Deanne and Me Ch. 02

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After the most unexpected but extremely pleasurable encounter I had with Dee the first night I was on the beautiful Island of Oahu, I diligently reported to the office Monday morning. She started my day by making all the obligatory introductions of the office staff. The rest of that day, as well Tuesday, was filled with more information being thrown at me than I thought I could absorb. Of course, the fact that on Monday she wore a very flattering dress which was about knee-length and had a nice slit up the one side, made it difficult to read the manuals. Yes, Dee made it very hard.

It was odd, looking back on that day, how she always managed to sit down so that my anxious and most appreciative eyes would be blessed with a great view of her thighs and legs on the few occasions when she’d cross her legs. Perhaps it was to do with training me to focus?

Tuesday, in respect to my concentration being on what I was supposed to be learning about my new responsibilities, was a total disaster. I was in her office and had just started more of the required reading. When Dee came in and stopped in front of the chair I was in, the intensity of my concentration skyrocketed but I wasn’t looking at the book. “Just got out of a meeting with George,” she said with a hardly noticeable grin on her face. “I hate to tell you this, but you and I are going to have a late night tonight,” she added as she walked past me to seat herself behind her desk. The light scent of her perfume was almost undetectable but the effect it had on me would be easily detected if I were to stand up.

Looking at her, it seemed she could easily read my mind. “No, we’re not going to be here all night,” she told me as she leaned back in her chair. With her ever so slightly reclined as she was, her breasts seemed to be hypnotizing me as she slowly rocked her chair forward and back. I had a great view of her legs from mid-thigh down to her knees with the skirt and desk blocking me from seeing more. “I thought if you didn’t mind we’d get some take-out and go to your room. There’s things we need to take care of and my house is out of the question tonight. My husband is having one of his ‘boys nights’ so it would be very noisy,” she explained, watching my reaction closely.

Trying desperately to conceal the smile I could feel gaining access to my face, I took a deep breath and tried to distract my mind from the erotic movie that was playing in the private cinema in my head. “Yeah, that’s fine,” I managed to say with a surprising professionalism to my voice. “Who’s going to get the food?” I asked, trying to find a way to unplug the projector in my mind that had started playing an endless roll of film – film of Dee and I sexually enjoying each other with no inhibitions or restraint. The male lead in the movie was at this very moment, thrashing about within the confines of my pants. I prayed I wouldn’t need to stand up anytime soon.

After looking at her watch for several seconds, she looked at me. As she sat up straight in her chair she reached in a side drawer of her desk. “It’s already all but three o’clock, so here,” she said as she rooted in the drawer for something. “Take this and get some food. I’ll come over directly from the office,” she continued as she extended her arm, holding some cash in her hand. I sat there in total terror. I was too far away to reach it without standing up but I couldn’t stand up or she would see that my mind was not fully engulfed in our conversation.

A light bulb went off in my head. “Okay, just lay it down and I’ll get it in a minute,” was my response as I fumbled around with the book and several sheets of notes in my hands, taking longer than I really needed. I was trying to buy time until things below my belt settled down a bit. I finally felt it was safe to stand up, so, holding the book and papers in front of my crotch as an extra precaution, I stood up and took a few steps toward her desk. As I picked up the cash from on top of her desk, I ulus escort asked Dee what she wanted for dinner.

“Surprise me!” she answered without any hesitation. Her face was so beautiful and that grin was enough to bring the mightiest man to his knees.

‘Surprise me she says’ I think to myself. ‘Dee, I’d like to surprise you by ripping our clothes off and having you right here, right now, on top of your desk!’ I silently confessed to her.

“Okay, but I don’t know what you’d like,” I said with total innocence for once. The sparkle in her eyes spoke volumes. “ have for supper,” I added in an attempt to prevent that theater from starting the movie again. ‘Good Lord! Get a grip!’ I silently reprimanded myself with.

Immediately that smart-mouth, sex crazed brat in my brain retaliated with both barrels blazing. ‘Yeah! Get a grip you moron! Get a grip on her ass and bury that cock of yours in her pussy!’ it screamed. ‘You know you want too! Go ahead! Go over there and rip open her blouse then suck on her tits. I bet her nipples are hard as rock already – look at her blouse – that’ll prove if I’m right or not!’ the voice barraged me with.

