I think about?” Dean asked trying to look like he didn’t understand.

“You know very well what I am talking about. Sex, is that all you think about?” Marie asked as she pulled the sleeping bag closer to herself.

“Nope, sex is not all I think about, but it takes up a good chunk of my day unless I am with you and then it takes up all of my day.” Dean said as his hand cupped her breast.

“Well you just keeping thinking about it and let me know if you come up with any new revelations where sex is concerned. I am going to sleep since you said we had a long day tomorrow.” Marie said as she tried to get comfortable.

Dean just held her close and before long they were both asleep. Later that night Dean woke up and he started to caress Marie. She was asleep but her body responded to his touch. Dean slowly ran his hands down over her hips and he gently made small circles over her clit and watched how her body reacted to his touch. It was not long and Marie was pushing her hips forward into Dean’s hand. Dean continued to stroke Marie and he ran his hands inside her panties and slowly began to slide his fingers inside her pussy. Dean noticed that Marie was wet from what he was doing so he slipped a finger inside her pussy and when he didn’t get a protest he slipped her panties from her cute little body without waking her.

Dean continued to fondle Marie and then he used some of her moisture from his fingers to begin a slow but practiced attempt to fondle Marie’s ass. He pulled the moisture over her rosebud and then started to slide a finger into her asshole. Dean had gotten two fingers completely inside Marie’s ass when he heard, “Mr. Murphy I thought you said to get some rest since we have long day tomorrow.” Marie said as she caught him off guard.

Dean only continued to slowly slide his fingers in and out of Marie’s quivering asshole when she confronted him and he said, “Sorry I woke up and was trying to think of something constructive to do and since you were laying here naked as a jaybird I thought you were inviting me to play.”

“First of all I am not naked as a jaybird I wore panties to bed so that we could get some rest.” Marie said as Dean continued his manipulations.

“Then why are you naked sweetheart?” Dean replied.

“What the hell!! Where are my panties?” Marie said rather abruptly as she looked over her shoulder at Dean.

“I was guessing that you took them off in the middle of the night hoping that I would wake up and have my way with you.” Dean said with a smirk.

“Look buster I wore them to bed and I didn’t take them off so where are they?” Marie asked.

“Oh they are right over there.” Dean replied.

“How did you get them off of me without waking me up?” Marie asked Dean as she reached for them causing Dean’s fingers to come out of her ass.

“Oh I only have one explanation for how that could have happened. I am good.” Dean laughed.

Marie grabbed her panties and then curled back up against Dean and snuggled in close. She rubbed her cute little ass up against his crotch a few times and waited for Dean to respond. She could only hear the sounds of snoring to which she applied a well-placed elbow into Dean’s chest.

“Okay, okay, okay I was only kidding I am awake.” Dean said as he rubbed his chest and started to laugh.

Marie again rubbed her ass into Dean’s crotch and he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her aslında özgürsün izle in closer. Dean again started to rub his fingers back into Marie’s cute little ass and not long after started to rub over her cute little pucker when he heard.

“Put them back.”

“Put them back.”

“Put what back?” Dean asked.

“Put your fingers back in my ass.” Marie quietly responded.

Dean slipped his fingers back into Marie’s ass as she requested and then began to slide a finger up and on to her clit rubbing it very slowly in the process. Soon Dean heard, “Can I ask you a question?”

“You just did.” Dean replied.

“I did just what? Marie replied.

“Asked a question, you asked if you could ask a question which is a question.” Dean replied with a laugh.

“You know you really can be a pain in the ass sometimes.” Marie said as she reached back and thrust her hand between them grabbing Dean’s cock giving it an uncomfortable squeeze.

“Okay, okay ask your question, you win.” Dean replied before it became too painful.

Marie released her grip and brought her hand back to her breast and then became quiet. Dean looked at her and then removed his fingers from her ass. He then rolled her over towards him and looked deeply into her eyes. Looking into Marie’s eyes was his kryptonite. Her eyes would absolutely melt you and they melted Dean. “What do you need to ask me sweetheart?” Dean finally asked Marie.

“Oh it’s nothing really.” Marie said softly.

“Oh it’s not really anything. What is bothering you sweetheart I need to know?” Dean replied.

“I was just wondering why with all the sexual activities we have enjoyed together why you have never…how can I say this…fucked my ass?” Marie said with a gasp.

“It’s not that I haven’t wanted too sweetheart I have just been waiting for the right time and place and I also wanted to make sure that is what you really wanted from me.” Dean said again looking right into her eyes.

“You have shoved dildos and plugs up my ass and never thought anything of it and you can’t put your cock in my ass?” Marie said with a questioning look.

“Those were fake and they were part of the scene we were playing at the time. You had said before that you had tried it a couple of times and that it was not enjoyable for you so I did not want to press the issue.” Dean replied.

“That was a long time ago Dean and it was with someone who meant nothing to me. I need you to take my ass Dean and help me to fulfill something that I have felt is missing. I don’t just want this Dean I need it.” Marie said as she looked at Dean.

“Wow I guess I have missed the boat with that one didn’t I.” Dean said feeling that he had let Marie down.

“You might have missed the boat buster but you still have the oars so don’t lose them and don’t forget to use them once in a while.” Marie responded causing Dean to have a questioning look on his face.

Dean thought for a bit and wondered exactly what she had meant by that statement. He hoped in time he would find the answer before it was too late.

Dean looked out the window to the tent and saw that it was starting to get light outside. It was before sunrise but not by much. Dean asked Marie if she wanted to stay in the tent for a while and cuddle and see if he could find a way to make her happy. Marie looked at him and said, “Oh I am happy, probably happier than I have been in a very long time, but I don’t plan to stay in here when you said we had a long stretch to make today and the sooner we get started the better buster.” With that she reached over Dean and smacked him hard on the ass told him to get a move on.

Marie got up and reached for the zipper to the tent. While bending over to grab it Dean just took a full breath and exhaled. Marie turned and looked at him and asked what his problem was.

Dean just smirked and said, “Here I thought it was sun up and I just saw the most beautiful full moon I have ever seen in my life.”

“You really are full of shit you know.” Marie replied.

Dean just laughed and watched as Marie put the panties in a bag and grabbed a new pair for the day. Once they were up and dressed they got everything back into the canoe when Marie asked what they were having for breakfast. Dean just told her that they were going to stop in a couple of hours downstream to have breakfast.

Dean and Marie boarded the canoe and then proceeded downriver to begin the day’s journey. It was a beautiful day. The sun was up and shining bright and the temperatures were in the mid 70’s by the time they stopped for breakfast. Dean pulled one of the dry bags from the canoe and began to set up a camping stove and other items to prepare their meal.

Marie kind of marveled at the way he just took charge and made it for her. It made her feel special. Dean asked how she wanted her eggs fixed and she said, “Where did you get eggs at?”

Dean laughed at her and pulled out a carton of eggs that and told her that he had them packed with a cold pack so that was why they were having them this morning. He made her bacon, eggs, and pancakes for breakfast and while he ate Marie started to put things away so they could continue on. Dean finished and then walked up behind her and gave her a big hug.

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