I looked out the window to get my brain back on the proper track. “Go ahead and go get the food,” I heard Dee saying. “I’ll be there as soon as I can be – should be around five-thirty,” she concluded with. I nodded my head as an acknowledgment and turned to walk away. Not having any clue as to what food she liked, I realized that I hadn’t even noticed what she had eaten on the plane. I certainly remembered how but not what.

Oh shit! Why did I have to think of that? I tell ya – it was such an erotic sight to watch her eat when her full, soft lips wrapped around her food as she’d take each dainty bite. It made me want to watch her the entire time and she damn near drove me over the edge when I saw her put her finger in her mouth and slowly pull it out. Her moist lips sliding softly over the skin, fully encompassing and caressing every inch on all sides simultaneously. ‘Oh shit! Let’s see – to determine if you have a square corner on a building foundation, using the 3-4-5 method will..’ I said silently distracted myself with. I had to trying anything to keep from thinking of Dee because my thoughts always turned sexual. God! With her having an ass that was so close to perfect, and those legs, her body, her face – I mean really, who could blame me for my thoughts being sexual?

Knowing I couldn’t ask any of our fellow co-workers what Dee liked to eat without risking an increase in their curiosity, I stopped at the receptionists desk and scanned through the phone book. Seems there’s a lot of sushi places, so I figured that should be one of my safer bets. I stopped at a place that was on my way to the motel and after ordering several variations, I was out the door and driving along, enjoying the lush and wonderful beauty of nature that surrounded me. I saw a lot more of nature this time because the female beauty wasn’t in the car to be of any competition to nature.

Later, just a few seconds before five o’clock to be precise, I was mortified. My watch beeped on the hour as I heard the lock on the door click. The door swung open and then closed again so quickly that I had barely comprehended it was my door that was opening and closing. There I was laying on my back, stark-ass naked. I had been watching the time so I could be dressed well before Dee had estimated her arrival, but now, as my mind frantically scratched to gather up and organize all the input thrown at it, I realized Dee was standing beside the bed. There was a smile on her face like she was a young girl who just been given that dream pony that most of them always seem to want. “What the?!?!?!” I stammered as I sat up and tried to grab something – anything – to cover myself with but found nothing.

“Didn’t you find it odd that you only got one key to the room?” she asked smugly, waiving a card key yenimahalle escort in the air. I watched silently with a mixture of continued embarrassment and newly inflamed arousal as her hand gently deposited the key card into her clutch purse. “You again, haven’t answered my question,” she said softly as she climbed on the bed after she dropped her purse on the floor. “I told you that I expect answers from you,” she said with an obvious display of teasing in her voice.

“I guess I just didn’t think about it,” I managed to say, watching with increasing excitement and anticipation as she moved slowly closer to my naked body. She was grinning as she asked what I was thinking about when we were at the counter. Although she chose to do so, she really didn’t need to remind me that she was right there beside me – close beside me as I had checked in Sunday evening. A soft giggle drifted into my ears.

“What were you thinking about?” she pressed on with. As she asked that question she surprised me by grabbing my shoulder and pulled me onto the bed, flat on my back once again. Unable to over-ride my sexual brain with my logical brain, my cock was standing straight up, fully erect and dancing like some super-star in a rock video. Dee reached down and took my throbbing flesh into the warmth of her soft hand. “Tell me what you were thinking and you might get a reward,” she giggled as the warmth of her hand sent jolts of pure pleasure through my body.

As I savored the intense pleasure she so easily had given me with just her touch, I was finally able to confess that I had been thinking about her. She continued to question me until she had forced it all from me. Yes, she now knew that I had erotic fantasies about her from the first few seconds I saw her. She knew I had a seemingly insatiable desire for her – on the plane, in the car, the office – she knew it all now.

My honesty must have been pleasing to her because for my reward she moved down and began to slowly run her tongue over my shaft. As her lips, hands, and tongue filled my body with more pleasure than I had known for a long time, she steadily kept getting me to move a little at a time until I was centered in the bed. Once she had me where she wanted me she stood up and straddled me, lifting her skirt up as her body began to lower closer and closer to making contact with mine. I gazed at her bush and recollected how nice it had felt rubbing my nose in it as I had the honor of intimately enjoying her banquet of delight a few nights ago.

With her dress being held up around her breasts and her standing on the bed directly in front of me with one foot on each side, the visual delight of seeing a full view of her shapely body from the waist down made me want to make each second last for an hour so I could enjoy it all a bit more. I remembered vividly how those thighs felt like silk against me as my head was squeezed between them. I recalled equally as clearly how wonderfully her pussy had embraced me for that short time I was inside her. I watched with anticipation as the distance between the tip of my erection and the doorway to the palace of her satin pussy slowly diminish as her body lowered. Then the ultimate contact was made.

Her hot wetness gently touched my tip and caused my cock muscles to flex rapidly. I reached out and grasped her hips as I felt her wet smoothness engulfing my eager pole. Her head tilted backwards as she continued to lower herself and her moans of satisfaction were mixing in the air with mine. Her pussy felt phenomenal around me as my protruding shaft of sexual flesh went slowly deeper and deeper into her body. It was of indescribable delight and “Oh God!” were the only words uttered by either of us for several minutes. Those exclamations were an uncontrollable affirmation of our mutual enjoyment.

I felt her weight gently settling on top of me just as the tip of my cock made contact with the sensitive roof of her snug vagina. Her arousal couldn’t be denied any easier than mine could be denied as I felt the juices from her pussy slowly running over my crotch. Down the sides of my sac toward my ass. That sensation was so intensely stimulating that I left out a long, deep, rumbling moan of delight while Dee massaged my aching muscle which was now completely buried within her.

She released her skirt and it draped itself softly over my arms while my hands enjoyed exploring all the softness her body offered. Her skin was so soft and smooth and as she leaned forward, almost laying on top of me, she began moving her hips in seemingly multiple directions simultaneously. The satin flesh of her thighs brushed steadily but lightly against my sides which increased my enjoyment as her pussy squeezed steadily tighter and tighter around my ever increasing mass of flesh within her. My hands were still lovingly enjoying the curves of her body as they glided randomly over her waist, hips, and thighs.

Her wetness increased proportionally with the tempo of her movements as she continued riding her newly found private stallion of sexual entertainment. Little by little she was sitting more and more upright as her moans and gasps transformed into an angelic song that was a prelude to her orgasm. Her gyrating body held my cock firmly within the heat of her desire as the hot glaze of her climax was spread over me. Pushing my hips upward in rhythm with her vertical movements, her swiveling movements had me rapidly approaching the point of release. She could feel my cock swelling and throbbing within her as she coaxed me nearer and nearer to the ultimate pleasure humans can share. I heard her gasp out her permission, her desire, for me to cum in unison with her.

As the softness of her perfect snugness stroked the length of my soon to be discharging cock, her body trembled and shook and I soon had proof the gates of her sexual reservoir had opened. The release of her satisfaction washed over me as I continued thrusting my cock into her. Then in a flash, it began. Feeling the first of many powerful shots of sperm against the interior of her pussy, she rode me wildly, forcing every ounce of cum from within me.

The screams and moans that were escaping freely from each of us confirmed that the pleasure was mutually intense and equally satisfying. When our bodies eventually were depleted she leaned forward and laid down on top of me. My arms went around her, just below her shoulders.

As we lay there together, she began to explain why she couldn’t allow me to cum within her Sunday night. It was something about her husband and his ‘start the week with a bang’ philosophy. I guess it’s a weekly thing of his – do oral sex on her and then finish off in some other way. Apparently she figured he would smell or taste my sperm if I would have ejaculated in her Sunday night. I understood her caution and reasoning, but I admit I wasn’t really following it all that closely. I was mentally recording the fact that I was holding the gem of Oahu in my arms with my limp and fully satisfied cock still inside of her. I felt like a King.

I kissed her lightly on her cheek as I hugged her tight. “Hate to tell you, but this isn’t a new position to me. Want to try again?”

She looked at me in surprise. “Well,” she began and then paused. “Yes. If you think you’ll be up to it. But can we eat first? I’m starving!” she confessed with a laugh.

“Sure!” I agreed as I reluctantly released her from my embrace. We got up and I quickly retrieved the packages from the fridge. I looked in her soft brown eyes as I said, “Hope you like Sushi.”

“It’s one of my favorites!” Dee exclaimed happily as she began to investigate the contents of each container.

“Don’t ask me how it’s done. Nobody ever told how they cook Sushi,” I remarked, trying desperately to maintain a somber look.

“They don’t cook su…” she started to say but when she saw me fighting a grin, she knew I was just being a smart-ass. “You’re such a shit!” she laughed as I sat down beside her. Once again, as I discretely watched her eating, my sexual desires began regrouping. Damn she’s sexy!!

( October 24, 2009 )

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